Day 458: Usury and The Art of Overmilking


Recently a flood of court injunctions have hit Italian Banks.

Nothing to worry about, they  have already found plenty ways around what they were asked to do, small things, like publishing a note on their website to inform their clients that they are undergoing an investigation for usury, or returning some of the compounded interests they have charged to some that got tired of being milked and took them to court.

Strange that this novel approach to the banking system, as in questioning WTF they are doing, went almost unnoticed.

The media did not talk about it, like – ever, not even the small customary tiny paragraph next to the obituaries, that only people with incipient dementia visit, to see if they can find some of their friends departing this screwed up world.
The fear was too high that someone, somewhere may read it and spread the news that Banks Could Actually Be Questioned and Even Asked to Return What they Have For Years Illicitly Charged Through a Scheme called Compounded Interests – that allowed them not just to milk but  to over-milk their clients bank accounts without being charged for Usury.

Apparently, Usury is regulated in the most civilized societies, mainly because once you are reasonably intelligent and have a decent education, there is no argument valid enough to excuse it, as usury is just the practice of asking someone to pay interests on the interests you are already charging them – or the practice to charge interests that are basically unjust and immoral and enrich the lender way beyond what would be due.

The way we are currently regulating this issue, is through an Usury Ceiling, where governments set the maximum interest any lending institution can charge before incurring in the charge of Usury.
Of course, if you reach that ceiling every 3 months -and you are a Bank- what you can do is, draw a line, take the interests matured, add it to the capital owed and then start to calculate the new due interests on what is now Capital+interests.

Unfathomably no one noticed until now, until people that are waking up and questioning the system found this odd and wondered if a court of justice would share their bewilderment at how banks had been screwing them for years – and getting away with it and decided to take action.

Imagine if everyone knew that what their banks are customarily doing  is in fact Usury under another name, next time you hear the words ‘Compounded Interests’, please feel free to translate them into ‘Usury’, because there is no difference bar from the fact that the practice expressed by one word is understood – and the other isn’t.

As all of those events unfolded, I wondered where and how we come to accept this practice in our lives and saw that it is within the family system where we are taught and learn Usury from a very early age, our parents milking ‘everything they have done for us’ for years in one way of another, are in fact practicing a form of Usury on an emotional level, mothers sending their kids on guilt trips based on ’emotional credits’, are Usurers, fathers who design for their children the career they would have wanted for themselves and force them into it, because of ‘all I have done for you’ , are Usurers and so is everyone else around us that demands something for something they have done – in a measure that far surpassed the original deed, not given unconditionally – but as an investment.

Obviously then, we grow up and become Usurers ourselves, women seem to take this on generally more than men, they are always asking of their partners something ‘in exchange for what they have invested in the relationship’, they withhold sex on occasions and give it as a premium – the withholding being the interest the man is paying for not doing something or doing something wrong.

So, it is wise of us to start questioning the systems ruling over us and come to terms with the Usurious nature of them all, be it the banking or lending system – or ourselves, to seek solutions, but to not forget that that this World is The Sum of All its Pieces and we need to make the effort to stop our participation in Usury on a personal level, to realign the one Piece That Is Me, to the Kind of World We Would Like to Live In.

Then solutions can emerge, as we become Living Solutions and no longer Passive Participants, we can consider a different World, we could consider proposing a Living Guaranteed for Everyone – so no one has to borrow from another for a chance to Live – and put an end the usurious nature of this existence once and for all – to create in its place a Supportive – Life Giving World where we can Honour and Respect each other forever more.

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