2012: A New Equality Monetary System for All Humanity

Andrew Gable - Desteni Artists

When I first met Desteni I was overwhelmed by the information about our History and about how we came to find ourselves where we are today.

For a few months I was too busy reviewing my understanding of reality to be able to grasp the Equal Money System concept, I even wrote in on a Forum, sorry I just can’t get this yet and what  I meant was that while I could see clearly the Esperanto version of a New Economy there was no way I could get it, I was just too far from it, the gap between me and the Equal Money System was too wide.

The reasons were many, one was that I was a perfect product of this system, I was brainwashed and indoctrinated to make THIS system work, I had too much knowledge of business and Money to even be able to begin to comprehend alternatives that had no foundation on anything that I knew, pIus I was born in debt like everyone else, as this reality is built on all the past generation that came before us and left behind something to fix, a debt, to each other, to the planet, to themselves.

So the first things I had to do to close this gap was to self  for-give, it is interesting for me now to expand on this point, because until a few months ago I had troubles with this Self Forgiveness tool because even the self forgiveness of the system has been tainted and turned into a debt settling, a way to get something back from others, their respect, their trust, something that we have accepted and believed went wrong in our interactions and had to be fixed by others for-getting about our for-getting.

So it took me quite some Self for-giveness  to experience the giving, because this is all the point of it, it’s not for-getting, it’s for-giving, so one doesn’t know how it works until one applies it and gets the gift, and the gift is getting back pieces of ourselves that we have left behind and the more we return self back to self by giving through the for-giving the more the next step that comes out of this is my oh my I want to for-give everybody !

And this is what the Equal Money System is, The Equal Money System is  for-giveness in the physical, is a moment in time when we stop, breathe, realize all the abuses that have been perpetrated through our acceptances and allowances of a system of abuse, inside and outside Equal and One, in the name of greed for-getting about everyone else and we tell ourselves that it’s not cool, that we need a correction that we need to for-give to each other everything that we would like to receive

I gave up on the Universe and Source as well, the Universe is just another word for God, it’s an Idea that supports the abuses in the world that says it’s God’s will or the Universe will, we started with the Universe story when we saw that God wasn’t working but we were unable to let God go due to our extensive fear of existence, we dressed him up with the Fancy Universe clothes and called him by another name but have a look, the Universe is there supporting the abuse too, there isn’t much further to go to reach rock bottom so it’s pretty clear by now (except for the ones who have a ticket to board the ascension Merkaba or are waiting for aliens to jail the abusers – I’m not joking I have read this post from the Galactic Federation, they have sent out a petition for all the Galactic federation’s friends to sign to give them the power to jail the abusers- good luck with that- , or they are waiting for the end of the world), that there will be no intervention, WE HAVE BEEN THE ABUSERS we have to sort this mess out.

And on a last note about God and the Universe, if God/Universe picks and chooses among his children he is an abusive parent/source, should we care or just be happy that we get to be the favourite ?

I  was no longer happy to be favoured by God/The Universe, I was sick myself and with myself for the life I was living in separation from everything that exists, I longed to stop my own abuse of myself and others and to no longer see hungry people, beggars, homeless, violence, rapes, wars and when I finally I could get what the Money System we are talking about IS,  I was in awe.

Yes because in one single move we could address most of the planet problems, by giving access to everyone Equally to what the planet has given to us All, we could live in peace, we could stop fearing the future, we could have a life that is guaranteed to be as smooth as possible by the  new system that would be born by Life to support All Life Equally.

What are the drawbacks ? None, well none could be or have more than another because Equality is what the New Monetary System is all about it’s the physical realization of our Oneness and Equality, it’s a statement of Equal value granted to each living being, finally Money would be used not as a weapon but as a Life giving device.

There was never anything wrong with money, it was always US, it was our value system that was upside down, a system where we put things and profit before Life, it was bound to fail and crash like a castle of cards.

So, if you wish to understand the New Equality of the Equal Money System you have to start by for-giving yourself, because someone who is full of debts cannot understand the giving of the equality system because he/she has not yet started to give to himself/herself  Self back to Self.

And it’s only within the Equality of you that you can start to see and then you will be astonished and a bit ashamed at why on Earth we did not see this before, it’s so simple we just have to start to give to ourselves, so start your for-giveness today, give yourself back to yourself, because there simply needs to be more of yourself  Here to get it, to see and realize the solution as You.

Delete your debts through Self-forgiveness so that the world may delete its debts One and Equal to you and start anew in a system of for-giving instead than the current system of for-getting, where we forget the suffering of others that is nothing but the suffering of each one of us living in separation from ourselves and not Here as One as Equal as Life as Everything that Exists.

Join us, we are the future, do you already have a future ?



2 comments on “2012: A New Equality Monetary System for All Humanity

  1. Thanks, the concept of equal money can’t be grasped through studies at the university, it can only be grasped through in-fact living and practicing the principle of oneness and equality, as giving as you would like to receive – and obviously we must first start to give to ourselves that which we in-fact would like to receive; which is the letting go of all the debt we accumulated through constantly thinking, fearing, and existing in separation from what is here – instead of living as one breath – fully here in every moment.

  2. Marlen says:

    “So, if you wish to understand the New Equality of the Equal Money System you have to start by for-giving yourself, because someone who is full of debts cannot understand the giving of the equality system because he/she has not yet started to give to himself/herself Self back to Self.”

    Key point here – thank you Eleonora for this blog!

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