Day 410: Why We don’t have Human Rights – Yet



It seems that no matter how clearly WORDS spell out something for us, we just don’t get it. I live with this experience most days of my life.

Today as I was listening to someone spelling out the problem with Moral Relativism, the idea that each one of us can define right and wrong according to their desires and personal vices, which is fast becoming/has become the foundation of our society, a point came up for me to ponder about -what is this creation all about.

We know the various theories of the world being a school, a prison or just simply hell, we will not consider the other theory of the world not being Real because it’s silly, I wake up here every morning, even on the mornings I wish I did not wake up here and yet here I am, proving that it must be real and additionally, that I am not here by my own will or I could disappear any time I choose and yet, I can’t.

So, the point as well that we can connect is, what if this planet was all of the above, what if we were here because we have not yet learnt the basic principle of creation and the natural law that governs it, what if there was just one Law, to never allow ourselves to participate in what causes harm to any other living being, then we could see how far off at the moment we exist from such Order and how a New World Order is called for, just not the one we have been talking about in the past twenty years. That is a New World order of Control and Oppression, the coronation of a lifetime of abuses that we are now attempting to write on stone and legalizing for the future generations to come. Well done.

Unfortunately as we wake up we can see that we exist as harmful creatures, we harm to live in the best case, we are not aligned with this one postulate to ‘do no harm’ and some time will have to go by before we can sort ourselves out in all the fields of our existence to create ourselves as not harmful beings.

One thing that we could make an effort to realize is that Human Rights at the moment is not Who We Are, we are Human Wrongs, we have to work to become Right and only when WE Become Human Rights, we can have them, we can’t have what We are Not. The only Freedom we have ever had, was the one to choose to do what is Right, to Become Human Rights and end all the harm once and for all.

This world is Our Creation, it’s not a playfield because we have long taken the fun out of it and it’s not a place where It’s All Good, that is another of the harmful delusions we hold, murder, rape, violence and all the abuses we accept Are Not Good and so it’s about time we abandon both the delusions and our Moral Relativism to realize that the work to build Human Rights is an inside job, where we accept that The Only Way Out is Within and move together to do the required work so that as We Become Human Rights, we can live them, reap them for ourselves and others Equally.

We have a proposals that starts us on this path, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, having a life of dignity should be the Life of a Right Human, a Human Right that we give to ourselves and others, within a Life of Dignity it will be easier for All to let go of some of the abusive ways we have to live at the moment and to realign to a Principled Life of ‘Do No Harm’ if we lay out some alternative ways of living that consider the well being of all.

If you are waking up from Moral Relativism and beliefs that All is Good in the face of the world of abuses we live in, join us, participate, work to Right the Wrongs of this World for yourself and All, Equal and One.


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Day 403: Satanism, Religions and a Living Income Guaranteed


In the past few days I have watched some videos about the Music World and its Satanic Connections.

This was what originally led me on this personal Quest for the Truth a couple of years ago, the realization that something weird was going on in this world just under the surface and that I could not point the finger on what it was exactly, we can say Satanism is one of those weird things going on, not the only one, not even the gravest if we don’t count that we have some people convinced that they have a right to their beliefs which include dressing up in funny clothes, having weird numerology based rituals and the offerings of human sacrifices. This is an obvious example of when a belief System meets reality and it should give in to the Fact that taking other people’s lives to sacrifice to an Imaginary God is a line that should not be crossed and how, when we will put our hands on the religious Beliefs and the Idea that everyone is entitled to Their Opinion, we may want to explain to some that the Opinion of Killing in the name of a Belief needs a course correction – or jail time, or both.

At the moment I am following a group called the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State and a guy called Kevin Annet, who has got balls the size of planets. What amazes me the most about him is how he goes about what he is doing quite unconcerned about being ridiculed and trashed to pieces. I guess he is way past this stage because he used to be a priest and has already been publicly disrobed and attempts to ruin his life and him personally are by now an ongoing event in his life.

