Day 368: Off-Gridder? Let’s Stop kidding ourselves

Going off the grid - living income guaranteed

There is no such a thing as ‘living off the grid’, come on, isn’t it obvious? This planet is The Grid.

The other day as I talked to a friend and he suggested the solution for this world is to ‘live off the grid’, I felt the usual ‘off the grid argument’ irritation, I should not be surprised though, I used to wish for a life off the grid myself until I realized that The World is The Grid and we are all interconnected -and that there is no way to live off the grid but in our heads.

Think about it for a moment, the water we need comes from the grid somewhere, the clothes we wear, even if we hand stitch them, we have to buy the cloth, or if we weave it we have to buy the yarn, or exchange it for something which comes from somewhere from The Grid, we use electronics (the two tins and a rope don’t go very far, oh, and they would come from the grid too)  even if we connect it to a faeces-fuelled home-made engines – whose building blocks come from The Grid-, honestly, we can never claim to not be part of this abusive system, because The System is just like the Matrix, it’s everywhere, and it is not possible to Not be a part of it, no matter how hard one tries.
This Christmas they even pushed presents for the Off-Gridders (see article attached below), how comical is that, being an Off-Gridder has now created a new arm of Consumerism, as proof that no one is moving away from consequences and when trying, we just create more consequential outflows just because we have not considered all the pieces of the puzzle before seeking for a solution, we have not sought a solution for the whole and there will never be a Solution ‘just for myself’, this was the whole point of the problem to start with.

The ‘going off the grid’ idea is not a solution, first because it’s not available/accessible to All and, incidentally, is not even Real, it’s a Make Belief to grant us the right to feel better about ourselves, to feel disentangled, disengaged (why not dis-functional?) and above others, it’s the deluded Belief that just because we buy organic and use horse shit to grow our tomatoes, then we are not part of this system, we can say ‘I am not playing this game’, it’s our newly invented way to remove ourselves from the problems of this world, convincing ourselves that really, we are not part of the problem and if we push it we can even believe we are part of the solution but really, what solution is it to walk away from this mess just because we tell ourselves ‘we didn’t start it’, ‘it wasn’t me’?

Does it really matter how we got here?

Because Here we are, all together, stuck on a planet that can either take a U-turn or self destruct and if it goes the second way how cool it will be for us to claim that ‘we were off the grid’, how will our living off the grid save us from the pollution of oceans, of the air we breathe, save us from climate changes brought about by our mis-use of this world and its resources or from the shame of not having addressed the point of the lives of misery that some are forced to live, without a choice in the matter, how will our ‘off the grid’ life be accounted for when we had a chance to acknowledge being On The Grid, On The Field, where change could be made and manifested for the benefit of All and did nothing instead?

Next time we feel tempted to desire to live out the ‘Off the grid’ Fantasy, we should stop and Breathe, see and realize that this Reality is who we are and we can’t take a holiday from it nor we should abdicate our response-ability for it, instead we could stand as the change we wish to see in the world, starting by making sure everyone’s Right to Live is guaranteed as a Basic Human Right, wouldn’t that make sense?

We start with a living income guaranteed because there is Life on The Grid and we wish to keep it Here, sustain it and support it as if each Life was our own. And then we won’t wish to leave The Grid behind anymore.

Join the #livingincomeguaranteed proposal, spread the news, the Solution is within reach, we just have to be a part of it and not apart from it, for the Life of All.

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