Day 151: The Biggest Missing Piece – A Reply to Abraham Hicks

I followed Abraham’s teachings for over 10 years, I bought all the videos, books and tapes available and brainwashed myself with them, literally.
I had to make a few changes in my life to keep up with Positive Thinking, for example I would not allow negative thinkers around me and would blame them for ‘bringing the tone of the positive’ down, so to speak, like in mathematics, if you have positive numbers to which you add negative numbers, the positive numbers decrease, so if I was a +10 and my friends a -7 and I ended up being a +3, it was obviously Their Fault.
I went to a few events as well, Houston & San Antonio Texas, a venue I believed I manifested in perfect synchronicity with one of my husband unplanned business trips, during which we had a terrible fight and he boarded a plane to return home a few days before Abraham’s meeting.
During his flight back home he lost his luggage where his treasured toothbrush was, since he was particular about brushing his teeth I could imagine the stress with a certain pleasure, there you go dear, see what negative thinking does to you. When you are a Positive thinker it’s cool to look down at the miseries of the negative thinkers ‘thinking’ that they are doing that to themselves, boyohboy, when will they ever learn.
It was an easy ship to board, and I can call it a ship with reason, I joined their cruise program to Mexico on this Positive Wave/The Secret craze.
Then I decided that since this was my daily bread I should take it as far as I could, go on a deserted island and manifest money out of nothing to prove that it worked and then teach others how to do it.
It actually Did Not work, I spent all my Money in 4 years and while I pushed and strived to stay positive reality took a while to sink in, I saw as well, just recently how those Teachings diminished me, as I believed basically that my hard work in the physical real world was worth nothing and that making money was the result not of having consistently aligned myself to the system and having worked my ass off, but simply of me being good at manifesting, at positive thinking, I scuffed my physical life and my physical participation for my Mind bullshit.
The landing was not an easy one, considering that I went from positive thinking to the realization ‘there is something terribly wrong with this world’ first and then to Desteni, which would have been for me living on “charges’ just about as polarized as one could get into a lifetime, Desteni being on the extreme ‘negative’ polarity of the spectrum, otherwise called ‘in touch with reality’ I thought that I would not survive the stretch either, that I would snap in half and that would be the end of me.
It’s been over a year since I started walking with Desteni and applying their tools, two days ago I watched Abraham again, in a video called ‘The Biggest Missing Piece’ I used to really always get a kick out of the channelings and discount everything I saw when someone opposed the teachings as ‘them, not getting it’, this time this is what I noticed:
A man exposed very clearly his distress about The World and what is going on, which would equate phase 2 of my life, he is still lacking phase 3, Desteni, because he has not yet heard about us, maybe our messages will reach him this way. Basically he woke up to the shithole of this existence and was not taking any positive chit chat for an answer
Things Abraham did that I did not notice before:
sympathized with the man, told him ‘yes you are right we are not denying what you are saying, horrific things are indeed going on everywhere’, the ‘WE’ hit me for the first time, because ‘WE’ means there is more of ‘Us’ than ‘Yous’ -and they always said there are more than 100 entities channeling through One voice as Abraham-, and ‘We’ is usually granted to Royalty that speak as ‘We’, for the same reason, because more of us means more than One of You, in case you didn’t get the superiority point through the “Channeling Act” or ‘the Royalty title” itself.
The apparent equalizing was another way to level the play field but the ‘WE’ staid so there could be no real leveling or equalizing for real.
The man went on exposing in a very articulate manner what he saw in the world and how disgusted he was by it all, the cameras took in the people in the background, a typical channeling bunch, of lifeless uncomfortable lot that didn’t know how to respond, some sneered, because after all they were paying money for the ‘good feeling‘ and like me with my friends they wanted no ‘party pooper’ around that brought in reality into the equation as the effort to float above reality takes some consistency, being reality everywhere and hard to avoid.
Through an absolute unrelated gimmick he was taken on a Death trip to Heaven, to remind him that there is death if all else fail, be patient, and then on a closing that was rushed into ‘your choice my man, I have a really good story here that gives you joy but you want to insist on reality? – Let’s be clear that I have not failed you, the story stands, it’s YOU no longer willing to believe it hei- remember where to place the blame when you’ll review our little chat.”
Here some of the replies from us as a Group