Still, he is on a Non Violent crusade for Justice, amazingly almost no one is talking about him yet, even though, on Easter, he went outside the Vatican to post there a declaration that abolishes the Papacy for proven Crimes against Humanity – this is no minor news and yet no one is talking about it. The fascinating fact is that this man, with the support of a growing network of Common Law Tribunals, is actually asking that the Law be upheld for the benefit of All and doesn’t accepts it to be used to create a world that entertains the few, of course jail may be his next destination since the whole system is currently privately owned, meanwhile believe it or not he was asking the Vatican to pack up and leave.

Their association claims that the previous Pope stepped down a few days before the final verdict of one of the Common Law Tribunals that condemned him as head of the Catholic Church Inc. for crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and all relative cover ups. Pope Benedict made sure to deny all allegations a few days ago saying he was just not feeling too well, a bit like when the USA left Vietnam and maybe said the climate was not right for them.

The most disturbing part of the Vatican story that they are covering is the Satanic Part, where eyewitnesses are claiming that child sacrifices were done as part of ritualistic crap meant to seal the Pope into his Powers – meaning it’s a few hundred years that Popes have ben sacrificing children on the Altar of Power and got away with it.

Of course as I read or listen to those news I go through moments in which I wonder how do we go about changing a world that has reached such levels of depravity, a depravity to which none of us is excluded because we are all Here, playing our own Roles and the acceptance of  the Role of Each one of Us in a Subservient Position allows those that have completely lost the plot and are teaching others how to lose it, to hold the power, twist it and use the Law as a roll of Toilet Paper with which they wipe their asses and then proudly, through coded speeches, let us know they have no intention to give all of this up. They are apparently having way too much fun.

When I was researching the Truths of this world, I looked into All Religious Belief Systems, apart from the Buddhist which seems to have briefly met reality as in ‘this is a world of suffering and we are stuck on the Reincarnation Wheel’ just to then lose themselves again up in airy fairy practices with no practical solutions for the physical realities we live in, all the rest are very questionable philosophies to say the least.

We usually deal with petty, vengeful, jealous creators who have made it their flag to show us how they can destroy anything and everything in one breath, that live to keep humans on the edge of a Terror so deep that some lose their minds to it, proving that religion as it is ad-ministered at the moment is inherently Evil, no matter what side of the polarity of it we walk, the Light or the Dark side of it and guess what, they are after All, as the Vatican is showing, proving to be One and The Same.

Religion has always been the Opium of the Populace and as we know, Opium was used as a therapeutic mean against Pain and Suffering of various kinds, so, in the modest year 2014, we are still busy debating which Religion is the True one without realizing that no matter what label we stick on it, we don’t see how we are still using apparently Sacred Beliefs, as in undisputable, as a numbing drug, as an insurance policy against our uncontrollable Fear of Death and who knows as an entrance card to a potential AfterLife.

In this the Satanists took the most honest view at reality, saw it sucked badly and then they decided, some consciously and some by association, to go for the Anti-God, to worship the One who had already had beef with the Creator, they do not deny the Darkness of this World, no, they harvest it, they dwell in it and they go through elaborate symbolism and shit to communicate with each other about their succesful sacrifices, they have set up a parallel world, a parallel club all to themselves  of pure evil, where they get satisfaction at the idea that all of the rest of us mere mortals don’t get any of their clues, that we are clue-less stupid, sheeple.

I don’t see much difference in any of the current religious belief system, they run on the opposite side of the polarity stick of good and evil,  a perception set up just for the practitioners it seems, because at the top, they all tend to agree, best to worship Baphomet, Satan, Lucifer, at least he gives you Money and Fame Now and not empty promises of a Better AfterLife. As far as investments go, the one in Satan seems way more logical, it pays upfront and lifts you Out of Fear for a Life of Misery that, let’s face it, it’s around the corner for each and every one of us should things turn sour in our lives.

Many Satanists didn’t see though that they are joining in on someone else’s boat, on someone else’s belief system, they may declare they worship Satan just to get The Job they aspire to, they may promise to sell their soul because they don’t believe they have one but basically what they really worship, just like everyone else in this world, is Money.

Life as it goes on this planet today is defined by Money, there is only One True God, Money, even the ‘good ones’ are praying for a ‘better life’ which can be achieved only through MONEY, so we are using those made up Gods in the Hope to be Saved, in the Hope to Be Spared everything that we see goes on for billions of those born on the wrong side of the system.

