FAQ – And where the Hell will we get the money to fund an Equal Money System ?

And where the Hell will we get the money to fund an EMS ?

This question arises from a lack of understanding of what Money is and how it comes about in this world.

Money is an agreed commodity the value of which is based on a worth the same way it worked with gold, by means of people’s perception and faith.

What does this mean, are we saying that Money is NOT real ?

Yes, Money is actually NOT real, it’s an agreed commodity, which means, that whether you are aware or not, by your allowance and acceptance of the money system, you have agreed to the monetary system as it is, where Money has become the value given to a country by calculating their worth in terms of deposits and savings, and then, through a Central banking System which is privately owned, a paper or otherwise currency is created, out of thin air, and put on the market as a legal tender, meaning MADE LEGAL with the approval of a government.

So Money is the value given to the country where you live through assessing how much the country worth is based on your Own deposit and savings and then money is printed by privates enterprises under the guise of Central Banks and put onto the market as a LOAN to governments for which they have to repay interest rates, this is how national debt is created.

Are we serious? Are you being screwed ? Yes !

By your own faith and value that you yourself allow and accept to give to Money within the current Monetary System, value is created at the moment through people’s faith and perception of the Value of Money itself.

So, by agreement, we could all stop to believe such lies and such worth and instead agree on a New value and a New Worth for what Money should be from now on.

An Equal Money System will not require any funding, this is an old Money concept, and a mindset that was created within the old Money concept, that for something new to be created, Money needs to be used, to be precise Debt Money, Money that we owe to someone as it works now in the current system.

An Equal Money System will start brand New, there will be no Debt involved in the creation of Money to support Life, by our new accepted agreement, the New value agreed by all of us will be Life.

Life will be the moving current of the planet within an Equal Money System therefore Equal Money will be created by each government under a world agreement as a form of support for everyone Equally from Birth to Death.

At the moment you have to earn your Money, which means that Money has more value than ‘You as Life’ do. Money is more than Life under the current economic system which is preposterous but it is happening under our own eyes.

This will no longer be the case under an Equal Money System, each one will contribute their skills to the system of the world as a mean of supporting Life, no longer as a Slave in a Labor Camp, and Life will have an intrinsic value that will be manifested by Equal Money as a form of support for everyone from Birth to Death, Money will be created out of thin air, just like now, and its value will be Life based and there will always be enough to support everyone equally, because we will create enough to cover each Life needs from birth to death.

How is this possible ? Remember, you are the one giving the current money system its power, you have plugged into the energy wiring of the Money system through your emotions and feelings in support of Money as a positive and desirable feature in your Life or as a negative through your Fears of never having enough. Either way the polarity is what moves the current, exactly like within an electrical wiring system.

Wouldn’t you like to unplug from such system and plug yourself into a System that supports Life Equal and One for every living creature on the Planet?

The choice is yours, support an Equal Money System, support Life

The future is HERE already, the support is HERE already, stop yours and others struggles by changing your Value System to One that Supports Life and what is Best for All.

Join us for a Future that will create Heaven on Earth for Everyone.


2 comments on “FAQ – And where the Hell will we get the money to fund an Equal Money System ?

  1. sandyjones says:

    Thanks for sharing this common sense! Lol, ex law of attraction junkie, me too!

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