Blessings on the Way, the Holy Notice said



A few days ago there was a notice up at the caretaker’s office titled

‘Holy Notice’.

Then a priest rang the bell one evening for the ‘Holy Blessings’, I just said No thank you and closed the door again.

At first I had not connected these 2 events, because who would come up with the adjective Holy for a notice on the Board, come on…., but they did, the Holy People, A Holy Notice it was.

What made it Holy ? The Holy Priest, the Holy Intention, the Holy Church, the Holy Money they are after when knocking on doors at dinner time on a dark, windy, cold dump evening to fan the guilt trip of the beLIEvers so they will give more ? The Holy Asking and receving, is this what God had in mind when he said ‘Ask and you shall receive’, was it a code message for his Elves about how to get the dough and from whom ? Why isn’t God providing for them directly, Any decent Employer pays the wages, why are the People paying the Church wages ? Buying a space in Heaven ? Getting cozy with San Peter ? Sant’Ambrogio patron saint of Milan, San Gennaro patron saint of Naples, Sant’Antonio patron Saint of Padoa, who are we sucking up to this year, going to the big guns directly Mother Mary, Jesus or the Holy Spirit ?

The Church is gearing up for Christmas, they need the Money so they can set up the ludicrous Holy Nativity so they can re-in-force yet again the unbelievable story of the Manger and Baby Jesus, to remind us of our sinner status, that we’ll never make it because that is what we are and we need them to help us to get children to put baby Jesus in the Manger the night of the 24th, after the midnight mass. That night children can stay up late, it’s for a Holy cause, who could otherwise put the Holy plastic baby jesus in the Manger if not the innocent fingers of childrens ? The dirty sinful adults ?

We can’t but agree with the devious logic ?

Off to the Holy Mass, the Mass that makes us Holy too, just for the night of Christmas, when everyone is supposed to be good (while we accept to suck the rest of the year because we are only Humans), Mass, MASS,  an interesting word in electricity, Mass is the result of the movement of Electrons, without Electrons moving there is no Mass to electricity, so even if the Church claims to be the Light, electricity itself, without us moving about they would have NO MASS, NO WEIGHT, they would just be NO THING.

“Electricity its self has no mass. It is the movement of electrons which create electricity and only these electrons have mass’

Mass has weight, this is why a full battery weights more than an empty one, so, we, the people give our weight = Mass to the Church which in itself has no Weight =Mass so that they can become Holy. We make them Holy !!

Holy Shit !

In Italy we give 8 /000 on the tax return to the Catholic Church UNLESS differently specified, this could be one place through which we get the funding to start the BIG program, the Basic Income Grant, because I am sure Jesus would not mind to skip the Nativity bullshit this year and have money wasted throughout Italy to buy the fake people to populate the plastic nativity all the way down the fake hill with the fake moss leading  to the fake Holy Cabin where the Fake mother Mary and the Fake Saint  Joseph fakely live with the fake Donkey and Ass to fake blow the fake air on the Fake Made in China Baby Jesus.

Jesus would be happy if this Christmas we came up with a solution to give Real Dignity to people that are not miniature people made of plastic populating a fake nativity set, they are Real People, just like Us, Equal to Us in every way, except for the life they have to live due to our neglect and greed.

Let’s stop making Holy what is not, let’s make Life Holy for everyone, how can Christmas be a Holy Day when many are suffering and starving while we go to celebrate the birth of a Man that said ‘Love your neighbour like yourself’ ?

Isn’t the irony of Christ-mass just striking ?

A Basic Income Grant it’s a start to make Jesus message real, we can stop being Fakes and get Real and start to give value to Life, educate yourself about BIG and an Equal Money System, these are solutions that Jesus would have liked, save the nativity money, save your 8/000 this year and give to fund an Equal Money System and a solution that will bring Heaven to Earth for Everyone.

Join us.




2 comments on “Blessings on the Way, the Holy Notice said

  1. Adele says:

    Cool post! Thanks

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