Day 442: Boosting our GDP with Sex, Drugs and RocknRoll

 Sex, drugs and smuggling could give Italy’s economy a much-needed economic boost this year, as national statisticians incorporate the country’s underground markets into its calculations.

The Italian National Institute for Statistics said it would include drugs, prostitution and smuggling in its calculation of Italy’s 2014 GDP recalculation, which should help Prime Minister Matteo Renzi achieve his dream of narrowing the country’s deficit to 2.6 percent of the GDP, according to Bloomberg.

“The size of the shadow economy might have surprised some readers if they had seen these estimates two or three years ago,” they wrote. However, the recent Euro crisis “has shone a spotlight on problems in these countries with regard to tax collection and compliance and the problems are more widely known.”

Economists generally consider a “shadow economy” to include any unregistered economic activities that would contribute to the officially calculated gross national product if the activities were recorded. This includes everything from prostitution and arms trafficking to a neighborhood lemonade stand or employee discounts.

In Italy, this kind of activity accounts for roughly 20 percent of its total GDP, but these illegal activities account for roughly 18 percent of the entire European Union economy, according to a study by economists Friedrich Schneider and Colin Williams.


We are having more and more problems with trying to fit our imaginary economics models to reality and this is proven by the questionable, if not laughable, solutions we seek.

The estimate of the shadow economies of the world is always undervalued, who would like to face the fact that our illicit activities in Italy surpass our gross domestic product by double? No one.

And yet, those that have taken the time to really look into our shadow economy and include ALL THE fifty shades of gray of it, could not come up with anything less.

An illicit activity is just one not accounted for, and it is not legal, meaning it doesn’t follow the Law Scheme that we have designed in protection of the wealthy and powerful of the world; at the moment we don’t want to raise any moral question on what is illicit in an immoral world because many of these activities are what is left for some to participate in to Make a Living, aka prostitution, drugs, smuggling etc.

But there is another huge side to our illicit activities made up of bribes and illegal endeavours we are too ashamed or wary to count in, like untaxed profits hidden away in fiscal paradises by privileged corporations or individuals, or like the huge traffic of toxic waste, the sales of weapons to countries we have agreed should not have access to them (such as those that we come together and decide should not be in the dangerous position to defend and protect themselves and that should never by any means pose a threat to us while we threaten them under pretences such as democracy or freedom) and many other government secret programs which, by their very secret nature, cannot expose and account for their spending into the ‘mainstream economy’.

The point that it’s interesting to me about this whole story is that we are seeking to raise our GDP to increase our public spending, which is now tied into a ratio whose threshold seems made of a stonewall that can’t be overtaken, changed or amended in any way by rational people, even in the face of an austerity we can no longer bear.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have ‘rational people’ anywhere at the top -or at the bottom-, the ‘rational’ ones can’t be on top, we can see the random ones that come with common sense, like senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, made to look like loony bins when they attempt to expose some of the gross and unacceptable inequalities of the system we live in, we live in a world where rationality is feared and exposed. Rationality as in what would be best for all is simply abhorred.

This is because those exposures are rare, nonexistent for the most part, so much so that when one comes and ‘tells it like it is’ we almost feel offended – how dare he/she- and start making up names to define him/her, to defile him/her, to make sure we degrade any effort put forward for real change.

Now, this decision to boost our economy with sex, drugs and illicit activities, so we can have access to more funds, is just ridiculous, first because the economy will not increase in size for real but an underwater part of it, already existing and participating at all effects in the money movement, will be taken into account just for the futile purpose of moving numbers on paper, second because we keep forgetting that whatever we are currently subjected to, including amusing economic models which have no connection to reality, all those make belief restrictions have been created by ourselves, all the prisons we are now attempting to escape one way or another are just ideas that have become models and then have become beliefs and we hold the key to change anytime we agree on something else ‘en masse’.

So, if we don’t raise an eyebrow pondering how we are planning to get more access to funds vs just asking that the current ratio limiting us from moving be raised simply because it’s currently not reasonable nor sustainable (while we work on dismantling for good what is obviously not working anyhow, in any way), and do not raise an eyebrow in questioning why if the submerged economy amounts to a declared 20% of our GDP we include only 3% just to get the approval to further spending and not the whole 20% or why not talk about the real 200% and wonder how did we get there in the first place, we have to ask ourselves why can’t we take a leap into the new from our shenanigans as we admit that we are just screwing around with meaningless numbers for the purpose of keeping everything in place as it is.

Many new economics models and proposals are emerging, proposals that consider Life above everything else and economics at its service, as it should always have been, we don’t need to raise imaginary numbers to walk through an imaginary crack in the system, we need to review this system, it’s not working and what we are doing can’t be sustained nor it should.

Seek solutions, ponder new ways we could make this world work, only when we will embrace a new vision we may take the required steps to walk it through to completion, by giving unconditionally what we would like for ourselves, access to a life worth living – for All.

