Day 388: Current System is not Educating, Just Indoctrinating

I have watched with great interest a video by Federico Pistono called ‘Learning is for Life’, He is 25 and has the goal to reach 1 billion people through his Educational company, Esplori.

Federico Pistono is a social entrepreneur, author, scientific educator, lecturer, and aspiring filmmaker. He has written on science, technology, Internet communities, artificial intelligence, and climate change. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Verona, and completed the online course at Stanford on Machine Learning. In 2012 he graduated from Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Park, Silicon Valley, a special program whose aim is to solve humanity’s grand challenges by leveraging exponentially growing technologies. He speaks regularly at TEDx events, schools, companies, and symposia around the world.

Federico is not your average Italian boy, he could have been if he had believed that he was stupid and followed his teachers advise that he should quit school but he didn’t. It’s hard to resist the charme of the dinosaurs that came before us – not-, they tell us they know more about life, they say that they have experience and we should listen to them, yeah right, look at the world that they created, chapeau.

Young people out there may learn through trial and err and make many mistakes, but if they depart from the dinos of this world, maybe they won’t grow up as paranoid as them, as empty, as embittered.

A crucial role within this is played by mentors, Federico explained how people who believed in him and his potential granted him a chance to have a life that was not the one that was scripted for him as one born from a poor family and destined to fail.

Frankly he is an oddity within our education system, I know because kids nowadays study just to make their marks and ‘pass’, we, who hold the information, have failed to raise people who have both critical thinking abilities and enough curiosity to understand how everything works, because we taught them that THAT was not the purpose of learning.

This happened last week:

When a young British beautician realised relations between Russia and Ukraine were at crisis point, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter.

Without pausing to check her facts, or her spelling, Gemma Worrall, 20, wrote: ‘If barraco barner is our president, why is he getting involved with Russia, scary.’

Within hours, Miss Worrall, from Blackpool, was trending in countries around the world as her message was retweeted thousands of times.

Is this funny, really?

As teachers and mentors we failed, it is us who have lost the ability to extend our -useful- knowledge to others, we share the crap instead, we don’t bother to make sure to take the time to prevent the dumbing down of the young ones growing up in this system that is exactly designed to do that.

We are taught meaningless dates about wars, genocides, tragedies, all things that leave very little space to include solutions but are meant to put on our shoulders the guilt and the shame for the kind of humanity we have become – fucking useful, we need instead to see solutions, if you are a failed mentor and realize you have nothing to give to the young ones that is of value, then keep your crap to yourself and deal with it – and move out-of-the-way of those that are inspired and inspiring to make a change and believe that a change is possible -against all odds.

We shouldn’t have kids banned from class because they dare to challenge the authority of the teacher, a teacher is only as good as their teaching, a mentor only as good as their mentoring, a dino is only as good as – no a dino is a mistake in creation, that’s why we got rid of them – and did not miss them one bit either.

Today in the news a boy has been excluded from lessons for leading 100 boys in protests over concerns about the standard of the teaching in his school.

The key for us to get out from where we are will be Education, it will have to be given with compassion and humbly, especially by those who have walked the planet longer, having been here longer and having the world still in this state is not a monument to our effectiveness or something to be proud of, so we better hear the message of Federico, understand how we affect other people’s lives, the responsibility of our words and then thread with care on the minds of those who are still searching to get out of the maze, we can open up avenues or load up another truckload of crap into their minds, if we really care about our future we’ll do whatever it takes to realign ourselves to a supportive communication understanding that words are nails and even when we take them back, or try to, they have left a mark.

Let’s mark the children and youth of this world with the assurance that together we can make it, that we stand by them and not against them, that we give up looking down at them with contempt to feel good about ourselves, because we are responsible for the state of this world and if it shall change, we shall be the one telling the young ones how we can do it and not ever, that they are dumb fuckers that are hopeless and will never amount to anything, no matter how hard they try.

If you can, if you have it in you, mentor someone with an open heart, choose supportive words, show them that many of the things we learned are flawed, help them to break free from their accepted limitations, one of them is the idea that we have to work ‘to make a living’, Federico got that through the help of masterful, inspiring mentors, someone managed to align him to what would be best for all and let him know that Life is price-less and should not have a price-tag, we can extend this message to others, standing together for Life as One Life, One World that works for All.

