Day 360: We are ALL in a Humanitarian Emergency

Today on the news they shared about the Syrians that are arriving in Calais and are demanding support that the French are refusing in principle (a long story here and the result of Laws implemented as people pleaser, as protection from threatening forces that would lessen the well-being of the French people – we have passed similar Laws against immigration during one of the legislative times of the North coalition ‘La Lega’) and hence they are demanding to move on to the UK, where asylum seekers are, according to what they heard, lavished with benefits.

They are threatening to kill themselves if they won’t be taken into the UK as asylum seekers – with the full benefits of those that are coming from Humanitarian emergencies.

The situation in Syria is deteriorating, the fear of an attack by those that threaten to ‘come and help and bring Democracy to their country’ is just the cherry on top of a cake of instability, of treason, of collusion of interests that leaves the people far worse off than before the ‘uprising’ started.

What hit me about this news is not what the refugee are demanding, that should be a basic Human right, the right to a life, what hit me are some things that I have not yet worked out clearly

why do these people feel entitled to benefits they have accepted they can’t have at home?

why do they believe that having escaped the towering inferno that Syria is becoming they are entitled a cut above the rest that were not as lucky as them to be able to leave?

why, since they made it out of Syria alive, aren’t they asking benefits for everyone, having witnessed the harsh reality of being desperate, homeless, living in the fear of humanitarian drone attacks, why are they not bringing the plight of all the Syrians with them, why are they asking for just themselves?

And the point is that this is our Nature, this is what we have become and now we can watch a little country trailer before we go global, those that tell tales of how generous we all became during the war, are either deliberately misleading, have deliberately changed their memories of the war -if they lived through it, when they would steal from family and neighbors to feed themselves, or are just lost in a Hollywood movie, in a tale of Human Grandeur vs the Human Pettiness we have globally reached and justify with Fear, with the ‘I was afraid’s that we use to not stand up, not considering that the fear of losing our lives in the kind of world we live in to build a world that works for all vs hanging on for (a) DEAR Life that works just for me, is an act of insanity that is turning our lives into worthlessness, as we refuse to grant worth to all, as we discount the need to grant Life to all but claim the right to Life for just ourselves.

So, the Syrian refugees are not showing us the state of the region, the state of Syria  and the plight of the Syrian people, we knew about that already, they stand to show us the ugliness of our miss-perceived self importance and how weird it looks to ask to be lavished with benefits when having walked away from a life they were not willing to live, but considered fine for all those that could not make it out of there.

We need a Living Income Guaranteed because, if we are self honest, we know we can’t trust ourselves yet to do what would be best for all, we can’t trust ourselves that if a war broke loose we would be the ones sharing the meagre piece of bread we have left with our neighbors, we have not been raised to love our neighbors as ourselves, we have not been raised to love ourselves either, we are the end result of a system that has accepted Inequality as the way things are, where we lost the will to stand for a change because we don’t believe a change is possible and yet, each one of us is a piece of the big change, each one has to stand in a position AS change to make this come true.

We need to become promoters of a system that stands for Life, we are all in a Humanitarian Emergency, starting from those starving to those that can’t send their kids to school, put a roof over their heads, those that can’t get out of demeaning, debasing jobs, just because of lack of Money.

When all will have enough, when the fear of survival can end for all, then we can start rebuilding, redesigning who we want to be and many will have a chance to rewrite themselves out from the petty scavengers of this world into worthy human beings, as we give worth to each other and to all by stating that Life is a non negotiable Human Right and it must be guaranteed Equally to All.

Stand up for a Living Income Guaranteed, that is the first step of making a different choice, it’s a step of awareness, it’s our back up plan, it’s the failsafe for our Human Nature to give us some buffer to address the root problem, ourselves, and in that one choice for a dignified living for all, Life on this planet will never be the same. It’s not too late yet.

The Acceptance of Power as Our Own Demise

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