Check out our Living Income Guaranteed Proposal, we can make it real, we were the designers of our outdated and unequal economic models and, as we awaken to the need to include all, we can redesign our world in support of Life, freeing everyone from the dam-nation of imaginary debt and make belief restrictive and inhumane economics. Join us.



Day 441: Inside Italy’s Secret Toxic Waste Scandal

Carmine Schiavone

Twenty years ago, a very important Mafia man, Carmine Schiavone, repented.

We have two kinds of ‘repentments’ in Italy, the genuine one, following the realization that one has not led an honorable life and one as a ‘State Defined’ repentance of a mafia man turned informant in exchange for benefits, the State of Repentant is similar to the Witness Protection Program – minus the protection of course but this is something many had to learn directly and many times, too late.

There have been few repented Mafia men of the first kind in Italy, it’s hard to repent fo your crimes when you are part of an organization that has connived with everyone important in the country and that spans from the vatican banking system to the presidency of the republic, because ultimately, if everyone is IN IT, how do we know what is right and what is wrong if the others do not show any remorse and do not repent? If the Vatican doesn’t repent for laundering the mafia money, for supporting arms dealers and pornography, if our first citizen, Napolitano, puts the seal on life saving information claiming it is the best for the public, who gets to establish the rights and wrongs of this existence?

So, to find repented men of the first kind among the Mafia organization is not just rare, it’s an event of extraordinary social proportion, the rising of a conscience, of a morality that could not be silenced even by the whole system agreeing to redefining morality into personal interests and gains, it is the dilemma of something that takes place against all odds, a true miracle of some sort.

The most famous first-kind-repented, Buscetta and Schiavone, gave the State an idea for those that followed, after all the State had major interest in directing and controlling repentances and not having people go and spill the beans in public, on things that saw them directly involved and that they had tried for decades to cover up.

The story of Carmine Schiavone and his True repentment casts  huge shadows on our State, our State of Affairs and our State of Mind, his revelations should have caused a paralyzing reaction of all the government organization as they halted everything else that was not equally urgent to look for a solution and a roar from the people that should have been heard all the way to Congo, but it didn’t.

When Carmine Schiavone started to talk, he opened the huge can of worms regarding the land that is know as ‘The Land of Fires’, a place in the region of Campania, the region next to Lazio where Rome is the Capital, where cancer rates, deformation and odd health complaints are the highest in Italy  and on a steady rising.

57 municipalities between Naples and Caserta signed the Land of Fires Pact on July 11, 2013. But the truth is that no one knows in how many places and where the toxic waste has been buried in the area over the years. ARPAC, the Campania environmental agency, has found more than 2,000 contaminated sites.

Actually the description of the place as ‘Land of Fires’ is quite misleading because it only shows the tip of the iceberg, where many believed, through media manipulation, that what is causing those undeniable increases in death and deformation are the fires lit at night to burn toxic waste, like plastic, whose fumes are, ‘in the mind of the misinformed local people’, the cause of such detrimental changes in their  health.
One shameless newspaper, Corriere della Sera,  had an article called ‘The Land of Fireworks‘, telling the story of how illegal fireworks were fired at night for celebrations of various events with fees that could go up to 1500 euros. A clear example of how we use the media to manipulate, mislead, diminish and possibly confuse an event that should have taken priority on everything else since it came to light.

What Schiavone has been saying, for 20 years now, to all that will hear him out while surviving 3 attempts to be suicided by his former partner in crime, the State, is that 200 tons of toxic waste has been hidden underground into depths up to 30 metres, which has affected the acquifers, the water resources of the land. Sometimes they would dig huge holes and bury the whole toxic truck into it when not jut the barrels of the liquid toxic waste or pallets loaded with it.

The waste he talked about is not just your everyday asbestos, no, it’s toxic waste from leather and metal factories, acids, lead, mercury, uranium, things that are so toxic that the land has simply died in some places and nothing grows anymore and what grows is so polluted it should not be eaten.

By the way, what still grows there and is contaminated goes on the tables of every person in Italy, Europe and the world in a sort of Russian roulette; that is the land of tomatoes, of buffalo mozzarella, products that we proudly export without sharing with the world our dirty laundry because it could affect our GDP and the next elections and if some have to die of horrible disfiguring painful deaths – oh well, too bad, but we all have to die somehow, no?

The result is that these fields, despite the prohibitions, are still cultivated by farmers who produce all kinds of vegetables and pulses such as tomatoes, courgettes, cabbage, broccoli and other fruit -, and sell them on to markets and multinational companies who produce pasta sauces and frozen soups that are sold not only in Italy but also in Europe and the rest of the world…

When the dirty trash business started, Schiavone, as a man of Honour of old times, refused to take it up, now he regrets not having killed his own family, cousins and relatives who instead said yes to those offering such a lofty business, the people from the north of the country, where such waste was produced as a result of the search for wealth at any cost, who thought it would be best for them to ship it somewhere else and just forget about it.
The South after all is our very own Third World since the beginning of the Republic – it’s handy to have the Third World that close, imagine how much we save by dumping everything that we don’t want to deal with, up in the north, just a few hundred kilometers down south -by truck.

