2012 The LOA and the Illuminati led me to Desteni

My story of how I came to Desteni is a bit convoluted because I started as a staunch follower of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction and for years I had disciplined myself to ‘think positively’ and to repress and suppress the negative thoughts – because they never really, went away, buggers – and I used Pot as well to push them down deeper because I wanted so much to believe the story that the Universe is a loving place and we were given an emotional guidance system as a sign of such loving force.

I had to battle a few common sense questions at the beginning which were: if this is the Truth of reality, why doesn’t everybody know about it, why is it a Secret, why don’t we teach it in school and now to the hungry people so they can get food and whatever they need ?

Through ‘my belief’ in the Law of attraction I had some success, at least I believed it was because of the LOA and not by my personal investment, obviously the system is designed to reward happy slaves and not grumpy ones, so by my ‘forced happiness’ I managed to get myself good jobs and a good life while I kept at bay all my friends with a ‘negative attitude’ in fear to be contaminated and having to lose the touch of Grace that I had with much struggle, built for myself.

This was another point that I questioned about existence, it seemed to me that everyone had had traumatized  lives, when everyone would participate in what Carolyn Miss defined as woundology, the wounds of the others never seemed so much better than mine, so this other question of an existence of suffering was something I suppressed because I could not find a logical answer to this, why would a loving Universe have people born and traumatized, really, what was the point that I was missing ?

The teachings of Abraham anyway always made sense to me, I made them make sense because they did  in fact make me feel better, by uplifting me out of my own responsibility for this world, One and Equal to me, I embraced the belief that we all came to experience something Here in a kind of  ‘Game’  just to have all the views and first hand experiences  of existence first hand so to speak and that was it, then back to Heaven.

Four years ago I left my well paid job in Asia and went to live on a tropical island in Thailand, I had two main objectives, one was to heal myself from my crippling addiction and underlying never died depression for which I self medicated with Pot, the other was to understand reality, as well I said to myself, now that I had mastered the LOA I would multiply my money and then I would be free to do whatever I wanted, I wasn’t a bit interested in ‘other people’s experience’ because as Abraham said, their life is ‘their Pie’ never mind what other people decide to put in ‘their Pie’, you mind  your own Pie’, and so I -conveniently- did.

Of all of the Abraham teachings only one thing stood out for me one day, when Abraham said that when we desire something it’s already there 99% of it, we just need to align to make the 1% missing step to get it. This puzzled me extensively because I saw that, if this was true, what did He mean ? But he had explained that what he meant was that the Universe knew better than us what we truly wanted and had already prepared it there for us, we just had to align with it. Still, this sentence stood out of all the teachings as an ‘anomaly’.

When I was on the island I quit Pot and relapsed and quit and relapsed and went on like this for 3 years, every time I relapsed I fell harder into oblivion, it was clear that I had engaged a self destruct mechanism somehow and I just wouldn’t let it go, I wrote lists of my excuses to smoke Pot, did chanting, went on  marijuana Anonymous Forums, took a drug coach from the UK for guidance but the Pot call was always the strongest, I didn’t want to exist, I longed to obliterate myself into non-existence as soon as I could, no matter how many ‘positive thoughts’ I indulged in a day, the hole was always there, ready to swallow me.

This hole was like a black spiral, when I was a kid I faced it every night just before falling asleep, I would feel myself slip away spiralling into the black hole and many times I had to open my eyes and grab the bed trying to not give in to the feeling of being sucked into nothingness.  Me and the black hole had become quite close quite soon in my life experience.

So, during my stay on the dream island I set out to study,  I studied everything I could find on addictions, molecular nutrition, theories about vitamin deficiencies, the unconventional routes and the very unconventional ones, I listened to all the channelers to see if anyone had any clue of why I was such a wreck, At one point I bumped into Bashar as well who said ‘that everything you may think of or desire already exists somewhere’, oh boy, there we went again, so now the doubt of this existence as a maze in which I could only pretend to move and make choices came up again, if I wasn’t really free to think up something or imagine it from scratch because it already existed, where was my creative power all these love and light channelers were bragging about ? Then I was not a creator, I was a human magnet, attracting to myself experiences already thought up and designed in detail by someone else, while others, the poor bastards – as one of my friends boss used to call the ‘ less fortunate’ -, they would have to take the crumbles of our first class choices.

Polarity bothered me, when they introduced the concept of the Quantum Field, where everyone saw this amazing infinite creative power, I saw the limitation of a field, a cosmic soccer field, where everyone was kicking each other around,  limited by the definition of ‘field’  itself, a field cannot be infinite come-on, you can have a very big field, an extremely big field a gigantic field but not, ever, an infinite one, infinity cannot be defined by a field because it’s infinite = not  finite !