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The Biggest Missing Piece – Abraham Hicks, by Marlen

It was painful to watch, the point is, is it true that ‘We can’t handle The truth’? Is the fear of the Truth of this existence and ourselves that is making us seek the unbelievable ad then make us beLieve it, what if we woke up to the state of this world to do what is required to create a Life that is Best for All?
Wouldn’t that be what we say we want, so what are we waiting for looking for obvious Mind games vs reality, because get this, Reality is Not going away just because we don’t focus on it, Reality is Here to stay, how else could we face what went wrong with our Creation and make an existential correction that starts with Each One of us?
There is the question to ask about Why we believe the stories told by The Positive Thinking Teachers and if we can become self honest about it we can say, because we mainly deal with negative thoughts and emotions as the experience of ourselves that we cannot explain or make sense of, we spend the first years of our lives trying to find reasons and meaning to both this Creation, for which we have no clear memories telling us how the fuck did we get here and why, and the mechanics of how we experience ourselves, one of the main oppositions we find to the Desteni Message is people fearing to leave behind ’emotions and feelings’ and yet we looked for so long to make sense of them, which is the point where Abraham fits in neatly, when you say, “emotions and feelings are your guidance system”, everything seems to make sense, there you go, we are on a Treasure Hunt and they forgot to tell us how to move around, got it, follow the good feelings back Home. Pity it was and is all just a big fat (expensive) Lie.
Check out #EqualMoney for a solution that will change Reality for All in reality and not in our dis-eased Minds seeking for solace in a world that truly doesn’t make sense.
I have done lots of Sf for my involvement with LOA, I will apply SF for/as Esther’s Role in this Character Creation
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not question an entity that told me that all is well in this world when it was clear that it is not
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create an alter ego as a Sub Personality that takes over as ‘channeling’ that says things I can not take responsibility for because ‘I am not there’
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not question the point of the Economics/Monetary System in this world as a source of suffering because Abraham said that we each chose our Life experience even though I would not have chosen a life of misery, war, starvation, murder or rape for myself
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let go of mine and Jerry’s Common Sense about wanting to know about the Whys of the “Wrongs of the World” and for accepting and allowing an entity whose purpose we didn’t question because the message ‘felt good’ to con-vince us that ‘that was not out work’ as that we didn’t have to take responsibility for this world as Our Creation, as One
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that we deserved to stay at the Westin and have the best food and the best life while others did not because I justified the existence of suffering as having  made the “wrong/different choice” up in heaven before they reincarnated that resulted in a shitty life that no one could possibly wish for themselves
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not question Death and the anomaly of it in a world of Joy, not even when my lifelong partner crossed over and I was devastated by grief because I have to stick to my story that Death is Fun and we just ‘don’t get it’
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hide that my partner Jerry had cancer for many months because we could not come up with a good explanation about the fact that we each choose how to exit the physical and yet Jerry was sick and in pain for months having to go through Chemotherapy like everyone else that is Cancer stricken in the world
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lie about the sickness of Jerry attributing it first to a spider bite that magically turned into leukemia and for hiding and then lying about seeking treatment with stem cells in South Korea, because this would have made us ‘normal people’ trying everything to stay alive haveing a dreadful Fear of Death, and not the Joyful Deliberate Creators that looked forward to the transition into the non -physical through the fun experience of ‘croaking’
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that if I become a Beacon of Joy through having All My desires fulfilled, then this will create opportunities for the world at large to align to well being, even though I have been telling the same story consistently for over 20 years and the world has become worse and yet I did not bother to have a Reality Check because My Reality worked out just fine
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see the consequences of a message that glorifies Death in a sick and sickening world, where we made Death look so glamorous that people may believe it is a cool way out, such as Karen, the lady that suffered from grave depression and ended up committing suicide after which we deleted her from the Forums because it gives the wrong impression of the joyful croaking transition into non physical – and maybe of our responsibility in it as she took our words about Death being so cool that she could not wait to experience it-
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not really Hear what the Distressed man brought to the table which could have been my chance to question The Truth of this Mess-Age I am spreading for over 20 years, because I was too busy keeping up the act that gives me a living and without which I would no longer know Who I Am
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not Hear the Common Sense of the Words of a Man that exposed the inconsistency between reality and the Message of Law of Attraction, targeting only the Few that have already access to a world of well being, having enough to either attend the seminars and buy books and tapes, which means they have food as well and a roof over their head and an education that allows them to read or access the message in some way, vs the world at large where 2.5 billion people don’t have access to sanitation and 1 billion is starving and or malnourished as we write
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to try and belittle the man who raised some much important questions regarding the state of the world, because not belittling him would mean belittling me and my message and this cannot happen
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to tell the story that the ‘Secret behind The Secret’ is me and my ‘original Message of well-being and ‘You can have it if you Want it’ when in truth the Secret is that in an obviously finite universe where resources are limited if you take more than you need, someone will have to go without, which is what is shown to us in the increase of poverty and starvation since law of Attraction was introduced and practiced
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to insist that these are the best of Times for ‘Shifts to Happen’ and only rarely add that they are ‘The Worse of Times too’, not making the connection that it must be if everything exists within polarity and that increasing the pulling of the Positive will have to create an increase on the Negative, and that is fine, as long as the Negative happens somewhere remote where we can’t find a correlation to ‘that thing we do’ as we participate in the positive Polarity of The Mind for our own selfish and self centered reasons
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that now that Jerry is gone and I no longer have a sounding board to confirm that everything I say is true, everything may come tumbling down if I engage in depth questions such as the gentleman’s questions about The State of the world for too long, and I will be exposed as a fraud in the best case or a mental case at worst
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to Fear facing the Reality of this World and the Suffering that exists because this would invalidate my whole Life’s work and Myself as I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as ‘Abraham’s Channeler‘ and friend.