I wonder what would happen to Religions if we gave each other what we are seeking through the Loving/Evil God of our Lives, we are the Creators of this world, I see no God on this planet, no Baphomet, No Allah, No Yehowa, no Yahweh, no Christ, no Zeus, no Anu, no Satan, instead I see all of us Humans Here, we are the Evil Demonic Creators of Famine, Poverty, Need, Humiliation, Child Trafficking, Prostitution, Uneducated People, we are the Ones Preying on the Less Fortunate, willing to go to any length to pile up enough to create the buffer that will save us from FEAR, when we could instead be redesigning this world in a way that works for All.

A world that guarantees a Life to All would unleash an amazing potential in Humanity, would give us a range of choices many never had access to, or dreamed to have access to, in every field of existence, living, education, healthcare, we could provide for each other like brothers and sisters, as we move together to learn from everything that went wrong, while we sought survival at worse and thriving at best for ourselves -at the expense of others.

And when we doubt that we are too few, too little, too insignificant to change things, let’s think about Kevin Annet telling the Vatican their time is up. Did he get the Pope to step down the first time he said it? Who knows, maybe he did have something to do with Pope Benedict stepping down and maybe he will have something to do with the Papacy closing their business and looking for other stories to sell for money, nevertheless he is not stopping because what he is doing is Defining Him, same as the fact that What We Do Defines Us, so let’s redefine ourselves from this Demonic/Satanic Humanity that accepts and allows 30000 children to die of preventable causes every day, that lets 1 billion people starve every year, that let’s 2.5 billion people without access to proper sanitation and living conditions with less than 2 usd a day to live on, into supportive brotherly Human Beings that dedicate this Life to no longer accept and allow a world that is not including Each and Every Being on the Planet into the Equation.

Support a living income guaranteed, no one needs to live a Life that is not worth living, nor do some have a right to live trashing other people’s lives in the belief they are worth less, worthless Beings.

Return Value and Worth to Each Life with a Living Income Guaranteed. Join Us.

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Day 399 – Our Needs are Something to Die For – LIG


There is a wave of suicides among the military personnel, my guess is that there might be a higher number among the USA military than anywhere else, for the simple reason that most of the wars fought by the USA Army are unjustified for, uncalled for and basically, in one word, wrong – no matter ow they call them, be it ‘protecting their interests abroad’ or the infamous ‘bringing democracy and freedom’ somewhere where no one asked their intervention and where they go to just steal resources to keep the American Dream Going. It takes Fuel to Power a DreamState.

Not that there is any ‘right’ war or there has ever been one, but one thing in human perception is to kill in self-defence, an act that still leaves many scarred for life, instead it’s a completely different ball game going and fighting wars the reasoning behind which escapes us and if we do understand them, as in having been brainwashed to make sense of them, we don’t find those reasons to correspond to the Truth or the reality of what is really going on once on the Battle Field.

It is not natural to kill another human being, this is a point beyond religious or social morality, it s a point we can feel in the depths of our being, many of us would be horrified at the idea of having to do so, I remember once dreaming of running over someone in a car and driving away and waking up with my heart in my throat, waking up in a sort of a rush, to get out of that feeling of ‘what have I done’ and even when I woke up that feeling lingered with me for a while, the horror of having taken someone’s life, an act that I could never delete or make amends for.

Of course had I grown up a man in a highly militarized country I might now perceive the act of killing as something that ‘needs to be done’ to protect myself and My Country from Imaginary Enemies, enemies that were tailor-made ad hoc and came to reside in my mind like if they were for real, as real as they could be, a threat to me, my loved ones and to some I-deal-ologies that have been implanted into us by a system that thrives on our separation.

So we spend much of our time embracing ideals of Equality and ideals of Rights that are laughable in comparison to what we should be tackling together, just one example, I have nothing against the right of gay people to get married but I find it objectable that the term Equality be hijacked by one group to define their right to sign a paper that gives them the same legal ‘protection’ that heterosexual couples endure.
Wouldn’t it be enough to write a private agreement with a lawyer to protect the rights of two parties within an agreement – if at all necessary? I guess it would.