We have to understand that such endeavours are possible only with the complicity of a Criminal State, if anything the State is more criminal than the Mafia, because as Schiavone said, he is one of the only 2 graduated from high school within the whole Italian Mafia Organization, we might appreciate their inability to project consequences down a timeline (as Schiavone said when he tried to make his family comprehend the consequences of that damned business his family replied to him – ‘we drink bottled water anyway!’) and see the full impact of the result of their actions, but those leading the dance, one of whom was the brother of Silvio Berlusconi, Paolo Berlusconi, they knew full well that hiding toxic waste in the land would not have led to the magic disappearance of it, but to the spoiling of the soil, the water, the lives of many.

Paolo Berlusconi

When Schiavone came clean, the state put a heavy lid on the whole story and told him they did not have the money to  decontaminate the land and he said ‘so you will let 5 million people just die?’ – that’s when they became disappointed in him and his unreasonable stance and tried to suicide him, not considering that someone who had lived in the shadowy side of existence half his life, who did over 20 years of jail time, would not be so easy to eliminate nor to dissuade from talking, because, as he said, ‘his repentance is not a system repentance, it’s a real repentance and when he sees the news of the children who die of cancer or are born deformed, bloodless or with some other weird shit happening to them in the area, he can do nothing but cry the bitter tears of what he failed to prevent when he had the power to do so’.

They have not taken him up on his offer to lead them to the contaminated sites either, this is a man with a remarkable memory who may not live too long due to his old age, instead they brought in a new ‘system repented’ guy to point out some of the toxic sites, this will ensure they will be able to control what gets disclosed and what not, which sites will be revealed and who will pay for this while making sure that those that must be protected at all  costs, don’t get dragged down by miss-take into the dirty business and their names, their image be soiled beyond repair.

Our Government has become, through magnified and clustered greed, a real monster, able to discount the lives of many to make sure to never have to become accountable for what has been going on, not just under his watch, but under his direct instructions, claiming excuses so lame as  ‘we have no money to do something as important as taking care of the consequences of what we have done’ -forgetting we would have the money if we didn’t, as States, give the right to print Money to Private Organization that now ask us usury interests for it. Most of Schiavone testimony has been classified, some information have been classified until the year 2070 under the request of the President of our Republic, Napolitano, a mason with a clean decent appearance and a mesmerizing ability for moderate speeches, so the masses will never suspect any wrong doing from him and we collectively, successfully, managed to postpone facing up to our responsibilities until we will all be dead and gone and will have left THIS as a legacy of our existence to the generations to come.

Carmine Schiavone is ahead of the game in his repentance, looking at the world we have created we will all have to go down that road, we have to repent for what we have accepted and allowed this world to become, for the crimes we have let go without batting an eyelid because they did not affect us, our family and friends personally, for the times we have taken what was given in trust to us, this planet and the Life on it and we have trashed it for money and a quick profit, never looking at the future and the consequences of what we were doing and were not willing to stop doing, no matter what.

The Mafia exists out of need, many Mafia people had no choice but to join a criminal organization for a job and a wage, without the need for survival those that we perceive as committing the worst crimes, while they are only the last visible appendix of a criminal body, that uses them to carry out what they wouldn’t themselves do directly, would not even exist.

We have written a repentance plan, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, it states that by virtue of being alive everyone must be given a living, guaranteed, it states as well that a few urgent changes must be made to the fabric of our existence because we have not done our best, not even close, to support each other and the life of all living beings while we were here, either by correcting what was done in misalignment to a principle of Life Support, or deliberately, as a result of some crazy ideology, be it religious or masonic or any other crappy I-Deal we have come up with, to screw one another out of a dignified living.

If you see that we are all equally response-able simply because we are here, sharing this planet, regardless of our perceived direct contribution or lack of it and that none of us is just a self sustainable satellite, then join us, check out a plan to revert the course we have taken, adhere to something that can start to undo the shame of what we have done so far so that we may start to create a plan for for-give-ness, to give to each other instead of only taking, so we may, together, walk ahead toward a world where Life is honoured and everyone can live honestly in peace and dignity, forever more.

Day 440: Hiding Our Economic Apartheid in Plain Sight



Origin of the word Apartheid:

1940s: from Afrikaans, literally ‘separateness’, from Dutch apart ‘separate’ + -heid (equivalent of -hood)


We are living in a time of Economic Apartheid, have you noticed?

The rich are living in a different world from 99% of the population. Two thirds of this 99% live in another world still, a world with no sanitation, no healthcare and barely reaching the poverty line.

So, we are somehow aware that there are ‘lines ‘ that divide this world, we have the Poverty Line, the Line Above the Poverty Line and the Filthy Rich Line.

The other day as I helped my student to review the history of the 3 Orders of Society according to Chaucer, I wondered how do we go about missing the fact that we are still exactly where we were a thousand of years ago: noblemen, Clergy and Peasants.

