Day 401 – The Oldest Job in the World and a Living Income Guaranteed



I remember the first time I learnt about Prostitution. We were driving in our car, returning to the city after a short trip, when I saw a group of scantily dressed women on the side of the road sitting on crates around a bonfire.

There were quite a few as we drove by, with some space in between, my mum told me they were called ‘fireflies’ because of the association with bonfires in the night, she didn’t tell me that they were forced to light up a fire on the side of the road because their job required to expose their goods, their bodies as merchandise -and it was freezing cold.

The bonfire, the scantily clothed bodies and possibly their very lives were not choices, they were the only left avenues for some women to survive. On this I am tired about hearing men saying ‘she took the easy choice’ – oh yeah? – imagine having to have sex with an old pervert, or a fat sadist, or a dirty – as in unwashed- teenager on the side of a road in a car in winter, then imagine doing that for 10 times a day, then imagine being able to keep only a small amount of the money you make because you need some pimp to protect you in the underworld – how is that the easy choice pleeeease?
Can we give up the fantasy that women ‘love having sex anyway anytime’ hence prostitution is the creme de la creme job in this world come to think of it?

My mum told me as well that it was ‘the oldest job in the world’.

It’s hard to believe that we invented Prostitution before creating the idea of a job market and even the fact that we call Prostitution a JOB is quite comical -and tragic- when we look at it for what it is, the only thing we can keep in mind is the ‘oldest in the world’ part as in underlining how the marginal role of women in society and within the education system pushed them into creative ideas to survive, they looked at the demand on the market and the offer was created. This is the best view of Prostitution history we can come up with, the one that doesn’t count how women have been enslaved for eons into sex for free before they had the idea of getting something out of it, still, it defines us as a society that has been able to leave half of its population in need for centuries, creating the need for Laws, like marriage, to force men into some sort of responsibility because it did not come natural obviously, we can say we always had destitute groups in this world and one of these was for sure women.

These days one of our Political Parties, Lega Nord, is talking, among other things, about taxing Prostitution since we have to face the fact that we are unable to get rid of it and hence we should legislate how it should take place and specifically how can we squeeze some money out of this ‘business’, they are making money are they not? Then they must pay taxes.

I find this suggestion quite ridiculous but perfectly in line with everything else we busy ourselves with when looking for solutions, we always start from ‘how things have always been’ and from there seek the solution without realizing that we should first face WHY things have always been a certain way, because if we can answer the WHY and correct that point new Solutions we have never thought about before, may emerge.

Can Prostitution be considered ever a Legit Enterprise? A prostitute is not an artisan, not a builder, they don’t manufacture anything specific if not the Illusion of a relationship, be it sexual or otherwise, should they fall under the Trading Act? Can one trade their own body for money and if so, why is it illegal to sell body parts, why don’t we legislate on the black market of organs that exists and has been existing since we have been able to successfully replace them in transplants? Why not tax that? Transaction in the organs market are way more substantial than in the prostitution business,  Why should prostitution be legal if not because we recognize that we cannot take away this choice for survival to those that have nothing left?

So, we do know that there is something very wrong with the way this world functions why not consider correcting the malfunctioning of the way we exist instead? Why do we attempt to romanticize and place ‘good labels’ on terrible solutions we have come up with to be able to make it another day?
Fireflies is a title  for a children’s book not for the oldest job in the world, a better label would be ‘a collective disgrace’ or ‘a failure in the way we designed our society for profit and not in support of Life’ -if we gave the right labels to what we are doing than we would be prompted to act in search of Real Solutions.

Prostitution by the way is not ony related to women, an Italian poet has recently defined our old hands in Parliament shameless whores and been reprimanded for it, mainly because we don’t like unconvenient truths to be exposed because, when they are, we are left with no choice but to face the fact that one way or another all of us have been prostituting for money, men and women alike, it’s amazing to be offended by Prostitution as an immoral choice but not by an Immoral World.

In my view we should change the way we approach our problems, taxing prostitution is just illogical, especialy when we are still debating on this ‘profession’ and, as I said, if we are not willing to tax other ‘on the fringe’ activities that exist, thrive and make up much of our parallel economy, why tax prostitution? Are we going for the prostitutes because we fear asking the Mafia to pay taxes or wait, asking Corporations to not move their Capitals into Tax Heavens to avoid giving what is due that would give much relief to the economy and to those that struggle within it? Are we going for the weakest even in our ludicrous solution seeking Quest, who are the real abusers then if not us all?

There is no way to make a few pleats to this system and make it work, we don’t need a cosmetic adjustment to our systems, we need a structural one, we need to go at what is keeping it all together, the glue, Money, and through that redefine everything the way we would like it to be in a way to include everyone in the  solution.

We have a proposal, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, it’s a revolutionary idea, it establishes a foundation of support in the world for everyone, we see that the best and fastest way to deliver a solution to the problems we face would be through the existing infrastructure, this is why we support Money as a Solution to most of the problems we face, giving to All enough to live a dignified Life is possible, we are the ones that decide, no matter what we would rather believe so we can blame others for the policies we passively accept or the choice we do not make to Stand for a solution for All.

Inform yourself about our Proposal, talk about it, see the benefits for everyone and if you can conceive a world without prostitution, our own or the one of women on the streets, a world without abuse and exploitation, a world that works for all and considers the needs of all -join us.

A different world is possible, ending our whoring and warring is required, we can start with a Life Giving Choice – what we will need to legislate about in correction we will be able to see it clearly only after structural changes to this system have taken place and then who knows, we may discover that women were never so fond of selling their bodies after all and some of the oldest jobs in the world, such as prostitution, slavery, child trafficking, organized crime, may end once and for all as we redefine our priorities and what needs to be done for a world that changes from the roots up, starting with each one of us.


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