Day 361: LIG will Change the Unconvenient Truth about Our Lives

Yesterday I went for a blood test at a hospital nearby.

There were 30 people to go before me, in one morning alone, just in this minor hospital they would test over 100 people.

I asked the woman who gave out the queue tickets how long was the wait and she said about 30 minutes, she had the most menial job, she was in charge of pressing the button for the queue ticket, not a highly skilled job by any means but as she said ‘thanks God I have a Job, and Bless the queue!’.

For a moment I could not work out what was wrong with this picture, a grateful woman who was thankful to have a job, but then as I zoomed out I saw that the queue she blessed was a queue of potentially ill people, she had to wish people ill to make a living.

As I zoomed further out from the picture, enough to include myself, I saw that as a Tutor I have to make a living by hoping and wishing on a failing educational system, as a masseuse I have to wish and hope for sick people who are in pain and so it goes, doctors bless the diseased, dentists pray for rotting teeth, taxi drivers welcome those that can’t afford a car, our whole system is built on the demise of others, for me to thrive, others must lose out, must fall sick, must have less, must live one step below me so I can get ahead and thrive or barely survive.

The worrisome point is that we have given up our ability to realize even the simplest of things like this one, we live tunnel visioned toward our own survival goal never questioning the system or how it is that everything works, of how it is that things are created, of where is our collective attention that could, if harnessed, create a world that is way better than this and how our tunnel view existence forbids us from seeing that, as we do not consider others equally important, equally deserving of a life that is worth living, we ourselves go and fatten up the queues of those who are wishing us ill and sick, so They can survive, just as we do.

Now imagine if we said STOP, imagine if in one moment we all came to the same realization about this world and its abusive nature and stopped believing that this is the way things are, imagine if we refused to pray on one another for a living but instead granted to each other the unconditional right to life.

Sure there would be many changes, possibly then pressing the queue button on a hospital machine would not be high on anyone’s priority list, wishing dis-ease on others for my ease would no longer be required, what then?

We need a Living Income Guaranteed, if our Life and the Life of everyone else was granted as a given from birth to death, we could create a different world, we could take the time to recreate ourselves into honorable trustworthy beings, we would have the luxury to no longer have to wish the demise of others for our own good and THAT is a gift that we should give to each other as soon as we start realizing that if we don’t we are equal creators of a world of abuse and that makes us no different in any way from the Elite we are so easy to point our finger at, as the source of all our problems.

Stand for a Life for All, get involved, spread the word, things are this way because we allow them to be so but we can stop the allowance for a world that works for all instead.

When Life is a Gift, when Life is For-Given to All, we will stop stealing it from each other to make sure we have one of our own.

One comment on “Day 361: LIG will Change the Unconvenient Truth about Our Lives

  1. Fascinating perspectives! Thanks for sharing!

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