Meanwhile wasted time went on, I was using up my money because I was sure I could manifest truckloads being I was soo positive, I would say the right words to everyone at all times, but there was a piece missing about my interaction with others which was my secret mind I could say ‘you look lovely’ and leave out the ‘BITCH” part that went on in my head, in fact the more I wanted to be positive and see only the good, the more my backchat became vicious, I was ashamed of the thoughts that went on in my mind but consoled myself thinking that everyone had them, it was normal, important is to not engage them suppress them deep enough –    which is  like trying to wrestle a thought into the ground for the win, an impossible feat – and you will be fine.

The money wasn’t manifesting though, this was annoying because I had gone to the tropical island with much fanfare about my manifesting a grand future for myself, instead I was living like a shameful recluse pissing my money away and drowning deeper and deeper into my Pot addiction with no solution in sight.

At that time I spent extensive hours on the net, mainly because I was unable to do anything else except going for treatments to all  the island healers trying to keep my elusive balance just enough to be able to exist.

I bumped onto a video of Sunette/Desteni the first time 3 years ago, it was about Demons, it scared the shit out of me and I felt sorry for this girl/boy who was obviously possessed, and moved on.

My researches led me to see that there was something terribly wrong going on with the world that I had never noticed in the years I was away on the Love and Light Cloud, I discovered that cancer cures were suppressed , that our water was fluorinated not for good health but as a poison, that the mercury in our teeth was poisonous to the brain, that the GMO foods whose life cycle chains had been broken lacked nutrition, that sugar and aspartame affected the brain, that vaccines were deliberately contaminated, all of these things came up one after the other until the picture of this world looked so bleak that I wanted to die. it was not just the story, it was the thought that someone BIG must have thought up and designed a sort of  plan against humanity, because these could not be coincidences, one can poison the water by mistake, but not everything we have to use daily including the air, it was the deliberateness of it all that felt disheartening, what had humanity come to for Money ?

While I kept watching you tube for answers each point I opened was worse than the previous one and then I bumped onto a video called ‘who killed Michael Jackson’, it kept coming up until one day I watched it.

That video opened up the whole Illuminati New World story, the satanic worshipping, human sacrifices of children by the Elite, Satan in the Vatican, the Secret Societies, slowly I was paralyzed by fear , because when the story of MK Ultra and Mind Control and Michael Tsarion opened up, I still believed it was about other people out there, people they had access to, the Army, Hollywood, pawns used to harm and deceive but still the magnitude of the design left me feeling minute and powerless and alone, who the fuck would believe this and why is this going on while we are sleeping, why are we sleeping ? Are alcohol and Pot just some other sleeping tools, least we wake up and see how far we have gone into self-destruction and destruction of everything around us ?

At that point another video of Sunette popped up, it was the channeling of Anton Lavey, I had just read about him, because by that point it was clear to me, we were in Hell and nobody knew, better check with the demons worshippers and demons channelers to see what the fuck is going on.

When I watched the first video of Sunette that I could follow to the end,  I realized while she talked about breathing that I could barely breathe, it took me some time to overcome the initial shock and many videos to overcome the Fear because the puzzle completes only ‘when you watch whole of the damn material’, until then the pieces here and there can add to the confusion and to the feeling of hopelessness of this design (so watch the whole damn material before making up your mind).

I had understood that the Matrix was real, not a loving Matrix like the people of Matrix Energetics teach, nope, it was a terrifying web of deceit and lies, everything that I had learnt in my life was a Lie, this was quite a hard story to swallow.

It took me a few months to stabilize, I am quite new to the process but I can say that without this process and the information Desteni provided I would have died either of shame or of Fear or both.

Instead I managed to quit my Pot addiction using Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty and walking this process supporting myself with the example of others that had walked before me and had made it out of their self-destructive behaviours. I am working every day at stopping my participation within me as the Mind and stopping my reactions and blame games by bringing what bothers me back to myself as something I need to address by digging into the root cause of the design to deprogram myself. And I am learning to Breathe, would you believe that we can’t Breathe until someone comes along and points it out to us. I had never really breathed until I met Desteni, never breathed as Me as Breath.

