Day 322: The Illusory ‘Consequence-Free Consumption’ of Capitalism


Today I read an article by Prof Emeritus Richard Wolff, who writes a lot of clever, no bullshit material on the subject to expose the sheer Madness of the system that we keep supporting as ‘The Best System we have to Run the World’.

His article focused on the consequences of relocating business abroad.

Detroit, Cleveland, Camden and many other cities display what capitalism left behind after it became profitable for capitalists to relocate and for new capital investments to happen more elsewhere. Capitalism and its driving profit motive first developed in England before spreading to western Europe, north America and then Japan.

Over the last two centuries, those areas endured a growing capitalism’s mix of horrific working conditions, urban slums, environmental degradation, and cyclical instability. Capitalism also brought economic growth, wealth for a minority, labor unions and other workers’ organizations. Writers like Dickens, Zola, Steinbeck, and Gorky saw that capitalism’s workings clearly, while those like Marx, Mill and Bakunin understood it critically.

Workers’ struggles eventually forced capitalists to pay rising wages, enabling higher living standards for large sections of the working classes (so-called “middle classes”). Capitalists and their economist spokespersons later rewrote that history to suggest instead that rising wages were blessings intrinsic to the capitalist system. How wrong that was, as I describe below.

Capitalists eventually had to reach beyond their original bases in Europe, North America, and Japan to the rest of the world. Capitalism’s growth required enlarging its hinterland from the agricultural regions near the industrial centers where modern capitalism began. That initial hinterland had provided food, raw materials and markets for the commodities flowing increasingly from the growing urban capitalist centers. The hinterland also sent refugees fleeing from declining job opportunities there to work in and crowd those centers.

As capitalist growth accelerated across the 18th and 19th centuries, more hinterland was required. The response included formal and informal colonialism that encompassed much of the planet outside its capitalist centers. Capitalism thereby reorganized the whole world’s economy to serve as provider of raw materials, food, labor supplies and markets.”

I know a lot about it because I worked for several years in Asia and I watched hundreds of businesses relocating there to maximize their profits and expand into this developing continent, one that we conveniently left behind because, even though we may not be consciously aware, nor willing to take responsibility for it, ‘we’ have planned (and if not through direct involvement we accepted and allowed it) the design of how to best use this world “to serve as provider of raw materials, food, labor supplies and markets“.

The idea of relocation seemed great to those that owned the industry of manufacturing, or the ‘the World as a Corporation prop’, to provide for the manufactured desires that have been implanted in the Minds of People to sustain this Economic System through Consumption (incidentally the word we use to describe this process “Consumption”, was used to describe a disease that wiped out millions of people in the World).

These are the multifaceted meanings of this word

a. The act or process of consuming.
b. The state of being consumed.
3. Pathology

a. A progressive wasting of body tissue.

The most interesting of our definitions in relation to the word Consumption is the last one ‘A progressive wasting of body tissue’ , which is pathological (Of, relating to, or manifesting behavior that is habitual, maladaptive, and compulsive), meaning that we are into the BAD habit of wasting Life, the body tissue is the body of All of Us, the body of the Earth, the Body of Water, the Body of each person on this planet is being wasted by our Patho-Illogical Consumption, which is Illogical because Logic would have us preserve everything that is Alive within the understanding of our interconnectedness and thus our indispensable need to preserve and support each others lives, given that our well-being depends on the well-being of the Body of All.

On the contrary we are hell-bent to not help each other, to not consider the consequences of our actions looking at how things will move on a timeline for everybody, so the plans and plots of Capitalism always end up damaging something or someone because they have a faulty starting point, they don’t consider What is Best for All, but just what is best for some, leaving most living beings out of the equation, ending up destroying everything that lives, this goes in this instance for the lives of those that we leave behind as we hop from one continent to another hoping to maximize the profits we can make so we can get the Money to buy our way out of our fear that nothing is Safe, instead of making this world Safe and Sound for everyone to enjoy and thrive. See the Dementia at work?

So, think about it, Consumption is NOT Consequence Free, People Die from It, leaving people jobless in a world where Money=Life is a criminal act and had the ?unpredicted? consequence that those left behind won’t even be able to consume what we are wasting the world for, meanwhile Animals are going extinct, the Land is being decimated, the Trees that give us Air and the Water that gives us Life are polluted for short terms ‘perceived’ benefits that will never supersede nor fix the Real Value of this World, LIFE, the Life we waste through Consumption every single day we refuse to give to each other the World we want to live in, so we can Profit and Die Rich.

Wake Up, Consider a Basic Income Guaranteed for All, consider stopping the Consumption of this Planet, we don’t have a Planet B and very possibly not even a Life Plan B, is this Life Worth being Consumed for Nothing?

Equal Money

Basic Income Guaranteed

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