I watched a piece of ‘Capitalism, A Love Story‘ a few nights ago and they were telling the story of how corporations take out Insurances on their ‘Peasant Employees’ for thousands if not millions of dollars, so they can make money on their death as well as on their lives.

If Corporations have gained the State of Personhood, where do we place them in the 3 orders of Society today? I would place them with the noblemen, above the Law, no, better, writing The Law to Profit from every possible situation imaginable and to Keep The Order of Society Intact, while giving up every responsibility and accountability for their deeds, an amazing step ahead if we consider that there have been times in History in which the Kings have been asked to be accountable, to moderate their requests for scutage and tributes and to generally not push the envelope too much or war would be waged against them.

We can say we have it worse today, especially because the Kings of this world now own the Media as well, so they can tell us what to think and how to think about anything, favoring the logic of Profit over Any Matter, which made us compliant slaves of a system of Abuse.

We can become aware of our blatant unawaress by reading the news, here is one from today’s newspaper:

Residents at housing flats in South London have criticised the building’s segregated entrances policy, where one doorway is set aside for the rich and the other for its housing association tenants.

London Mayor Boris Johnson recently faced calls to ban ‘poor doors’ in upmarket blocks of flats, which force people on low incomes to use different entrances.

But developers in London are promising wealthy tenants they will not have to share their smart lobby entrances, courtyard gardens or secure parking with people living in flats classed as ‘affordable housing’.

The problem stems from rules which are supposed to stop areas becoming ghettos for the very rich.

When planning permission is granted, developers are often told to set aside a set number of units for affordable housing.

From the outside, there is often no way of telling the more basic homes from the hi-spec apartments aimed at the super-rich.

But behind the façade, less well-off tenants are forced to enter through different doors and use separate bicycle racks, bins and post boxes.

Labour’s shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds told MailOnline: ‘I am strongly against this kind of segregation. There shouldn’t be separate doors for people living in affordable housing.

So today I wondered what is the outrage about such news? Why can’t we see the wood for the trees?
If we live in a world where Money decides who lives where, what one can eat, drink, what one has access to, what kind of health-care one can afford for themselves and their children, who can travel and who cannot, which passports are worth more than others and to whom we apply travelling restrictions in fear they may try to move across those lines looking for a better life – Why do we get so surprised that there are separate doors for rich and poor inside the upmarket blocks of flats?
Aren’t there separate doors just about everywhere in this world, according to the money one has to unlock access to the planet’s resources and the peace of mind of having enough to take care of oneself and one owns family?
My guess is that we publish this kind of articles to keep our cognitive dissonance going, if we can get outraged for separate doors entrances in an upmarket block of flats, we may fail to notice all the other doors that are locked in this world and that we can’t access because we don’t have the money to unlock them, we are not free, we are not living in a supportive, just world, we are the Peasants of this world living at different degrees of peasantry.
Those of us with a home and a computer and the time to write blogs to expose what is going on – are the upper crust of the Peasant Class but not less peasant, because our lives are dependent on what has become a Mean mean to keep us locked into a system of dependency, Money, where our lives and everything that could make it more pleasant depend on the amounts we can generate, grab, steal, con out of someone else, lost in the same conundrum as ourselves – how do we get out of this?
The first point is that we have to broaden our view to see All the ways we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be enslaved and separated from each other, the effort that have gone into making this world compartmentalized are humongous, we are divided by gender, race, languages, nationalities, food preferences, soccer teams, religions, culture, belief system and desires – most of these things we haven’t even chosen for ourselves, they sort of ‘happened to us’, as we settled into a specific system vs another at birth. This doesn’t mean that we can’t overcome those imaginary separations to unite for a common goal.
Of course it won’t be easy, we have put a lot of energy into our allegiances, a lot of ourselves, so it will take some effort to consciously withdraw our support from any divisive cause, idea, ideal we have invested ourselves into, to come to a solution that can benefit the whole and as such, each one of us.
We have a proposal, we start with guaranteeing a Living to every person on the planet, a Decent Living and we make that a Principle we all accept to live by, simply because it makes sense that everyone born on this planet should be Given a Living and Not Asked to Earn it – if Earning a Living is Not the Name of The Game for Everyone here.
Of course this will require as well that we solve our Cognitive Dissonance about our situation – we have to realize that we are currently Slaves, that’s right, if  We have to give something to someone to guarantee Our Survival, be it out time at best or our bodies or body parts – We are Slaves, We don’t currently own Our Life, We are Owned. But we are Owned with our Full Ignorant Consent, the simple fact that we accept this from birth to death makes us equally accountable as those that plotted and planned to design such a world for the benefit of the very few.
To stop our existing state of enslavement we have to design proposals for a different kind of world, we have designed one such proposal, it’s called A Living Income Guaranteed, the Money is there to give it to each other, we’ll have to give up our Military investments – to name one possible path- and some other idiotic ‘Conflict Resolution Habits’ we have subscribed to and redirect our Death Money to Life – to Give a Life to All.
If you have started to awaken to the weirdness of finding scandalous separate entrance doors in upmarket blocks of flat in a world where Money is keeping everyone tightly confined into specific, predefined boxes, start thinking Solutions, join our Forum, spread new ideas, stay focused on the outcome we aim to reach, forget the System Diversions we are deliberately fed daily to keep the mental divisions going, and 1+1 we can join to move as a force toward a New World Order, not the one Planned For us, but a New Order that is Inclusive and Considering All Its Parts as Equally Worth of a Life and of Unconditional Support. Join Us.


