Day 369: Frank Capra – Just F**k Off

In line with the Christmas spirit, the time of the year when we promise to be good -one day out of 365- we are served the Christmas spirit par excellence and that would be the whole Frank Capra’s filmography.

Every year we say ‘they don’t make movies like those anymore’, yeap, they don’t, maybe there is hope for humanity after all if we can’t bear to tell such ‘so out there’ tales, in which we represent everything that is not working within our society, bless it and make it palatable, to teach children that ‘this is the way things have always been’- and look everyone is just happy where they are, Isn’t Life Wonderful?

Take this ‘Pocketful of Miracles’, ashamed to say one of my favourite movies for years, where a woman beggar holds a gangster in her grip by selling him ‘magic lucky apples’, that she tells him are inhabited by elves who have his fate a heart -not hers obviously as she lives as a derelict surrounded by her ‘happy’ beggar friends, that support her ‘out of wedlock’ daughter that she sent to Spain to be raised in a private luxurious college, to ensure she would have a better life than the one she lived-.

The woman beggar then receives the unexpected news of the upcoming visit of her daughter and, since she had always lied to her pretending to be a very rich aristocratic lady, she is helped out by the gangster to play the part and is groomed from head to toe, because in this world we are taught to do judge the book by its cover, so she is re-clothed, made up, gets her mani & pedi and jewellery on loan and is housed at one of the most expensive hotels in New York, waiting for her daughter’s visit.

When I re-watched this movie I wondered how it could have ever moved me to tears, what was moving in such a movie? The generosity of the gangster who wanted to make sure he would have forever access to the luck provided by the loving elves living in the apples, or the attachment of the beggar woman to her far away daughter for which she collected a kickback from other derelicts such as she was, or the effort she went through to hide her shameful life to her daughter, even though when she was dressed like a queen she made it clear she couldn’t wait to return to the comfort of the streets (?), or the gangster fiance’, who had to strip half-naked to pay her fathers debts after he passed away, or the loving gesture of the police chief who accepted to play the part of the woman beggar friend to con the Spanish aristocrats that came in tow with her daughter to collect news about her, to make sure she was worthy to get married into wealth.

One wouldn’t know, it would be hard to pick today for me what was that made that movie a favourite if not the ‘feel good’ factor of the make over, because in itself the story is squalid and sad and there is nothing Christmassy about it as in ‘good’, no, it is in fact the perfect picture of our world, a world of suffering, injustice, deception and criminals, all made to look good so that the world we live in is not questioned, so that we may believe that a beggar can raise enough kickbacks to maintain a daughter for life in an expensive European educational facility, insisting that All choices are available to all if one has enough beggar friends and that misery is not so bad after all, look, some loooved it to death and would have never traded it for a 5 star life of good food, warm housing and nice clothing.

I was really asleep for a long time, if we were awake we would have told the Frank Capras of the world to piss off instead of glorifying their feel good movies in the face of this world, but we didn’t.

They no longer make movies like that, what a loss, now we have movies that are dangerously closer to our reality, where there is violence, fear, abuse, misery, maybe we had enough feel good movies to last a lifetime and we are becoming ready to face reality, which is that This World Ain’t Working and that We Have to Redesign One That Does Work for All.

Guaranteeing a Life of Dignity to All would be a good start, check out the Living Income Guaranteed, THAT would be something to celebrate, a plan to give a Life to All, and then when someone will show us a movie like Frank Capra’s we’ll say ‘imagine that, so lucky to no longer live in those times’, because there is no excuse for a world of abuse not even when we make it endearing and funny to pretend that ‘all is well after all’.

Don’t get duped. Get a Life for yourself and for All.


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Day 318: Are you BIG Enough for B.I.G. ?


We have set up a new website to explain our proposal for a Basic Income Grant that shall benefit All Humanity.

It’s hard to take all parts of a faulty system into consideration when writing a proposal that can find the widest acceptance, but it’s not impossible.

For the time being it would be enough if we could marry the 2 mainstream currents of this world, one runs on Greed and one runs on Desperation.

The Greedy are the ones best off, with Money you have access to the full Range of Human Rights that have become optional for most, isn’t it funny how we are going topsy turvy in this world, we are fitting cars with full options some of which are even useless unless we buy into the belief that we need them (The Subaru XV’s fabric seats come with a pair of switches to heat them) while we deprive human beings of basic human rights in the name of Profit and Greed.