2012: What has power over me ? My fear of the AfterLife

When I was a kid, the first Death I witnessed was the one of my great grandmother.

I was 5, it was the strangest thing because I had not heard about death prior to that moment and then one day, Death was in the house.

My great grandmother lived in what is the Italian equivalent of ‘the projects’ in America, at the time apartments were built with a common balcony that run around all apartments of the floor and then they shared one toilet in the corner of the common balcony.

When they installed the toilets inside the apartments, a few years before I was born, it was an event, the toilet just had the toilet bowl and the water of a hand-held shower run directly into a hole in the floor.

I remember washing myself inside a basin that was filled with water from the boiling pan in the kitchen/lounge, the apartment had 2 rooms, the kitchen lounge and the bedroom, inside that apartment, during the war, there had been up to 6 people sleeping, all in one bedroom with one double bed and a single bed.

In my money schizophrenic life, I had a grandmother that by the standard of the time, was rich, she lived inside an apartment with 2 bathrooms (where I am actually living at the moment), one huge living room (almost as big as my great grandmother apartment), one big terrace, 4 balconies, one master bedroom and one study room and a livable kitchen, big enough to fit a table.

I did not like to live in my great grandmother house during the week when my mum was working, I liked the comfort of my grandmother home and not the poverty that you could breath inside my great grandmother home.

When she died, as it was customary at the time since she died at home, she was left on the big bed for people to come and visit (?) and pay their respect and say one last goodbye.

I couldn’t get around this story of Death, to me it was obvious that she was now an empty box, whatever was that gave her Life had gone, but I could not understand where did it go.

My mum said she had gone to Heaven, nobody knew where heaven was, which for a kid is confusing, because we are just learning that when you go to a place you must know where it is, instead for what concerned heaven everyone was happy to just point at the sky and say ‘it’s up there’.

