Day 392: Charity, Scavengers and a Living Income Guaranteed

On the topic the Daily Mail wrote yesterday

Retailers are being warned to lock their bins after growing gangs of scavengers have been caught rooting through rubbish to grab discarded items they can sell or eat.

Groups have been secretly filmed rifling through refuse in Gloucester for the last two months, stealing furniture, clothes and food on a weekly basis.

Footage shows how they take it in turns to go through industrial dustbins for anything of worth and in the last few weeks have salvaged food scraps, computer monitors, and even a video player.

But they have been warned they could face up to seven years in prison for theft if they are caught in the act.

Is there something obviously wrong with this article, like for example the attempt to criminalize people who are taking out stuff from RUBBISH BINS which are meant to dispose of things some no longer want?

How far are we pushing the I’Deal of Private Property, to the rubbish point? What about the ashes resulting from the burnt trash of each one of us, why are they not given back to us if they are still our property? Why isn’t anyone complaining about that, why is it ok that the incinerators appropriate themselves of our rubbish but not people who are in no position to buy stuff they or their families need or in the position to feed themselves?

Aren’t we spending public money in the millions for recycling but we resent and condemn recycling that comes for free – what is wrong with us – really?

Not to mention a Charity Shop that said:

Charity shops were quick to defend the way they handle their waste.

James Preece, area retail manager for YMCA, said: ‘The bins in the photographs do not belong to our YMCA shop. We keep our bins securely locked up during the week and they are only put out on collection days.’

Why is that?
Do we need to give Charity out in an accounted way so we can justify the existence and value of the Business of Charity?
I think we should be ashamed that we have people in such condition and that in no way we can claim that rubbish is ‘private property’ that can award up to seven years of jail time, if I trash something it means I no longer want it or need it and I have disposed of it, now it’s public property, have the trash collectors complained that their trash is diminished? Who is this harming if not our sense of social justice that has long gone down the drain?
I am really aghast at this news, if we are so petty as to want to hold on to our trash, we must have reached the limit of how low we will go to exclude others from some relief, others who may be, wrongly so, too ashamed to walk into a Charity shop and ask for a hand out and rather look into the rubbish bin to have a sense of having ‘found’ what they need, having participated in bettering their situation vs accepting to be given in ‘Charity’ what should be given to all as a Human Right – a Dignified Life.
It’s time we rethink this world which is the obvious result of some serious damaged mental processes we all have been participating with, we have a Proposal, it’s called a #livingincomeguaranteed, because Life should be guaranteed to All as Equal shareholders of this Planet and the Right to Live, it can’t be earned or hoped for, it has to be a given, this will heal some of the wrongdoings we have done, like having people result to scavenging into rubbish bins that we plan to keep locked away -while we decide if it’s viable to send them to prison for 7 years – because they try to have themselves a Life, just as we do thanks to the Money that circulates in our world due to our social, geographical, ethnic or hereditary position -and take for granted.
Participate, read about it, share it with others, giving a Life to All will result in a better world for everyone involved and that is by no means a Small Thing.
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