Self Honesty vs The Law

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The Law vs. Self Honesty

Yesterday I went to the beach for some exercise, I am looking for some clean beaches as well where I would like to swim, but until now I have not been able to find any, the one I found yesterday was the worse I have seen in terms of water, shit was literally floating everywhere.
A week ago some friends told me that they made a survey on 30 hotels on the main beach of the island to see how many had installed the Law prescribed depurators, 28 did not, only the 2 newest did because they are owned by foreigners and the country has designed a system for which the Farangs (foreign devils) have to lose. Fair enough since the foreigners have been coming here only for sex and to exploit so they are facing the consequences of how they have come to be perceived, looters and takers.
It’s not that prostitution was not going on before, it’s a bit like the Anu story, they exploited what was already here, but the Thais found someone to blame, so in line with everyone else, they don’t need to take a Self Honest look at themselves and make corrections, they can blame it on us, we have become the representation of everything that is disgusting about their country, while they go to the temples and prostrate to Buddha for forgiveness and help to go back to their old ways, which was slavery under the royal family instead of slavery under the money system and the Farangs that they have come to accept and believe are more powerful than them because they have more money.
But one wonders why the Thais would not want to keep their land clean, my friend said that they discharge in the deep sea, this is bullshit that I don’t know how can anyone believe, to discharge in the deep sea they should have put down the sewage system that goes out for 1 km at least if not two, someone would have noticed, you cannot push a pipe through the sand for 2 chilometres with the equipments they have used to built huts on the beach, so they must be just connecting to the sewage system and those little rivers that we see going into the sea, they are it, tha’s how far into the dep sea it goes, right on the beach.
One puzzling thing is that it seems to have all happened suddenly, I mean it seemed Ok until before the last storm, the sea was never clean here before compared to some places in Italy or the Phylippines (a place they have been unable to exploit yet due to the unfathomable weather conditions all year around) where the water is crystal clear, in Italy is just an impression, in the 70s when I was growing up in the south of Italy they used to eat seashells alive, they would find them on the beaches, open them, squeeze the lemon inside and watch the little mussles curl up and eat them, we were from the north (and kept remotely away from the land or the sea, we never knew how animals were butchered, we would just buy steaks in styrofoam at the supermarket, we had no connection to how things worked in the food chain, asparagus could grow on trees for what we knew )and quite surprised to learn that about the southerners, eating seafood that is still alive, wow, until they had a colera outbreak and this was just no longer possible, thw Law forbade it, not because of the live mussle being just unacceptable but to protect the humans from the polluted sea.
The Law never stopped the pollution in the sea.
The Law is not the same for everybody, that is another lie we have been told, the Law is not the same for the Thai people that own the right to pollute and destroy their own country but not the foreigners, and the Law is not the same for mussles and humans, you cannot eat a human alive, not yet at least, we never know, the Law might change on that one when the food resources will start to disappear.
In my first job I worked for a maritime company, the shipowner was a very elegant man, law abiding citizen, he had one minuscule spot in his criminal record because he spent one week in jail but I am sure that once he paid his bail of 500000 euro more than 50 years ago and swapped his place in jail with his assistant, an older lady that was a mathematics professor in the morning and his CFO (on paper) in the afternoon for a meagre salary and constant verbal abuse, he felt OK because the Law said he could go free while the “CFO” spent 2 months in jail in his place.
He did not pay bail money for her, because he saw no value in doing that, he was her employer so he could excuse her absense from work, and the Law said she had to stay in until the trial, he did not even gave her a substantial wage raise or a lump sum of money that would pay her back for the humiliation of jail, for having had to spend 2 months in there and being labelled a criminal for life, he gave her he said his “unwavering gratefulness” and the equivalent of 20000 euro or less at the time, this was a private agreement and the amount just my generous speculation.
This lady was a real law abiding citizen, she probably never even went on the bus without the bus ticket, like most Italians, never stole a penny, never harmed anybody, was kind in words and demure in appearance but the Law established beyond reasonable doubt that she was a criminal, you can’t argue with the Law, she lived the rest of her late life as unfit to hold a bank account or the ability to sign a contract, could not have a mortgage or access the money system, she was not accountable by Law.
