What is Sex ? Self Expression or Disturbed Role-playing ?

What is Sex ?

My personal experience with Sex has been quite borderline, when I was a teenager I felt I HAD to become sexually active believing that sexually active people were the ‘real adults’ and that when I would be a ‘real adult’ I wold finally have the freedom I was seeking.
Which did not happen.
My first sexual experience was disappointing, it felt like a duty carried out while I tried to fit some mental picture of myself based on the pornographic images I had seen of people having sex. I had found out early that if I looked carefully enough I could find porno in every single Italian home of friends or relatives, there was what we believed to be a ‘sex revolution’ taking place but it was not, it was a porn evolution of our sexuality, from suppressed physical expression to fully expressed and heavily distorted mental expression.
That did not feel freeing either, I had just moved from one desire “to have sex’ to the desire to ‘have sex in a certain way’, obsessing about it occasionally and felt driven to play a part instead of relaxed enough to express myself to just end up exhausted with a feeling of emptiness, like as if I had sex with a vacuum cleaner.
Sex ultimately was never a pleasant experience, it never felt whole, I never felt whole.
What was your experience with sex and why do we seem to ‘be driven’ to have sex and to cultivate a sexual personality to wear immediately prior sex to seduce and entice and inside the bed while playing copycat to pornostars that set unattainable sexual standards of penetrations and acrobatics ?
How come sex and pornography seem to have been pushed to the extreme in the last decade and who is pushing and why ?

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Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation-design of the Human-Race

Individual Interview’s Description:

What is Sex – Part One
Did you know that Sex was a deliberate system-creation of and as consciousness dependent on the physical human body to function and exist?

What is Sex – Part Two
Did you know that sexual stimulation from forms, colours and energies evolved with the evolution of consciousness through and as the human?

What is Sex- Part Three
Find out how and why we access quantum-time within and during Sex and what happens in the moment of Orgasm.

What is Sex – Part Four
Find-out how we change, alter and form the human physical body through the Mind and the role that Sex played in the functioning of ourselves, humanity, the heavens and existence as a whole.

What is Sex? – Part Five
Do you know what happened to the Energy of the Orgasm one experience(d) during Sex and where that Energy was directed to within self and the world and why?

What is Sex? – Part Six
Find out how the Unified Consciousness Field – interacted with the Mind and Sex to develop human-(d)evolution.