Day 439: There is No God in the Bible – Crap, Now What?

Mauro Biglino used to work as an ancient Hebrew translator for a Catholic editor called Edizioni San Paolo.

He translated several books for them and everything was nice and rosy, until he started to send the first versions of his Bible translations, where he excitedly pointed out that the Bible is not a sacred book, was never meant to be one either, but was simply a History book about war, massacres, ethnic cleansing and  about the Creation of Humanity.

He insisted that according to the Script-ure there was no mention of a God in the Old Testament originally, but just of Cosmonauts/Aliens, who created Humanity in their likeness using a part of the substance of the image of themselves.

That was when his work assignment ended abruptly and he was told they no longer needed his services, he now says luckily, because he doesn’t have anything to lose anymore by exposing what was clearly written out and, obviously, covered up during the centuries, by those that shared the power over the planet with some, not-so-human, partners in crime.

Of course a deluge of insults has covered Mauro Biglino after he published his book titled ‘The Bible is Not A Sacred Book – The Great Deception’, some went as far as threatening him to death sending him a letter and a bullet to dissuade him from participating as a guest at a conference, some may honestly fear what he says and feel their whole core belief system threatened by his very existence -and he won’t shut up!- and some may fear the public exposure and consequent embarrassment for  the fact that they knew all along what was going on and they covered it up, because they could -and did- benefit from the Status Quo, tremendously.

Biglino worked on this project with eminent jewish scholars and all of them confirmed that the Old Testaments tells a story that has nothing to do with the story we know, or better said, it has bits and pieces of it, just not the relevant bits and pieces to work out our origins, our purpose and why things have gone on for centuries the way they did.

To those that object to learning a new truth, a truth that doesn’t match the belief system we have unwillingly embraced from birth, one should ask how do we hang on, without batting an eyelid, to a virgin birth or to an All Knowing God that didn’t see THIS coming, an All Powerful Creator that allowed the existence of such a dishonorable world where abuse, violence and wars reign and FEAR is our Core Drive and how do we reconcile such aspects of the MonoGreatGod with His Legendary Compassion, because those are the real hard to swallow dogmas that we never even questioned vs a new idea that this planet of slaves might have been created as such and that we have never had, like never ever, a model of Life Support we can dig out and build upon and maybe THAT is our problem and if we can face it, we can change it, right?

In this light, anything new that we propose can’t be put up for debate using the old, the old was deliberately rigged to make it work for just a bunch of Holy See-rs, Wholly Seers, Overseers and hence we should open up gladly to anything new to consider, with unconditional open arms and work to see HOW we could make fresh, unheard of, models for peaceful and beneficial living that may work for All.

Those that were waiting for God to sort it all out will be very disappointed, they are suddenly dis-appointed from their role of Waiters as in those waiting for someone/something to come and sort it all out. It ain’t happening.

On the other hand though this could be great news, there is no one above us, no one below us, there is just Us, scary as hell maybe but letting God go for Good could be our Saving Grace. Then, considering to Guarantee a Living to All would not seem so outlandish, we were meant to not do that, we were meant to exist enslaved, as slaves, through our Make Belief Money System, Class System, Peasants workforce, so we would ensure the subservience of many to the few for their own survival.
With God out-of-the-way -We are now in charge.

Obviously if we can let God go, we can let the Elite of this existence go as well, they were the Gods of this world and Equally Bad Providers as the Original Creators were, we can’t fix what has been, there will be no restitution for what has taken place and rightly so, we have all equally participated just by the mere fact of being Here, interwoven with each other into a physical fabric that sees us all as equally response-able and equally ineffective at changing the world so far.
So, better start with new models to assist each other and create a world that works for all, we have no one to be loyal to if not each other, our loyalty, our sense of honour, our investments in value have always been misplaced, there was one valuable thing on this planet, Life and we managed to live next to it and never notice it, too busy as we were in refining our art to find ways to survive just another day, without considering the whole in the solutions we sought just for ourselves.

But we can change, if we return Value to Life, if we make Life the Capital worth living for, if we redefine what Capitalism should be as in a System that honours the Life of every living being, the whole world will turn upside down, it just takes a decision to make All Lives Worth-while, while we live Life itself as The Worth and All Lives as having the same worth to Dignity and Freedom from the Fear of how and what we’ll have to do, or even just consider, to make sure we can make it through another day.

Consider A Living Income Guaranteed – there is no God in the Bible, GUARANTEED, we are the Gods of this existence, it is up to us to create a world we are proud to call our MasterPiece and Total Change is just a few beliefs away from where we are, Let’s close the Gap!