So, why are we using the word Equality for trivial pursuits of rights that would be forgettable if we could take a step back and see where our real Equality lies and how we could uphold this Right for the whole world, why are we not seeing the urge to reclaim this word from the world of confusion it has been entangled to, just to be reduced to a mockery of its original meaning as in the Equal Human Right to have a living guaranteed for example, or the Equal right of All to a life of dignity, the right to access vital world resources, such as food and water, who really cares about marriages among gay people if not the gays that have been convinced they can’t have that piece of paper, making that piece of paper now so important, so vital, to turn them into the Flagship and Flag bearers of an Equality that could be obtained in so many other ways.

I live in Italy, a country where misogyny is still rampant but women have not been told ‘you can’t have this or that’ because if they had, they would have stood up ‘for this and that’ this is the nature of the Human, we fight for our Rights, not the real ones, the rights someone told us we would have a right to – but perceive we have been denied. Look at how we have collectively been granted ‘the right to work’, to make sure we understand we don’t have a right to a Life but must EARN it, so we fight for a job when we can’t have one specifically because of the living we are denied with the lack of it, but don’t see it’s the living we want, not the job, cunningly we have not been told either that we can’t have a living, if they told us we would fight to get that right, to make that right, so the rights we don’t know we have a right to, we don’t stand up for, because we have been quietly indoctrinated about the point that ‘that is not our right’ to ask for – and so we don’t – but please give me a marriage certificate for me and my gay spouse – I demand it – it’s my Right (?). Weird isn’t it?

My mother told me that when I was a kid and would ask for permission to do things and they would all be denied I would end with ‘may I do my homework now?’ so she could no longer say ‘NO’, that was my gay marriage fight, the right to have the approval to do something nobody ever wanted to deny to me, as long as I didn’t ask for all those other things I should know by now, I could not have.

This brings up for me the point of going to war and the military system, they told us we have a right to be protected, a right to Equality in the Army (as if we care), they did not tell us we were the ones doing the protection of our countries from imaginary enemies and props (think ‘war on terror’) and a few deranged sick psychopaths by design who are driving this world, who believe that human life is worthless and that it’s worth-less if we don’t give it any importance, any attention, if we create unmanned drones to kill real people because then the real people become less real, we have not been told that we should have the right to be asked how do we stand about killing other human beings, because that is part of the job of protecting what we hold dear, some of the dearest things we hold were put into our heads by those whose profit motives make them highly questionable and whose greed reached a blinding point that doesn’t allow them to see the harm that comes from some of the things we do in the name of profiting from life and all this is taking place while WE are busy fighting for our imaginary, irrelevant rights. We are equally responsible for allowing our focus to be diverted and for not considering the larger picture that would make this world our home and the people living in it our family, a family that needs our urgent attention, this is happening under our watch, where are we all to say NO and propose instead a different system that works for all?

Now, conceded that most join the Army because of need, they are in need of either an education, a place to live, a career all things that would be out of their reach otherwise and considering that once one joins the Army, the military system hopes to successfully reprogram him/her into a killing machine which  is how we end up with some horrific stories on the battle field that would beg for us to question the sanity of the system as a whole, the point is that it’s NEED that drives those choices and it can very possibly be why we keep human beings in a state of perpetual NEED, either the need to be able to access basic necessities, such as housing, food, water, healthcare, an education for our children or other frivolous needs, like an Ipad, Ipod, IPhone, all things where the focus is on ‘I’, I as in Eye as in Eye of the Needle, the focus that needs correction, that needs to topsy-turvy the Me into a WE to make things right for everyone.

So, why don’t we take NEED away from our society once and for All?
If everyone was guaranteed a #livingincome, then we would not NEED to join anything that goes against what we would like to support as Human beings, like LIFE, we would suddenly have the luxury we never had to have a Choice.

