Day 333: Berlusconi – Showing The World how to stay Out of Jail – since 1994.


This is an Italian Story of sex, money, corruption and power.

It’s about an Italian girl, a dental hygienist who used to work in a dentist office in Milan.

A few years ago she had the misfortune to be on duty when Silvio Berlusconi went there to fix a tooth that was broken when a guy threw at him the miniature souvenir of the Milan cathedral – which missed him his head but broke one of his teeth.

This lady had a perfectly good life until she met Silvio Berlusconi, she was not into orgies or recruiting young virgins, I mean, that was not her life-style choice, she would go to the office, clean people’s teeth -as that is what dental hygienists do and go home, maybe sometimes she would go out with friends.

When she met Silvio Berlusconi he courted her, anyone can imagine what being courted by a man who owns a first world country would be like, she was showered with the illusion that she could get somewhere in Life, he promised her the moon and because he could, he gave her a job as a regional representative of his party, which meant an exceptional salary of over 100.000 euro a year net, plus all the benefits that go with it.  Mind you, those are taxpayers money, because the richer you get, the more access you have into a country’s purse, could it be this the reason why we never seem to be able to do what we need to do with public money but end up doing what ‘some’ think we should do with it, like buying  F35 military jet planes for a country that no longer has a conscription  military service? But ‘someone’ up there thinks we should use military planes, bomb carriers for our Peace Mission and that we need them more than social programs in a country with a scary, rising, unemployment rate and that makes so much sense.

Back to Nicole when he got tired of her and thought he had paid enough for her services, considering as well where he had parked her within a safe government job with a monthly wage which was over 10 times higher than the average Italian one,  he dumped her from the Royal Position of ‘girlfriend’ and demoted her to become his pimp, he asked that she joined in his parties, for that added kick you know, those infamous Bunga Bunga parties that the international press has been riding for years and that ended up in the Italian women picking up their brooms and taking to the streets in an operation called ‘if no one sends them home, we will’.

That was when he had to resign ‘for the good of the country’, only to come back one year later like a Jack in the Box, after everyone had gone through the ‘Men in Black flashlight’ and had all their memories about him erased– it must have been that or how else would he get back to power? Ah yes, he got back promising a return of a tax on property and then blamed the ruling government when the refund didn’t happen. See, when we talk Berlusconi, Amnesia is almost mandatory…

So, back to Nicole Minetti, again, not only she participated in Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties, where he preferably got underage girls and where all participants got a 5000 euro envelope and various jewelry, increasing in value according to their performances, she was asked to organize them, manage the money, find the girls, dress like a nun and have lesbian kisses for the benefit of the horny men who were invited in his cosy circle of friends, the trusted ones.

Then, something went wrong, one of his protegé, a Moroccan girl called Ruby was arrested on the streets for theft, but she knew the drill, she called his private mobile and told him ‘get me out of here or else’, she was 17 at the time.

He called Nicole Minetti and told her to take care of it, then he called the police station and told them to let her go because she was the niece of Mubarak and this would cause a diplomatic incident, he called in his official role as Prime Minister even though later he denied having done that but just calling to say ‘hey guys, here is Silvio, would you mind to let that girl go, I’ll send a friend to pick her up’. The friend was Nicole.

This resulted in an uproar, specifically the lie about the diplomatic incident, come on how could Mubarak, the Egyptian President, have a Moroccan niece? and being Mubarak navigating very rocky waters himself he denied immediately any connection to the girl (I imagine he said something like ‘are you f***ing crazy, you know what kind of troubles I am in, and you put an underage Moroccan girl you were found having sex with on my back for your alibi, f**k off Silvio- but I have no proof that this conversation took place) then, like the Emperor without clothes he asked that all his employees supporters in Parliament vote to confirm that he was in good faith when he made that statement and the majority, duly, complied. Understand, the Parliament shut down for a day to have this extraordinary voting session with taxpayers money.

Now, this may seem like a soap opera from a third world country, but it’s not, it’s a Real Italian Story  and everything I am relating is of public knowledge, I am not a secret agent or have secret files about him, it’s all in the papers, not on his papers, of course, but on all the other newspapers that were not bought out to tell His-story.

Now he has been condemned to 7 years in jail for sex with an underage girl, is he in jail, No, of course not, and he won’t go there either, if he was supposed to be jailed he would have been already because Mr. Berlusconi is the most tried man in Italy in all the history of our Judiciary system, and he holds another pole position, he never did an actual day of jail, even when he was condemned either he waited until his trial went over the statute of limitations or to be saved by the bell by his vulture lawyers, who have cashed in millions of Euros in legal fees.

from The Economist:

Lane points out that Berlusconi has not defended himself in court against the main charges, but has relied upon political and legal manipulations, most notably by changing the statute of limitation (please understand that he did this while he was in power ) to prevent charges being completed in the first place. In order to publicly prove the truth of the documented accusations contained in their articles, the newspaper has publicly challenged Berlusconi to sue The Economist for libel. Berlusconi did so, losing versus The Economist, and being charged for all the trial costs on 5 September 2008, when the Court in Milan issued a judgment rejecting all Mr Berlusconi’s claims and sentenced him to compensate for legal expenses.

In June 2011, The Economist published a strong article dealing with Mr. Berlusconi, titled The man who screwed a whole country .

Here is an excerpt from another article by The Economist,  ‘An Italian Story

Since 1994, however, magistrates have investigated many allegations against Mr Berlusconi, including money-laundering, association with the Mafia, tax evasion, complicity in murder and bribery of politicians, judges and the finance ministry’s police, the Guardia di Finanza (Ministry of treasure Police)

for those interested to know the full story of this man, please read the whole article.

so, understand, this world runs on Money -and Secrets, the higher you go, the more secrets and money you own, the more your back is covered, this is why he will never go to jail, if he did, he would take a string of people with him, because he can and so the mutual interest to not be condemned and go to jail becomes the bond of those that are high up in the Pyramid of Power.

This is the magic of the Justice system of today, when you rise to the top through all the dirty, evil deals you have to make, remember to enter politics afterward so you can delete the proofs of everything you have done and where required change the Laws to suit yourself, and ultimately if you want to stay out of jail, don’t forget to fuck a whole country, because if you fuck just one man and then say yes to everything he asks, just because you have been fucked already anyway and you believe you have nothing to lose, you are going in -and unfortunately for you, you don’t own enough Secrets or Money to get out anytime soon.

This is how Nicole Minetti will do jail time for a crime HE, apparently, did not commit. How fucked up is That?

If you don’t like this World and what Power can do through Money, you will have to stand up to restore the Equal Value of Each Life, then everyone will be held accountable for their crimes and those like Berlusconi who have abused their power by believing to be worthier (because wealthier) than others, having just their self interest and greed as their moral compass while fucking the lives of millions without a care, will finally have to face the consequences of their actions of utter abuse that only resulted in their Inflated Ego and Lifestyles, beyond and above any  Law and Order.

Stand Up for Change, Justice starts by recognizing everyone’s Equal Right to Life and Equal Value as Life and that will put an end to the existence of those who are ‘Special’ and deliberately harm others, just because they can.

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