2012: Jobless ? No worries, the Vatican is looking for Exorcists


Today a very popular Italian weekly magazine titled the cover page ” Looking for Exorcists’ with a Priest making it to the cover page.

It’s been a long time since a Priest has been on the cover page of a magazine in Italy even when the talks were about pedophiles priests, the pictures was not allowed to be shown, for a form of ‘respect’ (for the priest).

So I found it interesting that it should be the Devil himself bringing back the priests into the Spotlight.

What’s going on ?

The cover article said that “Possessions” are on the increase, they count 500.000 people yearly asking for help to the Church with a 30% increase in the last 5 years between believers and NON believers, 20% of this numbers is made up by children, then 65% of women across all levels of wealth and education, having a degree is no longer a guarantee that you won’t be able to believe in the Devil, the Devil is everywhere, knows no social division, the Devil is Fair.

The men seem to handle the Devil better, they know they are the Devil themselves, they know what they think, how they debase women in their mind, how many times a day they think about fucking and abusing women they don’t even know or that are in a relationship with their friends and family members, it’s a ‘men thing’, amazingly it’s either a data that says men are more honest with themselves or they just bare the burden of their own thoughts words and actions better than women, children don’t count, they are dragged to exorcism due to non compliance, whenever their behaviour doesn’t fit ‘what they should be’ mum can blame it on the Devil and get the kids exorcised, the Catholic answer to Ritalin.

There are 300 active exorcists in Italy, many are old, they handle a maximum of 5000 cases a year but the waiting list gets longer every year, because one exorcism is never enough, some people may need exorcisms that last for years, it takes years sometimes to get the Devil to leave his prey alone :), this is why the University in Rome headed by Christ’s legionaires organizes every year a Master on Exorcism and Prayers to Freedom to form the new generations of Devil Busters priests. Doesn’t this make us question the power of God at the same time, that the Devil is obviously so superior he can decide to stay on for YEARS while some silly chanting and lating invocation is repeated ad nauseam to no effect ? If God was the Master of the Universe, one single All Powerful command from God & Associates and the Devil should retreat immediately overtaken by the Fear of God and leave with his tail between his legs. Doesn’t seem exorcisms are so effective after all, if you were going to a Dentist to pull out a tooth and he had you go back for years, how much trust would you have in him ? Does he really know what he is doing or is he just guessing ? Does he know his trade or is he just pretending ? Are we all just pretending ? Do we in fact Fear the Devil LESS than we fear ourselves and having to face what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become ?

And if the devil did exist, when he leaves a body, where does He go ? Is he defeated ? Seems hardly if exorcisms are on the increase, how many Devils are there ? Do they multiply ? Do they have children, baby devils that possess children ? Where do they live ?

Ever thought where is the Devil’s home if there should be one on Earth? Many did ask themselves this question and came to the obvious conclusion, WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE IF YOU WERE THE DEVIL ? If you were an Imaginary Polarity Figure representing the highest Evil in the World, wouldn’t you live where the Highest Imaginary Figure representing the Good of the World lived ?

Yes that’s right, inside the Vatican 🙂




Father Malachi Martin knew for sure, he left the Jesuits at one point because the whole Good vs Evil battle was just too much, he could no longer bare it.

The Pope stayed on instead


What would be Christmas without Satan..oops Santa ?

So the belief is that there is an Entity that dominates and controls us, The Evil Entity known as The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, that ‘makes us do evil stuff, that tempts us, that puts words in our mouths, plots in our heads, that wants us to struggle and suffer while he has a ball at our expenses.

The Devil is historically represented as the Serpent, the Serpent with the forked tongues, meaning what? Meaning a duality, which is what we all live. Movie series like Ally Mc Beal have been made to underline, expose and make ‘normal’ the secret voice that speaks non stop in our Minds, the secret voice that says nasty things while we show the good face, the secret voice that is keeping us busy up there in the head, and never Here, where Life really happens while we miss out on it by being away in the Hell we ourselves created in our Minds, wouldn’t be normal for people that spend so much time in Hell to believe in the Devil ?


The only problem with this accepted and encouraged (by the Catholics) belief is that it makes us powerless, Yes, there is the advantage of the relief of having someone to blame, – fucking Devil, please God deliver me from him -, but what if the Devil was inside, what if this battle was already lost when we started engaging it, what if the Devil was the sum of all our judgements, ideas, beliefs and thoughts about good and evil that we have lived (opposite of Devil, how strange..) and breathed into existence, what if the Devil and God were Our Creation and not viceversa ?

