Exposing Human Delusions: Why do we believe in God and How we can STOP and get Real !

I am spending a couple of days with my mum and looking at this point using our time together to look at her beLIEfs as she is the Matrix where my beLIEfs originated and were taken onboard as the Truth.

I was born a Catholic, I can say I was born a Catholic because in Italy we had no choice, baptism happens before we can speak and say ‘actually no, thank you’, from baptism on we have other 2 sacraments, 1 is the Holy Communion and the other is the Confirmation. Before the confirmation time at school we were never told that there were ‘OTHER’ religious beliefs in the world. We assumed Catholicism to be the only Truth and what everybody believed in all over the world.

The first time we were introduced to the con-cept that there were other religious beliefs on the planet was after confirmation, we were given a research into Islam and Hinduism, that was a big eye opener, because the question came up within me , if we believe in the Truth, how can other people believe in other Truths ? Isn’t the Truth just one ?

According to our social studies teacher, everyone was entitled to perceive God in their own unique way, this was blasfemy for the Catholics but she was ‘open minded’ and would give everyone the Free Choice about how and who to worship as long as we could agree ‘that there was something, some power bigger than us managing the whole creation and that created everything and that we were supposed to be good to each other’, basically she saved the omnipresence, all knowing, all encompassing, creator of all that exists quality of God, the rest were ‘personal details to refine’.

In these days that I am spending with my Italian mother, she often uses the term ‘let’s thank the good God that…’ or ‘the good God saw to it’ …’or the Good God had it all worked out in such way that…’

This morning we went for breakfast, a black guy came into the bar wanting to sell a bunch of useless things, many African people who come to Italy can’t find jobs, some don’t even look for them, they accept their position of inferiority within ‘a white society’ and make do with shuffling around with meek looks selling lighters or paper napkins’ the bar owner told him ‘you cannot come here everyday selling knick knacks (and basically disturb the people who are having breakfast who get to feel guilty about you standing as a sore reminder that the ‘Good God’ must have left some out of his Good Planning), my mum scoffed at the bar owner and gave him 1 euro anyway, this is where I get the giving into giving money to beggars by the way as I have copied my mum’s behaviour so I get to drink my coffee and NOT have to feel guilty about not levelling the field with those that don’t have anything to eat and still get to accept ‘the way things are as unchangeable and live the illusion I’m doing my bit, I’m a good person after all, not like the others who drink their coffee shamelessly and GIVE NOTHING ‘ !

So an act of pure self interest that has nothing to do with the guy that walks in, we all get to use him, some so they feel smarter than him because they didn’t believe that he has a daughter with a sick heart or some other bullshit and some like me give in so we get to feel better/more than the guy that doesn’t, all involved within a polarity play that makes us all blind (will expose this reality in another post, how and why we need the needy and helpless in our lives and what is our energetic payback).

When we walked out I said to my mum that black people in Italy seem to have more chances to get a job when they go to jail, because after jail someone gets to take care of them, as ex offenders they are put inside charity associations where they work for pennies or just for food, I know because the charity association that came to remove my old furniture for free had one of such guys working for them and they told me they are assigned to them when they are on probation, ‘controlled liberty’ is the name for it here, of course they are not paid a ‘minimum wage’ sustaining a system of inequality that is designed for them to fail and she said ‘I don’t want to have this discussion’.

I felt a bit of resentment because I had an arsenal of arguments to make about the freaking ‘good God’ she is always talking about that seems to take care only of certain people, only in certain countries, and if He created it all could he not see where all this was leading, where we would all end up, who can make an argument FOR God these days, and for the Good God especially ?

So I looked at why and how I first accepted the belief in ‘ a power bigger than me’ One and Equal to me to start with, in my life, and I saw the following

First point is Group acceptance, noone else believed anything different when and where I was born, so I have accepted this belief that it must be so if this was the story passed on from people in power and even friends and family, people ‘who love us’ so we assume that if enough people we trust believe something IT MUST BE TRUE.

Then I accepted this belief because when I looked at the inequality and evil going on in the world I was told, that was NOT God’s creation, that was man’s creation at best or the Devil’s creation at worse, so this means, that God could NOT foresee what his creation would end up creating thus he is NOT ALL KNOWING, it proves as well that God is less powerful than the Devil because no matter how GOOD He was, he could not stop the Devil doing all the mess he did when He interfered with his creation, either this or the story of the Devil is not real, which would leave God as Creator of both Good and Evil , thus basically God is an All Knowing Sadist.

