2012: How I gave up Matrix Energetics to Stand up for Life

I was living on a tropical Island when I started to understand that the Matrix is Real, meaning we are living inside a system of information, the equivalent of a video game but Real.

I was coming from the teachings of Law of Attraction, another belief system I boarded on my trip to nothingness, so I still had a tail of teachings to get rid of about the overwhelming benevolence of the Universe.

I say those teachings are worth nothing and we should rid ourselves of all of them for the simple reason that they don’t work as a solution for All Humanity and even though I have deluded myself into believing that the Universe was benevolent and we came to this planet by choice and we wanted to experience everything and this is why everything was available, it’s hard for me now to believe that I bought into such crap, when I knew with absolute certainty I did not want to be born in Africa and starve, or be raped as a kid, or be born into violence, abuse or poverty, just for the fun of it.

So when I realized I was living inside a systematic reality, due to the observed  systematic behaviour of myself (and others)  that I was unable to change no matter what I tried, short of jumping on one foot and wearing a black cape at the same time, I looked for information on the web about who knew the Matrix was real.

The first people who seemed to have got it, of course, were computer geeks, as a computer geek you cannot but notice the systematic nature of reality, including asking yourself questions about the famous Fibonacci sequence/spyral, because if the Fibonacci sequence is at the base of everything and the universe is worked out on Mathematics, this reality is repeating itself and must be manufactured by someone for some reasons and we have just stepped onto the stage where we are all playing a part.

This was written by Shakespeare as well, in one sentence, Life is but a stage, but then the next question must be, who has written the play and why ?

The second people I found with truckloads of information on the Matrix up to the minutest detail was Desteni, but I got scared and decided I did not want to believe what they were saying, so I moved on looking for a Truth I liked and I could live and exist with.

This is how I found Matrix Energetics.

Matrix Energetics is a consciousness system, they advertise it this way, I was more or less aware by then that consciousness was the Creator of this reality and so were they, plus they offered to me the ability to hang on to my delusions about the benevolence of this Universe/Creator and I decided to sign up for their course in Miami.

A friend came with me, she too was going through some stuff on the tropical island where we both had ended up following a dream that we believed was our dream, just to find out one day that even the dream I had to live on a tropical island smoking pot all day, was not MY dream, I found a video by J.Jesus from the Desteni group that asked “do you dream about living on a tropical island smoking pot all day ?”, that created quite a crack inside me, but by that time I was already following Desteni closer and I had started to apply the tools they were teaching, fuck I didn’t even own a dream, talk about the illusion of possessions 🙂

Anyway, back to Matrix Energetics, we made it to Miami about 3 years ago, Matrix Energetics came out of ME, meaning literally ME/Dr. Bartlett, the “creator” of the system, another preprogrammed guy who had the ability to zap himself through astral planes and thought he could teach others what he was preprogrammed to do, which he could not, but he was (and I guess still is) extra clever and devised the perfect explanation.

I feel stupid now that I have to put it in writing because I believed it at the time and I can’t see how could I believe this, no I can see, I just explained it a few lines above, I wanted to believe it because the only alternative left for me was the plain no-sugar-coating truth of Desteni and I was not ready for it, so this is what he came up with, he said that no matter what happens after a session of Matrix Energetics, either one can see or have results, it doesn’t matter, we must just KNOW that a shift has occurred.

When I look at this sentence today I can translate it with a further explanatory note that fits the story better, if you can believe that no matter if you can see, experience or have a shift a shift has in fact taken place, than ‘anything goes’ and so please let me tell you about my purple polka dot squirrel that needs a kidney replacement for which I will indicate the ciphered bank account at the bottom of the page and you can proceed to deposit at your earliest convenience.

Because let’s be clear, Matrix Energetics is bloody expensive, you can check online the cost and I can say it almost rivals the Catholic teachings, selling the illusion of Heaven vs the Hell on Earth, because the rich will have to go through the Eye of the Needle while the poor, the starved, the battered, the raped can board the Heaven Express and take their eternal revenge on the ones that had fun here; Matrix Energetics teaches about an invisible wave, the wave of creation, that one can focus energy into an outcome and then collapse the wave using the two pointing technique, meaning uniting index and medium finger in a sort of imaginary wand, all properly invisible, just like Heaven.

Matrix Energetics sells air with a flair, because they are funny, I really enjoyed myself in Miami and then in San Francisco and then Seattle, pity they don’t have a full refund policy for the ones that wake up, just poorer, having Wizard status, but no Wizard powers and no way to get the money back.

As well I want to say that I’m sure they mean well, but they still ‘mean’, yeah ? And if Dr. Bartlett will put a hand on his conscience in Self Honesty, he, together with the Matrix Energetics believers and practitioners will have to ask themselves a few questions

  • why is he and his girlfriend Melissa looking sucked dry, like raisins, at such a young age ? Could it be their extensive participation in consciousness is sucking the Life out of them ? (Desteni explains this is how we die that’s why all the ones that die of ‘old age’ look like raisins or Demons, de-manned, less than man, sucked dry by consciousness that has we have accepted and allowed to replace Life)
  • why are they asking people to believe that a shift happens somewhere in the matrix when there is NO physical evidence of it ? And if a shift happens in a Universe with such evident abuse, who says it’s good for everyone, who says we are not just pulling the good side of the stick for ourselves leaving someone with the bad end of the stick ? And if they beLIEve this, could they please make the deposit for my purple Polka Dot squirrel as a testimony that we have Equality at least between each one of ours ‘anything goes’ fairy tales ?
  • why are they not considering the state of the physical reality where half of the world struggles and 1.2 billion people will die in 2012 of starvation and how can they reconcile their self-serving teachings with being ‘good people’ who want the best for Humanity?
  • why do they charge so much when they say they are teaching a tool to uplift Humanity but they must mean the rich ones only because the poor ones cannot pay between 150 to 300 dollars per session ? So are they meaning a tool to uplift Rich Humanity ? And why is there the need to Up-Lift in such a benevolent Universe ?
  • why do they use the term ‘wizard’ which is a manipulatory way to play on people’s desires for personal power and is encouraging Ego and specialness which is the reason why we cannot come together to do What is Best for All and sort out the planet for everybody ?

So, I was supposed to apply as a Certified Practitioner, I had bought myself that right and the certification was just a matter of time because for those that did not hear clearly, it doesn’t matter if a ‘shift’ happened, somewhere within the Matrix, a shift did happen, so I was just asked to write down a list of my experienced or imaginary shifts equivalent to a certain amounts of sessions (I think 60 or 30, I no longer have the manuals since I left them behind when I returned to reality) and I could get my certification.

I could charge up to 300 dollars per session, we have been through a ‘commercial training’ with a lady doctor who was charging that and was having a lot of success.

But Desteni was there in the back of my mind, Desteni had become my back chat :), rattling my chances for self dishonesty to the core and I did not go, could not go through with it. This is how I did not become a Matrix Energetics practitioner.

In summary, Matrix Energetics sells beliefs, they believe that if you believe and make someone believe (even though you can tell a client their belief is NOT required), someone will get better, and I have to agree, it’s the Matrix Energetics practitioners that get better, every day they practice they get richer, and isn’t this what is all about after all?

Give up your fake beliefs, get Real, join Desteni, it’s free, you’ll find the help you need to become Self Honest, to develop Self Trust, to learn how to become a responsible Human Being that cares for the World and for everyone Equally. We are coming together from all over the world to redesign a world system that will benefit All Equally, that will give access to the primary resource of Life on the planet at the moment, Money, because look at yourselves and have a reality check, are you practicing Matrix Energetics for free ? I rest my case !

Give up Self Interest for What is Best for All, you will lose only what is NOT real, you will give up nothing for everything, because when you stand as Life for Life you are working to become One and Equal to everything that exists, then you will no longer want to limit yourself to be just a mere wizard. The Magic is in and as Life. Stand up for Life !


Equal Money

support the Equal Life Foundation at a fraction of what you pay for Matrix Energetics and get yourself an education that will land you back onto the Planet at



107 comments on “2012: How I gave up Matrix Energetics to Stand up for Life

  1. Tm says:

    Nice post. I agree. I was looking at the official Matrix Energetics website, and I went to pricing to see how much it was, because I was curious and just for a one weekend seminar the prices go up as high as 600.00! The lowest price I think was maybe 400.00. Now, if you calculate that and imagine that on average about 25 people show up (just as a guesstimate, could be a lot more), that is 14,875.00 dollars just for three days. And they’re doing how many of these seminars all over the world? They make more than most people do in one year on minimum wage, in a weekend! They have to be millionaires. What you said was true. They say they want to help show people how to heal and transform and for our world to grow, but it seems like only the rich, or the people who can afford to travel all the way to the seminar and then pay hundreds of dollars. I’m not saying they’re “Bad” people, or that the energetics don’t work or can’t heal anyone, I’m saying that this healing modality is available to ALL people, or rather, it COULD be available to all people, everyone can do it, it’s simple to do, so WHY should the information on how to do it only be accessible to those who can pay copious amounts of money and travel far distances to these seminars. It seems to me that I see all of these new “energy systems” or practices with fancy schmancy names popping up and yet they all seem to have the same system, someone was “divinely guided” or received this privileged information, implemeneted it, then named it, then started to practice it, then all the sudden they have it trademarked and are charging crazy amounts once it catches wind and popularity, and they’re at the top of it, and you have to attend their high priced classes to be certified and taught how to do it, then you can go out and charge people hundreds for using it on them. it almost smacks of a pyramid scheme, in a way. It’s just funny because for people who really want to heal, it’s about making sure the person is free of diseases or ailments, and in good health, not about treating a condition, or trying to prevent it. Unfortunately, the alternative health field and the spiritual field isn’t exempt from people who are exploitative and greedy. I realize right now on this earth we all have to deal with this false system of “money” to survive, but it’s all a lie, pretty soon its going to collapse, and we’ll all have to go back to a time before money. It’s an illusion. They’re just perpetuating the cycle. If you want people to evolve and enlighten, then why hoard any type of gift or treatment or healing practice that could easily be used by all people, just so you can make millions off of it?

    • Sheila says:

      like you and many others, i balk at the high prices charged ……the 3 things that cause suffering in the human predicament are greed, hatred and delusion . A pity that greed does so often feature in these practices …..and pity for such practioners as greed will cause them to suffer …….fortunately there are still many teachings which are given for free with no expectation of renumeration ……for me I have benefited so much from the Buddha’s teachings …..there are many places which provide these teachings on a donation basis and if this cannot be afforded,it doesn’t matter and the beauty is it works …you are so grateful you want to give and many help with their services given freely …as they know that in doing so one gains far more than money!

    • H. Morgan) says:

      Tm, A very enlightened view of the real way, of breaking the cycle of greed and corruption. A real view of economic equality (getting rid of money) and making healing affordable for everyone, by either not charging for healing or charging just enough, to make ends meet. (True love and compassion.) What is more important, money…. or shifting the energy/raising the vibration on our planet and inhabitants?

    • Kayla says:

      Hi, I read your very well-thought out, intelligent report above. My mom just finished two trainings. I am a fence sitter, taking no sides, so decided to see what others who weren’t so happy with Matrix Energetics, or ANY of that stuff, anyway, had to say. I knew they would be able to provide me with a balancing point of view. Thanks, you did just that. Reading all this stuff, it seems to me that these “wizards” are genuine in the sense that they are only “fooling” the rich. It’s like they are experts at using the system. As for poor people, they too, unfortunately, OR fortunately, have their own “witchdoctors.” As human beings we all need SOMETHING to believe in, be it a God, belief systems, anything. It’s just plain part of our make-up, part of what makes us all human anyway. It is up to US to find out our OWN sense of spirituality, lest someone else make up our minds for us. I had extensive experience with both the VERY poor AND the very rich, and I can tell you that their misery is very equal… life itself is hard for all of us. I was trained as a healer but never ever received one penny out of it, precisely because, like you, I believe that if it was REALLY genuine, it would be this way. I hope I can give you hope in the goodness of humanity to kindly say I am NOT alone, and there are some really decent “medicine people” out there, very well-trained in psychotherapy and spirituality who do good deeds for free. We ARE “invisible” ’cause that’s really PART of the “magic”…something that has happened before with the ORIGINAL Rosicrucians of the middle-ages, when doctors took oaths to spend the rest of their lives helping others…secretly. I believe Wikipedia has an article on the topic. Namaste!

  2. Janey says:

    Extremely insightful and clearly written. Great post!

