Day 359: Please STOP ‘Paying Respect’ to the Dead

Horror: Rescuers pause to pay their respects to the 13 victims of the tragedy

This is not the first time in recent months that illegal migrants making the desperate journey to Italy have drowned on the way.

Sicily and the islands surrounding are hotspots for illegal immigrants arriving by sea from Tunisia, Libya and sub-Saharan Africa hoping for a better quality of life and employment.

Recently, following continued violence in the country, a growing number of Syrian immigrants have fled to the region hoping for protection from the raging civil war.

Often the immigrant’s desperate journey ends in tragedy.

Last month six migrants died after they jumped out of a boat off the coast of Sicily.

Some 100 migrants where aboard a boat when it hit a sandbank close to the shore.

Six perished as they tried to swim to land.

In July seven drowned after they tried to hold onto a fishing cage which was being towed to shore off the coast of Sicily.


This is not the first time I write about this boating shame, where people, who attempt to leave their troubled impoverished countries, board ‘make believe’ boats hoping to make it to a better place, hoping to secure a life for themselves.

I have touched upon this many times and I would have skipped the article if it were not for the caption under the picture that states

Horror: Rescuers pause to pay their respects to the 13 victims of the tragedy’

I found this caption appalling for a few reasons, the words I want to discuss, in order are ‘Horror’ and ‘Victims of the Tragedy’ because we need to see through the words we use to stop what is going on, we can’t take responsibility for something that we treat like a ‘natural disaster’ and we must stop to treat such occurrences like a natural disaster because they are not ‘natural’ but far from it, they are man-made, avoidable circumstances that we can change, that we can address and prevent, so WHY Dont’ WE?

People are living their countries due to their miserable, unbearable conditions, I live in the entry point to Europe, Italy, we have set up special task teams to tackle ‘this problem’, rescuers that should confine those that touch land to specific places until their papers are sorted out. I won’t even talk about this because there is no way anyone who comes in without documents can get themselves effectively ‘sorted out’, that is not why we have those segregation points, we want to keep them at bay, away from the rest of the civilized society of which we are a part – apparently to make sure they don’t take anything from us. Anything of value of course, things we believe we are the only ones entitled to, like a job, food, a place to live, like a Life.

All the miserable conditions of North African and the Middle Eastern Countries exist due to this insane Global economic system, many countries are being exploited and mined for resources or have become the targets of nonsensical wars in the name of Freedom and Democracy or both.

But whose Freedom and whose Democracy is the world worried about? It must not be the one of the people coming from these abused countries, they have no freedom nor democracy, they did not vote to be exploited and what is left of their freedom, is the freedom to attempt to leave behind their lives -or die trying.

The Horror is not that those people died, many die everyday at sea and we never hear about them, many will die, many have died and yet the Horror we say we  feel lasts just the time to ‘Pay our respects to the Dead’.
That’s quite Horrific.

What does this even mean? How do we respect the Dead?
Say a Little Prayer?
Ask God to watch out for them in the AfterLife?
WHY are we not considering respecting the Living, how are we not considering to turn this Horror into an opportunity for Change?

It is quite amazing to see the worship of the Dead in the face of what we do -and seem keen to keep doing- to the Living.

So, I have a humble suggestion to make, instead of Paying Our Respect to the Dead – which is as useful as praying and as pointless as being horrified, why don’t we pay a Living Income Guaranteed to All?

Why don’t we make Life the thing we pay Our Respect to,  yes, changes will be required, paying our Respect to Life will mean a full-time job, we won’t be able to get away with a little ‘pause’ for respect to Life, because to turn this world into a Guaranteed Living for All we have work to do, pausing is what we have done so far, we have been pausing while we waited for an external, supernatural, alien solution and it ain’t coming, isn’t this clear by now?

So, there is no purpose or any sense in the deification of Death while we poo-poo Life away, a system change in the direction of Life was never written, it’s not written yet but it’s in the making, Stand up to give Authority to it, Authorize a different world by no longer supporting this one with its lies and embellishment of what we are doing that is wasting Life away, while we call the people we murder -within a system that is perfectly correctable- ‘victims of tragedy’, which they are in a way, they are victims of the Tragedy of our unwillingness to stand up for a Change that will benefit All, but this too can be corrected, this too can change, we can change, turn our back to the ‘respect for death’ to embrace the Respect for Life as a Human Right, the basic indisputable and non negotiable Right of every living Being.

Join us @ Living Income Guaranteed (#LIG), the Solution Exists, if you are not part of it – you are still part of the problem. Wake Up.

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MeekWikipedia: Meek is very nearly equivalent in common usage to humble.