Many people who are born on the wrong side of the system, or who have fallen out of the system into the abyss of our careless design, do not have choices, their needs drive them, their survival urges become the motive that moves them to do the unthinkable and yes sure, this might be why we kept things this way for so long but if we start to see the designs that are urging people into choices we have the privilege to not have to make, then we can reconsider rewriting the system in support of everyone, to guarantee a Living to All, because we can, no matter what we have been taught and believe, this world needs our compliance and consent to stay the way it is, we can stop giving our thumbs up and start by joining together in the name of an Equality bigger than our petty para Equality fights and drive this world to a solution

We have a solution that will do just that, it’s called a living income guaranteed, it’s a guarantee that Humanity will change just because of it, we should try it out and address the roots of our problem, remove Need to replace it with Choice and give ourselves and the world at large, for the first time, a chance to see if we can indeed make different choices and learn to honour Life once our needs are provided and guaranteed for. We are not as dumb as we look. I bet we can.

Join us.

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Day 393: I have 63 Slaves Working for Me – and You?


I have just taken a test to discover my ‘Slavery footprint‘ – not something one considers daily as we go about our lives missing out the undeniable truth that, as long as we participate in a system that is abusive and doesn’t take the well-being of all into considerations, we are ‘de facto’ the Employers of Slaves.

Our direct participation is causing problems on the other side of the equation, the race for ever lower prices, bargain huntings, outlets, as our wages go down, as our purchasing power goes down and we do nothing about it, either because we have not yet invested the time to understand how it all works or because we are too tired or just too lazy to become involved in changing this system for all, someone on the production line has to give up money we are no longer willing or able to pay into a product.

One simple point about production is that when prices are low, impossibly low in fact, there must be something missing in the cost calculation, you can bet that the bonuses for those on top are counted for, the raw materials must be counted for, packaging and shipment, check, so the only thing left that we can use to diminish prices is to diminish wages, oh wait, better, get slaves so they have no wage at all.

This is basically how we are driving this world into a state of despair, we hear about the Fast Food workers whose wages are not fit for a living, that is certainly unacceptable, obviously though these workers and many more, who don’t have enough to get by, will be looking for the cheapest products available, and we can bet, products in which there is not a built-in ‘living wage’ for those that manufactured them and when they are ridiculously low then we must know someone is not been paid at all, because so far, in our ludicrous management models, we seem to have come up only with this one solution as the ultimate cost saving grace, to cut wages at the bottom.

We are about to face another problem, goods manufacturers who are now sick and tired to face the wrath of those working that don’t make enough to live -and dare complaining about it-, are planning to lay them off and replace them with technology, we can’t blame them, because we have a systemic problem here that we need to address and from their high up position, close to the sky, their view is clouded by their wealth, in a sort of Marie Antoinette way, who told the people who complained they could not eat bread, to eat croissants instead.

Maybe this is why we still read in the news people like the Koch brothers saying that The Poor have it too easy and they should stop complaining.

So, how are The Poor having it too easy, may I ask?

Poverty is a condition that refers to the general dearth of material possessions or money that prevents people from having access to basic human needs such as food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care, and education. It is a sad fact of life that in the richest nation in the history of the world, an inordinately high number of Americans live in abject poverty and do not have the means to provide their families with fundamentally basic needs of food, shelter, or healthcare.

This must sound like an exciting way to live and bestow on others, maybe as I said the problem is that the rich who are drafting policies on how we should manage wealth, on who should be squeezed by taxes while some hide their money in fiscal paradises, on how we should spend public money, giving preference to ‘Defense Programs’ that aim to arm people that then go round the world bullying those that did not have the capacity to invest equally in ‘defending themselves’, instead of investing in public well-fare and public well-being, are making the rules alone -and this is no longer acceptable.

On the other hand who left them in charge? Today I read a comment about an Italian guy that joined a meet up of the Movement 5 Star, a party that is aiming to reform the system, who was amazed at how people are organizing themselves, rewriting Laws and participating in this change that we will have to bring about from the bottom up, he concluded by stating ‘where was I when those people were working for change – enough with the fuckitol attitude, let’s get involved’ and this is the point.

It is out lack of involvement that allows the world to function as it does, Greed is a disease, we have people at the helm who are diseased as in sick and need our support to steer the world in the right direction.

This will not happen by praying or hoping by the way, it requires our direct involvement.