  3. Laurel says:

    You don’t have to attend a Matrix Energetics session. You can learn from reading their books. I have however attended sessions, and just like going to a concert is better than listening to a CD, it’s better in person, but not necessary. As to how much they charge your statements annoy me. Dr. Bartlett has given up his chiropracter practice. They have to fly around the country/world – rent meeting rooms, hotel rooms, ship equipment. I’ve set up trade shows. I know how much this costs. Why shouldn’t they make money? They have to live. We pay a fortune to our sports personalities and movie stars who give us a whole lot less. I have experienced the power of Richard and Melissa on several times. It is amazing – actually it’s indescribable. Actually, it’s addictive!! After several seminars, I’ve finally been able to drop down into my heart space and emulate in a very small way, what they teach. I know it works.. I use it on my cats — so no imagination at work there. Animals don’t pretend. I do agree that what they teach has been named different things by different people, but why does that matter? If we need to “re”learn how to access these skills that we probably all had eons ago, why shouldn’t we pay someone to teach us? We live in a democracy. And in case you haven’t noticed or been keeping up with the website, they offer FREE scholarships to people who can’t afford to attend the seminars. So get your facts straight. I have no connection with ME. In fact, I wish they were cheaper as I’d go to more. But we have a choice. If you want to criticize people for earning a living start with the ridiculous amounts paid to sports players and movie stars. Why do they deserve to earn millions? Dr. Bartlett works much harder. Just my 2 cents.

    • egozzini says:

      Laurel, I got my facts first hand as I was there, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle, it seems you are the only one that did not understand what I wrote because you wish to hold on to your ‘magical world of fairies and dolphins’, this is not an issue of who should be critizize first, it’s just an issue of exposing the truth of the World we live in, where people like Me and You enjoy seminars of Delusions that I have shared and paid for, just because we can.
      Yes, I have experienced the wave and a lot of other BS there and in my life, all Self Created through suggestions and specific guiding of MY OWN Mind and What I should Expect from it, yet I had no resolution to my problem which was a simple simple left shoulder pain, Richard told me it was a meme and it was gone, I have a long list of BS I heard there from all the practitioners, all different stories, yet the pain staid and I went to 3 seminars up to Practitioner Level, so I have PAID my right to expose the truth of what I experienced, NOTHING, the problem is I didn’t beLieve it enough, it’s not their fault, they are selling Air, we are the ones buying it, like everything else in this world.
      Plus as I said the consistency is not there but justified with, Know That a Shift has happened, come on Laurel, if you go to Lourdes and pray to recover the use of your legs and you do not, you know that the shift you wanted did not take place, the invisible doesn’t count in a very visible world where while people starve on this planet, while South African girls have 40% more chances to be raped than learn to read, while sexual slavery and slavery of any sort is still plaguing the world, including the 6 billions who are enslaved by the current economic system, we take the luxury to spend weekends throwing each others imaginary dolphins and numbers to amuse ourselves. This year Obama said 1.2 billion people will die of starvation, so tell me Laurel, what kind of freaking Grace are you accessing using the Matrix ? The Grace of Money ? Because others would like to be Graced as well, to have a chance to a Life of Dignity and to eat, while we enjoy and amuse ourselves pretending that ‘THAT WORLD’ of Suffering doesn’t exist.
      So, we are taking down and exposing the whole Spiritual, Consciousness, God, Prayers Community for what it is, a greedy bunch that thrives on the fears of people and Their desires to Be Special. It’s nothing Personal, we have done videos on sport people as well, yet they do not thrive on sicknesses and make beliefs of the weak of Mind.
      We understand that all of us are doing what we have to do to survive, we are just saying, let’s STOP all dis-honesties we have created in the service of Money, to create a World that is Best for All, where everyone is supported and has access to the Best Education and the Best Healthcare available, has a right to a shelter and to food and water, noone wants to stop you from throwing Imaginary Dolphins once the basic living conditions of All are assured, we are simply calling for a Mass Landing, back Here, where the Suffering is, so we may address it and Stop it and correct ourselves in and as this world into a system that works for All, putting Life back at the centre of every equation, making Life no longer for Sale, but the only Worth and Value that we all share Equal and One.
      So, sorry for pushing you off your Unicorn, but will surely be glad if after your landing back Here you will join Us. http://www.equalmoney.org

      • VVE says:

        You know, there is a gentleman who works in a hospital as a nurse, and he applies his Matrix learning to most of the staff and sometimes patients, on a nearly daily basis. He is on the forum and his updates are wonderful to read. He is mostly successful, treating sometimes 20 or more staff a shift, with only a couple of “stubborn” exceptions to the successes, usually people he is more emotionally invested in; but even those have begun to shift (Dr. Bartlett himself says, in no uncertain terms, that he absolutely doesn’t help EVERYONE and isn’t always successful). He has treated everything from headaches and backaches to more grave issues, and has also done remote Matrix “treatments” with success. Who really knows why some people are successful and some aren’t. This gentleman doesn’t understand it either, but the non-successes are far outweighed by the very clear successes, and that goes beyond just experiencing the wave; it means actual relief from the pain and/or the underlying issue.

        I sympathize with you and understand fully that it must be frustrating for you to feel so disillusioned after all the time and, more importantly, hope – you invested in these teachings. It would be frustrating for any of us.
        But, ultimately, what ME is offering is but one way to step on the path toward an expanded, paradigm-busting experience of reality; a way to feel more empowered, more open to a less-rigid experience of this “reality.” There are, of course, many ways IN, many other modalities, many other teachings, teachers, etc.
        In the same way that there are a vast number of religions or spiritual teachings to satisfy every kind of seeker. I don’t think that any ONE is ultimately right or wrong, just right or wrong for each individual.

        Your own experience is valid as your experience. Period. I just think it gets tricky when we start to invalidate an entire system simply because our own time with it resulted in less than we expected. I get it, I just think it’s not a bigger-picture point of view.
        One person experiences life’s magic in one way, and someone else will experience it in another. Both are valid experiences. Why throw stones at the other? Suffice it to say, it didn’t work for you. Also suffice it to say, it works for others. So, perhaps the ultimate statement is: follow your own path, discover your own callings, and try to allow for as much fun and love in the process.

      • egozzini says:

        Thank you so much for your nice message which stands out compared to the ones that, let’s just, say were not nice at all…
        This blog hurts more than many other blogs I have written combined all together, at the time when I wrote it I did not just want to say that ME doesn’t work because ANYTHING works 50% of the time more or less, even the rabbit foot or prayers.
        Somehow the emphasis of my post always goes to this point from people who are obviously personally invested in this ‘system’.
        Instead, the point I was trying to make, very unsuccessfully obviously, can be summed up by one of the sentences you wrote

        One person experiences life’s magic in one way, and someone else will experience it in another. Both are valid experiences.

        In My view the reason why we end up saying things like this is because of all the latest fads like positive thinking and ME, a lady sent me 10 posts to say ME did not work for me because ‘I am so negative’, because this is where we have ended up, to the place where pointing out that we have a physical problem on this planet that we need to address that does NOT in fact allow some to experience MAGIC at all but famine and desperation is The Problem, which seems to me a sign that we have become mentally unreliable and that pointing out a call to everyone to land back on earth so we can together address these problems and create magic for everyone, has become a negative stance and I have become a negative person.

        Fair enough but allow me to reiterate that we have a huge problem on Planet Earth and that I would personally like to see more people involved in the end result of our departures from this planet to sort out what we have done, to the planet and all life forms – then as I said before, when everyone will be fed, clothes, housed I will line up to fly dolphins with all of you again – the problem is not in the having fun, but in the deliberate forgetting that some can’t, never had, never will unless we work together to change this system to turn it into one that works for all and not just for some privileged spoiled few.

      • jules sharon says:

        I attended their sessions about 8- 9 years ago. I look back now and see what a fake it was. I saw no changes- i even paid for an expensive session with their top person and felt no difference in my health.I had another session with one of their top people and found out during that session that she followed and had the work around her of a very dangerous teacher and channeler. IF she does not know that his work was actually harmful then how could she know anything?

        Do they have any real healings? I did find the work of john douglas recently and find it to be the real thing and have felt major changes including my chiropractor telling me the healing from douglas started a 21 year old infection leaving my body. I look at Matrix and some other frauds as ways for me to learn now to see b.s right away. good for them for making money. But, i never saw any sense of any changes other then my bank account having less in it.

    • Alan k says:

      I’m just curious. If you can learn ME from the book I possess why would anyone attend the seminars?

      • egozzini says:

        There are many books out there Alan but we like to experience knowledge directly from the authors, this is why seminars for existing books are running all over the world, plus this promised to be a ‘hands on experience’ and it seemed an added value to just the theory.

    • Lady says:

      “I’ve finally been able to drop down into my heart space and emulate in a very small way, what they teach.” Your comment certainly did not come from your heart space, a place that is truly nothing but love.

      • egozzini says:

        If you had ‘a heart space’ at all, you would hear what I said.
        You would have read as well the comments I replied to for what it was, an attempt to demean me so what I said would not matter, hence the personal hints at me being an unfulfilled woman ‘in need of a good man’ (you a woman by the way, how does this work for you when men attempt to emotionally manipulate you that way? you consider it normal and acceptable it seems because you didn’t even notice).
        This world needs to work FOR ALL, 1 billion people go hungry on the planet every day, violence, wars, rape, injustice, those things we can’t turn away from to fly dolphins and they don’t have a solution to fix the world problems so it should not be taught as that or as positive thinking, as a way to turn the other way because ‘you can be happy just drop into the heart space’ – violated people, hungry people, people who watch their kids go to bed sick or starving every night don’t have the luxury of ‘a heart space’ to drop into, we need first to come together to address practical solutions for the world as ONE, not discrediting the system itself, not discrediting the guy who is even nice – questioning the road we are walking with ALL of these apparent ways to distract ourselves out of reality and ME as another way to manipulate the outcome in our favour while someone sucks the short sticks of this existence. When we say there is abundance for everyone, the world is infinite joy we just need to know how to harness it and blabla, we are obviously closing our eyes to the truth of the world OR accusing those born on the sad side of the money line that their misfortunes is Their fault – so now – again- what freaking heart space are we talking about – that we can dismiss in a heartbeat the suffering of so many to fly off with symbols and dolphins? One has to wonder.

    • Ralph Havens says:

      I agree with you Laurel. I find that whatever our buttons are there is usually Gold there. Gold as in the Core Beliefs that we’re running as a program and affecting the way we view the world and ourselves and how the world works out for us.

      So when I see so much emphasis placed on what someone charges, I look at myself and see what buttons are pushed in my in my relationship with money and my relationship in true abundance.

      I love the Matrix Energetics classes. I think I’ve attended over 25 classes since 2009 and I use it for myself, my family and with my clients with amazing real world results. That’s my reality.

      my question to Eggozinni is are you ok with someone else including Melissa or Richard living their life? There might be some gold there. I’m gonna take a look and see what shows up for me.

      Awesome article btw, sure helps us look at stuff.


      Ralph Havens

  4. dan says:

    the thing with Matrix Energetics is heart space
    as opposed to wanting desiring or going after anything, drop down place intent (what you would prefer, not ‘winning the lotto’ but a ‘nice change’ or ‘better relationship’ in other words a trend not an ‘end’ result)
    once you let that go
    notice what shows up.

    broken bones back problems and yes finances have been sorted with this and with ease 2.

