Being an energy system vs being Life

When I studied electricity and the body electrical, I found a strange resemblance between the physical (as we use it today) and a battery, both needed an alkaline base and minerals of different charges to function.

Some scientists had mapped the different polarities of minerals and their properties and how to intervene to rebalance the body by adding negativly charged or positivly charged minerals to allow energy to move faster within the body, a question lay in the back of my mind, if we are a battery unit, what are we charging ?

Then when I moved away from the city 3 years ago I ended up  in a place of healers, everyone was clear about the role we play as an energy unit, we need rebalancing, no escape, our energy charges get depleted and we need to fill up, basically we are not different from batteries at all, swinging between polarities through chemical releases that we call emotions that are nothing less than movements of energy inside the body, we are addicted to emotions, forget the outer addictions, we are emotionally driven junkies.

Then the question came why, why do we need emotions to live, are we our emotions? Law of attraction explained that emotions are our guidance system and that the purpose of Life is to feel good. Is it, really ?

What about the ones that are born in conditions were feeling good is not an available option? What if we were born starving, would we be able to see the “good ” side of life ? And why someone gets to be born on the “bad” side of Life, what is the plan behind all of this, is there a plan, would we like to be born on the other side of this polarity game ?

No, we cannot in self honesty say that we would, as a famous comedian said, some people have a bad attitude about starving to death, and so would we.

So, this world is a world based on inequality and abuse, where by design the resources are not distributed equally to consider all Life as One and Equal, so that some can get extensively more than they need and some go without the basic that each dignified Life should be granted as a right of being born onto this planet,  We are One and Equal, all of us, when someone suffers I suffer, you suffer, they are us, we are them, One and Equal.

And then we find infinite ways to dumb ourselves down, to distract ourselves, to enjoy ourselves while we suppress the shame of the existance we have come to accept and believe it’s who we really are.

Until we stop our participation in the mind, in our feelings and emotions, in our desires and beliefs in our opinions that keep us separate from everything that exists we are nothing more than a battery, infact we are less than a battery, because a battery is not addicted to the movement of energy, a battery just is, it has no choice but to be a battery.

We instead have a choice, we didn’t know about it until a group of people got together to research the principle of Oneness and Equality that drives everything that exists but now The Secret is out, the Secret of our diminishing lives that we embraced as if they were real. They are not real, we are not Real.

If you are starting to question the nature of this reality, why you do what you do, why you can’t stop yourself from thinking the thoughts you think, don’t try and forget or suppress this discomfort, investigate further what is really going on, you are not crazy, this reality is crazy, stop participating in the abuse of yourself as Life living as a battery that powers the Mind Consciousness System and wake up to who you really are, you are Life, learn more about the Matrix and how it all works on

I have started my process, don’t wait join us at Desteni, give up your Destiny , that was just a role you walked into, it’s not who you really are, you are Life already Here give up your limiting beliefs and start standing up for YourSelf today as Life One and Equal to everything that exists.


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