Check out a living income guaranteed, Life can be supported or destroyed, it’s our choice, make your own for a different world, where we can honour each other and the Life of every living being.

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Day 355: What is the Holo-Cost up to date?

Two days ago I wrote an article about the Holocaust and the point that so much has been written about it, so many movies, books, stories, millions have been spent to sustain that part of our History that one SHOULD wonder why THIS particular event in History received and still receives so much attention, in fact more attention than ANY other Crime against Humanity ever did.

On purpose I did not write out the points that make interesting questioning of this event bar for the one that Laws have been passed in Europe against Holocaust Denial, which to me is both weird and interesting because so far I am not aware of anything else that I cannot deny, I can deny the existence of God even, my own, the existence of those that read my blogs, I can deny the existence of my mother and if the whim takes me I can deny the existence of World War II and the best place I can land for myself is a space in the loony-bin but there is no way anyone would even think to put me in jail or persecute me to shut me up.

So, for this reason alone, I like to question the History of the Holocaust, simply because I dislike being told a story, a his-story that I cannot research and that I am forbidden from denying, call me eccentric for that and that is fine by me.

Today I want to talk AGAIN about the Holocaust, first because it stirs up so much commotion in people who were not even born at the time that it makes the topic interesting for me, and because I received so many comments of people saying I need an education, which translate in their education, I need the System education that says it DID happen.

This time I want to be more specific because people are not prone to do their investigative work, so I will lay it all out here to see if some can connect the dots, in the specific I want to write about the Cost of the Holocaust, because some wise people in my life told me to ‘always follow the Money’ to get to the truth of a Matter and there is plenty of Money to follow on this trail to the Truth, those who are sincerely questioning the ‘apparently undeniable truths of this world’ may find that there is more than meets the eye, there is more to any story than what we are told and, as a consequence, there must be way more to understand than what we like to delude ourselves into believing we have all sorted out and clear in our minds – it’s so not like that, our Minds are the first battleground that we need to clear out to stop useless wars with each other based on Idea-ologies, because really, it’s such a bad idea to keep walking this path it should scare the bejesus out of anyone.

In my past research over this topic, what I found was that a lot of ‘revisionists’, or people who were sincerely concerned about the topic of the Holocaust, just because it’s a thorn in both our history and minds and meant to be kept there indefinitely, harming both parties, the Jews who grow up with both a Victim and an Entitlement construct, no matter if they were even born at the time of war – and the others, the war losers, who carry within this immense shame for things they heard from others, they read from ‘official sources’ and carry as a personal stigma for what is meant to be perceived as ‘the worse genocide that ever happened’, when the truth is there were FAR WORSE genocides, think the American Indians and all the ones we saw fit to wipe out during our Colonial High Times, which were led by the now considered First World countries, who became First world just because of that, proving that the First positions in this world, the Pole Positions, are just a measure of our Evil and unwillingness to stop in the face of the horrors that we were (and are) capable of inflicting on each other, using MONEY as the Excuse to WHY we are allowed to do what we do, because we could, and now ,because we can.

So, for those who are poor at history here is a sum of the world genocides up to date, reading through this should make us weep, just like Lilu did in the Fifth Element when learning Human History and considering if we were worth saving, which we are probably NOT, but as we know Hollywood movies prefer Happy Endings, unlike the ones we design for ourselves in our demented search for the Ultimate ‘Unquestionable’ Power.

Going through that list should also show how insignificant in Human History the Jewish Holocaust really is, it is no wonder then that blowing up the figure of those that died was of paramount importance to guarantee a place in History of any relevance to THAT particular event, which everyone will concede makes us soft about all Jews, including the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers of this world, it creates the perfect buffer so that when ANYONE in the world would try to stand up from the Money abuse, they can be called antisemitic and tried for ethnic discrimination, which is in fact a HUGE mistake we keep making, idiotic in fact. To single out a group just because of their religious views is like putting Al Capone in jail for tax evasion, instead of seeing through all the crap and putting people in jail for what they are doing through and with the Monetary System, with the economic system, with leaving 1/3 of the population to live below poverty line because they have the power=money to do so, and honestly giving a flying f**k about what they believe in, be it a flying prophet or a virgin mother or the parting of the red sea, just goes to show how limited we are in seeing the full picture that sits in front of our eyes, the flagrant abuse that is going on due to the power we have invested in Money and then vicariously live through it, forgetting that Money without LIFE is useless, unless of course we plan to go to Mars – and we are, because we live as a testimony not only to our unending blinding stupidity but to our resolve to never take responsibility for ourselves and this world and so we hope that, when we’ll have consumed this world, we’ll move to the next one and the next one and who knows, maybe this is how we have always lived, consuming one planet after another, which is why we are left now with real second-hand choices because Mars is no match to Planet Earth (anyone seen the pictures?) so what will we be doing there, visiting friends in their pods, distilling wine using our hydrogen engines and fruit juices we’ll stock up before leaving planet earth? What the fuck is our plan B really?