Yesterday I realised that the Law and the Money system are but one thing, the Law is about how much money you have to make the Law work for you, so they are both abusive systems supporting inequality, there is nothing acceptable about both when they are used to abuse and oppress which is their very design.

classic scales of justice
My ex boss was guilty of a crime that we could define “against humanity” even though the Law defined it as a maritime criminal trespassing, took the bail money and did not use it to undo what he did, they just pocketed the money, nothing was undone, it was impossible, so the bail money was an agreement in reality between the trespasser and the holder of the Law system about how much he would have to give given what he had made by his trespassing, we could call it commission money.
His crime took place before I worked there, he owned 3 vessels that were used to carry “leftovers” from chemical productions of the chemical plants in the south of Italy, it’s interesting to note that all these polluting plants were moved from the north to the south, to give jobs to the jobless, that’s what the plan said, the truth was that in the north, where the money was, they did not want the polluting plants and so they made up all these stories that they were doing it for their own good, like when your mother beats you up “for your own good”, same principle but even more subtle, because your mother believed it, they knew they were just bullshitting everybody.
Some other plants where in Lybia, our ex colony, where Gheddafi the dictator said it was OK to put them there because he had total control over his people, they would not even question what they were doing, hence our great friendship with Gheddafi that can explain why Berlusconi kissed his ring on the last official visit, wouldn’t you kiss his ass if he had agreed to pollute his country instead of yours and keep it all quiet, in Berlusconi’s place I am sure I would have, this is what we have become, let’s face it,  In Italy we knew we were supporting a cruel dictatorship but the advantages were many, we had over 5000 companies set up there plus the dictator lawful  agreements with our government kept the ones that wanted to flee to a better life locked into concentration camps once they were found boarding the frredom ships trying to enter Italy, the Italians never questioned what happened to them until we saw the pictures of the concentration camps but then they would go to mass and pray for these poor people, the Law told the refugees that they did not have the right to flee from a dictator controlled country and since Italy was the obvious entrance to Europe the Law added that we had the right to send them back at sea, this is a maritime law violation, because at sea you have the duty to help anyone, but we got away with giving them water and airport sandwiches and turn their boat arond to send them back to Lybia and into the concentration camps, as long as our peace was not disturbed, the Law said that it was our right to defend our coasts overiding the duty of help before anything of the old maritime Law, the Law can be adjusted, like Human Rights, until it fits the rich and powerfuls and the selfishness of the ones that want a better life just for themselves.
Two weeks ago I saw on the Italian Internationa channel a TV a program that said that we must no longer air dog food advertisements because in Lybia they receive the Italian channel and these ads of course mislead people into thinking that if a dog has such a life, they would like to trade it with theirs, so the solution is stop the dog food advertisements that make these people dream of a better life, I felt so ashamed, even now writing about this shame comes up and sadness for what I have participated in to protect my little interests, but the Law said I could, I was entitled to my properties and my good life.
To go back for a moment to the South of Italy, at the time it was a farming area, we from the north never thought that all this would come to bite us back, recently we have had cases of buffalo mozzarella polluted with dioxine, WTF, from where, people asked ? A forced investigation, forced by the outrage of the people living there “revealed” that it came from the chemical rubbish that the Mafia had dumped into the land in Campania ( the Mafia was not the producer of the trash, the Mafia was doing the dirty job that the government gave them to do so that when everything would come out we would have someone to blame and hate, they were and have always been the dirty hand of the government, the executioners but not the planners, today we would define them as “solution providers”), they would dig holes during the night and drive the whole truck into the hole and then cover up, in places that were previously unspoilt and only the buffalos roamed 🙂 There you go, shit in, shit out.
The Law never noticed this unlawful practices by the Mafia, because the Law, the money system and criminal organizations work together for the good old Elite, the old money people, the ones that a comedian said “own the colour blue” the farmers would complain that in the nightime someone had gone and dug a huge hole in their land and they wanted people to come and check but the Law told them stop dreaming and go back to sleep, who would do such a thing, and because the farmerrs did not have the money or the tools to dig up those holes and check what was inside they had to let it go, they accepted what the Law enforcers told them, don’t worry, maybe kids that come playing at night, you know kids will be kids.
