Day 334: Fly me a Flag – the New Hit from Drones.

Drone flag souvenirs a hit for US air force

Souvenir sales coming to the aid of the meager USA Military budget.

The USA Army could not do what was done with the Berlin wall when it was taken apart and pieces of it were sold everywhere in the world, as souvenirs, because the Drones are still flying, yes, they are not mainstream media because some god-fearing-folks may have objections to them and raise troubles, but the people hit by them on a daily basis know, they don’t need to read about it in the papers.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Bureau the present Pakistani government opposes drone strikes: ‘Pakistan’s position on drone strikes has been stipulated on several occasions. The drone strikes violate our sovereignty and international law. These also entail human rights and humanitarian implications.

No that we care, we the First World are on a mission to devour the poorest countries, this is why the United States of America has a ‘declared’ Military Budget (conveniently defined Defense Budget – because anyone would feel threatened by Pakistan and the Middle East in general being so close and unrelentlessly warmongering …) of 1.75 trillion dollars, which is Equal to the total sum of the Military spending of the following countries put together: China, Russia, Britain, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Canada and Turkey.

Of course they lie about it, there are ways to divide the Military budget is subcategories like Social Security -for the Military- or MedicAid – for the Military- to show that Public Money go into Social spending as well, but reality shows different numbers, Using the existing poverty line, there are 45.8 million poor people in the United States, or about 15 percent of the population. Using the supplemental measure, there are 2.6 million more.

Obviously no one wants to update the Poverty Line to the ‘supplemental measure’ because it would show that there are more poor than the ones acknowledged and that they are on the increase, meanwhile the USA is sending unmanned planes around the world to keep up the amazing American dream Lifestyle for just a bunch of people. War is a racket, and those at the top of the pyramid lose nothing but keep making money, while those at the bottom die.

Additionally if you are a rapacious predator with an unbending attitude toward stealing World resources, you have to live in FEAR, some may be motivated, as the fear of a payback from those abused, then there are the manufactured ones, with events that go from 9/11 to the Patriot Act to ensure that security could keep tightening without complains but with the side effect that everyone, everywhere, would feel constantly under threat. The Perfect Scenario for keeping up the Lie of the Need for Defense.

Setting up organizations such as The World bank, the IMF and Nato, is not enough to disguise some true colours, it just provides legality to otherwise offensive actions that would be otherwise condemned world wide plus they provide the perfect machinery to make sure that Consent can be Manufactured -at will.

Now, back to the original article I quoted with the Military Spending of 1.75 Trillion dollars -let me write it out in numbers 1.750.000.000.000 –  clear in mind, can anyone be going short anywhere in the Military in the USA, is 1,75 trillion dollars Not Enough that you have to resort to selling Drone Souvenirs?

According to the article quoted you can now have your own Flag flown inside one of the Drone fusiliers, once the Mission is completed they will send it to you with a Certificate detailing , where it was flown and for how long, and that would be an otherwise ‘secret’, oh oh.

Those Missions are War Missions, no matter what they are called, during those unmanned flights civilians are killed, 94 children died since those mission started and if you can’t coinceive calling Your Kids collateral damages, you should not allow others to do it either. No one needs your Money, selling flags flown on Drones is not about Money, even if they try and make them ‘precious’ by adding in ‘a secret’ for extra value, no one is  selling you Souvenirs for Money, they are buying Your Consent, your complicity, they are asking that you put your Seal of Approval on what they are doing to civilians where they fly the Drones, they ask you to VOTE with your Money.

Feel free to lust after a flag flown in a war zone, you can even have Turkish flags, personal flags, flags for people back home, churches (even though THAT should be hard to reconcile?), state organizations, because the more the merrier, just remember what you are voting for, no one needs your pennies in a 1.75 trillions budget, but they need Your Blessings, they want your Consent and if you will give it nicely, they’ll fly a flag for you and if you don’t you may end up having to be scared some more into giving the Consent they Ask to keep doing what they are doing or you will have to be made poor enough to be willing to go to War for Money.

So what will it be, Fly the flag, Fear the Flag or Die for the flag?

In a World where everyone has enough to live, it will be hard to find people that go to war.

Do you want to STOP all Wars? Support a Basic Income Guaranteed, grant to All the Right to Life and End All Wars by standing for Life vs. Death,  Yours or the One of Others. Life for All is Possible, give up the Flag.

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