And as enlightened as we claim to be, we are not even noticing, we are celebrating our progress and our ability to access the ‘moreness’ of technology and the wonderment of ever more stupid entertainments while we willingly give up our rights, including the right to Life, which for most has become a dream, so while some dream of the ‘more options’ they could have if they could put their hand on some more cash, some are left dreaming if they will ever be able to have a life at all, to feed their children and put a roof over their heads, we are still the proud creators of slavery, abuse, exploitation, wars all in the name of an imaginary and mostly unattainable ‘moreness’ in the face of a ‘Hereness’ that is becoming more and more elusive and that we ended up believing to be just an illusion.

If you support a Basic Income Grant you are hopefully looking for ways to make it come true, unless it’s just another pipe dream, a bandwagon to jump on to show we are interested in the world and in the fate of the many suffering unbearable lives that show no sign in sight of being on the way to improve.

If you support a Basic Income Grant for the purpose of relieving the suffering of those that don’t have a Life at all it -and not just yours, so you can be able to finally afford an exotic holiday- it would be sane to consider HOW we are going to bring this into reality within the way this system is set up and not within an imaginary system through an unfounded ideology.

We live in a Capitalistic Model, every year we raise new waves of dumb economists, that will justify to their grave why this is the best system we can come up with, and an education system that starts with parenting that has found millions of excuses to explain away the otherwise unexplainable point of Inequality as if it was justifiable just because it’s here and has always been, so it will take a lot of effort to break through the programming we have been submitted to and then later submitted ourselves to, in order to see that we don’t have to live this way, unless we keep choosing it either by our refusal to see real solutions or by our refusal to consider that we actually hold the power to change it all if we stop believing that we don’t.

Within this model, the one we live in, the amount of money in circulation is finite, yes, there would be solutions to solve this point as well but for the time being this is the model we have to work with, which means that to allow B.I.G. to become a reality we’ll have to reshuffle the cards around and either rewrite our public spending and prioritize our shopping listsĀ  for example putting food for all BEFORE our demented need to fund the purchase of nuclear weapons or other destructive toys that we don’t seem to get enough of, and this alone will damage some, such as those that are making money through faceless corporations in those kind of businesses, hence the idea that the rich will not lose anything if we implement a basic income grant, whose funding must come from somewhere, is just another example of disconnection from reality that needs a reality check, because the rich won’t be convinced to give up millions in profit by being given 1500 or 2000 euro a month (hello??), but they may see the possibility of their businesses thriving even more when everyone will have more money to spend and invest in this economic model which is now to the benefit of just some and even be willing to extend the cash to all since they own the system and we can’t go shopping on another planet for now, so what they will gain from is in the future if they are willing to give back something now to allow this economic model to flow again, until we come up with another one that works for all, for real.

So, if you support a Basic Income Grant, please, read the blogs we are writing where we offer practical solutions to make this a reality, clear your mind, breathe, see the common sense about how B.I.G should start, which means by benefiting those that don’t have enough to live first and foremost and from there walk the steps required in your mind to close the gap between an ideology and a real proposal, so as to not turn big in another Occupy Wall Street, from where we will just be kicked out with no regret without leaving a mark of any kind, instead Occupy Your Mind with Common Sense, see why we should walk those steps the way we propose, participate, bring to the table other proposals if you see a point in a way that is clearer and more doable or let this go, it’s possible that you are not BIG enough for B.I.G., maybe you have not yet self realized the point of Response-Ability we have in and as members of this world, maybe you are kid-ding yourself and others, maybe you are having a temper tantrum about the idea that you may not come in first along with those that have bigger needs than yours, such as the need to have a Life, and that may be possible because we have 1 billion people who are starving and close to 3 billion living below the poverty line. Are you one of those? If so you will be attended to unconditionally as soon as BIG will be implemented, if you are one of those that own a home, already make a living, although not as good as you would like it, then you may have to wait in line because BIG will be the reverse line from the ones this system has sold to us so far, serving those on a ‘need bases’ first and then those on a ‘want basis’ second, is this something you can handle?

If not then there are other games to play out there that won’t damage this proposal in the eyes of those that have a firmer grip on reality than the BIG Dreamers who have lost contact with it and with the solutions that could come out of it if we walked together a path of making a dignified life for All a priority and something real within our lifetime.

Once we implement BIG and understand the power we hold, nothing will stop us from creating a world that works for all and make it so solid that it may never revert back to this monstruosity we created so far and that we fight to keep going for future generations to ‘enjoy’.

Join us, B.I.G. is Here, how BIG are you?