Day 399 – Our Needs are Something to Die For – LIG


There is a wave of suicides among the military personnel, my guess is that there might be a higher number among the USA military than anywhere else, for the simple reason that most of the wars fought by the USA Army are unjustified for, uncalled for and basically, in one word, wrong – no matter ow they call them, be it ‘protecting their interests abroad’ or the infamous ‘bringing democracy and freedom’ somewhere where no one asked their intervention and where they go to just steal resources to keep the American Dream Going. It takes Fuel to Power a DreamState.

Not that there is any ‘right’ war or there has ever been one, but one thing in human perception is to kill in self-defence, an act that still leaves many scarred for life, instead it’s a completely different ball game going and fighting wars the reasoning behind which escapes us and if we do understand them, as in having been brainwashed to make sense of them, we don’t find those reasons to correspond to the Truth or the reality of what is really going on once on the Battle Field.

It is not natural to kill another human being, this is a point beyond religious or social morality, it s a point we can feel in the depths of our being, many of us would be horrified at the idea of having to do so, I remember once dreaming of running over someone in a car and driving away and waking up with my heart in my throat, waking up in a sort of a rush, to get out of that feeling of ‘what have I done’ and even when I woke up that feeling lingered with me for a while, the horror of having taken someone’s life, an act that I could never delete or make amends for.

Of course had I grown up a man in a highly militarized country I might now perceive the act of killing as something that ‘needs to be done’ to protect myself and My Country from Imaginary Enemies, enemies that were tailor-made ad hoc and came to reside in my mind like if they were for real, as real as they could be, a threat to me, my loved ones and to some I-deal-ologies that have been implanted into us by a system that thrives on our separation.

So we spend much of our time embracing ideals of Equality and ideals of Rights that are laughable in comparison to what we should be tackling together, just one example, I have nothing against the right of gay people to get married but I find it objectable that the term Equality be hijacked by one group to define their right to sign a paper that gives them the same legal ‘protection’ that heterosexual couples endure.
Wouldn’t it be enough to write a private agreement with a lawyer to protect the rights of two parties within an agreement – if at all necessary? I guess it would.

So, why are we using the word Equality for trivial pursuits of rights that would be forgettable if we could take a step back and see where our real Equality lies and how we could uphold this Right for the whole world, why are we not seeing the urge to reclaim this word from the world of confusion it has been entangled to, just to be reduced to a mockery of its original meaning as in the Equal Human Right to have a living guaranteed for example, or the Equal right of All to a life of dignity, the right to access vital world resources, such as food and water, who really cares about marriages among gay people if not the gays that have been convinced they can’t have that piece of paper, making that piece of paper now so important, so vital, to turn them into the Flagship and Flag bearers of an Equality that could be obtained in so many other ways.

I live in Italy, a country where misogyny is still rampant but women have not been told ‘you can’t have this or that’ because if they had, they would have stood up ‘for this and that’ this is the nature of the Human, we fight for our Rights, not the real ones, the rights someone told us we would have a right to – but perceive we have been denied. Look at how we have collectively been granted ‘the right to work’, to make sure we understand we don’t have a right to a Life but must EARN it, so we fight for a job when we can’t have one specifically because of the living we are denied with the lack of it, but don’t see it’s the living we want, not the job, cunningly we have not been told either that we can’t have a living, if they told us we would fight to get that right, to make that right, so the rights we don’t know we have a right to, we don’t stand up for, because we have been quietly indoctrinated about the point that ‘that is not our right’ to ask for – and so we don’t – but please give me a marriage certificate for me and my gay spouse – I demand it – it’s my Right (?). Weird isn’t it?

My mother told me that when I was a kid and would ask for permission to do things and they would all be denied I would end with ‘may I do my homework now?’ so she could no longer say ‘NO’, that was my gay marriage fight, the right to have the approval to do something nobody ever wanted to deny to me, as long as I didn’t ask for all those other things I should know by now, I could not have.

This brings up for me the point of going to war and the military system, they told us we have a right to be protected, a right to Equality in the Army (as if we care), they did not tell us we were the ones doing the protection of our countries from imaginary enemies and props (think ‘war on terror’) and a few deranged sick psychopaths by design who are driving this world, who believe that human life is worthless and that it’s worth-less if we don’t give it any importance, any attention, if we create unmanned drones to kill real people because then the real people become less real, we have not been told that we should have the right to be asked how do we stand about killing other human beings, because that is part of the job of protecting what we hold dear, some of the dearest things we hold were put into our heads by those whose profit motives make them highly questionable and whose greed reached a blinding point that doesn’t allow them to see the harm that comes from some of the things we do in the name of profiting from life and all this is taking place while WE are busy fighting for our imaginary, irrelevant rights. We are equally responsible for allowing our focus to be diverted and for not considering the larger picture that would make this world our home and the people living in it our family, a family that needs our urgent attention, this is happening under our watch, where are we all to say NO and propose instead a different system that works for all?

Now, conceded that most join the Army because of need, they are in need of either an education, a place to live, a career all things that would be out of their reach otherwise and considering that once one joins the Army, the military system hopes to successfully reprogram him/her into a killing machine which  is how we end up with some horrific stories on the battle field that would beg for us to question the sanity of the system as a whole, the point is that it’s NEED that drives those choices and it can very possibly be why we keep human beings in a state of perpetual NEED, either the need to be able to access basic necessities, such as housing, food, water, healthcare, an education for our children or other frivolous needs, like an Ipad, Ipod, IPhone, all things where the focus is on ‘I’, I as in Eye as in Eye of the Needle, the focus that needs correction, that needs to topsy-turvy the Me into a WE to make things right for everyone.

So, why don’t we take NEED away from our society once and for All?
If everyone was guaranteed a #livingincome, then we would not NEED to join anything that goes against what we would like to support as Human beings, like LIFE, we would suddenly have the luxury we never had to have a Choice.

Many people who are born on the wrong side of the system, or who have fallen out of the system into the abyss of our careless design, do not have choices, their needs drive them, their survival urges become the motive that moves them to do the unthinkable and yes sure, this might be why we kept things this way for so long but if we start to see the designs that are urging people into choices we have the privilege to not have to make, then we can reconsider rewriting the system in support of everyone, to guarantee a Living to All, because we can, no matter what we have been taught and believe, this world needs our compliance and consent to stay the way it is, we can stop giving our thumbs up and start by joining together in the name of an Equality bigger than our petty para Equality fights and drive this world to a solution

We have a solution that will do just that, it’s called a living income guaranteed, it’s a guarantee that Humanity will change just because of it, we should try it out and address the roots of our problem, remove Need to replace it with Choice and give ourselves and the world at large, for the first time, a chance to see if we can indeed make different choices and learn to honour Life once our needs are provided and guaranteed for. We are not as dumb as we look. I bet we can.

Join us.

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