Day 461 – Democracy is on – We just haven’t taken Notice – yet


Like most people who are waking up to the Reality of this world, I have made the mistake to believe that there is really No democracy, that the system is rigged, that we have no power to change things because someone is holding on to all the cash, making us their slaves.

While some of these things are true, what I failed to see until recently, is that the very system we live in, a corporatocracy that has obtained legal status and the same rights reserved to Living Beings and rightly so, we should add, because it is sustained by us all, in every moment of our day through the choices we make – we are the ones breathing life – or death- into this system daily – who else?

We have been misled into thinking that the Voting System takes place when we take hold of one card to vote one candidate over another, or a party over another, or the dismissal of an unfair Law, all practices that should have shown us by now that that’s NOT where Democracy is at the moment – because all those endeavors have so far resulted in NO NOTE WORTHY CHANGE in any way whatsoever – yet we keep fighting over who has the best choice, the best reasons for voting one or another of the people that we’ll put up there as puppets that are intended to keep the system going exactly as it is – just under a new costume (see the very dangerous Trump already backpedaling on his most outrageous proposals and pretending to implement the irrelevant changes that will always hide a loop to guarantee that NOTHING REALLY CHANGES).

Instead the Power to Change is in our perspective, in the self Honesty to admit that if MONEY is the Most Powerful Thing of this world – obviously – that’s where the power to change is – really.

Many initiatives are coming up about the Money System and how it’s in urgent need of a profound redesign, bankers that print IOU in Monopoly colors (to add irony to injury) and make us pay interest on them creating Public Debts, mortgages that force you to pay only the interest for the first 10 years of your 30 years engagement, gambling on the fact that you may not make it and they’ll end up with the money AND your house, usury, a tax system that is thinking how to tax the air we breathe – because they have already done that with the water, the food and don’t see why they should stop – are clear signs that we have been distracted to say the least – just not to call ourselves utterly stupid, to let it go this far.

And yet, we are still razzle-dazzled by the diversions used to not make us see, that a real coalition of intent, would bring all the castles down faster than they could write a law to prevent it.

So, one may wonder, where is this freaking power to change?

The first change required will have to be within, I won’t go into the details of how everything that exists inside of us exists outside because this is self explanatory with a little self investigation – but also because I want to bring on the table areal case scenario of Change that took place in Italy, where I live at the moment, that was unexpected, un-hoped for, no one saw it coming and then one day, BANG – it was there.

This story starts with PALM OIL, no one even knew they were using it in our food for 2 simple reasons

  1. we don’t have Palm Trees (hint hint)
  2. to be able to read the ingredients on labels you must have 25/20 eyesight normally, or your glasses handy
  3. 3 we trust that people producing food and giving us the lovely commercial that steer us towards ideas and feelings of ‘A Better World’ – an actual slogan of one of Barilla’s minor labels- can’t then go and put something that is BAD for us, the environment, the people that manufacture it and the animal kingdom, all in one go, in the food we are going to eat – we just can’t compute these 2 dissonant information usually – and end up trusting the commercial – because it makes us Feel Better.

One day though, someone opened a debate about it, pictures were shown of the damages to the environment, of how animals were de-housed as a consequence of intensive planting of Palm Tree for Palm Oil production, a list of the ill-fits to our health was compiled and then 40000 signatures were collected to stop the use of Palm Oil in Italy.

Well then, we could think it was the Food Regulatory Body that changed the Law that did the trick but alas – it was not Those silly Laws are just another distractions, proof is that when we write one, and we write thousands every year in Italy, we build IN THE LAW, the exit door for those that will obviously not want to comply, usually the very ones the Law had been written for (and by).
Nonono, the change came because People started to wear their glasses, read the labels and just stopped buying products that contained Palm Oil. It was that simple.

There were no demonstrations, no violence, no one was hurt and no one lost jobs over it, because the multinationals hire people who work to understand trends (market analysts), before any new emerging trend could emerge and impact their profit – hence we could almost say, from one day to another, Palm Oil was replaced with sustainable alternatives and all the  corporations tried to beat each other on the change, because that was where the money was going to be spent.






So, I just wanted to share this little Tale to say that Change is just a few dollars away from each one of us, those are our voting chips, we have to stop waiting to have SPARE money to support something. Within the times we live, there’s very probably nothing to spare for anyone BUT we can divert something of what we spend to support Life Giving Alternatives to this world, we can Stop feeding our egos and minds with things we don’t really need, we don’t need that make up, that neck relaxing cream, the boob plastic surgery, we don’t need fancy holidays, cocktails with paper umbrellas in it, we don’t need to buy mangoes in winter if we live in Europe, in fact we don’t need to buy mangoes anytime if we don’t produce them where we live – I am not saying we can’t have any of these things if we really want them, I am just saying, there’s a world of difference between a NEED and a WANT and what we really NEED now is a different world, it’s to take the time to see where we have been putting our voting chips and assess if we couldn’t make better choices with them, it’s the time to see what can we give up for this change that we say we want so much.

Cos if we thought change was going to come quietly by itself brought on by our wish-full thinking or manifested by some superpower or some leaders or some one with more money than we have, we got another think coming; change depends on each one of us, HOW MUCH do we want this change?

Then, choose a cause, choose Life Giving people to support, get involved, be heard when you explain common sensically to others why it matters that we engage each other and the world for this change, because Change it’s your Change, give Your Change for Change – and see how many dimension this sentence alone can open up for you. 🙂


Peoples I have decided to support for Change

(not because I am good, special, better or richer – just because I am giving a new meaning to Money as Support for Life, as My Vote, as where I have to put my actions -not empty words- to contribute to +1 for Change)


Gian: I have met him a few years ago, his passion for change is real, his Life will be devoted to this, he has a vision that I want to support – I gave up 5 espressos a month to do so (they are bad for high blood pressure as well :))

Follow him here


Cerise and Joe

I know Cerise personally and I know Joe virtually, they are witty, clever and they expose the world for what it is, I support them because I believe we need big reality checks to expose our nature and find solutions for Change – and they provide them

Supporting them costs less than 4 packets of cigarettes a month (my health will benefit too!)

Find them here

Scott Santens

I support him for his unwavering dedication to the implementation of a Basic Income, I have been active for some years on Social Medias and Scott was there, have been absent for a couple more and Scott was there while I was MIA, I came back and guess what? Scott is still there, not because a Basic Income is a sure thing we’ll achieve in this Life Time – but because advocating for one, for a decent Life for every human being, for an end to Poverty, fear and Shame is a great ideal to hold close to heart and to embody in every moment of Breath.

You can find him here