But let’s come back to the Holocaust for a moment.

Here is the documentary of David Cole, a young Jewish holocaust denier, posing as a believer, asking some hard questions to the senior curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. After making this video, a “hit” was put out on Cole, and a reward for information on his whereabouts was issued by Irv Rubin (who years later, was arrested by the FBI for planning to kill a Lebanese-American Congressman.) Fearing assassination, Cole went into hiding. He never surfaced again publicly.

He was someone who was not satisfied with the Holocaust story even though he benefited from it as part of the group of the ‘chosen/violated ones’, it’s titled

David Cole in Auschwitz

it’s a great, well researched documentary, his conclusions are very interesting, the Soviet union of the time was the one who released the first  figures about the Holocaust damages, many won’t remember the hatred and the War Propaganda of the time and the bad blood running between Hitler and Stalin and go figure, Propaganda is always written by the winners of a conflict, so they can trumpet their one side of the story for history to comply. What he affirms is that Stalin saw fit to expose Hitler as an evil dictator (the pot calling the kettle black) and made sure to pass to history his own Propaganda about Hitler’s regime.

So, the original lie came out of a petty arguments between dictators, this doesn’t mean that those that saw the opportunity to benefit from it didn’t jump in with a passion and held on to it for dear life, changing history books, filling in the gory details, like Germans making soap out of the bodies of Jews or the daily mass killings, finding witnesses who by their own survival should be proof to the contrary of a genocide but are not, they are the LIVING proof that everyone in the camps was exterminated bar them, what a struck of luck – and yet we don’t seem to have the ability to even question history in common sense, to wonder ‘WHY did the Heavens not darken’ as did the Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer, he said

Anti-Semitism did not play a decisive or even significant role in the growth of the Nazi movement and electorate. The appeals of Nazism were many and complex. People rallied to a syncretic creed of ultra-nationalism, Social Darwinism, anti-Marxism, anti-bolshevism, and anti-Semitism, as well as to a party program calling for the revision of Versailles, the repeal of reparations, the curb of industrial capitalism, and the establishment of a völkisch welfare state.

Mayer’s purpose in writing Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?  was, in his words, to put an end to a “cult of remembrance” that, in his view, had “become overly sectarian” with too much focus on Jewish suffering and on the Jewish dead. Mayer has often accused Israel of exploiting the memory of the Holocaust to further its foreign policy objectives.

In his opinion, Hitler’s war was first and foremost against the Soviets, not the Jews. According to Mayer, the original German plan was to defeat the Soviet Union, and then to deport all the Soviet Jews to a reservation behind the Urals

In regards to the functionalist-intentionalist divide that once pervaded Holocaust historiography, Mayer’s work can be seen as a bridge between the two schools. Mayer argues that there was no master plan for genocide, and that the Holocaust cannot be explained solely in regards to Hitler’s world view.

So, again, I wish to highlight not just that the Holocaust did not happen as it was told but WHY we held on to this story and WHY we are still holding on without realizing we are being played by the Pied Piper, we are brainwashed, we are unable to question this world and this reality, maybe in fear that the truth of ourselves is far more horrific than the Holocaust could ever be and that the Holocaust stands as one of our last  Fail Safe, the point that we are not willing to cross and investigate, because THAT would make us question the whole world, this whole existence and godforbid we should not feel guilty when another Holocaust movie comes out, to keep reminding us that the Jews are the victims entitled to Israel and entitled to do to the Palestinians what they edit out of every event in which THEY are on stage for having been victimized, because then we would have to question the whole world systems, the whole education system, the whole monetary system, every single system of existence and check how to fix the misalignment, we would be naked without the Holocaust reminding us that we are GOOD because we suffer for that One Event and tell anyone who questions it to ‘shut their mouth’ and we get to feel righteous and informed and siding with what is Just and Proper, we are duly Holocaust-horrified, we are system compliant to the T.

