Day 385: Who are our Governments representing?

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In theory our governments are made of people, who have been appointed by us, to bring into being what We The People, who are supposed to participate in the drafting and the decision-making process in matters that influence our lives, like public policies -on public resources just to name one- or on how to manage the system as a whole in a way that works for all, have come to an agreement about.

It would be way too simplistic to state that our Governments are now representing only greedy corporations, even though there is truth in this statement, the terrible truth is how much they represent Us, as in a representation of who we are and what we have become.

The only difference between ourselves and our governments is that they have way more access than we do to make decisions that benefit only themselves and way more impact on the consequences of such choices, we are witnessing the EGOcentric truth of ourselves on a blown up screen we call The Government.

So, when we take to the streets and demand ‘their change’, it would be like shouting to a movie screen to change the plot, without understanding that the course has been set in motion, edited and now it’s just shown to us as the end result of years of accumulated consequences in EGOcentric policy making, while we were missing in action.

So, how can we, how do we change this Representation of ourselves, how do we change the image in the big mirror that this world is, what steps can we take that will ensure a change from the bottom to the top?

In my opinion we can take the example of the much criticized 5 Star movement in Italy, these are ordinary citizens who have put their own lives on hold because they realized that a systemic change was required and humbly -and sometimes boldly- they did not take to the streets, they organized, drafted policies for education, public spending, renewable energies, for a basic income grant, looking at the system and where changes were required and writing solutions to be voted in Parliament.

When they entered Parliament in quite an important representation in numbers, they decided to not ally with anyone, to not trust anyone on sealed law packages that would have to be voted on trust, meaning without opening the parcel and looking inside, instead to vote on a law by law case, looking at every single facet of what policy making implied and how they would have to become educated in the ways of the system to make a change.

So far they have managed 2 -apparent- important changes, the ousting of Berlusconi from Parliament after the third degree of judgement that found him guilty with no more possibility of appeal and the opening of a fund for small and medium enterprises using the party financing money they refused to take.

Why do I call these 2 changes just apparently important?

Well, because, as I said, they are very unripe in the ways of the system, they vowed to uphold a morality standard that the system is foreign to and as a result they have been unable to make real changes, they have just skimmed the surface and what they have done that resonated like a great success, which was finally kicking Berlusconi out of Parliament, was just a point where in truth they have been strumentalized by the system who wanted Berlusconi out in the first place for reasons that have nothing to do with upholding the Law and gave them the badge of honour for this perceived victory, a little treat and a clever device for those who were really behind the scenes that wouldn’t have to explain why a man who has been doing illegal stuff for over 20 years was made to pay so publicly for -by comparison to his previous endeavours such a small misdemeanor.

I want to be clear that I voted for the 5 Star movement simply because the other choices were too appaling to even consider and who wouldn’t want to be on the train for Change, but in watching them trying to hold on to the purity of their intent one has to wonder why we don’t accept this system as it is and move within it with ease vs moving within it puking our way through every single process that is required to be walked for real change.

Is the Movement 5 Star, the righteous vegan choice in politics? The way how we hope to feel good because ‘we are not like the other scoundrels – look at us- the immaculate conception, we will never get our hands dirty with the rest of them, we are above them, beyond them’.

The problem is we can’t be above the system, pretend to be, believe to be and change it, it’s impossible, we can’t even be beyond the system as we profess because the system is here and is not going away anytime soon unless we, The People, redirect each aspect of it to a solution.

So, the point I want to make is that it is all good and dandy to write down ‘the perfect system’ and then try to jump there from where we are, but it’s proving to be impossible, because each one of us is The System and when we jump beyond it, we are taking one piece away from in front of the mirror to move beyond it and then we ask the mirror to  change saying ‘look, I have moved beyond, now show me a different picture, a different representation’, and what will be shown to us is then the whole Representation Minus ourselves, obvious no?

This is exactly what is happening to the Movement 5 Star, we are so beyond that we are no longer in the picture, and I beg to know, how do we change it from outside of it, how do we support a sustainable money less economy without addressing the money point like Zeigeist proposes, do we take out our magic Venus Wands and make that one point disappear? That is impossible, we can’t HarryPotter our way through this system, using our nymbus 2000 broom to zigzag from one thing we don’t like to another and as we touch them within our reasoning have them disappear, if that worked we would have solved most of our problems because we have for some time had alternative think tanks to work out solutions to the problems we face but no matter how great ‘thinking’ we have done about solutions, unless we take this ‘thinking’ into the tank that this physical reality is and act on it, nothing will ever change.

All of us standing in front of the mirror will have to first realign privately our own policy making and priorities into solutions that work for all, we have to remove our fear of our own systems, we have to look inside to see how we privately handle money, knowledge, relationships with others, where are our own personal points of abuse and correct ourselves, make new policies to abide to that can be reflected by the collective mirror as solutions.

At the next elections I will still vote for the Movement 5 Star, we have no other choice here in Italy at the moment because trust cannot be given to the ones who have a proven track record of being untrustworthy, but at the same time I am correcting myself because I want to see this correction in the Movement of a Group that I belong to, where we realize that we can be the change and then we can show to others who are involved in policy making, without calling them names or having speeches in Parliament only meant to project the blame and shame on them for where we are, recognizing that we could have never been where we are without our own equal participation or lack of it and as such, taking the time to explain, to share, why doing things differently would be better, best in fact, because only when we recognize the right to a life, the right to a living, will we have our right to life and living recognized, honoured and supported and we can walk there together, beyond our previous mis-under-standings we can stand together for a different future and then the governing of ourselves, the governing of our Minds, our own Government will shine through, there needn’t be violence to change the man in the mirror, we just need the willingness to change and then walk the steps of change, the man in the mirror will be happy to comply, the power was never in the mirror but in ourselves and it’s time to bring it back to each one of us, so we can change ourselves and the world with us.

Consider one of the first step required will be to recognize the Value of Life for all, we have drafted a program, it’s called A Living Income Guaranteed, because Life can be given to All by our determination to do so, it just requires to admit that we have tied Life to Money and that we designed a system that doesn’t provide access to Life through Money to All and correct that point – immediately, so stand up as the change, as one who decides to give to all and make life for-giving and not for-getting to include everyone in the equation without leaving anyone behind.

Join the Change, be the change as part of the Living Income Guaranteed Movement, spread the word, participate, make this project your own for yourself and the World as One.

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