How did I support Inequality and how I am changing myself Breath by Breath

With some Desteni friends in Italy we have started some Blogs in Italian and started to translate the FAQ EMS into Vlogs.

This process has been very interesting for me first because I found some stability within working for what is best for all instead of looping aimlessly within my mind about how to work for what is best for all, a useless point, and interesting because while translating I had to face the reality of some words that I have never noticed before in my own mother tongue, for example, we ask each other ‘what is your motiv/motivation’ this translates into motif/design/pattern in Italian, so I had to wonder where was I when I spoke my own language in the past, obviously very detached and separated from it if I have never noticed before that the language itself is pointing out clearly that there must be a problem with US if we act out of a motif/design/pattern, we are not born Free, we have to make ourselves Free.

Another interesting point that I found is that my mothertongue lacks the proper exact words to translate some concepts, we are putting together a New Vocabulary so to speak, because the old one is deeply rooted in our brainwashing and in our inability to even speak words of Equality or words about Self Forgiveness, given that we were born catholics and were told God ONLY can forgive us, we are only Humans, I heard this many times in my life.

Taken by the revelation of all this I made myself believe that I could now just share it with other Italians who are specifically complaining about the system and make them question this reality.

This did not work out at all, talk about future projections !, I contacted a Group called Monetary Justice, at least they are aware of the Money problem and as it was suggested if they had a political plans that would be willing to support BIG as an introduction to the New Monetary System we would support them, it would be a start.

After a warm approach, once I went back to them and talked about debt forgiveness, they disappeared, it is possible that they checked out my Facebook page as i checked out theirs to see if we were in any way aligned, so there is something about this word ‘forgiveness’ in Italian that is just not working yet, Jesus talked about it, the Catholics do, forget Self Forgiveness which seems outlandish still but Debt Forgiveness ? What is so outlandish about it ?

Some countries like Russia have been putting Debt Forgiveness into Reality, they actually DID IT, so it’s DOABLE, so what is it that we cannot forgive to ourselves that doesn’t even allow us to consider that debts can be forgiven, sins can be forgiven, that we could come together forgiven, for-given, as a gift to ourselves and others so as not to have to repeat the same motif/patterns/designs, we were born into and then designed for ourselves, forever trapped in the past repeating life cycles in an unending story of regrets and sorrows  that grows bigger and bigger and end up suffocating us all and drive us to all sorts of socially accepted ‘self medication’ ?

When I started to question this system I thought I would go mad, literally, I could no longer keep anything including myself together, had no support from my family or friends who told me ‘you are just hurting yourself’ as if I were NOT already hurting so BAD that Life had become meaningless to me, trying to ride the ”feel good’ wave until the next crash landing into the ‘feel bad’, dragging with me everyone around me fool enough to join the ride looking at me as someone who had a ‘succesful life’. What did it mean having a succesful Life? Simple, it meant I had enough money in my pocket to not struggle, there were others worse off than me, at least I had a roof, food, could go to the theatre, I just had to keep my eyes closed to the reality around me

When I lived in Singapore I found it was my favorite city in Asia beggars-wise, because they were NOT allowed into the City, Singapore did not allow begging in public,  had not noticed until our first trip back to Geneva where I saw beggars everywhere and I thought ‘shame, why don’t they do like in Singapore ?’, meaning, why don’t they HIDE them from us so we don’t have to face them or face the feelings of shame we feel when we realize we make of Inequality our way of Life, not only we accept it, we look forward to the best enforced Inequalities in the world, the ones that work for us, that make us special, loved by God who obviously isn’t BIG enough to love All Equally.

If I had been approached a few years ago with talks about Equality I would have said, it’s not a natural condition of Man, there will always be Inequalities, it’s Human nature, it’s the Way We Are.

But what I implied was, Inequality works for me, I am on the good end of the Inequality Line, I like to be more than others, to have a maid that is a maid only because of Inequalities otherwise she would be in her own home country with her family, I liked Inequality that worked for me.

So now, that I am walking this process of Self Realization where I question my inner motifs/designs and patterns and correct myself when I see I move into a polarity of feeling more (or less) than another I am also asking myself why and how I started to hear the Equality message ?

One point could be that my economic situation went from solid to wobbly and I realized I could cross the line into NOT having enough, so in self honesty I can say that my motif was still one of self interest, but at the beginning I could not see the bigger picture of what Money really is and how I had sold myself to Money all my life, because I had designed for myself a personality ‘generous and happy-go-lucky’ about Money, while I suppressed deeply all my Fears that were Money related, because it’s not ‘Elegant’ to have Money talks or to be stingy, but in reality I was always giving to receive, to receive respect, consideration to be thought by others as One Not Attached to Money, I liked to play this role of ‘Money is Not Important’, because I had it. And I liked to have people around me who reflected back to me my ‘not attached to Money’ nature, so I could beLieve it myself.

Then I moved back from Asia to Italy, my own perceived value decreased dramatically because I no longer had the lesser ones and the have less ones to compare myself to, this is when it really became clear to me that I had lived off Inequality as a way to give myself Value, a Value that I never perceived I had and that I had CON-vinced myself it’s only given by Money, Money Talks, No Money listens.

So, what does one do when faced with this truth about Oneself ?

I started walking, breath by breath, I realized I am full of possessions, got rid of much material stuff in an attempt to get rid of my ‘possessions’ but it did not work, I have to let go of the possessions of my Mind, have to take back my value as Life Breath by Breath as I have given it away until I realized what I was doing and I have to forgive myself and others, to delete All Debts, All Credits, to stop this system of Profit and Loss within me first so that we may All be Free.

I have posted about an Equal Money System on the Italian Revolution Democracy Now website, funny because I expected them to go ‘oh yes thanks, there goes a solution’ instead they deleted all the posts, they left pictures of guys dressed in Robin Hood clothes going to the Water Authority to get back some Money they believed they overpaid on the water bills, I see, dressing up as Robin Hood, which means stealing from the Rich to give to the Poor at the moment sanctioning ‘the System as it is’ carries more credibility than having to look into each one of us to see how Inequality has served us so far, STOP our participation in a system of Inequalities and stand up for Life.

I felt hopeless just because I was not given a chance to even Post, someone might have been interested if they could get a chance to see how a system that benefits All Equally would benefit them as well, I had to work on this to see that as I had to walk myself into the truth of Me so others will have to walk as well, it cannot be given, it’s a Self realization, it would not be so if it was realized by others on our behalf.

I did not feel angry though, because I am stopping my participation in reactions, emotion and feelings that keep me and others locked onto the hamster wheel of this Money System as a manifestation of our Fears and Desires.

If you are ready to investigate how your personal participation is creating the world we are living in join us at Desteni, we are changing ourselves to change the world, a solution is Here but must be Self Realized, become part of the New World with us, we don’t need to suffer and struggle, we just need to see that when we allow others to have what we would like to have, the world will equalize and we will break free from the confinment of our Minds that keep telling us that the ‘System is what it is and cannot be changed’.

WE are the system, we are changing US, can you change to bring about a World that IS Best for All ?


2 comments on “How did I support Inequality and how I am changing myself Breath by Breath

  1. Anna Brix Thomsen says:

    Very cool writings here Eleonora – Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. mareksniager says:

    Yes indeed . awesome

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