Day 364: Why Nationalization Makes sense – and we Don’t.

Nationalization of resources, Expropriation (which simply means making someone’s claimed private property an EX ownership)  and every argument/thought around them, seem to go against the very treasured teachings of the Value -and the Right- of/to Private Property.

Maybe it will be in this very point that we can start to wake up to the damning reality of our brainwashing, how do we worship something most people never have access to, never had and never will?

Wasn’t One God enough to uphold as Precious in our Fantasy World?

This world is not designed to guarantee an Equal share of everything to All, crazy if you really think about it because no one was born -in theory- with more or less rights to benefiting from what the planet provides.

I recently went through our National Laws on the point of Nationalization and Expropriation for land, buildings and businesses in the name of public interest. This Constitutional Law has been amended so many times in the past 20 years to tighten the cap to make sure that we may never be able to apply it,  you’d think we would have noticed, but we didn’t, because the Idea of the Right-ness  to everything that exists Equally shared by All, is not even contemplated by us, it’s something remote, it’s been cast somewhere inside ourselves in connection with scary words, such as Communism, Reds, Fascism, Crazy, Insane, Regime, words that exist as Guardians to the secret that Universal Sharing of what is here is in fact not just sane, but due.

How can anyone own what is Required By All to live, water, food -taking this all the way to its very source, the seeds-, the right to be looked after when sick, the right to have a shelter, those rights that we claim, are in fact breaches of Human Rights, they are ‘Human Wrongs’ that we put in writing and asked those that followed to uphold and  enforce, they are not supporting Life on this Planet but Profit and we should make this unacceptable, unlawful and stand as one to be counted to change what we have mind-fully believed to be ‘the way things are’.

The Law is nothing more than the sum of our accepted injustices, it is because we have accepted them that they became the Common Law, they stand as the recorded history of our abuses toward each other, we can’t trust the Law to be our Moral Compass in terms of Who should own what and what property should be protected, because the Law is not protecting the Lives of All Equally, the Law says that the richer ones are More Equal than others and the Law admits some scoundrels at the head of Corporations to promote anti Life regulations in the name of profit. The Law told us that the Jews were not Equally Human several times in our history and that Women did not have the right to vote because they were less Equal than men, it is lawful in some countries to say that children can be married to old men for money or that female Circumcision is OK, so, honestly, isn’t the Law just the written history of our acceptances and nothing more?

The Law we should abide by is the Law that understands the principle that Life has Equal value in all Living Beings, that Life must be honored, that the Planet as the Giver of Life has Equal Rights to any living being, that the Corporations are not Life and they don’t have any Rights that comes before Life, that there is no crown or hat or medal that gives anyone the right to trample the Human Rights that should have  been given to all at birth -and if they have not been given by Law, the Law is a farce, the Law is just the enforcer of injustice in a world of abuse.

Nationalizing all natural resources is a Human Right, the resources of this planet belong to All, they are meant to provide a Living, they were never meant to provide a reason to profit from the suffering of those that have to go without.

The Law set in stone is a legend that belongs to Moses, we don’t have to cross the red sea or wait for the heaven manna, we just have to wake up from our acceptance of the abusive nature of this world and choose a different path, a path that includes ALL, our saving Grace is not gaining Exclusivity by leaving some out and profiting from each other won’t change unless we stop desiring to do so.

Life can change now for all, we just need to recognize that there is nothing to ask anyone, we are the 99% so the future of the world is in our hands, we just have to lay out a new set of rules by which we will live our lives, free from abuse and gladly giving to all what we would like for ourselves, a Life worth living.

A Living Income Guaranteed will give Life to All those that are kept on the fringe of this world’s bounty.

Nationalizing all natural resources can be one way to finance Life and the well-being of All.

We can take it from there. Join us.

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