Living Income Guaranteed, join the Solution.


Day 437: Inside the ISIS Gift Shop


We have been taken on an Al-Qaeda Ride for quite some time, but like all things, Al-Qaeda grew old and the Fear Factor it could generate has exponentially diminished with our over-exposure, Fear is like that, you can only milk it for so long but soon or later the FEAR effect diminishes and we’ll have to manufacture something new to keep the population on their toes.
Fear is a great manipulation tool, we should know, we even use it to scare and manipulate ourselves!

The New FEAR Virus that some hope will take the world by storm is the new ‘jihadist’ group called ISIS, you can notice how quietly all the ex Al-Qaeda news are being replaced with the ISIS news, if more of us knew history and our mythological beliefs the idea of ISIS Rising would sound like a complete mockery of our intelligence but it is possible that the current puppeteers of this world have given up on any hope for any sign of intelligence on our side, since we have proven that there are almost no limits to human stupidity and what we accept to be driven by, will Isis Rising succeed in sending our hopes for a fearless future into the trashcan?

That would not be too bad, Hope is another System Prop, we are sold Hope because we rather Hope for Change than Stand for It, mainly because many don’t know what to do, where to turn, some may fear bloody revolutions, some may have enough to get by while we are called to action, we are prompted to take the streets, to protest and if the system tightening won’t happen through force because we have not fallen for the clear invitations we have been sent for a revolution ‘Vendetta Style‘, it will come through our FEAR, as we allow the FEAR to Rise and will end up asking for More Security, More Police, More Force to Fight against Our Imaginary Enemies.

And while we create all the required cues, such as ISIS Rising, a name – a program,  some can make money out of our FEARS, talk about have your cake and eat it.

We have to realize that the FEAR Factor is what is holding us in our places, this world is laced with FEAR, we start from our, mostly terrifying, family system to grow into Religions and their fear promoting symbols, a guy on a cross is not a bad start to infuse children with sheer terror and one wonders why that, or telling children that they will go to Hell for not obeying our made up rules and desires, should not be considered Child Abuse – instead we don’t question anything but grow up Living FEAR into Existence, breathing FEAR, being so FEAR-FULL that some Minds, soon or later, just give in.
Most mental illnesses are FEAR based, so are we sick and tired of this – or just accept ourselves to be sick -forever?

Fear should be treated like any other disease, there are no people infected with viral diseases that refuse to cure themselves just because they got it from someone they can blame it on, are there? Why isn’t FEAR treated in the same way, it doesn’t matter how we got it, who gave it to us, which forces are at work to make us scared and weak, what matters is if we can stand up regardless of the FEAR FACTOR-Y we live in, and come together to seek solutions that can change this world to the best World for all.

For me, best for all means to be able to consider all the parties involved and find solutions that are inclusive, that consider the best outcome for all, beyond our diseases, of course if we are affected by Fear, Blinding Greed, Ruthless Competition or System Impulsed Desires that prevent us from accessing our ability to see a Best for All Outcome in the problems we face, we can’t ask that our dis-eases be taken into account while we move to redesign a world that works for All.
A first step is to become aware of the fact that if we can’t consider others and others Lives as important and worthy as our own, we are sick -and from that realization we can consider ways to correct ourselves to realign to a Life of Principle or to the Principle of Live above All, then everything can change, everything will change.

Our Institutions don’t need major make overs, they need People Makeovers, Monsters create Monsters, when we’ll become Humans again we can create a Humane Society that benefits All, when a solution is found for everyone, for every People of this Planet, when the FEAR FACTORY for our Lives and our very Survival comes to an end, many things will be solved at the root level by default, simply by implementing a system of support vs a system of back stabbing and competition for survival.

If a Living was Guaranteed to All, we could then see, for real, how many would be willingly corrupted, how many would commit terrible crimes, how many would go and support money making wars, how many would sell their organs or their bodies for a meal, for a shelter, we will never know the human potential until we stop the FEAR that drives us all, we will never know what we would be capable of, if our needs were taken care of, if everyone was equally cared for and every life was recognized the same right to dignity and every basic living necessity was given unconditionally – to All.

So, we can wait for ISIS Rising or We can Rise and agree on a different way of living, we can set a Principle in motion that says that every living being has a right to a Life, it should be obvious, a given – but it’s not, why not make it so?

Check out a Living Income Guaranteed, a life with No Money in a World Run by It, is a Life of FEAR, we can end the FEAR for everybody by deciding on a different principle, Unconditional Life Support for All -and once a New Principle is in place, the details, the logistic, the rules can be fixed as we go.

Give up your Fears for Good, to Stand for the Life of All with A Living Income Guaranteed.

Day 434: Sderot and The Fun of Watching People Die

On the news today I read this

Israel-Gaza conflict: ‘Sderot cinema’ image shows Israelis with popcorn and chairs ‘cheering as missiles strike Palestinian targets’

I am not sure how to comment this if not asking that we take a hard look at ourselves and start wondering if there is something seriously evil about ourselves that we need to address and change.