    Never been to a seminar, just brought the first and second books

    • egozzini says:

      Hi Dan, what heart Space are we taking about within an Elitist “Healing” System that unless you have Money or an Education you can’t access? And as I said the point that when ‘it doesn’t work’ can be addressed with ‘know that a shift has happened’ brings it back to the same efficiency of any other Religious or non Religious belief, you have to believe it, so who is creating the shift, the system or the BeLiever? Is it Real or Imaginary? Is it just a switch into another of the Characters we play throughout our day or what has been healed exactly, what needs healing? Who are We?
      We have a world with a serious problem of resource distribution, we need to address the Physical and not fly off in the Mind to entertain ourselves with New BeLiefs, each one has to take their piece of responsibility for The Mess of This World, IF We are the Creator of this Reality, you are not really BeLieving you are the Creator of the Good and someone else ‘out there’ is creating the ‘bad’?
      As we exist within a polarity system, we need to step out of it altogether, anything/anyone that is pulling “energy” manifests in pulling resources in the Outward world in a finite limited physical reality which is showing us the effect of our greed, the effect of our separation and of not considering All as Equals and Having Equal Right to Life.
      Where is the ‘HEART” of people who eat everyday, have access to all resources and yet discount the Physical with all sorts of illusions while Life suffers, 22.000 kids die everyday of Starvation, so anyone that is talking about a ‘Heart Space’ and not standing for a Global solution as One is talking MONEY, because you need Money to feed yourself, to get clean water, a roof over your head, secure a Life (that it’s on sale at the moment) for your Children and many are just cut off from the Money System which has become The Life Resource of the Planet. Check it out, drop all your possessions and then tell me how relevant Matrix is in fixing your finances, it’s like the Vatican, they sell Hope for YOUR MONEY, because they got it, the Key is the MONEY otherwise they would have already ‘shifted’ the world into a better place, but they can’t, proof that the only thing that is affected is Your Mind, which was The Problem and Is The Problem as Consciousness IS NOT ALL that it’s cracked up to be, once you see and realize that polarity will have winner and losers and the more we insist on winning the more starve, isn’t it a coincidence that famine increased since the introduction of Law of Attraction? Educate yourself on the Non benevolent nature and Intent of Consciousness, we are Not benevolent Beings and since we do not have a Heart as it is shown to us in the Mirror Reflection of ourselves as Our World, what they are teaching is plain pure scam, they are just very very good entertainers, so consider what they sell and the price for it and who it is relevant to, then connect all the dots, I’m not implying deliberate malevolence, just a stupid belief system that is not impacting anyone substancially but themselves and their bank account.
      We need to address our Inner and Outer World for a lasting Change that will benefit All Equally, anyone who is not standing for a solution for Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All has an agenda that is personal and doesn’t include Your well being or the well being of those that suffer and so their work is just what it says, flying imaginary dolphins and making up stories to justify why some have the right to a good life and some obviously do not, as we leave them to die and struggle through our precious ‘Healing Heart space”.
      Time to wake up for All, the World is Our responsibility, check a solution that will impact All Equally and return dignity to All Life @ http://www.equalmoney.org and stand for a Life of Equals, the Heart Space must include All Equally or it is just another elaborate ‘MakeBelief”

      • Michelle says:

        You are what you choose to focus on. No malice implied but sent with love like I would like others to love and help me.

      • egozzini says:

        And here goes another example of disconnection. If you are starving you can focus yourself as much as you want on being fed and it ain’t happening. I hope for you you do not hold such beliefs for real because if you did then you would need to be concerned with your mental health. Please don’t misunderstand this as implying you are the only one who prefers fairies to confronting hunger and poverty in the world, many of us have been there until we saw it was required for everyone to take back a position of self responsibility in the world to bring about a change that would benefit all, and THIS would be the ultimate act of Love, the love you talk about is just an excuse and an invitation for others to join into Your delusion, Real Love would have a physical, practical application to sort out the suffering where is real vs leaving it all behind to fly off in mind created alternate realities.

      • Jim says:

        I don’t see what the problem is with someone charging money for an information product? Acupuncturists charge regardless of whether the patient ends up feeling better. Oncologists charge for chemotherapy even if the patient dies. Cello teachers never guarantee the student will end up sounding any good (and all of the above can cost way more than $600/yr). I do like your posts and have not paid a cent to ME but if I can get one little idea that helps me realize something that shaves 2 years off my meditation practice I think $600 would be worth it (for me). Still not a buyer yet though..

        I do wish the things that help mankind were free like clean water, protein, iPhones, computers, health care, self help books, but they’re not.

      • egozzini says:

        There is no problem with charging money in a system that lives off it, where life is determined by the amount of money you have at your disposal and where some don’t have enough money to ‘buy themselves a life’.
        However it is up to us to make the things that help humanity available to all for free, we support a Living Income Guaranteed because we should all stand to make Life a human Right and to make living not a struggle but build a system of support, then, once a Life is secured for All, those who enjoy flying off in their heads with dolphins and fairies can do so without preaching that ‘it’s all in the mind’ while they ask REAL PHYSICAL MONEY to get by, proving that in fact, it’s NOT.

  5. daz says:

    no just drop your awareness into your heart-
    then take 1 point where u are say pissed off mildly agrieved lost a job whatever you want.

    then find another point with your hand in space that makes the first more rigid.
    pretend that represents a change.

    then connect the 2 up with your intent (imagine a line connecting the 2)

    then let go as if you are dropping a brick in a pond.

    key is to let go of any need to change anything- the more connected you are to the problem the harder it is to let go. so you may want to pick things that bother u less.

    total outlay for this information 10 dollars for the book, and it works if you bother to get out of your own way.

    • egozzini says:

      Which part of what I wrote did you not get? Seems you are in a debate about the tecnique, then you have missed the point, it is not about the tecnique, anything that is being used as a diversion to fly off the Planet while we are having the current Physical Situation is questionable both within its intent and its results. If you are out to buy hope board these teachings, if you understood what is the point we are trying to highlight then get up and stand up for All Life One and Equal.
      teachings that do not provide a solution for What is best for All and to the current situation are not Teachings that should be taken into any consideration.
      We have a flooding of useless teachings, from Chopra, to Neil Donald Walsh, to Esther Hicks, The Secret, aren’t you seeing that the World is NOT getting better, that this Quantum Field is a Finite Space in which everyone is pulling out something for themselves living some with nothing out there to die in sickness, famine and desolation? So if you are dropping into an imaginary heart Space, where the ‘Idea’ is there’s plenty of LOVE, you are joining a mass delusion, as Love on a planet with 22.000 children starving daily to death is a delusion of Con-sciousness, you have been conned and if you insist you are just conning yourself, the only place you are dropping into is a Unicorn barn, Matrix won’t give you 100% results, just like prayers or the rabbit foot, but it has the same amount of lies to back up the WHY there is NO consistency in the system. Yet it will give the Authors 100% results for each FOOL that FOOL FILLS their sales quota. WAKE UP, in a world of Profit where Money is God there cannot be real ‘good intentions’ to turn Humans into self supportive Being that do not need external props, because the Teachers are the Props Owners and Seller and won’t ever let you off the Hook. You got one book? There will be another coming. I went to 5 classes up to ‘Wizard’ Level, BUT there are New Ones, New info are being ‘downloaded ‘ as we speak, prompted by their Bank Account that has sent a reminder for a top up.
      True benevolence must include ALL, must have plans for the Good of All, if it doesn’t it’s just a business at its best and when not, just a plain scam, you are the one powering it, just like the Money System. And regarding being bothered, WHY are YOU NOT bothered about the State of this World, this is our Home, we are a family, you can afford to buy a 10 dollar book while some on the planet can’t eat, WHY have YOU normalized inside yourself the State of the World, because it’s NOT Normal, if it was Your Children that could not eat you would want some help, assistance, some physical LOVE as support, some REAL Heart Space that could NOT conceive that some parents have to watch their children go to bed hungry every night and can’t do anything about it just because we insist in supporting a system of Inequality within which some get to fly imaginary dolphins and waves and define that a heart job? Why don’t YOU get OUT of Your Own Way to stand as Oneness and Equality for ALL?
      Stop the bullshit with Equal Money to Give as YOU would like to receive for a Dignified Equal Life for All.

  6. daz says:

    you can’t compare matrix to reiki or useless rubbish that requires money and total faith.

    there are no cons , donations, or initiations.

    what part of I have only spent 10 bucks did you not read?
    on the book. Lots of people don’t attend the seminars, thousands do and many more thousands just go on the forum and get the benefits.

    • egozzini says:

      Yes, they took it a step further, no Faith is required as long as You believe that a Shift always Happens Even when you do not see it, I would take my Hat Off to such a con because it’s pure genius, even the Catholics didn’t come up with that One and they had centuries to practice. What part of 1 billion starving and 2.5 bil that do not have access to sanitation did you not get? Suggesting they go to the closest internet cafe in their war and famine ridden areas and order their own ‘cheap’ copy? Or can we define it as an Elitist System since not everyone can access it? So the problems with this World need to be addressed, I didn’t just read the book, I went there 3 times, the initiation is when you get in the first time, I did up to Level 3 that was the TOP you could do, now there are other levels, the course changes as ‘new information are trickling down from the Ethers’, yet none of this info states that we should stand up to bring about a change that will benefit All Equally. The New levels are meant to keep people in the system, any system that doesn’t tell you that YOU are the One creating the Problem but have to rely on something bigger outside of You to Sort yourself or others out, is faulty and spreads lies. I could not shift anything within myself, when I landed back from the delusion I had to walk a physical correction of my relationship with my mother and the addiction to Pot I had with the tools I learnt from Desteni, which worked, were offered for FREE and only required my consistent application, throwing dolphins and collapsing waves didn’t work out AT ALL, so if the claim is that it is a system it must work ALL THE TIME, that is what system do, check out the Money System it has a constant consistent behavior in not giving a fuck about you or anyone else, it never fails because it is a System. And this is why we need a System Change as an Equal Money System.

      The system you are defending doesn’t work, it is a fact, unless you spread the bullshit that when the system did not work it DID work, just at another invisible level, which brings back the rabbit foot, oh no wait, those of the rabbit foot never made such claims, guess they couldn’t come up with it, hence why Matrix Energetics is both Genius as a Con and Total Useless Bullshit.


  7. larushka says:

    If you have such a problem with people making wealth and not distributing it, which reading between the lines of your long rants seems to be at the base of everything you say, then whey not just go after our government, movie stars, rock stars, business heads and bankers and Dr. Pearl (the REAL charlatan in this business) before you start bashing an independent person who’s worked out how to make a living and benefit a lot of others at the same time. Or maybe you’re just plain jealous you didn’t think of the idea first, which again, reading your replies, seems to be the REAL problem. Nobody put a GUN to your back/head and told you to take all the levels (which are now offered for FREE to people who can’t afford it – READ YOUR FACTS FIRST). Why on earth would you carry on with something if it isn’t working? If you put your head in the oven and don’t kill yourself the first time, do you keep trying?

    • egozzini says:

      Laurel. there is no need to read between the lines what I wrote clearly on the lines, which is that ANY and ALL of the para Spiritual Solutions portrayed regarding the afflictions of this world are a scam. Period.
      If you are afraid that we are picking and choosing the points we are exposing you did not get the facts right, we are exposing ALL OF IT, including Politics and Religions that are much bigger than the One you are standing up for.
      You can download our Free book here , everyone who is selling Hopes for Money is a profiteer and a Charlatan, some more entertaining and witty than others. I have absolutely NOTHING personal against Dr. Bartlett who I found to be pleasant and amusing, nevertheless the point is that we have a grave situation of Inequality that needs our attention HERE on Planet Earth.
      I have gone to the course by my own choice and had no benefit from it AT ALL, plus it cost me plenty money since I had to fly from another continent to America twice, as the information was proprietary at the time and no one else was authorized to teach it in Europe, so I don’t see why I cannot share my experience I Paid for as being a scam ? I went to all the levels because like everyone else I wanted to believe in the nice ‘Matrix’ Dr. Bartlett was talking about, because, like everyone else, like you, I did not want to wake up to the truth of this World, where if you don’t have money YOU DIE, get your facts straight, because LIFE is ON SALE at the moment and those that can see this have a responsibility to speak up until everyone sees that ‘Houston we have a fucking problem HERE’ and on our collective landing we can address the problem of Earth.
      As far as jealousy goes, no, I have enough or I would not be writing on a computer from the comfort of my home, 1/7 of the population cannot eat, as said, which you must have missed out on or you wouldn’t go on a crusade -hopefully- to defend a system of abuse, 2.5 billions have no access to sanitation, so what we are saying is STOP ALL BULLSHIT, a return back to Earth is required by All of Us to fix this mess, we are all with our heads in the oven, some like you have it in the sand so they won’t notice the oven as the Money System, that we are now using to abuse and to separate from each other by imaginary ‘birth rights’, is taking lives as we write as we put it on a pedestal to decide who lives and who dies, but no one is exempt from the responsibility of this mess, we are allowing and accepting on earth, every 4 seconds a child dies as we fly dolphins and collapse waves. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE, STOP preaching the goodness of Humanity, this World is the living Truth of WHO WE are and what we have become, you can go on with your delusion or WAKE UP, because the World is NOT going to change without an intervention and We are the Ones having to intervene, we won’t be saved, the psycopathic nature of Humanity is on display, it will get closer to home until everyone gets it, that no one is exempt and that it is everyone’s responsibility to move for Change to create a World that will benefit All Equally. Life is HERE, and it’s suffering, from nature to animals to people, where are WE? Educate yourself about Equal Money, ironically we are fighting to uphold a system that beats 99% of the world into economic slavery instead of standing up for a solution, will you be part of the Solution or part of the Problem? You decide.

  8. […] Roca shared a link. 2012: How I gave up Matrix Energetics to Stand up for Life eleonoragozzini.wordpress.com I was living on a tropical Island when I started to understand that […]

  9. rob says:

    Lighten up. Matrix is usefull and a darn sight easier than most methods. I think this lady should take a step back and start taking herself less seriously.