God created us out of Love and because he wanted to be worshipped, mmhhh, this sounds weird, we beLIEve that God is the only one that Loves unconditionally BUT he loves ONLY those who worship him, isn’t that a condition ? So God is unable to love unconditionally, it was just a gossip that we came to believe wishing for the unconditional love we were NOT able to give to ourselves.

God is everywhere: really ? Is he there when children are raped, when violence occurs, when wars break out, when people die of starvation..and he is turning the other cheek, looking the other side? So, back to the point above, he is not just a sadist, he is an irresponsible sadist, that doesn’t want to take responsibility for his own creation.

So I abandoned God, or so I thought, and embraced the Universe 🙂 HAHA, Same bullshit, different clothes, it took me a while to work it out, this bullshit went under the name of Law of Attraction, you can attract to yourself anything you want,  the Universe is abundant, limitless, anyone can tap into the Stream, get into the Vortex and have a wonderful life experience.

I liked the Universe more than God, it wasn’t so personal, it seemed more like a physical pulling and shoving of energy within an energy game, but then again, I had to look at one point, what about the ones that are suffering, that were never born in a place where they could attract to themselves what they needed never mind what they wished for, lacking food, a shelter, clean water, was it possible that there might be something wrong with the very design, within this polarity design that we have come to ACCEPT as normal, as the Yin and Yang of Life ?

Could we be just the engines that allow the polarity design to keep churning, destroying lives, increasing the suffering on one polarity esponentially according to how much ‘it’s required to GIVE INTO the desires of those of us that already have more than enough’?

Could we be the very God that is fucking up at every accepted and allowed thought within polarity that we participate with and accept within ourselves ?

Because in common sense, when we look around, where is this freaking God that is wasting up humanity? Nowhere to be seen.

The only real thing we can all see is Human Beings,  plenty of humans, whose only Real God, loved, desired, worshipped, longed for, prayed to, craved for : MONEY.

Money is the only real God that is creating and turning the wheels of this reality, Money decides who lives or dies, so Money is God of this creation, Money has become the creator of this world fuelled by our insane greed, selfishness and desire for power.

Is this Creation Godly? We have seen reality for what it is, it’s ugly, there isn’t beauty everywhere, that is an illusion, infact there isn’t beauty anywhere, if you switch off your TV, stop going to the movies and look around yourself you will see it for yourself, my mum tonight said ‘there is so much suffering around us’ when she was done telling me all the sad stories of the people that live in her same building ? Oh yeah ? And where is your freaking Good God now ?

We hold on to this belief for 3 main reasons

1 Fear, we are terryfied to discover that there is no meaning to this creation, or none where we have been looking for  until now, that happy families don’t exist, that the purpose of Life is not to get married and have children, that going to work is not Our Right but Our Enslavement and that basically everything we hold dear is just a Lie

2 Habit, if not God, the good One, who designed this reality and why and what is the purpose of such an experience ? This question would push us to think in common sense, that if there is no Creator, if I cannot find a Creator of it all, then I must be the Creator, could I be the Creator, how do I create this reality and how do I STOP to correct myself and realign to What is Best for All ?

3 Responsibility: if I am the Creator, not aware of how I am creating the whole, the good and the bad, the prosperity and the starvation, I am responsible, wow, responsible, it’s a word tainetd with truckloads of guilt for us Catholics or Catholic imprinted :), responsible = Guilty as charged, go in your corner, say 20 rosaries, and repent 🙂 Or, we could be response-able, we could stand up, say STOP, til HERE no further and work out HOW to make a change within ourselves as the World, One and Equal, stop being Unconscious Creators and become Response-Able Creators, to Stand for What is best for all.

As Osho used to say, kill your GOD if he is not yet dead for you and then kill any idea you hold that doesn’t stand for Oneness and Equality, the World can change when each one of us can stand in Self Response-Ability for What is Best for All.

Investigate this reality at www.desteni.co.za and investigate an Equal Money System, to make the first necessary correction to this Creation of Inequality that we have accepted and allowed and Created by default, any choice we don’t make gets made ‘by default’. The world we live in is in ‘default’ mode, each one of us will have to enter the system as Administrators and no longer as Users and change the default settings from Self Interest to What is Best for All, because WE ARE ONE, so what is Best for ALl is Best for You and Me too. www.equalmoney.org

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