Day 405: Demonizing Populism to Preserve The Few



We are approaching the time of the European Election that will be held on the 25th of May.

Some people up there, the usual unrepented players are shitting themselves, the 5 Star Movement is given by the projections as the absolute winner and THAT would mean we could be about to change the rules of the games, for everyone included. This is why we understand the acrimony against the Movement 5 Star, when they/we will take the power, some will have to find new jobs and some will have to go to jail, while the parliament reshapes around the people, for the people. I want to live to see that happen, working actively on it meanwhile.

Incidentally the 5 Star Movement supports a Basic Income grant, this is the thinking ‘beyond’ that we need, beyond the left and right, beyond what has been to see what is coming for sure, big scale unemployement , and draft appropriate solutions before the probems hits society to levels from which it might be impossible to recover in many ways. Can we give back dignity to those that lose it with their jobs, with their income, with their ability to support their family? Can we give back lost opportunities to all those that could not access them for lack of money?
Some things, some consequences can never be fixed, why not prevent them?

Whenever historically the system has been threatened by a group, the System fights back dirty, one way we have found to try and dissuade the people from voting for Change is to call these new movements of the people the Parties of Populism/ The parties of Populists, while we raise one eyebrow and mimick being almost offended by it, ‘d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g-‘, those in power seem to subliminally tell the people joining for change – and some believe it and in fear, move away.

Look at the power of words, specifically the power of misunderstood ones.

What’s wrong with Populism, may I ask?

The association that is being made to create within people a desire to disassociate is ‘Populism= Poverty=Low Class=Losers=Bottom of the food chain’, to make sure no one wants to be associated with THAT.

The word Populism means of The People, for the People, I have looked around on dictionaries on the web to see if they were able to take this word and twist it into something else as it has happened to so many of our words today, words that we have emptied of their original meaning and used as weapons of either mass destruction or of mass distraction, democracy comes to mind, but even freedom and equality.

It was not possible though to do this to Populism, the worst meaning I could find was ‘claiming to represent the people’ or ‘usually gathering the non-intellectuals, the common people’.

The problem is that no matter how troubled we are we don’t want to be ‘commons’ we want to be exceptional, special, exclusive and as such we behave like Groucho Marx when he said ‘not willing to belong to a party that would take ME as a member’.

I just want to say that the only ‘wrong thing’ with Populism is our desire to not belong there, to not belong to the majority, wanting to be ‘more than THAT’ and not be part of the group of ‘losers’  subjected to Laws and Public policies that benefit only a few, who believe that they have lost the fight when they were born in the wrong place at the wrong time in history, not realizing that there has never been a ‘right time in history’, since we are looping in Circles in this Master/Slaves relationship models that we work so hard to keep alive -think Royalty, Popes, Saints and how much LESS we believe we are in comparison to these Koch-heads-,  unfortunately, when it comes to geography there are lesser and better places to be born and this alone should push us to question the validity of the system that we accepted and allowed to exist and thrive. Why have we always been scared down with the fear of Populism? To make sure we never unite and bring about the change we see this world needs so badly, same goes for socialism, communism, ideas of communion and unity, no, we remain divided into groups, faiths, colors, have and have-nots, worthier and less worthy countries, can’t we see the game that it’s played while some laugh all the way to the bank?

It is time for us all to open our eyes and see that we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated through our own desires to be more than what we are as our placement in the world, through our own desire to not accept that this is our current condition and a consequence of everything that has gone on for centuries unchallenged enough to change, instead of considering that we have to stand up united for a change and that being called a Populist even when that implies a low class commoner is a very small price to pay once we realize that this system was never created to support All Equally but to benefit some at the expense of others – and we are these ‘others’.

So, if you have issues with the word ‘Populist or Populism’, get over them, we are The People, Populism is Our Movement for Change and it should not be possible to be stopped by the fear mongering to be diminished into the realities we are living, because soon many will discover that reality can get far worse even when we thought we had reached the bottom of the pit, there are ways we can find ourselves digging way deeper, just to survive, unless we demand and stand as the Change we want to see in this world.

So, am I a Populist? Yes and No, I am a Populist because I belong with the People of this World, because the People of this World is My Family but I am not defined by the grimmest shades of the meanings given to this word, I do not accept to be defined as the bottom of the pyramid because I no longer accept the pyramid as a model of a healthy, sane living, pharaos times are over, ding ding, what else needs to happen before we move out of the bottom that supports the whole system? Being poisoned through air, water, food, threatened, suppressed, abused, exploited, robbed, mocked – not enough yet? No worries, there is sure more to come until we stand up and say ‘ENOUGH’ and start designing models that are inclusive, considering the rights of All to a Life of Dignity.

What if we are told ‘we have no Class’ for joining with the Populists? That would indeed be cool, because it’s the having a Class that is separating us into 1st class to 3rd and 4th class citizens, Royalty and Paupers, instead of abolishing the class system to go beyond it all and create a world that is truly inclusive and supporting each and every being on the planet.

We have a proposal, it’s called a #livingincomeguaranteed, it will guarantee that all People will have access to a Living – Guaranteed, because Living and Life cannot be Class defined, nor Class can define the bracket within which The People of this Planet can move and dwell, unless we accept it and allow it.
The response-ability lies with us and no one else.

Stand for Change, Be the Change, each one is worthy of Life and of a Living, let’s make it happen, People.

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Day 365: Berlusconi – Child of a Lesser God

Three days ago Berlusconi has been kicked out from Senate, with immediate effect, due to the final sentence of guilt over his tax evasion trials.