So, back to the vessels, at the time and even when I worked there they travelled between Italy, Lybia and the open seas.
My boss was an educated man, he had a degree in economics, he always wore the most expensive clothes to show his heritage, he was old money people, had the mandatory villa on the Como lake with huge land and an expensive lifestyle of exclusive golf clubs to which he went back immediately after the little misshap with the Law, while the old teacher carried the blame and the shame on his behalf and was stained for life, could never access the money system again because she was not reliable and a criminal by Law and shunned from the community that followed eagerly her case on the newspapers shaking their heads, who would have thought, such a nice lady ?
The vessels were supposed to load the chemical residues and carry them to appointed places in the high sea, many people don’t know that there are sea maps, sanctioned by the Law, that indicate where the dumping of stuff that we don’t know how to deal with should take place, they made a lot of studies about this, they chose these spots due to the currents, believing that the currents would “disperse them” probably out in the galaxy system.
I say this because today when we talk about mercury in the fish no governments can explain how it got there, they seem to want us to believe that it was just an organic thing that took place due to the increased traffic in the sea, and probably people throwing a lot of broken thermometers in there, witholding the information about the Law regulated chemical dumping sea maps. I don’t remember voting for such a Law, my mum doesn’t either so I have to say the Law does not represent me, it represents the money people, if you have money you can get the Law makers to tailor make Laws that suit you fine and to hell with the world, pity the world is us and we keep forgetting it.
The vessels were old, he did not want to fix them because his economics degree showed him that it would be more convenient to not fix them and take a shortcut instead, so not happy with taking advantage of a Law that was tailored made for him and his peers to allow such atrocities to take place behind the backs of the citizens kept too busy to even wonder about such things, he looked for a shortcut.
Instead of having the vessels travel for 3 days into the open sea, he would have them turn behind the Eolian islands, an unspoilt paradise (until he came along :)) of natural beauty that was at a meagre one day trip, so 2 days saved of bunker (petrol) plus less usage of the vessels which meant pushing the time to fix them further down the line which equated to saved money, it’s all about the money folks, it was the perfect solution.
The vessels were supposed to “hide” there for 2 days and then return back to the port in the south at the planned time.
This went on for years, some questions arise, how could vessels of that kind of tonnage “hide” without the maritime police patrolling the coasts notice them ? It’s like not noticing an elephant in your living room, impossible, the advantage they had was that the chemical residues are almost transparent and mix with water because they are not oil based but acid based so let’s say invisible but lethal.
Did he have any self honesty about that to ask himself “what are you doing”? Nope, because he had the money and with the money you buy the Law and all the Honesty that you need, when both are on your side you don’t need to ask yourself such questions, so both money and the Law support the abuses in this world.
Self Honesty wouldn’t.
But back to the story, one day one of the seaman fell sick, they had just discharged in the sea, they tried to make him better with what they have on board but they realized he has an inflamed appendicite and if it bursted he would die so they were forced to go back to the port.
The maritime police boarded the vessel to check the tanks and the Captain’s Log.
The Captain’s log is a binding legal document, it’s not the captain’s diary where he writes how he is enjoying the trips, no, it’s a legal documet that binds him and the maritime company to tell the “Truth” and must be updated every day at the end of the vessels activities, with the report of what the vessel did and what went on, if they stop for bunker and how much they fill up must be written, the vessel doesn’t handle money, the maritime agency does that on its behalf to keep the accountacy books on behalf of the Captain, so the role of the maritime agency is to follow the vessel remotely and to anticipate the vessels needs, this was my job, we would communicate with the captain daily and ask bunker and oil remnants and calculate which next port he should refill and wire transfer the money to the local maritime agency that we were partnered with, at that particular time this was the job of the “CFO” the old lady teacher that on paper was responsible for everything that went on in exchange for the undieying gratefulness of my boss.
But the Captain’s log is for the Captain to fill, and he has sole responsibility of what he writes there because on the vessel the Captain is undisputed king and law maker.
That particular Captain’s log had an anomaly, it was filled for the 3 days ahead, which is illegal because nobody knows what’s going to happen until it happens, not only, the Captain’s log said that they discharged in the appointed discharge area, but the tanks were empty before the vessel had the time to get there.