Watching people die for real, and enjoying it, for some may not be too different to watching movies, we have become blurred in our understanding of what reality is, the proof is that we don’t even have clear recollection of our lives, that we tend to distort even our own memories and facts and turn them always to our advantage.

Drone killing is another example of overlapping reality with fantasy, how many times have those boy soldiers ‘drone killed’ during video games and felt nothing about it if not the elation of a winning moment?

So, how do we become surprised when we take our fantasy lives, our fantasy habits of rejoicing about deaths in the virtual world and then find some do that in the real physical world? We should not, we are grooming people for this kind of world and this kind of entertainment from birth.

One thing that could help us to change the course we are on is to face reality head on, for example, the people sitting on those couches on Sderot Hill should come face to face with the mothers who have lost their children in Gaza, or had them burnt and maimed as a result of those ‘fun fireworks’ some watch from afar.

It is our remoteness from reality that is killing Life around us, our landing will not be a comfortable one, what will Israeli mothers feel when faced with the sorrow of another mother, what will those that had fun at the expense of others face when looking at real suffering in the face?

My guess is that the awakening would be brutal, it will be brutal, but such awakening is what we really need, to stop doing what we are doing and Change.

This is the appeal of a Norwegian doctor, Dr. Mads Gilbert, working in the Gaza district

Don’t send bandages. Don’t send syringes. Don’t send medical teams. The most important medical thing you can do now is to force Israel to stop the bombing, and it is to lift the siege of Gaza.
Then the Palestinians will manage well themselves.

Sure, common sense would tell us that if the cause of death and wounds and civilian casualties is the bombing – ending the bombing would be the first thing to do. But here we are, we have to be told by a doctor what the common sensical solution would be or we would do all the other things he listed, we would send syringes, bandages, medical teams – because we accept wars as something beyond our ability to stop, we have accepted our warrysome behavior as normal, unavoidable, something we have to deal with and not STOP. Does this make sense, are We making sense at all?

We have a proposal to help sort ourselves out, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, what it will guarantee for all will be choice, the choice to participate in a war or not, just to name one, if everyone was guaranteed a living, I wonder, how many would sign up to kill other people in wars that are deemed necessary by those that have lost it completely, and sit in the button room looking for any excuse to press a button and start the war machine – whatever their reason/reasoning (hardly to see how to apply this word in this context by the way..) may be.

Consider this, maybe stopping wars is a choice we have not yet considered because we grew up believing that this is how countries solve their differences, or because this is how we solve our differences, by declaring war on each other, or because we need to make a living and we go and join the army, but the truth is we have never made different choices, like decide we will never again have a war and we’ll instead work to find solutions to our immoral/amoral killing of each other and learn to find ways to reconcile that are not bloody for anyone, that seek peace and harmony and the best for all parties involved.

Nor we have ever had a Living Income Guaranteed, we never had Our Living Guaranteed, our Lives are for sale and if we don’t change that point, we should not be surprised that we sit on couches enjoying watching people die, because we are living Death and not Life, and our hideous perception of Life as worthless needs to change to allow us to  make different choices, including the one to not enjoying watching other die in the name of some Ideal/Belief System/God or just, simply, for the heck of it.

Support a Living Income Guaranteed, to make sure everyone has the choice to a Dignified Life, let’s make wanting a Life Guaranteed for All our collective mission, to give to Others’ Lives the same worth and value we want for ourselves, because we can never have what we are not willing to give to others -with open arms.


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Day 428: Are the Pitchforks Coming for the Plutocrats?

I have read a very interesting article by Nick Hanauer, the multibillionaire that has already been exposing the lie of ‘The Job Creators’ during a TED talk that became banned.

This is an extract from his great talk:

Anyone who says that rich people create jobs is lying – rich people don’t create jobs more than a squirrel created evolution. There have never been so much rich people as it is today. If rich people created jobs we would be drowning in jobs now.
Money doesn’t trickle down from the rich to the poor either, you just have to look at the world today and see that this isn’t true. The stock exchanges making more money than ever and we are only getting more and more poor people.

Funny how it sounds truer when spoken by one of the 1%ers, like in many other things, we give some the authority to make common sense claims and vow to only believe those that have acquired a patent for speaking up through, go figure, some system means, be it money or education. We authorize those that were system indoctrinated to promote ideas and beliefs about why things are the way they are and ask them advises on how to change them  – we are strange, clueless creatures so far.

Here is his latest article entitled


This guy is wide awake, I like the way he looks at Capitalism specifically because he loves Capitalism and yet he is able to see its many faults, that could be corrected by amending the starting point, by deciding that all must benefit and that, the whole benefiting, will benefit the few up on top way more than the trickle down fantasy that has not benefited the ones at the bottom -at all.

The ones at the top can count on the ones at the bottom spending money when they have it buying up products of the very corporations they own, while the opposite showed to not be true, people who are richer are not benefiting the economy more in proportion, they can’t buy 10000 pillows because they are richer, or 5000 cars, there is a limit to their ability to spend, which is not the case for the, currently, poor/poorer ones.
Those are the ones that could really boost an economy up.

