Day 356: And I say unto You – Do Not Challenge His-Story

Prof Faurisson, invited to stop investigating the Holocaust and specifically asked to stop saying it may be a Hoax.

SO, this will be my closing post on the Holocaust as a mean to an end that many have not been able to see.

This is not just because of the very bad press I got from it but just because it didn’t work as an eye opener, it did not push anyone to delve into the topic for themselves or to wonder if there was a reason, an agenda in place that asks us to not forget and to not forgive our history.

This is not just the Holocaust point, it is every point in His-Story where some have a vested interest in keeping it alive and kicking, we could look at 9/11, but let’s not, let’s not look at why it is functional for some that we actively hate the Muslims, that we marry the idea that terrorism is out there somewhere to be fought vs facing the terrorism and terror in which we live that is consuming our lives and that makes us want for more, more distractions, more tools, more fashion to numb us away from the feeling that something is dreadfully out-of-place and we can’t put our finger on it exactly, but some can, they use their index to show us where to look and tell us how to look at things as well and so we dutifully, comply.

They show us another finger too but what can we do, we’ll have to go out and buy something to stop the nagging feeling that this world at large is a hoax and allow this fuck up to continue while the new IPhone is announced, closing our eyes to everything that goes on behind the curtains of this world to keep the lies in place.

Today I have a personal note as well regarding the stories we tell, I am experiencing discomfort for something that took place in my life, I can see many truths to it and I can see how I want to choose the one that works best for me, the one that lets me off the hook because ‘I had a reason’ to do what I did and I have a reason for my anger and how I am justified to hold on to it, so I am having my little Holocaust at home, my own 9/11 and how appropriate it is, because unless we see the how and why we do what we do in the small, we can’t see it in the big.

And when we cross that line, when we take up the courage to face what it is that we don’t want to face, when we face the story, My Story that will become HerStory vs HisStory, unless I stop it and correct it returning it to what it is so I can take responsibility for it, then I will never be able to understand and see this world, because laying the world naked is a process we will be able to face as we deconstruct our own lies and who knows, as we stop lying, as we stop the cover ups, the world as our mirror may realign and all truths will be known, no matter how uncomfortable they are to face and come to terms with.

Tools for self correction are available for free, start with DIPLite, become part of the solutions to end all cover ups forevermore.


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