A very interesting look at the God System by Marlen, I had another take on it, it was our Fear and unwillingness to be responsible for Creation that Anu took advantage of, he filled the spot we created through imagining a Maker because we did not want to believe we were Alone and therefore responsible for everything that was Here, so we put out a job offer and he filled it, because we could not accept that there was nothing Above us to take responsibility and we were in fact All There IS, he took the responsibility for creation on behalf of all the ones that abdicated it in Fear, so All of US. So Fear already existed before this creation, Fear must have been the first outflow of the very first separation, infact Fear was our very first creation that we did not register as an anomaly and from that the snowball effect brought us All here where we are today, trapped in the AT Most Phere (Fear).

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What we often miss is that: it takes two to tango.







It is not only saying ‘I am a part of you’ but ‘I am one and equal as you’ – man, imagine all the fucked up relationships we’ve created with ourselves beginning with our own mind, then toward our family, then toward this ‘god’ idea as that supernatural being or any other form of ‘god’ as anything that we could deem as ‘powerful’ or ‘superior’ to ourselves – the most commonly known god at the moment is money, for sure, a make believe system that we have endowed with the power of giving life and death – which also were points introduced by Anu, he’ll go into it within the following interviews he’s placed out for our de-light.



[1] Anu the Reptilian God in 2012

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  1. Marlen says:

    It is really interesting where this will develop, to me it sounds like a similar aspect to the Hitler story wherein these beings can recognize/ see something that others can’t – and in that, we can realize that it is essentially a part of ourselves taking on that ‘role’ such as a ‘god’ or dictator in order to show/ reveal and extrapolate that primordial separation from ourselves as one an equal. So I agree with the ‘job’ point and him taking that role – the same as some had to fill the roles of being royals, CEO’s, rich people and some others filling the roles of being completely disenfranchised from having a dignified living. Both poles are ourselves and in that, we are facing our consequences from that initial system-creation as the White light, which we’ll get to understand why on Earth we created it in the first place. Thanks for sharing Eleonora, very cool take on this. We’ll see as the story unfolds!

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