Today I discovered I very likely have 63 slaves working for me in the world? How?
Count everything we have that is the product of slavery somewhere in the world, gold, precious stones, electronics, cotton, food, you can just about put anything in the list because almost everything is manufactured in Third World Countries where wages are pathetic and so are human living standards.

So, how long can we accept such a world, how long can we pretend that we are not participating in the worst of the worse just because slavery is kept away from our eyes, without considering the economic slavery we have to live with day in and day out that we accept without even raising an eyebrow, I would say it’s plenty enough.

We have worked out a minor change to the system that would guarantee that this system can set on a self correction course, it is obvious that guaranteeing a living to All must become a non negotiable point as in a Basic Human Right, the rest can be adjusted as we go, as the Elite falls from Grace once the bottom gives in – just because they failed to consider that they were sitting ON those at the bottom to reach the sky from which they have become unable to stay in touch with the reality of many.

It is not just Charles Koch, another wealthy CEO, Bud Konheim, said just last month that “We’ve got a country that the poverty level is wealth in 99% of the rest of the world, so we’re talking about woe is me, woe is us, woe is this. The guy that’s making, oh my God, he’s making $35,000 a year, why don’t we try that out in India or some countries we can’t even name. China, anyplace, the guy is wealthy.

First, it is important to note that poverty, at least relative poverty, is generally defined by reputable economists contextually as economic inequality in the location or society in which people live, and in that context, it is likely that more than half of the American population is living in poverty. Charles Koch completely disagrees and last year his foundation produced a commercial stating that a family earning $34,000 annually are part of the richest one-percent in the world; especially when compared to developing third world nations and countries such as China and India where the majority of the population lives in absolute squalor.

If the measure of poverty in America was not based on economic necessities for living standards during the 1950s and 1960s and applied to living costs today, the federal poverty level would exceed three times the current levels meaning that over half the nation is living below poverty.

Imagine that, some did not notice that Americans are no longer in 1950/1960 and they are NOT living in China or any other Third World Country.

Those seem pretty big point to miss out in a speech, unless the speech was tailor-made to prove a point that cannot be proven in any way, because there is the Wonderland of the Rich and then there is the Reality of those that know that they don’t have enough to cover their basic needs – they don’t need to think about it, they just need to see the empty wallet and be sure they are not making that up.

We need a solution that will come swiftly and with the least possible resistance, some should realize soon that the system is unsustainable even for the rich and that giving those at the bottom a solid living will guarantee their ability to sit on top – to sit ON them in fact and prevent them from fading away, out of the picture and have the top tumbling down like the house of cards it is.

We have designed such solution, it is called a Living Income Guaranteed, it will make sure that every single person on the planet is supported and enabled to access their Human Right to LIVE (amazing we are still at the stage to have to spell out that Living itself should be a human right), it will come in waves as each country embraces this simple solution, so wherever you are, consider getting involved, sponsor it, take it all the way to Parliament, have it voted, do whatever you can within your capacity to bring it about because it will not only solve the problem of a living, it will solve the violence and anger that is boiling up and that will come to a point where no one will have enough ground to stop, we better stop it now through bringing about A Solution.

You can check out how many Slaves work for you Here, see the magnitude of the problematic world we live in, take responsibility for the role we play and then do your part to change it to a world that works for All. Join us.

Economist’s Journey To Life

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Day 328: When McDonald doesn’t pay a Living Wage – You Do

mcdonald budget

Recently  McDonald teamed up with Visa to ‘help’ their workers to make it to the end of the month.

For the sake of understanding this point fully I went and looked for the Mc-Visa budget journal, for sure when two giants such as McDonald and Visa get together, people who had the ability to MasterMind billions of dollars for themselves, you never know, there may be something we can learn from them, could it be that they know how to stretch a dollar in ways we have not considered?

The first thing that I found interesting was the discrepancy between the budget they drew up and what was published by those that reviewed it, in the first budget there was no money accounted for heating – this being a point that proves the disconnection between those that live up in the high floors of those corporations, where do they live, are they even human?  I was briefly in New York for 6 days and spent them inside central Station because the temperature outside was -17 centigrades in February, every year you read of people dying of cold in New York – are they McDonald Employees? This small change, heating, diminished their ‘spending money from 27/day to/day on the projected budget.