We call his outing ‘decadence’, it’s very appropriate for the fall of Nero, it is just ironic that they would choose this time and this sentence -among the many he had- to toss him out like dirty laundry.

It’s reminiscent of the Al Capone sentence, they finally framed him for a crime he did commit, but come on, he has committed so many that he now, understandably, feels diminished to be succesfully asked to leave for this very minor misdemeanor.

In Italy we have a certified tax evasion of 250 billions euro, we even know where the money is, I know this because if we didn’t know we wouldn’t know HOW MUCH has been hidden out in the world’s fiscal paradises, we must know as well who the money belongs to, not that we really want to know, they are all friends of friends, they are the Lords of the Manor, the imaginary blue blooded people that still hold titles they can use only among themselves, because we have deposed the king after the second world war, so the game was over, we thought, but some games are hard to die.

Our Politics is a disgrace, even the European Parliament takes exception at how we run this country, the only thing we could agree about with Mr. Berlusconi, is that our Justice system sucks.

Even in this last facetious attempt at justice we could easily spot the problem, justice is just a way to manage the system for those that own it, the problem is that we have a country where no one is really in charge and no one is accountable, we have a Political Corporation that rewards it’s Fat Cats Members, no matter which side they play on, with millions of Euros, while those at the bottom starve and can’t make it to the end of the month.

And yet, all that is Legal, it is legal to pay those in parliament 15.000 euros a month for not attending their duties and it is legal to grant golden pensions to those who only have one legislation under their belt, which in Italy may as well mean 6 months of work, for a life pension scheme that can reach 30.000 euro per month and can be doubled for those that served both in the Chamber and in the Senate.

So Mr. Berlusconi outrage is comprehensible, if he were more like Al Capone he would cry to please charge him for the major crimes he has really committed, tax fraud in a country where 250 billions have evaded taxes is like accusing someone to steal candies when everyone is doing it – what’s wrong with it- it’s a bit like when Prof. Aurity denounced the Bank of Italy for crimes against humanity and he was told that, he was ‘in theory’ right, but the fact that this had become customary practice made it impossible to proceed with prosecution. Get that? If they fucked you once and you said nothing about it, the legal assumption is that you enjoyed it and you lose your right to complain further down the line.

So, really, what is wrong with tax evasion in Italy when everyone is doing it, hasn’t Mr. Berlusconi got a point there?

In truth Berlusconi is paying for his insubordination to the IMF and the Central Banks, for the time when he stood up to not implement further austerity a few years ago because it was not politically justifiable or viable for him, mind you, he never had the interest of the country or of the people at heart, it was a personal popularity concern he had with the IMF and the Central Banking system, which led to him being asked to resign for the underage prostitution case and was then replaced by a technical government, one technically entitled to implement all of the IMF and Central Banking system suggestions and look where it took us, we now have a lower public debt (meaning we owe the banks less in interest on the usury we have grown accustomed to) and an impoverished nation with starving children.

Mr. Berlusconi made the mistake to underestimate the powers that are running the show, he believed he had amassed enough money to be safe from harm, instead, when push came to shove, his men left him for an ‘higher call’, they said the interest of the country was paramount and had to come before his personal interests (which translates in ‘we are all set here and we don’t need you anymore, thankyouverymuch’) plus they knew he had made enemies too powerful to stand by him without going down together and so they let him sink alone, with just a few die hard followers who could not be recycled anywhere if they left his tail.

What did he leave behind? A clean politics fit to bring back employment in Italy and some semblance of a solution?

No, those left behind are still cut out of the same cloth, they are those that want to impose austerity on a country on its knees, those that  have sold out our industries, privatized our utilities and are now in the process of selling off what belongs to all, transforming the real bricks and mortar into imaginary numbers to satisfy a make belief spreadsheet, the SPREAD was never about numbers, was about how willing we were to bend down and let Politics do its numbers while shifting every conceivable wealth from the bottom to the top.

Meanwhile we have become the resigned ones, they must be doing all this on purpose, some days I imagine our politicians having meetings in which they roll on the floor laughing for what they come up with, they work hard to make us disillusioned and disgusted by Politics – and yet, if we give in THAT specific power, that is when we have lost it all, we have lost our Mind if we give up.

What is going on is our responsibility, we are here just like everyone else, we are equally responsible to those empowered to screw us, because We empowered them, yesterday I saw a mother on TV who is now in the Senate with the 5 Star Movement, saying just this, that she doesn’t take the Guilt Trip offered by Berlusconi who wrote in his letter to the M5Star ‘ if you now go ahead and vote to cast me out you are in fact killing Democracy and this will be a Shame you will have to Live with’ and she said ‘NO, we will vote you out because we are in a Democracy and I would have felt ashamed if I had not participated to change the way things are, if I didn’t stand up to come and tell you all that it’s Enough, that would be shameful, but I left my job to stand here and make sure I don’t leave to my children this world as it is, because it sucks and we allowed it to get this far and it’s up to us all to correct it now.’

If you believe Life is a Human Right, if you are tired of being entertained by Court Jesters who keep up the magic tricks  pretending to change things while they keep reshuffling powers and wealth among themselves (except when one gets thrown out in the street like Berlusconi – but we’ll survive that), stand up, consider our proposal, spread the word, become part of the decision, because We Are The ones That Decide if we take another dish from the Monopoly Kitchen or if we set up our own, a kitchen that will feed all equally, a system that consider all its parts not in terms of profit but in terms of needs it’s possible, it’s doable, we just have to say so.

Living income guaranteed for All is Here, say ENOUGH and stand for it as part of the Change you want to see in this World.

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