I wondered how could Heaven be held up by moving clouds and not be visible, not even in the night, they had to turn on some lights, right ? So why didn’t we see them, why couldn’t they wave or stay in touch, what a way to behave, going away like that, no notice, when you go somewhere you have a schedule, you say your goodbyes and make plans for when you will see each other again, you know when you are going to leave, instead Death had no schedule, one day you were Here and the next you were in Heaven.

My great grandmother was very religious, she went to mass in the morning, every morning, and dragged me along, I did not like the church at all, churches are cold and designed to inspire Fear, everything is huge, the columns, the arches, the paintings of bloody saints and martyrs, beheaded, hanged, it’s definitely not a happy place, churches in Italy are cold even in summer, and all the people sitting and saying the rosary were puzzling, each one started and went at their own pace, mumbling the Hail Mary in latin, if I were God I would have liked specific and unique words to highlight my wondrous creation, not a chorus of boring rosaries, but at the time there was the point of devotion, reciting the rosary was a show of devotion, usually dressed in black, with the head covered and kneeling down.

So, since I was already brainwashed into the Catholic tradition from kinder garden, I knew the requirements to go to Heaven, my great grandmother fit them all, no one was worried about her post-mortem destination.

Still, once they left me alone in the bedroom with the corpse, while they greeted the visiting guests for which there was food to share,  I tried to pull her up, the death thing as a definite was not clear to me, so I whispered to her to stop it, that people in the other room were sad and believing she was no longer here, please pull yourself up. I did not have the strength to pull her up completely, I managed a half sitting position with humongous effort, she was cold and heavy even though she was skinny and frail by the time she died,  and then that point of trying to lift up a very heavy empty box, I could not get over the impression of being around an empty body.

When they came in from the other room, they screamed and shouted, I dropped her down, then explanations followed from my mother about Death, trying to make me understand that when someone dies, they are no longer here.

They sent the casket, put her inside and we went down to follow the funeral, we walked behind the funeral car very slowly, many people had come to see the funeral as she was loved and respected and considered a ‘good devout woman’, my mother was crying, she had been raised by my great grandmother, I understood crying at funeral was appropriate and even demanded, but I could not cry and felt guilty about it, I wanted to feel as sad as my mum, for support,  I even tried to think about sad things with no success, death had not yet hit me personally  as something  sad.

I have seen other 2 corpses in my life, one a friend of my uncle and then my uncle, I have missed all the other deaths of the family due to living abroad, the other 2 corpses I have seen left me with the same feeling, empty boxes.

It was easy for me to believe in Life after death, in a place where all the boxes contents had gone, because I saw it with my own eyes, only the body was buried, the ‘inside’ was no longer there, must have gone somewhere, Heaven was plausible.

I had more troubles with Hell, at one point in my Life I accepted Hell was ‘living in separation from God’, I gave up the flames of hell for the belief in a metaphorical hell of our own creation, I still held on to the belief that God was benevolent, only in my teenage years I was angry and questioned God, but found no sounding boards in Italy and the feedback was always the same, we can’t understand the BIG plan, in the great scheme of things we are insignificant, God has a reason for everything, one day we will understand it all. I gave in, they all believed it and they loved me, it must be so then.

But honestly I embraced this belief because I feared it might not be so, and I had no other explanation that made any sense, around the age of 13 or 14 I discovered there were other religions, WHAT ?? How can there be other religions ? But they reassured me, they have not yet heard of Jesus, only our religion is RIGHT, and they will go to Hell for what they believe. That was another point I had against Hell, why people who had not been blessed like us Roman Catholics to hear about Jesus would have to go to Hell ? How can you be punished for NOT knowing ? Rome was far away from the Middle East, to take just one example, they could not hear the Sunday bells (and all the other days bells), how would they know ?

Many beliefs about the afterlife were weird, I settled for the New Age ones, We are God, I am a Light Worker, Namaste, I salute the divinity in You.

