Stone the Movie

Yesterday I watched a very interesting movie with Robert De Niro called Stone.

The movie impressed me because it talks about a man with an apparent “good” life on the surface, went  regularly to church, was married for 43 years to the same woman and had a job as a reviewer of  inmates within the jail system, he was in charge to determine if they had really changed and were fit to go back into Society.

This movie talks about all of us who have lived an apparently “just” life, meaning a life that is beyond reproach from the external world, doing the right thing, fitting into society in the proper required way and building oneself up through a career to the ultimate role of overseer of other people’s destiny, meanwhile in the secrecy of our minds thoughts that don’t make us any better than the criminals that act them out, keep going on unchecked or participated in because we believe that as long as we don’t act them out, it’s all good.

But where do the thoughts we entertain ourselves with go after we are done with them and after we charge them with our emotions and feelings and where do they come from in the first place ?

Are the thoughts we think our thoughs, or they belong to what Jung defined the Collective Unconscious, is there a pool of thoughts that we play with and once they are charged enough they manifest into some sort of reality ?

Because if it was so we need to start to wonder if the world around us could be our very Creation by our participation in this unchecked and suppressed thought system we play with every day.

If you understood that you were the Creator of this reality, what would you think looking around, would you like what you are creating ?

If you are a Creator, is it possible that you are not just participating in the good side of the Creation but in both sides just by your participation in the Polarity Game that this reality is based upon ? Yes Law of attraction says that every subject of desire is in truth 2 subjects, the subject and the lack of it, it’s a stick with both polarities, so if you are getting the subject of your desires who gets to get the lack of it  ?

If you are a Law of Attraction follower just like I was, you have understood the first part, you are a Creator, if this reality has not changed like promised into Heaven for everyone but just Heaven for yourself while Hell for everyone else gets bigger and bigger, you may want to stop and check if the reality you have come to accept and believe is really the solution for this world or if it may be part of the probem.

Check out

and Free Yourself from the Illusion.


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