Where is The Fairness of an Equal Money System if everyone earns the same ?


The ultimate purpose of an Equal Money System is to Equalize Reality to what is Best for All.

It is not the ultimate Goal, it is still a transition to a Money-less world, a transition that has become necessary due to the extent of our mental involvement and perceived value of the Money System itself, in brief, we are just NOT yet ready to let Money go because at the moment everything we have become and have allowed ourselves to accept and believe we in fact ARE, is tied in to Money.

Have a look at your Life, the choices you make, if you CAN make a choice, are Money based, profit based, self interest based, value based, interestingly enough all these words apply to money as well, profit, interest, value, we ARE the Money System itself.

This is WHY we have decided to stand up for Life using Money, as Money has been given the power over our life, over All Life, the power to discriminate, the power to value and devalue, the power to give or take life, this is why we want to use Money as the very Equalizing Tool of Existance.

By giving to everyone Equally, we equalize, we equalize values and interests so that the common Profit can become Life, a Life that is equally valuable for everybody.

Some of us may hold the illusion that we are basically worth more than others, because they are less qualified, because they have studied less, because they are lazier, because they do not contribute Equally to us, but when we look at the very System that created Us and Them we can see that both of Us were born out of a system of Inequalities, that if we were born in Congo or Rwanda we would not have had the choices we had that brought us ahead of the Game.

So, was the starting point of this existance Fair ?

No, it was not fair, we just happened to be born on the “luckier side” of the inequality divide.

An Equal Money System is our Absolution, it’s the turning point of this UnFair Existance, it’s the Tool that we disempower of its current value so that we can reimpower it with a Real Value that works for everybody Equally, it is Absolute because it will consider everyone Equally and it is the only Common Sense Choice at this stage of our Self destruction.

Those that don’t yet see how their every move, and unfortunately every Breath, is tied in with Money and rather fly on Mental Masturbations about ascension and how to manipulate the Matrix, both things I have myself followed with a passion until I met Desteni and was faced with the truth of Me, have not yet looked into themselves thoroughly enough to see how is their own personal participation supporting everything that is going on in this world.

We are not the victim of a system of inequalities, WE ARE The System of Inequalities, this is why we suggest Money as the corrective Tool until everyone will have been given back their value as Life, only when we will be Equal as Life we can rewrite a system that will benefit All, until then we work to re-establish Equality within ourselves, walking backwards the events and choices we made not for Life but for Money, self interest, self value, self upliftement, self grandeur delusions, all EGO needs, so that we may correct ourselves as the System into a System of Oneness and Equality.

There is no one more deserving than another to have Equally, to have Equal value and Equal worth, whatever our profession or our qualifications they won’t be wasted, they are wasted now, where we slave to move the money system in our favour, vowing to one day, when we will have enough, to do something for the good of others…. fact is it’s never enough and never will be, the system is designed to create new desires at every corner to engage us in the Money Game so we may never Self Realize ourselves as Life.

But Life is who we are, one Life, one Breath, just divided and conquered in Our Minds, where we play the game of being more so we may escape the feelings and the fears of being Less.

We are Life, not our thoughts, not our feelings, not our emotions, we are Breath, and in Breath we are Equal and One.

The Fairness of the Equal Money System is the point of deleting everything that has been up to now, take responsibility for how we have participated in this system of abuse and make a radical correction to ourselves and to the Money System that breathes the breaths we have put into it in our Quest to secure our position within the System out of our extensive Survival Fear.

Let’s take our Breaths back, one Breath at the time, until the Money System as it is will no longer exist as we, Breath by Breath take back from it what we invested in it instead of investing in Life.

An Equal Money System, supported Breath by Breath by Life, I am Life, you are Life, join us in Breathing Life into a New System that will consider All Equally and what is Best for All as the only Common Sense Choice.

We are the future, the future is Equality and Oneness, we are pushing it so that All may benefit from it, because it’s what is best for All, it’s what will give a dignified Life to everyone equally, it’s best for You too, you may not see it yet but if you keep breathing, you Will.

Join us.