Back to numbers and how the Holo-Cost has kept Germany on its knees (and failed -imagine that), first by dividing the country because they were too dangerous for their own good, remember the Berlin Wall? Then when we saw they had arisen again, we took down the wall to put on the back of their economic drive a broken half state they had to care for and rebuild (my grandmother could see through this), and they did, but are they off the hook of WWII yet? Nooo, and no one is willing to let them go, talk about an unforgiving world and you have to bear in mind the Holocaust as the most un-for-giving even in History, it’s for-giving only to Israel and here is how:

They have extracted as blackmail $12 billion dollars from the German people as “reparations” to Israel and as “compensation” to individual Jewish claimants. The insanity of such claims can only be appreciated when we considered that many German taxpayers today, who were not even born when the alleged crimes were supposedly committed, are paying “reparations” to a state (Israel) that didn’t even exist at that time. Furthermore the list of Jewish claimants, now, over 35 years later has reached a staggering 3,375,000 when there were less than 200,000 Jews in Germany after 1939.

The number of registered claimants against the West German government has tripled in the last ten years. 

The Six Million lie has been a powerful propaganda tool that enabled the Jews to steal Palestine from the Arabs in 1948 and set up the bandit state of Israel. Thanks to the Six Million lie the Jews had the support and blessing of the befuddled world.

Germany pays for Holocaust survivors

Did the ‘restitution policy’ end with Germany? Nope, here is how to benefit from a tragedy forever

Putting a Price on the Holocaust

Here you can find a very good account of how the events unfolded, of course if you are not biased against an Islamic Scholar, just because of HIS religious views? But that is not possible since what we are still screaming and shouting about is specifically the isolation of a group for THEIR religious views and which could explain WHY we are asked to HATE the Muslims – just because they KNOW the Truth and have not been blinded by this System to the point of NOT being able to question and put Historical Facts in Proper Order.

The “Holocaust” –  is a Typical Zionist Myth

By Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi
(Ph.D. International Relations)

an extract from his great article

Dr. Butz also indicated that the total number of inmates in the entire German concentration camp system, Jews and non-Jews (since there were no camps specifically for Jews alone), was about 224,000 in 1943 and 524,000 in 1944. [9] Moreover, Dr; Butz pointed out that Heinrich Himmler, the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany (who supposedly “committed suicide” by “poisoning himself” on May 23, 1945, while in British captivity), had explained a few weeks before the end of World War II in an interview with a representative of the World Jewish Congress that:

“In order to put a stop to the [typhus] epidemics, we were forced to burn the bodies of incalculable numbers of [dead] people who had been destroyed by disease. We were therefore forced to build crematoria, and on this account they are knotting a noose for us.”

The best estimate of the total number of Jews who died or were killed (not “gassed” or “incinerated”) in and out of the German terrible concentration camps lost their lives either from Nazi brutalities, starvation, diseases, war-related causes, or other reasons, ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 (and not 6 millions). It should be indicated here that during World War II about 74 million people died, the overwhelming majority of whom were non-Jews, including the atomically bombed/incinerated civilians of the entire two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There is no way that unless we question EVERYTHING in and of this world, we can open our eyes to understand the problems at hand and as such, we are in no position to even for a moment believe we are making informed decisions, we are in fact TOLD which decisions to make and our reasoning LIES on a sea of inaccurate historical records – to put it mildly, so when you consider the Syrian point, get it right, you know fuckall at best, at worse you know what some want you to know unless you open your mind to see through the deception of this world, get to terms with the nature of it, overcome the fear and the repulsion and then pull your socks up and stand up, because none of this is going away until we say so and stand to change the world to a place of dignity where we can trust each other and build an honorable world by letting go this mockery of an existence we created, sustained, supported and even were stupid enough to die for.

There is One Life, that’s what we have in common, we share One Planet, we share the responsibility to clean it up, and that will have to involve our History because our His-Story is becoming our future in a loop, and I am not in support in any way of  Another Jolly Little War to revive the demented economic system we created and fill up the pockets of the owners of the war machine and nor should you, revisionist, holocaust believer or stupid stubborn dumbass.

A new world is possible if we let go the old one and trust this, there is nothing worth saving about the old one but lies, deceit and greed, instead we can stand for a dignified Life for All and stop our separation in the name of Life as Life, by giving to all what we would like for ourselves, the Right to Life, supporting each other to Live, making Life our Inalienable, Indisputable Capital that we can share and cherish, to thrive on, forevermore.

