Day 403: Satanism, Religions and a Living Income Guaranteed


In the past few days I have watched some videos about the Music World and its Satanic Connections.

This was what originally led me on this personal Quest for the Truth a couple of years ago, the realization that something weird was going on in this world just under the surface and that I could not point the finger on what it was exactly, we can say Satanism is one of those weird things going on, not the only one, not even the gravest if we don’t count that we have some people convinced that they have a right to their beliefs which include dressing up in funny clothes, having weird numerology based rituals and the offerings of human sacrifices. This is an obvious example of when a belief System meets reality and it should give in to the Fact that taking other people’s lives to sacrifice to an Imaginary God is a line that should not be crossed and how, when we will put our hands on the religious Beliefs and the Idea that everyone is entitled to Their Opinion, we may want to explain to some that the Opinion of Killing in the name of a Belief needs a course correction – or jail time, or both.

At the moment I am following a group called the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State and a guy called Kevin Annet, who has got balls the size of planets. What amazes me the most about him is how he goes about what he is doing quite unconcerned about being ridiculed and trashed to pieces. I guess he is way past this stage because he used to be a priest and has already been publicly disrobed and attempts to ruin his life and him personally are by now an ongoing event in his life.

Still, he is on a Non Violent crusade for Justice, amazingly almost no one is talking about him yet, even though, on Easter, he went outside the Vatican to post there a declaration that abolishes the Papacy for proven Crimes against Humanity – this is no minor news and yet no one is talking about it. The fascinating fact is that this man, with the support of a growing network of Common Law Tribunals, is actually asking that the Law be upheld for the benefit of All and doesn’t accepts it to be used to create a world that entertains the few, of course jail may be his next destination since the whole system is currently privately owned, meanwhile believe it or not he was asking the Vatican to pack up and leave.

Their association claims that the previous Pope stepped down a few days before the final verdict of one of the Common Law Tribunals that condemned him as head of the Catholic Church Inc. for crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and all relative cover ups. Pope Benedict made sure to deny all allegations a few days ago saying he was just not feeling too well, a bit like when the USA left Vietnam and maybe said the climate was not right for them.

The most disturbing part of the Vatican story that they are covering is the Satanic Part, where eyewitnesses are claiming that child sacrifices were done as part of ritualistic crap meant to seal the Pope into his Powers – meaning it’s a few hundred years that Popes have ben sacrificing children on the Altar of Power and got away with it.

Of course as I read or listen to those news I go through moments in which I wonder how do we go about changing a world that has reached such levels of depravity, a depravity to which none of us is excluded because we are all Here, playing our own Roles and the acceptance of  the Role of Each one of Us in a Subservient Position allows those that have completely lost the plot and are teaching others how to lose it, to hold the power, twist it and use the Law as a roll of Toilet Paper with which they wipe their asses and then proudly, through coded speeches, let us know they have no intention to give all of this up. They are apparently having way too much fun.

When I was researching the Truths of this world, I looked into All Religious Belief Systems, apart from the Buddhist which seems to have briefly met reality as in ‘this is a world of suffering and we are stuck on the Reincarnation Wheel’ just to then lose themselves again up in airy fairy practices with no practical solutions for the physical realities we live in, all the rest are very questionable philosophies to say the least.

We usually deal with petty, vengeful, jealous creators who have made it their flag to show us how they can destroy anything and everything in one breath, that live to keep humans on the edge of a Terror so deep that some lose their minds to it, proving that religion as it is ad-ministered at the moment is inherently Evil, no matter what side of the polarity of it we walk, the Light or the Dark side of it and guess what, they are after All, as the Vatican is showing, proving to be One and The Same.

Religion has always been the Opium of the Populace and as we know, Opium was used as a therapeutic mean against Pain and Suffering of various kinds, so, in the modest year 2014, we are still busy debating which Religion is the True one without realizing that no matter what label we stick on it, we don’t see how we are still using apparently Sacred Beliefs, as in undisputable, as a numbing drug, as an insurance policy against our uncontrollable Fear of Death and who knows as an entrance card to a potential AfterLife.

In this the Satanists took the most honest view at reality, saw it sucked badly and then they decided, some consciously and some by association, to go for the Anti-God, to worship the One who had already had beef with the Creator, they do not deny the Darkness of this World, no, they harvest it, they dwell in it and they go through elaborate symbolism and shit to communicate with each other about their succesful sacrifices, they have set up a parallel world, a parallel club all to themselves  of pure evil, where they get satisfaction at the idea that all of the rest of us mere mortals don’t get any of their clues, that we are clue-less stupid, sheeple.

I don’t see much difference in any of the current religious belief system, they run on the opposite side of the polarity stick of good and evil,  a perception set up just for the practitioners it seems, because at the top, they all tend to agree, best to worship Baphomet, Satan, Lucifer, at least he gives you Money and Fame Now and not empty promises of a Better AfterLife. As far as investments go, the one in Satan seems way more logical, it pays upfront and lifts you Out of Fear for a Life of Misery that, let’s face it, it’s around the corner for each and every one of us should things turn sour in our lives.

Many Satanists didn’t see though that they are joining in on someone else’s boat, on someone else’s belief system, they may declare they worship Satan just to get The Job they aspire to, they may promise to sell their soul because they don’t believe they have one but basically what they really worship, just like everyone else in this world, is Money.

Life as it goes on this planet today is defined by Money, there is only One True God, Money, even the ‘good ones’ are praying for a ‘better life’ which can be achieved only through MONEY, so we are using those made up Gods in the Hope to be Saved, in the Hope to Be Spared everything that we see goes on for billions of those born on the wrong side of the system.

I wonder what would happen to Religions if we gave each other what we are seeking through the Loving/Evil God of our Lives, we are the Creators of this world, I see no God on this planet, no Baphomet, No Allah, No Yehowa, no Yahweh, no Christ, no Zeus, no Anu, no Satan, instead I see all of us Humans Here, we are the Evil Demonic Creators of Famine, Poverty, Need, Humiliation, Child Trafficking, Prostitution, Uneducated People, we are the Ones Preying on the Less Fortunate, willing to go to any length to pile up enough to create the buffer that will save us from FEAR, when we could instead be redesigning this world in a way that works for All.

A world that guarantees a Life to All would unleash an amazing potential in Humanity, would give us a range of choices many never had access to, or dreamed to have access to, in every field of existence, living, education, healthcare, we could provide for each other like brothers and sisters, as we move together to learn from everything that went wrong, while we sought survival at worse and thriving at best for ourselves -at the expense of others.

And when we doubt that we are too few, too little, too insignificant to change things, let’s think about Kevin Annet telling the Vatican their time is up. Did he get the Pope to step down the first time he said it? Who knows, maybe he did have something to do with Pope Benedict stepping down and maybe he will have something to do with the Papacy closing their business and looking for other stories to sell for money, nevertheless he is not stopping because what he is doing is Defining Him, same as the fact that What We Do Defines Us, so let’s redefine ourselves from this Demonic/Satanic Humanity that accepts and allows 30000 children to die of preventable causes every day, that lets 1 billion people starve every year, that let’s 2.5 billion people without access to proper sanitation and living conditions with less than 2 usd a day to live on, into supportive brotherly Human Beings that dedicate this Life to no longer accept and allow a world that is not including Each and Every Being on the Planet into the Equation.

Support a living income guaranteed, no one needs to live a Life that is not worth living, nor do some have a right to live trashing other people’s lives in the belief they are worth less, worthless Beings.

Return Value and Worth to Each Life with a Living Income Guaranteed. Join Us.

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