Among the comments in his You tube video which was originally longer, here is one that struck me

‘This guy has the balls to show an earth centric solar system then starts his argument in the same fashion stating that the consumer is the center of job creation. The fact is, without the entrepreneur, without the loan or capital of the rich or those with savings, VC’s, without initial jobs created, and consumables consumers want already available does the consumer then even enter the equation. This guy is an idiot, and as proof I offer this: If the rich don’t create jobs, it’s only the demand for the product, why don’t time machines exist? I would love a time machine, and so would most consumers. If demand is the key to job creation, time machines and the associated jobs would surely exist, but guess what, they don’t because demand doesn’t create shit but fools. Jobs are initially created by entrepreneurs and capital from the rich. They bear all the burden of failure, the consumer risks nothing. This guy is a disgrace to TED and intelligent life in general.


mainly it struck me because the argument made is not valid at all but proves what Nick Hanauer just said, demand creates jobs, if we have not created a time machine is because those that really wanted one may already have it, who knows all the technological advancement that the public has not been made a part of because those with the loot wanted the benefits only for themselves? Wouldn’t you have done the same in their position? How do you protect what has been stolen from the whole to make it just yours, if you don’t make sure to always have an advantage on the rest of the pack?

Plus it proves that demand is there for bare, basic necessities, like a gas cooker, a washing machine, things that for some have already moved into the realm of the obvious, while they are not at all in a world where 2.5 billions don’t even have access to sanitation. Those people are not dreaming about a time machine, hello??

So, many of the comments of those that use any theory, model, philosophy and means to justify why some are entitled to way more than they need, while some have to go without the bare necessities, are part of the advantage I just spoke about, come on, wouldn’t you have meddled with education as well to raise a world of dumbed down, compliant people who believe what they are told no matter what common sense would state – how did we come to believe we had no rights of any sort to a Life otherwise?

Nick Hanauer said that he can see the pitchforks coming, he said as well that he was always an astute business man who could see how the future unfolds, I believe him, so my question would be, how come the other trickle-downers don’t see that coming?

What do they expect, that people will allow them to take away every one of their human rights, including the one to live and just roll over and die? Some will, those deeply lost in the master-slave construct might -but many won’t.

And for the ones versed in mathematics, we can easily figure out why the 1%ers are so afraid, they could be outnumbered without much effort and when those that are paid to protect them, the very buffer they had allowed into existence, the middle class, will disappear completely, their asses will be up for grabs and unhappy people can be mobilized with the stroke of a hand, they can in fact even be manipulated into revolutions just for a change up at the top (think Ukraine), has this not been done before?

Revolutions are not played out by calm rational people, they are the result of the stroke that broke the camel’s back, those on top have isolated themselves so much that they have lost the pulse of the situation, they can no longer feel the revolution’s breath on their necks and have erroneously taken signals like Occupy Wall Street and other manifestation of Public Outrage as transitory, as something that comes and goes and that will go away if they stay united and keep on not paying any attention to it.
Wrong, as Nick Hanauer said, if they keep not paying attention the whole game will blow up in their face and they won’t have seen it coming – if that is imaginable.

This specific point shows the disconnection between the top and the bottom, it shows as well why many who are reliant on the top ‘doing the right thing’ are in for a rude awakening – the right thing for the top is MORE for them, the $$$ bubble in which they have isolated themselves puts them at great risk for their lives, which is another reason why they don’t let go even one inch of the advantage they have on the rest, that space is their life insurance policy, the more the fear grows, the bigger the money buffer they will try to create for themselves.

We have more chances than those on top to see what is coming and how to prevent it, revolutions are hard to stop once they start because they become the excuse, the cesspool in which everyone can convey their life frustrations and justify the crimes resulting from it.

What we need to do is get together and design a better living condition for all, look at the case of raising the minimum wage to 15$/hour, as Nick Hanauer said, it boosted the economy of the cities who embraced this change, instead of fighting it, almost overnight.

So, what is it going to be? A revolution or a war to distract us from the revolution – what would be your pick?

None of the above is a good choice, imagine the suffering we would have to face just for the satisfaction of kicking some asses in the first case or to fight a war we can’t understand that turns into another money-making opportunity for the rich, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If you can see both the need for change and the unnecessary damage a revolution or a war would bring us all, consider another alternative, like redesigning our economics models, introducing a model where everyone wins (it’s this or the pitchforks? – note to the One Percenters), where we defuse the anger by giving to each other without coercion what we need to live a dignified life, a new inclusive model where all parts and their needs are taken into account, consider how Life could be for All with a Living Income Guaranteed, it means we grant a Living, a Life to All, not a scrawny, pathetic survivalist life, no, a Dignified Life, we make sure everyone can expand their access to choice, to Life itself and in one go, as we come together, the pitchforks will be put down to rebuild a world we can be proud of.