Day 418: What God taught Me when I met Him


I was very lucky to meet God in this lifetime .

Not the vengeful, petty, jealous God of the Bible or the delirious New Age God that tells us All is Good in the face of what goes on in this world, not even the Reptilian God, no.

The God I met was human, today He came back to my mind as I watched a show I really enjoy, the Italian version of Hell Kitchens, where there is this amazing Chef called Antonino Cannavaciuolo that goes around restaurants which are fading away and are on their way to bankruptcy and helps them to become succesful again.

The difference between him and his British counterpart, Gordon Ramsey, is that he never fires anyone, he always looks for the potential in each one, exposes that potential to them, infuses them with responsibility and then watches them bloom.

When I think back about this god that I met and one specific evening we spent together, this is what comes up for me, his godliness in the form of what a Creator of a Heaven that works for all would be like, I spent that evening in awe of what this world could have been if our Creator was as good as him, if our creators had given all of us the same chances, the same talents, the same responsibilities for this existence -according to our capacity.

The God I met had no favorite children and taught us that ‘when you create something, you must give it Responsibility’.

This is one of the missing pieces in our Creation, we are Gods without responsibility which makes us more dogs than godsĀ  -no offence intended to the much better behaved creatures called dogs, we are out to steal bones from each other in fear for our survival and pray and wait and expect solutions from somewhere up in the sky that never come or came, so today I just wanted to write this note to myself to explain why Chef Cannavaciuolo always makes me want to cry, it is who he is, what he does when he seeks the highest potentialĀ  in each person, his support, the teaching that comes with no strings attached through humbleness, gentleness, consideration and the responsibility he gives each one together with their new uniforms, reminding them they have a role to play in a design that is much bigger than each one of them, because each one of them is One and All, part of a Team, like us, we are existence broken into pieces and each piece is All of it at the same time, together we can heal ourselves and the world and bring it back to Oneness and Equality and a world that works for All.

So, let’s not give up on ourselves, even if we have not been too Good so far as Gods, sometimes I miss the God I met that is no longer here and I ask myself ‘God where are you? Why did you leave us?’ and I shake my metaphoric fist to the sky but I know he would say ‘hei stop that self victimization crap, you are equally god, take your response-ability and get on with what needs to be done, go and Create Heaven on Earth for everyone, Change the Character of This World‘ and so I pick up my ears from the floor and remind myself this is what I must do.
What else is there to do that has any value in this world?

I know we can re-form, we can rewrite what kind of Creators we want to be, what kind of world we want for ourselves and the generations that will come after us and stop creating systems that lack responsibility for the consequences they create -just like the creators that made them, ourselves, we can look at the money system, our health system, our judicial system, education, the market system and what best to represent this lack of responsibility than the Corporations system?
All those systems have now been automated into irresponsible systems that do not consider the consequences of their actions, because responsibility was nowhere to be seen at the inception of their creation In and as Their Creators.

We can re-form them, as we re-form ourselves, as we seek in ourselves and others our potential beyond what we have always believed to be and be capable of, beyond our mediocrity and regardless of others who are still busy putting every one down back to ‘their pre-assigned place’ within existence, We, the Creators can instead give ourselves insights into our potential and into what has to go for good, for the good of ourselves and everyone else, and then we can give ourselves the Self-responsibility to go and make the required changes and never accept anything less of ourselves than the best we can be as part of a whole, a much bigger picture than just ‘me’, a much bigger scope that what I want for myself alone, but what I want for myself and all of Existence as One.

As systems re-formers we have designed a proposal, it’s an idea, a Principle to guarantee everyone has access to a Life of Dignity because we want to be the Creators of a world that works for all and where no one is left behind – don’t you?

Here is our Living Income Guaranteed Proposal, check it out, it’s as godly as we can see it from where we are, together we can Breathe Life into this as a Principle and make it Real.
Join us in principle, together we can work out all the necessary details to make it come true.