Day 336: Pop Star Bankers and the Dumb Populace


A building society boss provoked fury yesterday by saying the issue of fatcat pay was too ‘hard’ for the man in the street to understand. Nationwide chairman Geoffrey Howe compared bankers to pop stars and footballers and said they were worth their massive bonuses. Mr Howe, who is paid £300,000 a year for working less than three days a week, said it was a ‘society problem’ that people find it ‘hard to understand’ why finance chiefs earn so much more than them.

We are facing a Grave problem in our Society,

It was clearly explained by Nationwide chairman Geoffrey Howe how the common man is just too dumb to understand why bankers are worth 30% raises while others have to face Austerity.

At the AGM, retired teacher Ken Cridland said Nationwide was failing to live up to its ‘We’re a bank which isn’t a bank’ slogan, saying the company was no better than the big banks.

‘If I understand rightly, all of our executive directors are millionaires and the non-executive often have other part time jobs,’ he said. Alan Debenham, honorary secretary of the Building Societies Members Association, described Nationwide directors’ pay as ‘daylight robbery’ and ‘morally obscene’.

How mutuals six-a-side team took home £8.3m

‘Yet again, and this year in times of great national austerity, our directors have awarded themselves, as greedily as ever, extremely excessive bonuses, more than doubling their excessive annual salaries, which already had an outlandish 30 per cent uplift last year.’

PhD student Asa Cusack, 33, said: ‘You could be offering lower pay packets but you’re choosing not to and, frankly, I find your justification immoral and very immodest.’

He added: ‘You’re not magicians… you’re not irreplaceable and you’re taking money from the rest of us, essentially, for yourselves.’

I recently told that to my Bank staff ‘ you are not Magicians’,  I wrote them ‘if you can take this relationship to court, prove that you stood in and for my interest at all times, made every effort to inform me every step of the way of what you were doing -without my consent, then you are not Bankers, you are Magicians’. Never heard from them again.

I like the context I used better, for the simple reason that I don’t want to be having the same discussion about unequal, immoral pay gap with the Magicians Unions a few years down the line – it’s just pretty simple, each Life has a Time Value, if Time=Life no one would have any objection in seeing the common sense of Equal Pay – let’s be reasonable as in system reasonable for the time being, no one had the same chance at an education, some are in fact dumb, mostly by design, for the time being we can accept that re-equalizing the play field will have to start with a Living Income Guaranteed, just because Life should not have a price tag and that some giving  themselves a 30% raise while cutting from the wages at the bottom, it’s just plain wrong.

Apparently, Mr. Howe said,  we are just too stupid to comprehend the pivotal role those figures play in our society, pop stars, football players and bankers, we surely need them, we can’t conceive a world that would run smoothly without their precious contribution, what if Lady Gaga no longer existed, or if AC Milan players would stop their entertaining matches, and ultimately, what if Bankers would stop thieving people by moving digital imaginary currencies as guarantees for Real Assets like Homes or worse, like People’s Lives?

That would be inconceivable, while we think we are clever by believing that in a world of finite resources, of which Money has become the embodiment of them all, what is pulled out on one side of the Equation will not cause consequences in the lives of those that find themselves on the other side and have to go without.

This world exists by our design, we accept and allow some to have more than others because we believe they are worth more than others even when their contribution to the world and to the good of All is nowhere to be seen.

Look at Royalty, we are paying royalties to have the Royals exist, we are the  royalties fan club, we want Kings and Queens because we believe their existence gives Us Value in our own country, there is a whole industry moving around the idea of Royalty, Royal Watchers, Royal Advisors, Royal Suppliers, redefining our society will have to include this group that will lose their jobs, their sense of self, their worth, because when you are no longer royally involved, who the fuck are you?

and yet, what gives us our Worth on this planet are things that we cannot control, such as a Birth Place, a Nationality, a Geographical Location, the kind of wealth we are born into which will determine what kind of choices we will be able to make., what kind of education will we be able to access, what kind of traumas will we have to face before we even enter the education system as impaired goodfornothing meatbags just to come out unable to see through this Unequal Worth  game and stop it, it would just take the majority who is struggling to speak up and no longer accept Inequality as a livable, sustainable  system,  it’s that simple.

Millions of lives go wasted each year so that some pompous asses can have it their way, the whole way and the responsibility is not in the hands of those perched on top of the food chain but in the hands of all those at the bottom that spend their lives staring upward in adoration, while they get screwed out of what should be everyone’s birthright, The Right to a Dignified Life for All.

We are only as Dumb as we allow ourselves to be, have a Dumbness test, are you in adoration for the Royal Baby? Gooing at his pictures – while thousands of kids die every day of starvation? Yeah? Your are truly pretty dumb then. Stop it.

A Living Income Guaranteed, will put an end to abuses, some are doing what they do because we accept it and allow it, You can say STOP and Stand for a World that works for All.



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