Now I have learnt that all that exists is Self and I am learning how to bring back all the pieces of this broken world to me as me and give myself back to myself, obviously along the way into our creation we made a few miss-takes and we ended up in this pit of suffering and abuse in which we walk around like amnesiacs in a stupor. But we can correct our miss takes by becoming One again, and from that Oneness learn to give Equally to all the parts of ourselves that we have neglected and abused in our race to be winners and in our search for happiness as an experience of ourselves in separation from the whole. This is why we endorse an Equal Money System, in one single agreement we could undo our miss-taken stance of separation, with one true real act of compassion for all the parts of Self we would create heaven on Earth for everyone. This takes a while to see, at the beginning of my process I couldn’t even talk about it, it was just so far away from who I was, I had to close the gap between me the problem and me the solution to be able to see Equal Money=Equality as the solution, to see myself no longer as a wreck but a piece of the solution.

I can say is that I am glad I have found Desteni, I know others will walk the same slippery slope of the Illuminati and the New Wold and feel extensive Fear in separation from what exists Here, what I can say is that when we take back the responsibility of this creation the Fears diminish, the Fears are just bells that re-mind us we can’t have our cake and eat it, we can’t believe we are separate and get a good dandy life, because in separation there is misery and suffering and desire to self-abuse and to abuse others in self-interest.

There is only one road back Home, it’s Oneness and Equality, since I met Desteni I don’t feel as lonely as I used to yet I know I am alone and All One and it’s OK, since I met Desteni my Life is no longer a string of sad stories but a realization, that I can make it back Home because Home is Here, I was the one who left to go somewhere else, off into my Mind Make beliefs and fears, going Home is not a destination but a realization, it’s the Here-ness we left behind where all Life has always existed One and Equal.

Here never moved, Here never left, Here is where Life is and I will myself to be Here as Life, Breath by Breath, One and Equal to everything that exists for myself and All existence Equal and One.


Equal Money System

The Design of Infinity

So, I am back to the apartment that is in the middle of refurbishing after leaving my mum’s home.

My mum’s home is everything fake you can imagine, pastel colours, a fireplace that she had built but she doesn’t use because she would have to clean it otherwise, fake flowers, fake plants, fake cartoon characters that remind her how life is in truth magical and lovely, fairies, little animals from the woods, anything that is not real to support the illusion of ‘Well Being’.

I know I am in the middle of a personal storm, talking to my mum is becoming difficult and an effort, as I used to agree to everything she said, looking for reasons to appreciate our predesigned placement in the world, as the ‘lucky ones’, this is why she resents me at the moment pointing out anything about this system of inequality that I have accepted and allowed equal and one to myself, when I bring this back to self, this is why I resent myself bringing up anything that rocks my sense of having been born ‘lucky’ within a system where luck is rare, I resent the facing of reality that this process is about.

This morning we walked down to the river, we saw a family with 2 retarded children, I didn’t comment because I see I’m on the verge of questioning everything and making everyone uncomfortable along the way and because I still carry guilt for having been the one pointing out how we should ‘always look at the bright side of life’, she was the one saying ‘wow, both children have problems’ I heard the backchat going ‘yes this is your Good God taking care of the details of life for everyone on the planet’ but did not speak.

I spoke instead about an electric central designed at the beginning of last century, she said ‘it’s beautiful’ but I could no longer see the ‘Beauty as an Absolute’ as I don’t know how one century ago people who had to make that happen, like the pyramids, felt about it, is the struggle of some that ‘serve us’ beautiful just because it appeases a ‘beauty sense’ that was programmed into us ? I don’t know, I just said ‘I cannot see ”absoulte beauty’ anymore there are no absolutes but opinions, and I felt I pissed her off when she went quiet and silently annoyed, come on, why don’t I want to play the game of ‘thanks God we are so lucky’ anymore, freaking maddening especially when you see we are REALLY lucky ? 🙂

I had an Ok weekend with my mum, we had a small bickering about her wanting to teach me ‘when is the car’s petrol cap really closed’ and I said ‘it’s not like I have to take a university class, once the cap doesn’t come off, it’s close for me’ but we had to call the petrol cap authority at the petrol station because honestly how can one have the ‘wisdom’ to work out basic stuff like that by themselves ? The authority that puts the approval seal seems to be always needed. It did not blow into the usual ‘out of proportion thingy’ as I’m becoming aware that it’s me just resenting still being taught at 47 years of age, because I allow myself to feel ‘incompetent’ and thus worth less than the competent ones, the petrol cap authorities that can say with the given knowledge: ‘it’s close, you are safe to go’.

As well I discovered I fear heights, we were walking on a bridge with a low handrail and I felt dizzy, this was a revelation because I was used to wear ‘my fearless personality’ for so long that I never noticed I was actually afraid of heights, so applied self forgiveness on this fear and had to wonder how many other fears I just hold and have suppressed and hid under my ‘fearless personality’ ?