Then I moved to Asia. They believed  really weird stuff !! They believed in the Hungry Ghosts coming to take bodies on a special Month of the lunar calendar, they suggested to not let the kids into the water during that time, body snatching happened more easily inside the water; they believed the afterlife was just like here and that there were days when the doors of this world and the Other World were opened up and gifts could be sent through fire, so a whole industry of paper replicas had developed for the offerings to the Other World,

this included paper money, credit cards, plane tickets, clothes, shoes, houses, mansions, paper maids (and thanks God for that or they would have burnt the Filipino people for real to send them to their ancestors),

of course even in death offerings there was a gap between rich and poor, the poor ones could barely send a paper house, maybe a simple 2 rooms one, the rich ones could send a mansion designed by an architect, the offerings could cost anything from 2 USD dollars to 1000 USD,  they even believed that if you were disabled here you would be disabled There, so they made paper wheelchairs to burn on the offering days. They had many Gods and they bribed them regularly with paper money offerings, The Chinese especially were never hypocritical about Money, they had the God of Wealth at the entrance of every temple because if you were in a rush that was the God you wanted to find the closest, they would kow tow, touching their forehead to the floor, in front of the God, make an offering to the Temple, have the temple keeper bang the drums to let the God know you were there and had paid the entrance fee and then they would detail their request. They believed as well that Heaven was as deceitful as here and as Hell, so everything they sent over they sent it with the specific address tag “Miss Chan…. The Other World”.

This left a big impression on me, this lack of trust was a point that bothered me, if you don’t even trust the Gods because they are spiteful and evil, who can you trust ? What kind of fear did they live with ?

More or less same as mine 🙂

Once I was convinced about the fact that there was in fact nothing clear about the Afterlife, I started to wonder where was the truth, who knew it and why it was not disclosed. What happened to us in the afterlife ?

When I met Desteni and discovered they were channeling dead people, I was not one bit surprised, there they were, the surprise was about what they had to say, in fact it was a shock, such was the shock that as I said in some of my other posts I could not take in on board at the first encounter with Desteni, I fucked around for another 2 years, between Matrix Energetics, Russian teachings of Grabovoi, shamans, healers and then the day that I was clear about having exhausted my options in self fucking (we chatted with my buddy last night and I said, if there was a job for that “experienced self fucker” it would have to be mine !), with the tail between my leg I went back to Desteni and accepted the truth, Self as origin taking responsibility.

I still fear the afterlife, not like before though, now I fear that I will indeed still be there/Here and will have to face what I have not cleared within this lifetime and not the opposite, as Bernard said once, death as in deletion would be a point of Mercy, what I did not get yet is, will we have access to this Mercy, because we have created a merciless world to which we stand One and Equal, will we be Equal to Mercy by the time we cross over ?

Will we have got the point that this is our creation and everything is happening as a consequence of our separation from everything that exists or we will keep the self fucking going to the point of mercilessness ?

One of my good Italian friend that I have introduced to the EMS said to me about Equal Money, “we will have to see if we accept that we deserve such a system” ! And I saw this point clearly, we are abusing ourselves and the world as an outflow of our belief in deserved punishment of ourselves and others, as the score keeping of our demented minds that having forgotten the separation don’t forgive themselves and others as themselves, having for-gotten that there are no others !

This world is our Self Expression, One Self Expression, the sum of our debts, suppressions, fears, beliefs, ideas, yes, crashing, humbling, makes us weep, but we can stand up and let go the ledger as the illusion that is keeping this reality alive, it will take the dropping of our masks, and the dropping of our debts, I have started to drop my debts through Self Forgiveness, so there is one less bookkeeper in the world and we may embrace the solution as the point of Mercy for ourselves and the World, One and Equal.

Let’s correct ourselves now to leave behind a world of No Fear that can be enjoyed by everyone Equally as an expression of who we are as Life and not who we are as a surviving, competing, evil species that is leaving behind a wake of Death and Destruction. This is NOT who we are, time to wake up and review our Lives while alive to realign to Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All without having to wait for the Mercy of Death. Imagine the surprise to discover that the real Mercy was in the Physical, within the substance that was always Here standing One and Equal to everything that exists, while we fucked with ourselves in endless time loops in and as our Minds.


Equal Money

support the Equal Life Foundation and get yourself a real Education from the ones that have already crossed over, to know what’s happening in the HereAfter at