Day 382: Nepotism is the Love of the Elite for Their Next of Kin

Il Trota

If we lived in a safe and Sound world, no one would have to worry about the future of their children.

The fact that most parents are worried for their children is sure, never as much as today we see extensive competition in the field of education to give the youth of today an ‘edge’, an advantage over others, we have to make sure that our children are ‘more armed’, have more weapons in their arsenal to have better chances to enter the workforce.
We are living in an employment war zone.

Recently as a potential future opportunity for a job opened up for me I made sure to include in the ‘potential’ those that I know are struggling to re-enter the workforce, like me, or those that have never successfully entered it in the first place, because they lacked that edge or because their countries have already reached the stagnation point where jobs for the ones that are new into the job market, are simply no longer available and they are forced to reinvent themselves, usually on the lower steps of the ladder.

This is why we have those kind of situations in our economics cycles, while for some they spell ut tragedy and potential suicides, for others they are nothing more than an opportunity to push people down, lower, while some get richer and want to make sure to create a broader pool of cheap labour they can fish from, if and when required.

So, as I saw in my own personal life, that when an opportunity arose to ‘get a job’ I tried to squeeze in those I am worried about, there should be no surprise about Nepotism in such a system, everyone is worried about the Future and those who have managed to nail a ‘higher position’ for themselves in the system,  want to make sure those close to them will be able to have a secured life. Nepotism as such is not the phenomena where greedy people make sure that jobs are taken away from others, it’s just the Love of the Elite for their next of kin, within this kinship where we all live that has not considered a space, a place for everyone, it just happens that those that can manoeuver jobs will place those dear to them into a secure position and it is how we end up with incompetent people high up in the hierarchy of those that should get things moving but are too unprepared to even understand what needs to be done and honestly, most of the time, way too unconcerned, since their future is guaranteed and that is good enough for now.

What we have failed to realize is that Nepotism, like most of the diseases afflicting our society, is born out of fear, everyone on this planet is clear in their heart of hearts about the vicious nature of the system we have created, everyone is too busy surviving to be able to extend their worry and then their care to the rest of the world plus in many cases we can’t even imagine HOW to extend such care to those that are far away, to those that we don’t even know personally and may never know within our lifetime.

This is why we have to rethink the system in which we live, a major systemic change would include everyone, tha’s how we can make sure to care fr the whole world as one, the lives of all of us would be secured, Life could be guaranteed for All if we decided that Life is the Real Capital of this world and then we would not have to come up with creative ways to fight nepotism, because Nepotism is an outflow of a system of Fear and is used by those that, when moving to secure a future for their children or dear ones have to overlook the damage that is done overall to all those that will have to endure decision-making by many dumb spoiled brats who never had to participate in the rush to get the better/best education as the key to enter the system.

One of our last Nepotism cases such as the one I described was the one of the son of the Boss of our Party ‘Lega Nord’, where the charismatic father that had set out to straighten out the relationship with the black hole that Rome has become -only to turn into one of the very proficient thief politicians like the ones he was trying to fight- had a son that, when asked if he was his  ‘Dauphin’ (‘The Dauphin of France’ was the title given to the heir apparent of the throne of France from 1350 to 1791, and from 1824 to 1830), he replied that for the time being he was his ‘Trout’, to make sure everyone knew that he was aware that his son was dumb and that he was in the process to un-dumb him to make him worthy of covering a position of national relevance.

The un-dumbing never took place, the pressure to survive was not on and the capacity was not there either, but he finally gained a position of relevance as a Regional Advisor at a monthly wage of 15000 euros. The other girl in the picture is Elena, on the contrary to The Trout she managed to get an Honor degree in Economics but did not have a father placed high enough to get her a job, so she ended up working in a call centre for 670 euro a month.
Of course by teaching his son that he did not have to be a responsible human being, The Trout ended up indicted for embezzlement and misuse of public funds, if his dad said it was ok for a turnip head to earn 15000 euro a month, why was not OK to charge to public expenses everything else he wished to have access to, including a degree from an Albanian University for 77000 euro – when he could not speak a word of Albanian and the course was apparently only held in such language? Too dumb even to steal with aplomb?

Nepotism is damaging us in more ways than just wasting public money, one solution to Nepotism would be to have a system like a Living income Guaranteed, if all parents knew their children would have enough to live they could make different choices for them and not push them into position that can damage others just to make sure they can make a living.

All of us fear our futures because they are uncertain, volatile and we are all out to grab as much as we can while holding position that are of any significance, it would be interesting to see what would happen if this system provided a living for all, maybe some would still go for Nepotism, but maybe others would not, they would conscientiously see the limits of their dear ones and rest assured that they would have enough to get by and maybe wold hand them out some cash to top that up without having to resort to investing the incapables with tasks they will never be able to take on nor they wish to.

It is time to see the many angles of what a living income guaranteed could do for our society and ourselves, removing the fear of survival would be critical for us to start considering other models of both personal and collective behaviors and it’s only up to us to decide that this is the way we want to go.

A living income guaranteed is within our reach, we can make it happen, see the benefits, expand your views of the world with us, it’s possible. Join us

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