Please consider that this vast amount set aside for daily spending includes clothing, food, entertainment and transport, they have only counted your car purchase not the petrol, possibly because they have ways and technologies unknown to the populace that prevent them from relating to the reality of those at the bottom, maybe they drive nuclear cars, Tesla cars, water fuelled cars, maybe they convinced their driver that it his privilege to pay for their petrol, who knows what goes on up there…

The other point that I found comical (and tragic) was that they added 2 jobs to make ends meet, now there is no need to even go further into their calculations, because the point that you considered that your employee must have a second job to be able to live, means that YOU KNOW that what you give him is not a Living Wage  -by any means.

Normally when people with common sense put their pen to paper, they do so to compare if what they have in their Minds is applicable and workable in reality, any Human Resource Director with average intelligence would not have posted that, specifically if he  were trying to prove that his employees are just poor at math and he would show them how it is done.

Instead they went ahead and did post it, so, here is the Resulting Ideal McDonald Employee

He is a childless adult – and will stay that way until he dies

How do we know? well,  we’ll have him work 2 jobs, one, ours, the main one is 40 hours a week, to get an extra 900 USD they have to put in another 20/30 hours a week at the same minimum wage – that comes to 12 to 14 hours a day of work – unless you include weekends, which will leave you so rotten you’ll forget all about sex – plus if you work between 60 to 70 hours a week you would need childcare money – which we don’t give you – there goes a company with a social conscience — don’t we always say the population on earth must be reduced?

He is strong like a mule

he can work 60 to 70 hours a week, that alone takes a lot of stamina, you must be in excellent health conditions for that, this is why we did not budget any healthcare money for you, 20 dollars a month in healthcare will get you band aids and aspirin which is the most you should need – you have no contraceptive costs because we solved that at point 1

He is not into fashion or fancy clothing – or clothing at all

This is why we did not budget for useless clothes when he can comfortably live all his life wearing our provided uniform, even during his second job, many would scream for an opportunity such as this – uniforms are washed by us (are they?) so no laundry costs of any kind – which we did not in fact budget in any way

He is not into buying a home

He can’t with the wage we give him or the second job, we budgeted 600 dollars a month for rent or mortgage, but a mortgage now you can only get it with a deposit of 30% in cash, which at the fancy saving budgeted of 100 dollars a month will take him 30 years to save IF housing doesn’t appreciate of 100% like it did in the past 30 years, if it should he has to save for 60 years before he can have the down-payment money, at that age though no one will give him a mortgage but maybe by that time banks will have found ways to extend mortgage debts to their children – oops wait, he can’t have children – then we suggest he rents, there is plenty accommodation for 600 USD a month is the USA, he has to be creative, if he loves living in the open and opts for a tent in some of his friends backyard, he can save most of the money we budgeted for his rent, so it’s just a matter of being industrious and wanting to have a better life – he must want to live the American dream, this is how America got where it is today

He is not a Foodie

We budgeted an astronomical amount for daily expenses, 25 USD a day, of this he can spare at least 10 for food alone, a McMeal costs 1 dollar, enough said.

If this is Your Dream Job – apply at the closest McDonald.


In brief, McDonald meeting Visa is like Alice in Wonderland, they can sustain their dream worlds together for a better future (their own) and somehow they hold the belief that if they can convince others that they don’t need REAL money to live, they may get away with it.

All this would be great and dandy, if they were not asking in return real working hours, then we could all have pretense employments at McDonald where we pretend to go to work and they pretend to pay their employees fairly, instead the make belief world of McDonald is a one way world, they are the only one that want to give an unrealistic compensation to people while they fatten up those on top and keep expanding all over the world with real profits, profiting from the lives of those that work for them.

We support a Living Wage as a Human right, for the simple reason that you need money to live and having a life is not what such a budget shows, having a Life means having Equal opportunities to share this world and what goes on here, it doesn’t mean to give the shitty lives out to live just to some, while some live dream lives in their personal paradise.

If you think that your employees can live on such a wage, you should try it out, see if what you wrote in your budget fits You when you LIVE IT out and then decide.