    • egozzini says:

      Matrix Energetics is a make belief system based on the idea that the world is Energy and that you can modify The Physical with it, which we have proved is NOT the case or we would have longed ago solved the problem of 30000 kids starving to death everyday just by thinking positive thoughts or a banquet for them, or all the other atrocities that are going on everyday as we make every effort to look away. ME is Not a Solution for the problems we are facing in the World.
      We are all landing back to Earth, take a step INTO this world instead of stepping back, this world is your responsibility as it is of each one of us, Equally, and it sucks for most, try getting Real to realize what we are saying as a group.

      • Michelle says:

        Everything is a belief system – everything, so u might as well believe in something that is useful and fun.

      • egozzini says:

        No Michelle, a belief is something you have to believe in, then there is reality. You don’t have to believe in slavery because it exists, or that in Sierra Leon and many other exploited places children born there have less than 70% chances to make it past 4 years of age or that 1 billion people are starving, those points require no belief because they are REAL. So, what about joining us in THIS Real Reality to sort it out instead?

  10. Something Carolynn Myss said has always been my yardstick for measuring power. Real power is quiet and simple and she used the example of Jesus in the manager. The two methods mentioned above are neither simple or understated. Of course, as you’ve discovered, you can never convince someone of the truth that they do not want to know.

  11. Darlene says:

    egozzini, you sound like a very bitter woman…..

    • egozzini says:

      A Matrix energetics follower? Too bad. When you land back into this One World we all share you will see that you have just been investing in a delusion and that this world, unfortunately won’t go away just because you are not looking or not considering it, so read the other replies if you are desiring to face the truth of the world or hop back on the Unicorn until the rides will end for All.
      This world is Not Sustainable, it’s unjust, it’s Immoral, just because you have access to food and water and you are happy about it doesn’t grant you the right to call others who are talking about the Reality of the World ‘bitter’ to pacify yourself in your Quest for everything you can get, no Matter What.
      This World is bitter for almost 2.5 billion people, we need a System change, not a Mind Delusion Change, and for that we need everyone to land back here, do it at your leisure or forced by how things will turn for everyone so that the system problem can be driven home, it’s just a matter of time.

  12. Moo says:

    so when u get an illness doctors cant fix, ur just going to ignore all the miracles youve witnessed with quantum healing?

    that makes sense

    How can it be mind delusion when the results are quantifiable, and measurable?
    Thats the scientific method you know 🙂
    Joseph Pierce Farrell us one genius i am referring to…

    • egozzini says:

      Sorry to find another lost in the Quantum Soup. Please understand, Matrix says that when nothing happen, you must know a shift HAS Happened at some invisible other dimensional level. Is this quantifiable, measurable? Does your doctor tell you if you have cancer that whatever is doing for you please know it’s working ‘at some level’?
      It is tragic that to embrace all this New Age/Philosophy belief systems people have to leave their common sense at the doorstep. It became way worse since concepts of Quantum Mechanics were introduced to the feeble minds of Humanity that used them the same way they used the Bible or the Gospel, by picking and choosing what works for you, what do you understand about The Quantum Field REALLY? People can’t even take a hint from the name, it’s a field, it’s Finite and the rug is too short to cover everyone, whatever stories you tell yourself they don’t change Reality, have a reality check, land on planet Earth, see what’s going on, then if you insist flying dolphins and collapsing waves you’ll know in the back of your mind you are just making it all up and that’s a start.

  13. Moo says:

    uncle with a disintegrating shoulder, cancer.
    given a year.

    4 years ago.
    not completely better but u know what difference does it make when hes still with us?.

    • egozzini says:

      Yes, that would be a great statistic, your uncle. It did not work for me, or for many of the people I met there, who were just busy playing the Emperor’s New Clothes game with each other ‘can you feel it, did you feel the shift, something DID happen’… we want to believe that, who wants to admit to have been dumb paying that kind of money just for a show, albeit very entertaining? I solved NONE of my problems, I had to walk myself as the solution in REAL Life for each one of them, from back pain to addiction to poor relationships without the help of dolphins and collapsing waves.
      ME results are just the same as prayer and the rabbit foot and basically anything else in the world, you have 50% chances of things turning one way or another, crediting Matrix for what happened to your Uncle who may have solved some conflicts that were the Real cause of his problems – like Dr. Hamer of the New German Medicine sustains about All Cancers -and He has a result of 99% Cancer Healing Certified Cases- for which he went to jail too as ALL so far who are threading on real solutions that threaten the system and consumerism that sells you the right drug for whatever you have. This could be another point to prove how much Matrix is ineffective and just plain bulls not even remotely threatening to the System, they are all still around enjoying the Money they make blowing air bubbles into people’s heads just like any other system, including the religious ones.
      Wake Up.

      • Geoffrey Casey says:

        eggozini, it cured my chronic back pain. No, I did not attend a seminar; Instead, an ME practitioner spent 20 minutes at a psychic fair, at $1/minute. That solved the issues with my back, and generated my interest. I got the ME book and 6 CD course, both for less than $60 on Amazon. It works for me. You, I think are just another dissatisfied female, probably a Hillary supporter, and cannot find men who will love you. So you reached out to women and that disappoints too. You are part of an increasing number of women who broke away from traditional family values. I hope you can find happiness, and can overcome your obvious addiction issues.

      • egozzini says:

        I wonder why everyone who has replied to this post and is an ME supporter is so nasty.
        Maybe it proves the point I was trying to make, it’s not the system that is questionable, nor the ability to heal on a 50% chance, it’s the fact that it doesn’t show people how they created what they have and why.
        Look at how judgemental your reply to me is and you don’t even know me, probably you can do way better in a close circle, maybe that was what was ailing in your back – YOU.
        So, please, all of you who are just making this post about a Money issue or about finding ways where you can demean me in your mind so you don’t have to hear what I said, I am all for any healing system that can decrease people’s suffering, although some asshole may be deprived of their own chance to just stop what they are doing and change.
        I understand as well that we need money to live, so much so that I would like a world where everyone is supported, from birth to death, in every possible way to reach their best potential.
        Now, if we look at your case, they took away your backache, and left you an asshole without a backache.
        Tell me if it really worked for you and while you are at it, tell me what’s wrong with saying that we should land back to earth together to fix all the problems we have and not encourage people to think that flying dolphins and numbers ARE THE SOLUTION, they are not, we have way bigger issues to address, maybe time we get on to doing just that.
        Thank you for being the perfect example of what I tried to explain – now 4 years ago – and for giving me an opportunity to reiterate the point with new, fresher words.

  14. Mikhor says:

    Support Others, Get Monthly Commissions.

    How does this work?
    Everyone joining Desteni I Process is assigned a Recruiter and a Buddy. In the first year of the course this is usually one person standing in both of these roles for a new student.
    Standing in the role of a Recruiter and/or a Buddy to someone qualifies you to receive a percentage from each course fee your recruit pays. The detailed amounts are below.
    To be able to recruit and stand in a position of a Recruiter or a Buddy you need to sign up as an Agent, complete your lesson assignments on time and pay your course fee on time.
    The important part is to motivate people and present yourself as an example of definite change through blogging and vlogging on the internet. In this way you motivate people to join DIP and select you as their Recruiter.

    • egozzini says:

      Very very poor research on your part. I am not a recruiter, I have no affiliates or aspirations to do so. We just started a FREE program called DIPLite and volunteer time to both research and support people on Forums. You just showed the nature of humans, which is retaliation and the ‘hope’ to harm others, if you are a Matrix supporter I hope this will open your eyes to the nature of You and as such the nature of the role you play within this system and may see the light that we all need to change ourselves first, because this system is the sum of all its parts and what a part you are choosing to play. As I have stated before I have nothing personally against Matrix Energetics, we are taking down ALL delusions, each one of us talks about the distractions we used to Not be responsible for this planet and Humanity as a whole, so we may land back to Earth and get busy with what OBVIOUSLY needs to be done. Change for FREE is available both on the Forums, through Journey to Life on Facebook or DIP Lite where you’ll be assisted by a buddy for support to dig out the Evil we have become. And while you are at it, check out Equal Money, support a system where no one will ever be dependent on the Charity of Another as we grant to each one Life on the planet we Equally Share.

      • daniel says:

        ‘I have nothing personally against matrix energetics’ – yeah sure.

      • egozzini says:

        I can only comment on what I tried, I have tried Matrix Energetics and it didn’t work, I have tried Law of Attraction and it did not work, you can read my blogs about Abraham Hicks, so you can support yourself to get off from the persecution delusion. Wake Up

  15. egozzini says:

    Guess you would rather get a private reply since you are a private person who posts his rants anonymously. I didn’t know Desteni before ME, I wouldn’t have fallen for it if I had, because once I met Desteni, for as unpleasant as the message was, it made sense that we should be self responsible beings on this planet, not having done so led to this world, quite a fuck up creation you may have noticed, even if you have recently had an ‘angelic encounter’? Many didn’t, 30000 kids die needlessly each day while we entertain ourselves, 47 million people still live in slavery, 2.5 billion people don’t have access to sanitation, they are the outflow of the First World and our joy of pulling the blanket of polarity until some where left with nothing, and no, most of your ASS-umptions are just that, ass based. I don’t support Fair trade, because we don’t live in a fair system, hence Fair Trade is just another dolphin out there, so we get to feel good about our choices, it’s the new inbuilt guilt deleting tool of Consumerism, it now comes with the products we buy, and nobody at Desteni is out to judge anyone else, we are exposing systemic crap and beliefs, personally we have realized we are all equally fucked as we cruise through life playing Characters, like the wise guy you have just played in your reply. We are all insane, one degree away from Multiple personality diagnoses, we are just better at it than the diagnosed ones, we are more deft, faster, more deceiving at switching clothes and the parts we play, such as the balls we show when we post anonymously for example, they usually don’t match our “Real Life balls”, another reason why we use our real Names, we stand accountable for what we say, we like that, would that be a good place to start for you? So, whatever is your point for judging what I wrote from my experience, you have a self interest motive, face it, either you like to hold on to this crap, because you invested in it time and money, or you work for ME. Nothing you wrote is to realize that we have a situation here on this planet for which we are all equally responsible, specifically the ones who spread bullshit that keeps the Mind of Humans needlessly, hope-fully busy, instead of allowing the tragic landing we are all about to face, get this, NO exception, if you don’t realize it now, you will when ME will fail you in a time of need, Energy is no match for Life, this planet is alive and gearing up to rid itself of the parasites we have become. If you had not been away from the planet for so long, you would have realized we are living in a rigged Monopoly game, where some have gained access to Vital Earth resources and put a price on it. We are stuck inside a criminal system that we let flourish while we looked the other side, that is abusing Life pushing everyone to consume what we can no longer afford to produce, we are pushing for infinite growth on a planet of finite resources, which goes back to the point of insanity, we are either that or just plain assholes, wanting to cling on the imaginary lives that work for us instead of granting the Right to Life to everyone Equally. AND we talk about being One, ding ding, time to wake up….. At Desteni we walk a process of self correction, to undo the energetic personalities we created so we can get Real and step out of our preprogrammed self interest, we understand that a fauty system is the sum of its parts, so we take responsibility as a part of the system to realign to what is Best for All, that includes me and You and All, so for example, I invest the time to write to you to give you an opportunity to open your eyes and see what is real, when I approached the Forums the first time I was supported to move beyond my fears for the message of self responsibility they spread, I would have never wanted to be responsible for such a creation, it’s horrific, we have not just been Dumb Creators, we took the idea of LIVE and turned it upside down right into EVIL, just look around, when you will develop the self honesty to own up to what you know is true, that you can’t trust anybody because they are just as manipulative and fake as you are, you will see your need to Change. So, to recap, go for a hike, if you can hike back IN it would be grand, you are out there, somewhere in Lalaland, and when you want to stand up to make your nilly willy based on nothing assumptions, put a name on them, own your poison, so you can’t delude yourself about ‘the goodness of your intention’ or about ‘who you are’ when you take off your Voodoo cloak and step back into your Clark Kent clothes, try reality for a fit, the beauty of it is it’s not subjective, it’s Here for everyone to see it and face the music, for that it is required that everyone stops playing their own stringed mandolines in their heads, this is why we write, for support, to support everyone to come back to this world, where we can design together a solution that works for all, because the truth is noone has ever left this Correction Facility, a place where we made everything dense, denser than we are, to see if we could finally see what we were doing to each other through our Quantic Field that connects us all, to see if we can stop our lives of Self Interest and realign as One for the good of All. Noone is leaving the building until we clean up the mess we created, and no one has done so yet, they just move up and down floors of the elevators called Energetic Die-mens-ions, yet Here they are, no matter what they claim and sell to others.

