Pinocchio, Humankind archetype ?

I just read a blog by a friend called Honesty vs Self Honesty , in which she told her story as an honest person that would always give back the extra change, I didn’t, and that didn’t tell her husband she cheated on him, I did, twice, I am her polarity design.

The extra change and more I kept because I designed for myself a personality that had to take advantage of the system before ths system took advantage of me, not recognizing I was the system all along.

The reasons why I told my ex husband that I cheated on him was not because of honesty but because of spitefulness, because I perceived he didn’t love me and so I wished to hurt him as I felt hurt by my perception that he did not love me according to my cultural expectations of what love is, passionate and all consuming, like for my grandparents, but that’s just another big fat lie that they told each other to justify why they did what they did and that it was worth it and so they stayed together hiding resentful thoughts and anger from each other under a picture perfect marriage for everyone to see.

When I saw on Ingrid’s blog Pinocchio I was reminded of the story written by Collodi, Pinocchio was a wooden puppet, just like we are when we participate in the MCS, he had strings everywhere so he could be moved around by his doting Father that creatted him to have some company and someone who loved him.

He was approached by a Fairy and told him he could turn into a Real Man of Flesh and bones, which is what the Desteni process is about, amalgamating Self with the Physical but he had to be truthful, she would know because when he lied his nose would grow longer so it was a visible bullshit meter.

Pinocchio got lost with his friend Lucignolo (that in Italian means somehow small light) in the Land of Toys and Games, a Funfair (planet Earth) on his way there his 3 coins were robbed by the Cat and the Fox, of course it was Pinocchio’s responsibility that he gave his treasure away because he was promised a fast return by burying the coins in the ground to grow a coin tree, so he was abused by his own greed, on his arrival at the Funfair he was captured and made to work in a puppet show until the Fairy went and by having him take responsibility for how he found himself there finally helped him to become real flesh and bone, a real Child.

It seems a bit like the history of mankind, dishonest to the core, infused by systems to show us our own dishonesties (like the growing nose, we have growing systems inside the body) and can only release ourselves thru Self Honesty and taking responsibility, minus the Fairy because there is no saviour for us, except each one walking a proces of self forgiveness and self responsibility.

You want to know how to stop being a liar for your own self interest ? Self  Honesty is the key to Self  Forgiveness that will allow you to birth yourself into Life in the physical.

Stop the abuse of yourself and others one and equal, stand up

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One comment on “Pinocchio, Humankind archetype ?

  1. lol visible bullshit meter 🙂
    I’ve always loved the Pinocchio story. Cool you pointed out the similarities between Pinocchio and us the human being -thanks

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