Join us, War or Life is Your Choice but you may have to wake up and overcome your Fear to make the Right Decision. Worth it.

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I have been listening to the Desteni Sex Educational MP3, I can only say WOW, I never found so many precise, detailed and on the spot (no pun intended) info on sex in my life, nothing has ever come close to this which should be mandatory education in school, since it ties in with everything including our creation of which, unfortunately, we still know very little, if we exclude each one personal speculations and explanations based on hear-say at best of how we came about and why.

I was raised a Catholic, boy oh boy do they mess us up with sex and their views and ideas about it, one puzzling thing was why God designed sex as a forbidden pleasure, like having a kid sitting in front of the soccer field while a game of his peers is going on and forbidding them to play, not cool. Was God insane ? A sadist ? A power hungry bipolar lunatic ? What if God had nothing to do with what the Church said ? What if forbidding sex was just a way to build up desire ? What if it was all part of the plan to fuck with us and then once we took it on we just kept the fucking with ourselves going ? What is sex and why if God didn’t like us doing it he didn’t come up with another way for procreation, like planting seeds in the garden and have a child grow from the ground up just to be picked when ready to be dressed up and sent to kindergarden ? Why was sexuality hidden between our legs as something to cover up and be ashamed of ? Why nobody spoke openly about sex and why all the sex related words were unspeakable ? Why sex words were enough to arouse people, was it because they were kept secret ? Why was sex the big secret of existence ? Why we couldn’t wait to grow up to have sex as a way to affirm our adulthood ?

When I was growing up and for some years I had so many questions about sex starting to why I would perceive myself moving into a particular personality just before and while having sex. At one point I gave up trying to understand, there didn’t seem to be any answer to my questions.

The questions I wondered about that no one could answer (until this series by Desteni) were:

  • Why are we attracted by someone in particular and by the way, why all these people have common points, where is my taste for sex partners coming from ?
  • Why is there a moment during sex when I feel that it’s penetration time, like it can’t wait any longer ?
  • Why is the orgasm called ‘the small death” in French and why do we feel like we pass out and our heart is stopping in some specific moments during sex ?
  • Why do we want more and more sex once we start ?
  • Why do we meet people we just want to have sex with and nothing else and if we don’t want to have anything to do with them, why have sex at all, why can’t we stop ourselves from having sex sometime with people we don’t really like and we already plan to dump just afterward ?
  • Why some days or in particular moments we feel we want/need to have sex for no apparent reason ?
  • Why with some sexual partners as soon as the sex is over we want to get rid of them ?
  • Why is there a moment in sex when you want the whole body of your partner inside of you even though after orgasm you want some of them out of your sight ?
  • What is the orgasm and why we experience it if the sexual system was just a reproductive organ ?
  • Why is it difficult to experience orgasm at the same time with the partner (unless the woman fakes it ♥ :)) ?
  • Why is there a feeling of physical exhaustion after sex ?
  • Why was porn created, was there a particular reason for the design of porn ?
  • If we are just energy/light and information in a quantic soup, how is sex even possible, what is the Real design of sex and why it was designed within a holographic reality – if this reality is in fact holographic in nature – ?

These and many more answers in this un-missable series by Desteni, fasten your seat belt, Kansas is going bye bye 🙂

Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation-design of the Human-Race
Individual Interview’s Description:

What is Sex – Part One
Did you know that Sex was a deliberate system-creation of and as consciousness dependent on the physical human body to function and exist?

What is Sex – Part Two
Did you know that sexual stimulation from forms, colours and energies evolved with the evolution of consciousness through and as the human?

What is Sex – Part Three
Find out how and why we access quantum-time within and during Sex and what happens in the moment of Orgasm.

What is Sex – Part Four
Find-out how we change, alter and form the human physical body through the Mind and the role that Sex played in the functioning of ourselves, humanity, the heavens and existence as a whole.

What is Sex? – Part Five
Do you know what happened to the Energy of the Orgasm one experience(d) during Sex and where that Energy was directed to within self and the world and why?

What is Sex? – Part Six
Find out how the Unified Consciousness Field – interacted with the Mind and Sex to develop human-(d)evolution.

there are other 4 parts to get the whole story, check them out at Eqafe