  16. practicalmagic says:

    you may be right about Richard and thats why I started to read this in the first place, but your argument and critisism to the posters loses me there anger and negative energy flying off this page from you. What have you done to help humanity its not all as bad as you see it, we are all working towards that.It may not be going as fast as we would like it too but we are all shifting and that too shall be adressed soon even by our leaders.

    • egozzini says:

      Shift happen only in the physical, check out how much the world has shifted since you all have been playing with the field. I am not angry, I am a realist, try out reality and see how does it work for you, ask yourself if you could switch places with children being raped or sold into slavery or would you like to starve to death? What would be Your Choice or is it better to throw make belief dolphins? Or are you just able to hold on to your BeLiefs because you have Money in your pocket to buy your delusions? Get self honest about this world that is not so bad, when you do and you are serious about Change, real Change, not the picture change you paint for each other with fake Love and Light so you don’t have to face what is here that you call negative and bad just because you were born into the privilege of not have to live it, then you’ll be looking for real Physical solutions like we did. Love is to give to all what we want for ourselves, the rest is a mockery called ‘positive feeling’ a privilege something don’t have access to because some are too busy flying on Unicorns vs standing for Change for All. Wake Up.

  17. practicalmagic says:

    The world has shifted alot despite all that still needs to change.Why do you judge me I am a realist too I am also spiritual I do not have my head in the clouds but my feet firmly planted in this reality, you dont know me and what I have gone through and how deeply I have been touched, blessed and moved by spirit by staying in my integrity. I am grateful for all that I have. I do not need anyone to find answers for me because despite all the pain and hardships I know that within, true strength of spirit has helped me through and many are finding this also. When I was angry I was in resistant when I let go and accepted the answers and solutions came. I have come a long way seen alot of suffering, death and loss but the only time things got better was in the letting go opening my heart and being possitive then things shifted. The thing is when I read your words I feel so much anger almost bitterness maybe and even bashing. I wanted to see what richard is about I am curious that is why I read your post. But you invalidate your point because you come across in that way. I am sorry you feel angry at him and even me and my post but like I said I dont have alot of money and i give where I can, the gifts I have were with me in spirit since I was a child and thats how I made it thus far, throught the heart is what I taught my children. I see alot of good in the world coming through despite the bad. People are opening up coming out the box getting off the fence, look at all the disasters and see how people help each other, change your perception and you will see we are shifting because we all want to and it is time.

    • egozzini says:

      Look Practical Magic, ‘practical magic’ how do you even put these 2 words in the same sentence and then state you have your feet firmly grounded in reality? You are not Here, you have embraced Spirit, an invisible, intangible, insubstantial belief that has changed nothing through eons of time, please do look around and have a reality check, do not believe me, reality is here for this purpose specifically, in fact it is amazing how we miss out on it, it takes things like ME and beliefs in Angels and Fairies to make it possible. And yet, for one that believes in the Good and misses out on the extensive injustice that would be of Angels coming helping you finding a parking slot or other menial requests, while a child is sold into slavery or a woman is raped every 15 seconds -must have deserved it or focused on the bad/ the negative, ah, and so possibly did the child, must have focused on no food, on being forced to work in a sweatshop to build goods for the First world – with No spiritual help, would be hard to explain, can you even try? Nope, because to do the Love&Light you must renounce reason and common sense, it’s a basic requirement, you replace it with Faith and Hope and then Trust that everything will be fine, which covers the point of Your responsibility for this world, which you, quite conveniently wouldn’t you say, abdicated happily to ‘Spirit’. I don’t care how I come across to you, that’s is Your Judgement, I am not angry at all with Richard, best entertainer I have seen live in a long time, you are deliberately missing out on the point we are trying to make, but please as I said, do not believe me, go and do some of your Practical Magic, try feeding the world with that, unless you see a purpose to 30000 kids starving to death every day that fits into the opinion you have married about the benevolence of this creation. And when your Practical Magic will fail you and you will be faced with the reality that a solution to a physical world will have to be implemented physically by the coming together of all of us in the Physical, and not in the bubble in your head where you are the only one benefiting, you’ll be able to hear what we are saying as a Solution and not as the Problem you perceive now that is making waves through your belief systems and making you uncomfortable and angry, to then desire to project that anger on me. I am just a messenger, take responsibility for how you experience yourself because reality is here to stay and your Fairytales on the Benevolence of it all won’t survive the test of Time.

  18. practicalmagic says:

    I am sorry you feel that way. Practicalmagic is realizing that beiing able to serve a meal to my hungry children that the earth was rich in providing us with that and the water and the sun that grew this food all is practicalmagic. It is also hope. Like I said you dont know me to judge me and what I have endured. I know we have a spirit have you ever felt a life leave a body, I have and after that there was no denying we have a spirit. Life growing up was incredibly challenging and harsh a reality but my soul kept me grounded and connected that the the physical could not hurt my soul only I could allow that.Keeping in touch with my inner knowlegde my heart my spirit kept me from being angry kept me strong and seen many people tranform as a result of mantaining intengrity ans forgiveness.Yes I can imagine trading places with those you mentioned in slavery and rape and starvation, I have done it many time because I know what suffering feels like.

    • egozzini says:

      You really need to become Self Honest before we can have a Real Conversation. You can imagine trading places but would you like it? Then why don’t we stand up for a system Change that will benefit All Equally, the ones going through the Suffering don’t like it either, you must have a Hell of an explanation for what is going on in this world and why some deserve what you yourself wouldn’t want to live. Just because you moved on from your own suffering -through opportunities given to you by the birth lottery shall we add, were you born in Rwanda 15 years ago you’d still be living on the streets or maybe as a prostitute to get by or shooting heroin like the Afghanistan children to curb the pangs of hunger- so just because you beLieve your change for the better was made possible by “Spirit” it doesn’t make it true nor it means everyone based in this reality can, the ones born in war thorn countries or in countries where people are so poor they don’t have access to water and electricity, never mind an education, will not make it. This world is not only made by Your Children, over 20 million children live in slavery, where is Their Spirit? Are the angels busy with the Love and Lighters to be able to attend to real Suffering? As I said, we can’t have a real conversation until you get Real, for now you are making Propaganda of your belief system as a justification to why your standing up is not required, you live on this planet, like it or not you are equally responsible as all of us, you are not granted immunity by your belief that Spirit will take care of it, in Spite of the evidence that This is Not Happening. So, please consider a Reality Check first and stop aggravating the delusion situation by adding your own, this post was to expose why we are not tackling the Real Problems of this world, showing just one point, you gave a nice example of Your own Mind delusions and excuses, now either you get real or you have nothing of value to add to this but the same music that ME is playing for a heftier price than your Free posts. Wake Up.

  19. practicalmagic says:

    I am real I am not making propaganda from a belief system you are a assuming I even have one. I am going on my experience not one that was even fed to me. I never said anyone deserved anything. I have helped in many ways that I can as a result of compassion and totally willing to do more. What is that you want? I am not your enemy here. Dont tell me to have a reality check , who do you think you are you are awfully cruel it is one thing to have a harsh opinion of humanity and the world but your through your miscomseptions at me about me and you dont even know me . Tell me what is it yoour trying to acomplish here and are you able to live up to that yourself are you venting or trying to make a differnce.

  20. practicalmagic says:

    I am sorry but get off your own butt and do something then

  21. practicalmagic says:

    If you want people to listen to you then you need to look at your aproach is all I was trying to say because I was willing initially

  22. practicalmagic says:

    Birth loterry we all have it its self awareness and mantaining it

  23. egozzini says:

    I have no opinions about you, you are writing words, I am replying to what you write, your beliefs are in your words, unless you are just writing for the heck of it, so my question is what you asked, what are YOU trying to accomplish here? Don’t blame on me your decision to not even investigate a solution, we are doing something, we are telling people like you to wake up look at reality and stand in self responsibility for the World as One. We are rewriting the whole system, so to use your own words, when you are tired to blame others for not doing anything or to claim that Spirit is in charge, get off yours, go to the Equal Money website, there are Forums outlining the solution, you can participate, spread the news, help people become aware, take responsibility for your approach since you were the one posting here your accusations, so as I said, get self honest, see who you really are and when you are satisfied that as a piece of the whole you are not a brick for life but a brick with no substance lost in blabberland you can move to change yourself, as all pieces will have to realign to what is best for all and no matter the ‘nice’ words you have strung together to show that ‘you care’ you don’t yet, or you wouldn’t have found so many excuses to justify why you are entitled to a life of dignity and 1/3 of the world is not. Get real, Birth lottery means your life is as good as the place you were born in, telling yourself otherwise shows you have not landed yet and if you were willing, as you said, it meant you would have seen the problem, FOR REAL and if you did, nothing I said would have moved you to not stand, unless you were looking for another excuse to not do so AND get to feel self righteous and good about it.

  24. Janet Holmes says:

    I appreciate your sharing Desteni and have started the Lite course. It looks quite promising. However, I agree with many of the other ME attendees/ practitioners here when they write there is a lot of negativity and opinion in your writing (I’m not sure your user name is healthy for you). Sadly, there is tremendous suffering and cruelty in the world, and I believe it is up to me to learn as much as I can about myself so that I will become part of the solution. When I woke up about 7 years ago by confronting September 11, 2001 I also became committed to learning as much as I could about the “real” world. For some time I did wish that Richard had gone into that a bit more. But a few years later, after I’d learned a whole lot more, I realized that focusing on how bad “reality” is can be a trap/escape, too, and a long-time activist advised me to keep focusing on my own growth, my family, my friends and neighbors and, if possible, the things I can do to enhance that environment.

    It’s too bad ME didn’t work for you. It did work for me and others I know, and I have used it for years now working on people (for free, and many of them had late-stage illnesses such as cancer and ALS) with enough positive results that I keep on using it. I can only speak/write about my own experiences and observations, and while no energy healing method has worked 100% of the time, ME has turned out to be one of the more valuable tools I have found. Thanks again for the Desteni link.

    • egozzini says:

      Thanks Janet for your share, I have enjoyed reading about your experience with ME.
      I have nothing personal against it, we are just taking on all ‘spiritual’ and energetic beliefs to show they can’t be a solution for a World Change and since this world isn’t working, we have to refocus our efforts on practical physically quantifiable solutions.
      On an interesting note, when I went to the San Francisco class, there was a distressed gentleman who worried about the point of pulling and pushing energy through the Quantic field, he said he did not want to do it because he was not sure if what we were attempting was ‘taking from other sides of the field’.
      At the time I was deafened by ideas about positivity and to never engage ‘negativity’ -which was interesting in your comment, perceiving ‘reality’ as negative and as such as something that we preferably should not mingle too much with, and yet here it is in our face- and it just seemed to me that we should not worry about it and yet, if the Quantic field is as it says ‘a field’ it is limited by it’s very nature – not infinite as we like to claim- and interconnected, what says that the good outcome we pull out of it for someone, doesn’t collapse the wave into it’s opposite ‘negative’ for someone else? So as you see, this proves we just don’t care and we push out of our awareness anything that stands in the way of the outcome we want, no matter what has got to give for us to obtain it – just the same as we do with the monetary system and the rest of the world systems, until they work for us they are FINE while 3 billion people are NOT experiencing this and yet we claim Oneness – how do we do that? Cognitive dissonance?

  25. Lotusflower says:

    I feel the way you do about how important it is to not turn away, to be compassionate to others’ sufferings. Where privately can I write you my experience of m.e.?

    • egozzini says:

      Send a comment to me S., it will come on my email and not be published, then if you want to know who we are and why we are standing to not close our eyes to suffering to embrace the ‘Love and Light’ construct you can join the Desteni Forum or come on Facebook to read our Journey to Life blogs in the Journey to Life Open group and see how we are taking responsibility for how we have existed so far so we can change and change this world with/as us to a place that is Best for All.

      • myass says:

        You are a total whore! everyone will know it by seeing that you posted that person’s “email” to you even though you said you wouldn’t. I’m happy that you are with those fucking Desdeni – you deserve them! Idiot!

      • egozzini says:

        Before you ASS-ume things you could have asked? Messages are posted automatically when they have been approved once, I just checked, so sorry to the lady that posted to me to whom I have replied in private email, have now deleted her message, possibly only you saw it but since you are a DumbAss -your handle right- it doesn’t Matter, specifically because you imply to have her interest at heart (REALLY??). I will post your message too though because you must be one of the ME disceples and it’s nice to see your TRUE colors coming out. So much for the Love and Light, MyAss.