So, this is how everything blew up, not through a thorough investigation of the anomalies of having  3 huge tonnage vessels  “hiding” in turns behind the Eolian islands regularly, no, it was by chance, we say the devil makes the pots but not the lids, this was a lidless pot that brought the Captain to his knees.
To a Sea Captain the most disgraceful thing that can happen is to be forbidden for life to take the seas, to be publicly humiliated and known in the business as someone who faked the Captain’s log, this is just too disgraceful to live with and so he killed himself.
My ex boss was sorry for him, but the Law said he had no responsibilities, after all it was the Captain’s  idea obviousy, lazy bastard that he was , not wanting to take he derelict vessel into the high seas, and the CFO, a 50 years old math teacher with no previous criminal record, they were the ones that came up with this idea the Law said, and the Law said that it was obvious that my boss was innocent, old money people, villa on Como’s lake and all that, he was back playing golf before the CFO was out of jail, such is the power of money and of the Law, you can delude yourself that really since the Law said you are not responsible, you really are not.
Self honesty would not allow this, you would have to question yourself and see what you have allowed yourself to become and make amends were possible and correct yourself, you would have to take responsibility.
Now back to my case with the Law, I’m in trouble over a VISA, meaning a permit to stay in a country, why do I need a permit to stay in another country ? I don’t remember voting this Law.
Why do I accept that I belong to a country in the first place, when I had a discussion with the Ministry of foreign affairs a month ago at the height of my disillusion with the system when I realized I have no rights by looking into what they are supposed to do for me and I found out they are supposed to do nothing, there is a list, long list of the duties of a citizen but the country has to give you the right to free speech and a few other absolutely irrelevant things, like the right to a fair trial (see above) I told him I wanted to give up my citizenship and he said, forget about this, now you are just emotional, which I was, and anyway it’s not possible, you cannot be an apolide, meaning not belonging to a country, this is against the Law, you must find first another country that gives you citizenship, get their citizenship then renounce the Italian one.
The Law says you must belong to somebody. Why? Because we are slaves.
Slaves cannot belong to themselves, slaves must belong to a slave master, in this case the slave master is your country of birth that determines your placement in the world. How?
Through the money system of course.
Since I came to Asia I realized that not only people have diifferent values in money terms, so Shri Lankan worth half the Philipinos, the Philipinos ten times less than the Chinese, the Chinese ten times less or more than the Caucasians but their passport reflects this, for example when I thought about taking my ex Philipino helper to Italy I discovered that she cannot travel like me, “freely”, she has to have the permission of my Embassy before she leaves the Philippines and I have to explain why I want her to come with me, be her guarantee, and promise to take her back where she came from, she cannot stay in Italy, not even if I give her a job, only in diplomatic cases, the lesser people can follow the diplomatic party, not otherwise, her worth doesn’t grant her access to the whole world, my worth doesn’t grant her access to Italy for good, I’m not a diplomat, just because of where she happened to be born and because of my accepted position within the money system.
So after this long review of what the Law is, fuck the Law, I am not going to be told how I can come or go, self honesty tells me this is all bullshit that I have accepted until now because it was working for me and because I was afraid of the Law because I put the Law above my Self and my Self Honesty, why do I have to be told what to do, how to move between countries, have restrictions on how long can I stay, when is the time to go, why do we need passports to travel, why did we accept all these bullshit about countries, what are countries if not sanctioned slave masters that ask your obedience in exchange for nothing, how did I come to accept all this to start with ?
Because I did not want to take the responsibility of my life, I accepted the system as something that is the way it is because I was not at the bottom of the food chain, because as slave masters go Italy seemed OK comparatively, this is the problem, comparatively.
We have been comparing how disgraceful our lives are compared to others’ and found we were winning by comparison and so we made it OK to not question what is really going on.

The Law is useless, dishonest and a disservice to Humanity one and equal to the Money System that we have come to accept and believe it’s the Law of value of Life.

I give up the delusion of the Law in favour of Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness and correcting my application by being Here in every moment of Breath to realign to the only Law that exists, the Law of Oneness and Equality, I stand one and equal, I am Life Here in Breath

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