STOP THE MIND, How far will we let the demons in us go BEFORE WE STOP ?

Tonight on the Italian International channel they are still talking about these two twins, abducted by the father and possibly killed, the mother is still hoping that they may be found alive somewhere, that he would have a change of mind and let them go, let them live instead of going through with his personal revenge that blinded him to what was acceptable and what was unacceptable. Taking someone’s life for personal revenge is not acceptable, it’s Mind possession.

The father “loved” them, they were his little girls until something happened with the wife, she told him she wanted to leave him and move on.

THE FATHER OF missing six-year-old Swiss twins reportedly sent a letter to the girls’ mother telling her that she would not see them again.

The Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera says that the note told mother Irina Lucidi that Alessia and Livia Schepp were “resting in peace” and “did not suffer”.

It has also emerged that the father, Matthias Schepp, had searched suicide websites before he disappeared with the girls.

How can one premeditate such an action to hurt the ex wife, she said “he took the only thing that he was sure would make me suffer, my children”, he pre-meditated it, meaning by participating in the Mind he worked himself up to a point of hate and spitefulness and then from that starting point he acted out, he was possessed by the Mind.

He was an engineer, proving that education is not the solution to the Mind, we used to tell each other that these things happened to the desperate and non educated people, that having an education would turn us into worthy human beings that would always know how to behave, what can an education do for us unless we become Self Honest responsible Human Beings ?

How far will we go abusing ourselves and each other before we see that this dream we are all living must come to an end.



If you cannot do it by yourself  or don’t understand what this is all about visit the desteni website at

where you will learn why you think and do the things you do and how to change yourself and the world into a place where we will all One and Equal be proud to live.


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