      • Laurel says:

        Nope I saw it too, and so did everyone else who follows your blog. You succeeded in sharing extremely private information for all the world to see. It came to me in an email and I read every word until I realized it was supposed to be private. So much for all your holier-than-thou claims about how you’re so much better than the ME people. Having read that email (before I knew it was private) that poor lady had so many problems going on, I can’t imagine any one modality being able to help her. What a pity she found you – she needs professional help, not some wordpress blogger. And I honestly don’t care if you make this public… in fact I hope you do so that she can see you shared her extremely personal information with the entire internet.

      • egozzini says:

        Ah yes Laurel, you are back. Funny how vultures always fly hoping to find reasons to validate their position before attacking. I want to publish your message, why not? Where are the holier then thou claims Laurel? In your mind? Bit paranoid? I just said that we all need to change, that must include me and you, so if you read what the lady shared it was a cornucopia of bullshit practitioners, yes? I am not a practitioner or a healer or claiming to be one, I wrote a piece that obviously interests many who cared to comment about how sweet it is for them, who must have vested a personal interest in ME and hence, want to defend it. How else can they justify the money and time (=money) they poured into just another way to find reasons to not take responsibility for this world. So, as far as the lady you mentioned is concerned I wrote to apologize and told her what happened and removed her message. That not good enough for you just because you read her email before you knew it was personal? Didn’t she say so in the message itself? Oops you must have skipped that part because you wanted to read it, so get self honest about your motivation for posting on this thread and when you will face the point that is only your self interest motivating you, you may find that you are just like the world that needs changing, where ME stands not just for Matrix Energetics, but MEMEME vs WE, vs sparing some time to consider those who don’t have the luck to indulge in Mind delusions because they struggle in the one physical reality we all share, so get a grip, get real and walk yourself into the kind of human being this world should be made of and not the self interested clever than thou that you believe to be by using a miss-step of another to prove that you have the right to uphold your BeLiefs in the face and to the detriment of the world we live in, which unfortunately is NOT a Belief system but REAL, and Equal for All to check out (heard of Reality Check? They imply checking REALITY if you had not noticed) when we get off the cloud of Love and Light to address the problems we face as a faulty, horrific system of Abuse.

  26. w.g. says:

    Is the Desteni organisation helping the world in humanitarian efforts?

    • egozzini says:

      Desteni is a group of people from all over the world who self realized the need for a change that begins with each one of us, the tools to do so and realign to oneness and equality are published for free online.
      As far as helping the world we have 2 programs, one is called The Equal Life Foundation, which is taking care to rewrite the Bill of the Rights we never had, starting with the Right to be Alive, which at the moment for those who failed to notice due to their privileged position and Love and Light ‘humanitarian efforts’, is tied into a Money system where everyone who is lucky is a wage slave while the others have to DIE. The Equal Life Foundation will in time merge into the political arena for change that is not delusional charity based, promoting inequality and the acceptance that some are just ‘poor’, but pushing for a systemic change that will alter the way we live in every way. Au par with the Equal Life foundation there is an ongoing project called Equal Money, the website is online and everyone is welcome and encouraged to vote on the principles of what Life should be for ALL and not just for some, participation is welcome to fine tune every aspect of the system that is being considered for change.
      Surely you did not mean ‘humanitarian efforts’ like going to war thorn zone and feeding the people as that would be just the sanctioning of the way this horrific system works, condoning war and just putting a band aid here and there so that we may sleep peacefully while some are left to live lives we would not wish upon ourselves. So, get informed, get involved and stand for the Life of All as you would like others to stand up for you if you were born on the wrong side of this system of abuse.

  27. w.g. says:

    Are these Desteni groups provide food or water (humanitarian efforts) for poverty stricken areas?

    But not for war torn areas because that would be supporting war? (which I don’t get how helping refugees would be supporting war)

    • egozzini says:

      Yes, you don’t get why a system change would be appropriate either, so that wars would not be an option anymore for anyone, unless you insist on seeing the effort of ‘going and helping out some’ as more valuable and worthy than wanting to sort it all out for everyone, including you. There should be NO refugees or hungry people or famine or poverty, our charitable activities are a slap in the face of those that suffer so that we get top feel good about ourselves because we proved it again and again, addressing consequences vs the cause of it all is dumb, inefective and ultimately just the way we found to shut up the nagging voices that remind us that a change is required for all and that it must start with each one of us.

  28. w.g. says:

    OK then Desteni is not for me. I thought they were into making the world a better place and getting real. But there is some new age rehash feel to it after all. They have portals, reptilians, aliens, multideminsions, channeling, quantum time… And this part about not helping out where there are needs because there shouldn’t be any wars or poverty is dumb. For an organization saying they are helping the world yet their followers say things like that make me say I’ll pass.

    I predict someday you will really wake up and see how deep you are into Desteni such that they will not be your holy grail either.

    • egozzini says:

      so, unless the world is made into a better place that you under-stand, is a no go? Why is it New Agey to state that the world must change for ALL and that we must solve the causes and stop living to solve the consequences? Even though this piece of conversation is pointless, you have already made up your mind and now just seeking reasons why you are not required to change or have a responsibility for this world, basically the same one we all have, so can I have my own prediction too? I predict that this may piss you off as having been call out for what you are really doing, which is seeking something that is commonly accepted as ‘good’, like charity to then push others buttons to see that we at Desteni do not support charity as the way to solve things, in fact we see charity for what it is, a demented attempt to close the holes in a system that keeps making bigger and bigger ones, then you go looking for public consensus so you may feel right and righteous and solve, as I said, the nagging point that you may in fact be part of the problem unless you become part of the solution. I predict as well that if we keep this conversation going you will turn nastier and nastier, no one said we don’t help out, I said we don’t focus on the humanitarian aid YOU have pointed out because that is a CON-SEQUENCE of events that would be preventable and avoidable if we designed a system that includes all parts as equally valuable and Life as The Only Capital we all share that we must put at the centre of every equation we use to sort out the world.
      So, as I said, you can go to the Equal Money website or the Equal Life Foundationn and work out what this is all about but I predict that you are too lazy, self involved and not willing to change yourself to change the world because you found out you can maybe spare some crumbs from your table for the emmhh ..less fortunate and that works for you because you have found your Holy Grail already, it’s your Ego, and that’s a bitter giving up to do and not one you are willing to consider either because you were born on the right side of this system of abuse or because you are hoping to move there within your lifetime and make YOUR ‘humanitarian efforts’, as the consequence of what we accept and allow, your justification and proof that you are good beyond any reasonable doubt and firmly grounded into reality when in fact you are just living the delusion of both goodness and helpfullness in the face of the only truth, you are either standing for ALL or you are just Ego tripping, wake up.

      • Earwigo says:

        Thank you for this. What I have gleaned from this long exchange is how many people have found the matrix work helpful and had success in healing others. I will now look at destini also. Bless you for your caring.

      • egozzini says:

        Actually I don’t know where you read that since I said the opposite and so did many others, another Matrix practitioner posing as an innocent reader? Busted.

  29. carolyn says:

    I was very glad to see your blog poste here. I have a new client who had attended ME and was curious to see what it was all about compared to what I do with clients and how they move forward with things that occur in my sessions, and saw your comments. I have a pet peeve about people setting up workshops and seminars promising miraculous results after a weekend or a few courses or from listening to CDs. From personal experience I know it has taken me years to work through many issues and progress along a very intense spiritual journey after I ‘opened up’ to the Psychic and Spiritual Realms during a Guided Meditation. I felt Light and Energy come into my chest for 2.5 minutes and then could access many psychic and spiritual gifts after that. To ‘evolve’ in consciousness TO Truth, takes much work. Healings and miracles are by- products of hard work. I work with clients who are ‘opening up’ to these abilities- many seem guided towards healing and there are SO many people out there riding on the spiritual coat-tails of those who have ‘done the hard work’… and making so much money.I work with my own consciousness, my client’s and what I call Divine Intervention- and it works-I I help clients reach their own Innate Wisdom and often this can lead to healing work but I also know this.. I know plenty of ‘healers, energy healers who don’t have huge successes or permanent successes..They want to learn quick tools.. they want to gain successes quicly. Those who come from a more evolved, Truth/Consciousness without EGo( which by the way takes a lot of work through gratitude, surrender, humility, detachment from our attachments etc…) seem to have much more positive and permanent results.
    I was very glad to hear your thoughts and opinions because I saw the cost and promises and hype. I have trouble keeping clients because they move quickly and I make no where near what they do but in my work, I feel I guide clients towards these principles but it is a process of self- discovery, letting go of ego, surrender with faith To Truth and higher consciousness and our own innate wisdom…it can’t be learned in a weekend course, in my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and the details that help me know how I can aid my new client..

  30. Greatnew says:

    Not only are they draining people’s literal currency $, but also the vital force of each person in attendance. Ever wonder why RB works to raise the energy level of those in attendance to a peak level in his “performances”? Another technique he uses is to get people’s brain so involved in understanding quantum physics, they don’t realize they are being sucked dry of their vital force “in their bodies”. Ever wonder why you left those seminars so drained from your energy?? Enlightened people or people on the right side of life (illumined) leave you feeling with an overall sense of love, happiness & general well-being. Your vital force or vitality is the essence of your body’s ability to regenerate itself, once they tap into it your bodies energy it will slowly decay from illness. Your vitality runs every system in the human body without it- it cannot operate to the capacity your body(ies) require.

    • egozzini says:

      There is No Right Side of Life in a World of abuse and Suffering, The Illuminati or Illumined create wealth just for themselves and don’t give a flying f**k about thousands of children starving every day, even compassion is a CON, for compassion to exist abuse must exist – and so you see, until you take a side you are always on the wrong side, there is No Right Side until the Suffering of All Ends and Life is valued as the Only inalienable right of All Living Beings from Birth to Death.
      Anything anyone engages in for personal glorification and self interest that is NOT seeking a solution that works for All is just an Ego Trip, and until Egos stop tripping we won’t find the Solution, so be careful at valuing someone else more that Matrix Energetics, it’s just an opinion, instead if you live by Principle and stand as part of a Solution that changes the System to make it work for All, you can make yourself Real and then you will Real-Eyes what is really going on and why Energy plays are just entertaining mindf**ks to avoid taking our position of responsibility in the world, as the world.

      • Jay says:

        I have never attended a m.e seminar. Dont want to. I can learn it myself thanku. But how many here have actually saught out information on the subject or are just bashing for the sake of bashing.

  31. It’s all simply ritual my friends. It all leads to the same place. Whether you choose Desteni, Matrix, Reiki, Chiropractic manipulation, Surgery, Meditation, etc… Whatever you choose is your “ritual.” It all leads to the same end result of your intention. If you feel that spending $600 for a seminar will lead to a specific end result of your intention then great! If you prefer to receive the end result of your intention for FREE then great! It’s your choice. And your choice is your ritual. Your ritual is simply the action you take to get to the end result of your intention. There is no need to criticize other peoples rituals. Unless of course you choose criticism as your ritual for your intention. I can see your intention is to grow and this thread has served you well for your personal growth. No matter if you had created this thread to talk great things about matrix or to put it down, the ritual has still led you to the same end resulting point of your intention. Sometimes other peoples rituals may not make sense or in some cases seem downright wrong but in any case it’s their ritual to reach the end result of their intentions. Just let go and let people be, because eventually we all end up at point B. Just pay “attention” to your “intention!” I believe that alone will bring you the self-honesty you seek.

    BTW, I’ve been through Matrix L1-2 twice with the PC but I have no comments because it doesn’t matter. It’s simply another ritual. It was an expensive ritual but I had the money to spend so I did. If I didn’t have the money to spend then I would have chosen a ritual within my means to reach the end result of my intentions.

    • egozzini says:

      We are sharing a sinking ship James and there is no ritual that will make it go away, try.
      This is the only point I am making, the point that we have to refocus on the physical and on how we can solve the problems of this world, wearing funny hats, throwing imaginary dolphins at each other, preaching that All is Well is highly irresponsible, we are feeding the delusions of our Minds in the face of a suffering world and that qualifies us all as psychopaths.
      Chiropractors and surgery don’t go in the same list of rituals where you would place Matrix Energetics, they attend to the misalignments of the physical however rituals may be involved in the way they dress and want to be addressed, the scalpel is real, your body is real and so are the needs of all those who cannot sit at the table and share a meal with their family because they don’t have a table or a meal and possibly not even a family.
      And they can’t have a ritual to pretend they are eating, or a ritual to pretend they have a roof over their heads, so it would be cool if all those who can, with a little bit of effort, realize this point, if they could get real, land back on planet Earth and move with others seeking solutions for Humanity that only involve the ritual of coming together and deciding that this is not OK, poverty, starving children, lack of education, healthcare, their remedies can’t be faked, so let’s get real for solutions for the common good, the imaginary dolphins can wait, once we sort out the planet everyone can go back to playing, we are just saying, stop, refocus, let’s gather our votes and make a change, it’s possible if we stop fu**ing around just to entertain ourselves.
      Check out a Living Income guaranteed as a solution that is real to give everyone a dignified life.