I left to come back to Milan, my neighbour called to say she noticed something strange at the door, someone put the cleaning broom under my entrance handle, she called me to tell me this because I asked her back the copy of my entrance keys to give to the workers, she did the exact same thing last year as well, I was not angry because I understand she wants me to be here, in case something happens to her husband who is sick, and because when I was a kid I used to do the same kind of shit so I see where she is coming from, self interest is always overriding what is best for all at the moment, it is for me  at least, so it must be for everyone else surrounding me as well, One and Equal to what I have accepted and allowed One and Equal to me.

When I came home I listened to ‘The Design of Infinity’, wow, the story of not being more than ‘a washing machine’ hit home particularly hard, my mum bought the cheapest Chinese washing machine a few years ago, it cost 6 times less than the Italian or 10 times less than the German brands, but still it does all the washing perfectly and it sings a song once she is done, a Chinese Heavenly song :), she never had to repair it nor had any complains about it, which means one washing machine is one and equal to another, there are no BETTER washing machine but in our minds.

So, being Equal to a washing machine was the lowest point of my day,  read Maite’s blog about ‘this being her last life’  and it was another eye opener, on how I personally struggle with the idea of doing ‘all this’ for something I might not even see and who gives a fuck since I’m just going to die and be deleted, but this is just a washing machine talk and what else could I expect from a washing machine ?

And so this is the challenge, can I drop my washing machine identity, stop living in cycles from cleaning to rinsing and stand up for what is best for all?

Funny thing is I know I can, that there is something inside of me that can do that because I see that my very participation in washing cycles and believing something needs to be washed clean from the Original Sin is what this has all been about, I just resent not having someone leaving a stone to remember me by, to make me special, even after death.

Can I drop my dreams and wants even though noone will ever make a fuss about it, not even me, just because I see that any other thing I do is just meaningless ?

I was once a washing machine with a maid 🙂 My maid thought and believed she was less than me, a washing machine because I was born equal to a Miele, German made, or Ariston, Italian made, the best, by popular belief and she was just a Philipino washing machine, she had no market value, no access to the Money game 🙂

It’s a big step, because some of us believed they were nothing all their life, I thought I was something because there were people who believed to be less than me and I met them and hired them and treated them with ‘equality’ withing the inequality game and kept the CON going.

But this is just the game /design of infinity that I  have kept going one and equal to me, to support my delusions to be more than Life itself, so I could give myself the value of being a better washing machine than the lesser ones that accepted that their value was less than me,  because they had less access to the money system than myself.

I’m hurt by this, my Ego weeps, I had it sweet comparatively, and as my mum always poins out, ‘we are the lucky ones’ so what the fuck are you sour about ?

But I know now what I’m sour about, I’m sour about me, for what I have accepted and allowed to be manifested into existence because of my need want and desire to be more than others so I would not have to be less.

Coming back to Italy has been a challenge, I have become Equal, to all other Italians, there is no longer anything exotic about me, anything to make me more.

My mother was ‘ashamed ‘ of me for the past week end because I look so mismatched, no make up, all colours mixed together, she told me ‘it’s so unlike you’ and today she  even asked me to comb my hair, a total new thing,  because when I don’t -comb my hair-  I make her less than when I do and look neat and tidy, after all when I was ‘more than her’ it was better, she is discovering now, at least she could pride herself of having such a daughter, that could match colours and always look tip top when she could not, facing the ‘lesser me’ is throwing her off balance too.

But there is another way, we could all just will ourselves to STOP, the ‘being less/being more’ game, attributing to each other more or less value according to what clothes we wear, the food we eat, the money we make, the education we have, and remember this, washing machines are not comparing themselves to each other, my mother’s Chinese washing machine is NOT going to the psychiatrist because the German ones have a more positive feedback, she just keeps going and doing what she was designed for, above comparison, a skill we have not yet developed in full.

So, I have to say this, we at the moment are LESS than washing machines as we are still lost within the comparison game, we could start by taking a hint from the washing machines of the world, being Here, doing what is Best for All at all times.

Let’s clean up this mess,  I am an Italian washing machine, you probably are not if you are reading this in English, anyone cares ? 🙂

Then, when we have cleaned the mess we may start again, as Equals, playing a whole different ball game, where Self Expression rules and there won’t be any more racial, religious, national, cultural confinements to tell us what Self Expression is all about.

Join us in the cleaning up at www.desteni.co.za and investigate an Equal Money System at www.equalmoney.org to stop the abuses and inequalities of this world and stand All as One and Equal for what is Best for All.