Vittorio Feltri commented the exorcism article with this sentence:

“Literature has often documented the tough fight that each one of us puts up to not fall into the temptation to give in to Evil. Yes beltzebu’ is always scheming in the most secret places of our mind ready  to suggest the best way to trip someone, how to take a shortcut, how to trample someone’s rights on our quest for greed, how to be indifferent to the reasons of our hearts, cinical, cruel. It’s not true that the Devil possesses us, it’s us possessing the Devil and often we ask Him advises following them with pleasure, I have a suspect, what if WE were the Devil ? “

Yes, what if we were the Devil ? What if this world was the plain manifestation of our Polarity Play, what if this was the creation of our Sick Abusive Minds ?

Many have different theories about how this Creation came about, what if we had been lied to, conned into made up stories designed to never allow us to realize ourselves, what if someone knew how it all came about and has been out for some time to explain it but nobody listened because everyone was too lost inside their personality play and the Beliefs and Ideas of ‘Who they really Are (or wish to be)’ ?

You want to know who you really are ? Really ? Here is the whole story

How this Creation came about and Why

So if you think you are God without acting like one, or the Devil, or that you are possessed, support yourself to release yourself from your own Polarity design, you are the One with the Keys to your Mind, exorcise yourself back to Freedom into Equality and Oneness. Give yourself a Chance to Live again, Give Life back to Yourself.

Breathe yourself back to Earth.

For more information, support, Q&A regarding the process of giving back Yourself to Yourself as One and Equal with Existence visit



2 comments on “2012: Jobless ? No worries, the Vatican is looking for Exorcists

  1. Alexandra says:

    I first realized after I was saved at my home church in Middleburg Heights, Ohio that a demond was trying to attack me. I haven’t accepted until yesturday that the demand is in me and is real. My sister hasn’t slept in my room for 6 years because she saw me levitate and I haven’t wanted to believe it because I am a very loving caring Godly person. But there’s soooo many signs he is in full effect of me now because Waffle House where I worked who is run by many EVIL people I walked out on last night. But I am in fear of the demand because when I moved here to South Carolina I have had alot of signs that I need to do something but I have been so scared. I haven’t slept all night because my eyes are so dialated and when I close them he haunts me. I know its a him and I know he is powerful. I know that God is more powerful but about a year ago I went to sleep after reading the bible because my neighbor got me going to church again after two years and I went to go to sleep and I was so in fear I had to put country music on well he choked me and everything was black and I kept saying I thought out loud Mom come help me and saying Satan I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Well….I woke up in sweats I tried denying it saying its the bi polar in me because I was diagnosed with bi polar from my mom after I was possessed. Well 3 times I tried to go to sleep and every time I went to my mom and said to her have you heard me trying to scream help me and Satan I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. She said no Alex I’m coming to pray with you. The reason he got so mad is because I was reading my bible and opened it after maybe even over two years. You can think I’m crazy but the reason I know I NEED a exorcism is because Waffle House is robbing soooo many people including myself of money. The clock in there isn’t like up north no paper comes out and the people that work there are evil and that’s why I’m scared to go to sleep because I don’t want the demand to ruin the mountain that’s been needing to have justice by God sense Waffle House opened in 1955 and people are dead that needed justice and didn’t realize they were getting stolen from. Many many people are getting robbed my evil and I accepted that I have a demand in me and want him out as soon as possible I wanna be Alex again and not a fighter sometimes a lover. Not close a 2 liter and not be able to open it. Not have high blood pressure. I’m not bi polar I have a evil demand in me and he is going to flee.

    • egozzini says:

      Hello Alexandra,
      you are experiencing a Mind overload due to your own suppressed and stored fears, images and pictures you have accepted and allowed inside yourself as yourself, as God and the Devil.
      Please go to the Demonology Forum where you will find Free Self Support to walk yourself out of your own created Hell.
      The website is http://www.demonology.co.za, you can find free support at Desteni as well at http://www.desteni.org.
      On you tube you can watch http://youtu.be/ZnQnEgI4Kso, to start to understand what is in fact going on with you.

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