      • Gstar says:

        Complicating life and things to feed the ego, the intellect, the left sided brain….people pontificate for what? When will we come together based on our similarities and not whats different?

        The Matrix is Here whether you are a new born or an aging professor of whatever, it is here. The tool (ritual) that is chosen to travel through your Matrix reality doesn’t matter either. Just like your unique finger print, hair colour or the colour of your skin doesn’t matter. It is only some people and /or organisations that make these things matter to them.

        Nature has being doing what nature does ever since the first breath, and will continue until the last. Greater societies existed long before these modern examples and those great civilisations have all since disappeared.

        It doesn’t matter what your ritual is the same way it doesn’t matter country where you were born, or how high or how low you perceive yourself to be on the constructed social ladder. We are all one, when it rains it rains on everyone and the Sun doesn’t to choose to shine on only a select few.

        The time is change, no more hate for hate, or pain for pain, the answer my friend is Love for everything. Your fellow humans, Love for you and Love for the world. Do what you can with the Tools (rituals) you have and help others find their own tools.

        Yes, there is suffering in our world, many more will have to suffer and many more will have to die but everything is only for a time. My imagination is one of my rituals which I use to is navigate this reality.

        Einstein once said “Imagination more important than knowledge”
        Noam Chomsky said “Education is a system of imposed ignorance.”
        ……and Mahatma Gandhi, he said “There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”

        There is also good in this world which we must not lose sight of.
        We can heal the pain, the anger and the hate with our rituals. If I can imagine this then I know it is possible

        One Love


      • egozzini says:

        You summed up almost everything that is not working in our world, the Matrix is real and we are trapped in what we created as a polarity play, where some have to go with nothing for some to enjoy the lives of leisure that give them the time to ponder about fictional rituals and useless spiritual paths.
        The left brain is what allowed you your ranting to prove you have the right to do nothing and spend time imagining to heal people for your ego and yet here you are, isn’t that a proof enough that you should be doing something about the place where you find yourself?
        Suffering exists because we allow it, because we discount the suffering of others as the way things are, having been lucky enough to be born on the right side of this system, it doesn’t have to be this way just because suffering always existed, slavery always existed, prostitution always existed, organ trading, poverty, homelessness always existed, are they system flaws or natural events? Did they grow on trees or were they man made, the outflows of societal, economics and political models that only benefited some and not all?
        Using love as a weapon of mass distraction is not working, love and lighters should have realized this already, the dead philosophers/scientists/politicians you quoted have left nothing behind but big aphorisms to dull the masses, yet the lives of many are deteriorating as we write, not accounting the lives that were deteriorated at birth -see anything wrong with this picture, 30000 kids starving to death everyday, is that fine?- this system is unsustainable and unfortunately nothing more than the sum of all of us.
        We should give to each other the lives we would like for ourselves, if we don’t we are wasting space, we are just a cog in the machine we see as too big to even try to fix to make it work for all, there is nothing magnificent about this creation, it’s pathetic, attempting to prove otherwise is a sign of disconnection through the Money Buffer, imagine going without money for a while, homeless and hungry, unable to provide for your children and check how far you can stand by your theories, have a Reality Check, land on the planet and ask yourself how would you like to be born having picked the wrong ticket in this Casino of a world -or have you gone with the Karma theory, that some may be deserving the appalling lives some have to live on this planet?-
        You can either imagine to matter or Matter, make your choice, pontificating the right to carelessness to prove your worth and your entitlement to not give a flying f**k is not becoming, give it up.

      • steve says:

        We have more humans then the earth can support. When this happens with any species in nature some will starve until the population of that species reaches equilibrium with the earth. Egozzini, How are you sure starving people isn’t a normal or even a possibly good thing? (with other species on eath the result of over populating an area resulted in the extinction of that species in that area). You have traded a belief in fairies and dolphins for one of victums and corruption. Perhaps you should reaseach all facts about earth, animals and humans before you so quickly adopt your next belief.

      • egozzini says:

        you are obviously not one of the starving, if you were you would not ‘wonder’ if it could be a good thing or not.
        Corruption exists and many are victims of this system without a voice, fairies and dolphins (of the flying invisible kind) do not compare in the physical reality, maybe you should go and have a reality check if you have traded beliefs vs the physical undeniable reality that there is something that needs to change in this world, even if you bury your head in para intellectualism to justify why the world is the way it is – and why it’s ok, until it works for you.

  32. Dario says:

    Thank you Eleonora, I read lots of interesting things… 🙂 !!!

  33. Victoria says:

    Reading all your posts reminds me of the story of Christ in the desert, being tempted by Satan. Give up your faith and I will solve all the problems in the world, I will put an end to all suffering. The point is that what you are calling reality is the delusion. You wake up, as you’re so fond of telling others! This is the dream – this world you think is real. And, frankly, I don’t want you to take away my hunger, my pain, my suffering. Please do not impose what you consider the good for all onto me. What qualifies you to judge what IA good for all, anyway? Or anyone else, for that matter. Even collectively. This philosophy of equality you hold is a tyranny. What of freedom? You ask what possible good there can be in 30000 children starving everyday (a nice round number!). It depends on your perspective. One who’s viewpoint is stuck firmly in the material would no doubt see none. However, from a spiritual perspective, from the perspective of God, there is no experience of light without darkness, no experience of good without evil, no sense of justice without injustice. What opportunity would you have to feel your righteous indignation if there were not these children starving or these women being raped. How would you know yourself to be one who gives a shit if the world were free of problems for you to give a shit about? I wouldn’t want to live in your utopia. I think I’m safe, though. Believing we can all put our heads together and come up with a material way to end all wars, poverty, famine and hunger – I think you’re the one living in Lala Land!

    • egozzini says:

      Yes, so what about Freedom in a system where not everyone is granted an Equal Right to Life? Should we all stand up for our freedom to abuse? What freedom are you talking about? the One advertised together with an imaginary democracy, the democracy we go and bring to countries with bombs while we steal their resources to grant ourselves More Life than others?
      Are you justifying this system and this world so we get to feel good and righteous about ourselves? You are insane, so there is no point debating insanity.
      This world is real, it is only an excuse to say it’s not, it’s as real as it gets, you would not like to be traded for sex or raised as a spare part unit for the rich, you would not like to send your children to bed hungry or sick because you don’t have the means to provide for them, Inequality means that for some to have it all some have to go without the basic rights to have a life and stay assured, I gladly give up my right to indignation for a world change that will benefit all.
      The God you talk about is a Sadist, so enjoy your worship, creating the light and the darkness came with consequences, it’s a pity you are not the one enduring the other end of the stick, if you were you would wake up to reality and from there decide on the glorious creation you rant about.
      Your ranting is only possible because you have the means to do so, if you didn’t you would be asking for change and if you are a Christian, since you quote God and the Gospel, you did not hear the message which was ‘give as you would like to receive’, so when you are willing to live the appalling lives that you make sense of just because you don’t have to live them for real, come back for comments.
      Until then go preach where someone cares about what the selfish have-it-all of the world feel entitled to, because if you don’t care about finding solutions that guarantee a life of dignity to all, you don’t Matter at all.

  34. Wendy says:

    They are a bunch of marketers like Master zhi gang sha beware. Find a real master…great article.

  35. we’ve found matrix energetics to be life changing and for the better. Not sure why the author seems to be so angry. I found Matrix Energetics to be transformative for me, my family and our clients. It works for us. *
    Ralph Havens, Bellingham, Wa http://www.ralphhavensphysicaltherapy.com

    • egozzini says:

      You should define ‘Life Changing’ Ralph. And I was not angry at all writing this article, which is one problem of the whole ‘positive thinking -law of attraction- create your own reality- movement, there is no way to embrace the positive without projecting on all the world our own ‘negative’.
      You should read this article again, I just stated that Change, real Change would take into account the Whole and the needs of the Whole, that would be the Heaven on Earth for everybody, unless eeveryone is out there seeking Heaven just for themselves while we leave 2/3 of the world to live in Hell – quite a price to pay to make our fantasies come true – or not? Of course we can always label those that point out that we are in need of a Reality Check as ‘angry’ or ‘negative’, to make sure we don’t feel the need, even by mistake, to check our own Mind reality against the Physical reality we live in and be forced to discover that we have abdicated our own responsibility for the whole to fly dolphins and move patterns in the ethereal, imaginary reality that we are working hard to bend in our favour, while we make up stories to justify why it’s OK to let over 30000 children die every die of preventable causes.
      If the Matrix is real and it is a Finite Field – because every Field is Finite by definition, how can some keep pulling the blanket that is too short without leaving some out in the cold and if this is so, why not include everyone in our plans to change this world to a place where we can be proud to live in? Just wondering.

  36. JAH says:

    Matrix energetics is being dismantled internally. Give it some time to change. Bartlett May or may not be authentic. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we all get a grip on the constant back and forth bickering on who or what us right. It’s only feeding the internal workings of the gross money machine at play. Lining the pockets of those who “create” these illusions. Duality, is what is really being collapsed. It’s the illusion and it’s totally impossible. There’s always a middle

  37. Dude says:

    The Matrix Energetics is the same old wine in a new bottle. But here Dr.Bartlett is trying to confuse the society and trying to make physical advantages over wealth and fame. And this is nothing new. The ancient society all over the World were using these practices in different names to protect themselves from many problems. Anyway human life is bound with time. Every one who were born will have to die one day. Life is eternal, but death is not. Death is just a stage of transformation. So don’t worry.

  38. Chris says:

    I’m not a Matrix Energetics follower for years neither was I dumb enough to take all levels when didn’t find any results in the first one… but I believe in the system 100%.

    All the soul searching I did through various manifestation and other techniques… from ancient Hindu,chinense & greek techniques to the very modern New Age concepts.. and also read a LOT about quantum Physics in the process… so my observation in NOT based of frivolous quest of a couple of years.

    So why do I believe it in the Matrix Energetics?

    Firstly it worked for me, the first time I tried it.. and I wouldn’t say ME particularly did.. I was also doing another stuff..

    But even when things work out for you, you’ll still be skeptical.. dat’s how we see reality. When a miracle happened to someone who had been admitted to breast surgery and I was involved in helping the person come out healthy (even I was questioning myself whether it was the surgery or what if the treatments were helping her. Prior to implementing though we treated it as a gone case.. as something that we were just trying casually. But it did work.. and the person regained energy and health and firmness within 2 days which was astonishing even for the doctors).

    But beyond all of this debatable stuff.. I still believe in it simply because most of the concepts they talk about holds a strong co-relation to a lot of ancient sciences, ancient books,even books from 18th n 19th centuries… and even Quantum physics.

    So if our ancient and our future both are telling us.. there is some truth in these type of realities.. why wouldn’t we not believe them.

    I understand this lady’s extra hurt because she feels she lost all that money, which I have found many people to feel after going to many valuable seminars.. beyond these healing/new age types. But it doesn’t undermine the value of the information in anyway.

    I’ve personally observed many miracles and weird stuffs (technologies) in life.. this is still very normal. And if we start dissecting those technologies… we will not even have such a debate, coz they will be so much out of our comfort zone.

    Anyway, I see this so common with people… if people start charging money for something – it becomes bad and negative… and if we’re selling thousands of packaged products in Malls and stores and launch a big huge brand/corporation it immediately becomes very acceptable.

    Every product out there.. from medical treatments to pharmaceutical to all food products are in someway made to uplift humanity.. so do we make everything free and Non-profit organizations????

    The why don’t you go after all hospitals in the world… saying people should be given free treatment.. and free food..

    Makes no sense.

    However I congratulate you for starting a great conversation..

    • egozzini says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for your message, I am still amazed at how this post stirs people desire to defend ME, mainly because the point that comes across is always the same – the money point, which obviously makes me think that over 2 years ago when I wrote this post I must have done it wrong, will consider reviewing it, so that it may still stir up people but on another road.
      I personally have nothing against Dr. Bartlett who I found highly entertaining and pleasant – I disagree about the fact that a system that doesn’t work all the time could be called ‘a system’, because systems are specific and replicable ALL the time. If you add to this the fact that we are able to shift the responsibility on the user being ‘negative’ or not having been able to ‘drop in the heart’ or crappy statements like these, then I would call it plainly deceptive.
      A system works no matter who uses it, if you go for an appendix and the doctor applies the appendix protocol, the appendix will be removed all the time, it won’t be sometimes and other times not according to the beliefs of the doctor because it is replicable, no matter if the doctor is a Christian a Buddhist or a Muslim – that is what a system is.
      About your last statement I found it interesting that someone who believes in flying dolphins and numbered energy patterns can’t believe in a world where we could provide free healthcare and a living guaranteed to all and in this sentence you have summed up what is wrong with ME and all the equivalent systems – they have given up the belief that the world can change FOR REAL in favour of unprovable, unreplicable, unaccountable stories and this should worry us as an intelligent species.
      You see people are starving in this world FOR REAL, you don’t need to believe in that, although you can believe you have to look the other way so as to not become ‘negative’ and hinder your chances of flying off with dolphins and become a ‘wizard’.
      Basically, we are encouraging a plainly psychopathic world under the veil of ‘magic’ and this I find it rather bothersome.
      For what concerns charging for what they sell, I could not care less, attending their seminars is a choice – not given to everyone who doesn’t have access to money – even though I was told that the system now has free scholarships for those that can’t afford it, still, those that can’t afford the seminar be so indigent to not even be able to afford the trip there or the cost of the hotel obviously but this is not the point and if it came across this way I definitely will have to rewrite a piece about it, the point is this – WHY are we not focusing on the real physical world that needs fixing to make it work for all? Why are we content with going off in our minds and applying whatever mind science we come to believe in and manage to not be concerned about all the people that go to bed hungry every day?
      If these systems are fostering this mindset then I suggest we give them up – all of them – refocus on physical reality, start asking the unpleasant ‘negative’ questions that would make it possible for us to address the immense fuckup this world has become and then as I said before – once everyone is fed, housed, clothed, once we get out of the economic slavery we are too dumb to even see, then I will queue up to fly dolphins with all of you – until then I will reiterate what I just said – a mass landing is required to fix this world and to all those that insist that the world is fine just because it works for them I just have one thing to say – fuck off. If you can’t be concerned about your fellow human beings enough to start looking for solutions that can change this world into a place that works for all in fear of becoming ‘negative’ even while the devastation of human and non human lives is everywhere for us to see then you are mind controlled by that fear and unable or unwilling to see reality for what it is – if on top of that we come up with the justifiers such as karma or lessons of the soul or other demeaning beliefs to set ourselves at peace while others suffer, we are just plain evil and there is no amount of flying off in our heads that can fix that.

      Real Love would be caring about what happens to all of us and correcting what is not working to guarantee a dignified life to all, dropping into the heart space and managing to ignore the suffering of others is just an act of schizofrenics, because love will never be real until it extends out to all through SYSTEMS that finally redistribute the earth resources to benefit all and not just some – and if you have different ‘beliefs’ you are not on the planet yet – please do land here and encourage your friends to do the same because it will take the effort of many to correct the wrongs we have done and to turn ourselves into Human Rights vs the HUman Wrongs we have become
      Hope I have been clear enough

  39. FranklyClear says:

    WOW: This two year blog has been the most concentrated presentation series of an AUTHORITARIAN PERSONALITY that I’ve witnessed on the WWW since TOM DELAY and his boys nearly torpedoed America’s shaky government. Amazon sells a book about that adventure. Under the Heading ‘Authoritarian Personality’ Google has several very informative entries including an audio interview by Robert Altemyer, PhD.
    From my personal experiences, the gross incivility, the arrogant contempt for others perspectives AND EXPERIENCES; and the literal shoveling in of global issues of injustice that have grown over centuries [and more] demonstrate NO sincere interest in a respectful exchange with anyone. That mindset demonstrates a long uttered axiom: “Who turns his [or her] back on the Religion of Abraham but one who makes himself [or herself] a Fool?” Use a BIG Webster’s Dictionary — its great. Her problem is simple – She is Spiritually Dead.

    • egozzini says:

      Frankly, clearly, you are missing the point. This is a personal blog exposing what I have realized about this world, not as ideas but as facts.
      Are there global issues of injustice? YES. Are we coming up with ever more sophisticated excuses to not look at them at worse and to justify them at best? YES
      You backing up your claims that I am an arrogant authoritarian when you state you belong to the religion of Abraham is to say the least WEIRD. Please look at the history of what all religions stemming from those belief system have done to humanity, they fostered unspeakable injustices, violence, hatred, petty judgements and narrow mindedness of a kind never seen before and probably after. And then coated it all with a sacred veil so we may forget about it.
      I don’t care if in your views I am spiritually dead as I am awakening to the fact that I am physically alive, sharing this planet with 2/3 of the population who live below poverty line so we can indulge our gross beliefs and banquets while some starve.
      If you are offended because you believe you have a right to not be exposed to what is going on in this world, by all means be offended, that won’t change the fact that this world is in need of adjustments that include all in the equations and that will have to include even people like you – and that is what my blog is all about – get over it.

  40. darren says:

    You smoke too much dope which is why you have become one! No wonder you are creating your crap world around you. It’s an illusion stupid, rape murder whatever is not real, its an experience that you have created to bring you back to love. You are still living in fear. You will stay there for lifetimes until you decide to come out of the cage you are in.

    • egozzini says:

      You are part of the scary lot, I was once where you are, I understand.
      Now when I look back at having been able to uphold such crap beliefs, I am amazed at myself and at the kind of utter self interest I was lost in.
      You are obviously one of those for which this world system is working, probably your hardest dilemmas are about a double latte with cream on top -or without. Good on you.
      Yet affirming that rape, murder, famine and suffering are an illusion just so we can sleep tight in our feather filled lives must be an expression of our true evil and total shameless carelessness, on top of being something that should be sanctioned as a mental disease. Reality is here to check out, where are You?
      If you were living one of those lives with no choices, because choices happen to those that can BUY them, by sheer luck not by merit or positive thinking, see, how would you feel if people around you blamed you for your misfortunes of no fault of your own, beaten, broken and ridiculed? How well could you foster your theories in such positions, the theories of ‘all an illusion to go back to love’ with an empty belly?? Or with hungry sick children for whom you can’t ‘buy’ a future? How would you enjoy to be raped for a living?
      I gave up pot quite some time ago to wake up in a world that has nothing magic about it, try that and see, waking up is tough but highly recommended if we want to change the world, alternatively you can wait, because crap lives are becoming the reality of many who were too far remote and buffered by money or a job or a lucky birthplace to be affected but that’s changing at a very fast speed, those lives will soon be at your doorstep knocking.
      You can wake up by choice or be shaken and stirred into it, they are both equally traumatic but the first will show you you have some guts and are ready to leave the shelter of your ludicrous beliefs in favour of a world that works for all, even if that means facing the truth that we didn’t give a shit about anyone else but just about finding stories to tell ourselves that we could live with, because in truth this world is unliveable for 2/3 of the population, being on the lucky side of it should give us more responsibility for change, because we can – and not a ticket to fly off into fantasy worlds to deny the reality that is staring at us in the face. Reality won’t go anywhere, nor will we, when you are ready check out a living income guaranteed, we can extend our care to the world by standing for and as change, that require us to unite Here, on this real physical Planet, to make that happen. Don’t take too long 🙂

  41. jen says:

    The people who post the New Age bullcrap about how there needs to be duality in the world, suffering and non suffering, are just full of crap. The listen to Abraham Hicks and memorize all her ridiculous lines which are probably fed to her by reptilians. The New Age movement is a mind control program to keep the evil ones doing their evil by making others suffer, starve and live in poverty. New Agers are a disgrace and if there are benevolent ET groups, i’m sure they think New Agers are delusional as well. It’s just another religion to keep people passively going about their bullshit lives drinking Starbucks and spending a hundred dollars a month, while across the world people don’t have food and have to kill their starving babies to prevent suffering.
    I don’t know much about ME and was searching online for more info. I have spent money in the past for energy work from other folks, not ME and they have all been money down the drain. So i figured most all of these programs would be. I’m sure some people can do the energy movement, but who says it’s even beneficial to the body long term. Maybe we are not supposed to be messing with this stuff, or are playing with fire.
    All religions and movements have really done nothing to help humanity at large. Even with 2000 years of Jesus worshipers, our world is growing darker and more and more people are suffering. So that’s not working yet they still pray save me save me master. Well, what these ignorant fools don’t get is that we have our own power and if we all joined together we could do something. The problem is too much divide among people b/c the controllers have done such a great job.
    Anyway, i understand the blog owners frustrations and the money down the drain for the seminars. I’m sure there are others that can identify with paying tons for seminars. I totally understand your frustration.

  42. Jason says:

    im sure glad this is on page one when searching matrix energetics. This bogus eed needs to end. My wife went to a matrix practitioner and he said he saw her with a new baby and she left believing him and walked around for about two weeks acting like she was pregnant….then when she started bleeding (from her period) she went back and the matrix practitioner said she is having a miscarage and sold her a bunch of supplements to supposedly help reverse the miscarage…. I finally convinced my wife to go get a real checkup and see what’s going on…turned out there was never any baby, or a miscarriage…just delusion propagated by some looser that thinks he can mystically diagnose people by touching them and blurting out what comes to mind…

  43. cheisten says:

    Wow. I have given a small chunk to RB…I was at the very seminar in Miami you must be speaking of. He put my husband on stage, laid him out for half an hour laughing, and now he has died from painful lung cancer. ME didn’t help. Did you read Richard’s book and ever wonder what happened to Mark? I found him and have been studying with him now for 3 years…doing the journey the hard way but with ethical integrity. Just want to let you know that although it would take way more time than I have at the moment to read all of these comments I did read some and find the discussion quite fascinating. I’m glad I peeked in. Love the picture of Dorothy by the way…so, if you will excuse me I think I just saw a white rabbit run by…

    • egozzini says:

      Thanks Carla.
      Sorry to hear about your husband.
      I was for a long time a follower of Jerry and Esther Hicks as well, loved their work because it made me feel good, never thought to look deeper into why I felt bad to start with, problem with most of us is we don’t want to sort out our inner negativity so we end up living in a shit world for it, as inside so outside.
      Jerry Hicks died a painful death too, so we have the truth in our face if we want to look at it – that change is not about flying dolphins or codes or thinking positive, it’s a process, walking back from where we found ourselves and our planet and making the required corrections until this world works for all.

      Maybe Mark found out that as well by himself, maybe Richard will too, he is now sharing more real stories on the web vs the stories we like to use to distract ourselves from the world we live in, which is pretty shameful if you ask me.

      All of us are walking a process into awareness – the problem is when we insist that we’ll walk the path only if it’s fun and positive, sometimes it may be fun and sometimes not, we have to become able to handle both side of the coins we get to deal with – because if we resist the bad/sad/shameful side of our lives, we’ll stuff it somewhere and then project it into the world – and those weaker, poorer, the ones with the shorter stick, will get to live it out.

      Won’t keep you longer, you might lose sight of the white rabbit, heard he moves deceptively fast 😉

      Take care

      • cheisten says:

        Well, an update…Mark has some great ideas, but. Yup. But. I am glad I studied with him because I think he initiated some processes in me that are continuing to take my body deeper toward healing and to assist in my journey. However I must say he seemed to reach a point as a teacher where he was unable to help me continue. I felt like he just kept telling me how he did it and expected my journey to mirror and be like his. Mine is different and SHOULD be different. I referred him to a friend as a doctor when he returned to practice, and she tried to work with him as a doctor. I won’t go into details, but it didn’t work out well for many reasons, then it slopped over onto me and ethics got muddy, so there is that.

        So, I have a new teacher now who is very experienced and has helped a lot with the blocks that were stopping me the last year I was frustrated trying to work with Mark’s system. I am full of gratitude that she is working with me.

        Just thought you might like to know. It seems that when a person, and I am going to say a man just because I think the patriarchal system and it’s egoistic archetype plays a role here, but when they find something that seems to work they get very sure that they, and they alone, know THE answer. So, not only do we have to realize that this journey is not all “fun flying dolphins”, but it is fraught with initiations, tests and challenges…as it should be. Why, really, why should it be super-duper-man “easy”? If it were that easy don’t you think we humans would have figured it out and everyone would have learned how to awaken a long time ago?

        Anyhow, that rabbit is very fast, but I keep chasing.

  44. Jody says:

    Its,just like anything else,you take what’s useful,and leave the rest…you can utilize these tools for opening and unlearning …..it is expensive but in today’s world how is one to make a living assistingothers without a paying construct? I have been gifting sessions for three years straight and have seen physically verifiable results,,, to judge someone’s appearance and assume,she is his girlfriend is all just confined mind.

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