In Italy one entrepreneur, Enzo Rossi,  who was paying the regular legal wage to his employees of 1000 euro per month, tried to live on it and after 20 days when he went broke he  raised their wage of 20%, not because the Law told him, because his common sense told him that if he could not live on it, nor could his employees, period.

One last point about McDonald’s’ employees that is worth noting,  since they are not given a living wage, as in a wage they can live on, it’s obvious that if and when they don’t won’t have enough to pay for their healthcare, they will use Medicare, if they won’t have enough to eat, they’ll use food stamps, so in the end, YOU are the one paying the living wage to those employees because someone refuses to, is this OK with you? Is it OK to be the one that steps in for the Corporations, who are not willing to share their profits with those that make their profits possible in the first place?

Not that the problem is that you pay with your tax money, that is the last of a long list of problems here, the problem is that a NON living wage stays that way, even when  some smart-ass wants to be clever about it and tries to razzle-dazzle people into believing that it’s enough to live on – when in fact it’s not.

Reality is not changed through our imagination, imagining a fair wage doesn’t make a wage fair, it’s the Money that makes lives fair, a Living wage is fair because it allows people to live, giving people not enough to live in exchange for their time, means that their time=their lives have no worth, they have no worth, and supporting a world that promotes a worthless humanity is not how we will get out of this mess.

Support a Living Basic Income for ALL  instead – that will establish a world of HarMoney, where Money will no longer do Harm but will become a support and a way to give to Each Other Worth and a Life Worth Living.

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Day 318: Are you BIG Enough for B.I.G. ?


We have set up a new website to explain our proposal for a Basic Income Grant that shall benefit All Humanity.

It’s hard to take all parts of a faulty system into consideration when writing a proposal that can find the widest acceptance, but it’s not impossible.

For the time being it would be enough if we could marry the 2 mainstream currents of this world, one runs on Greed and one runs on Desperation.

The Greedy are the ones best off, with Money you have access to the full Range of Human Rights that have become optional for most, isn’t it funny how we are going topsy turvy in this world, we are fitting cars with full options some of which are even useless unless we buy into the belief that we need them (The Subaru XV’s fabric seats come with a pair of switches to heat them) while we deprive human beings of basic human rights in the name of Profit and Greed.

And as enlightened as we claim to be, we are not even noticing, we are celebrating our progress and our ability to access the ‘moreness’ of technology and the wonderment of ever more stupid entertainments while we willingly give up our rights, including the right to Life, which for most has become a dream, so while some dream of the ‘more options’ they could have if they could put their hand on some more cash, some are left dreaming if they will ever be able to have a life at all, to feed their children and put a roof over their heads, we are still the proud creators of slavery, abuse, exploitation, wars all in the name of an imaginary and mostly unattainable ‘moreness’ in the face of a ‘Hereness’ that is becoming more and more elusive and that we ended up believing to be just an illusion.

If you support a Basic Income Grant you are hopefully looking for ways to make it come true, unless it’s just another pipe dream, a bandwagon to jump on to show we are interested in the world and in the fate of the many suffering unbearable lives that show no sign in sight of being on the way to improve.

If you support a Basic Income Grant for the purpose of relieving the suffering of those that don’t have a Life at all it -and not just yours, so you can be able to finally afford an exotic holiday- it would be sane to consider HOW we are going to bring this into reality within the way this system is set up and not within an imaginary system through an unfounded ideology.

We live in a Capitalistic Model, every year we raise new waves of dumb economists, that will justify to their grave why this is the best system we can come up with, and an education system that starts with parenting that has found millions of excuses to explain away the otherwise unexplainable point of Inequality as if it was justifiable just because it’s here and has always been, so it will take a lot of effort to break through the programming we have been submitted to and then later submitted ourselves to, in order to see that we don’t have to live this way, unless we keep choosing it either by our refusal to see real solutions or by our refusal to consider that we actually hold the power to change it all if we stop believing that we don’t.

Within this model, the one we live in, the amount of money in circulation is finite, yes, there would be solutions to solve this point as well but for the time being this is the model we have to work with, which means that to allow B.I.G. to become a reality we’ll have to reshuffle the cards around and either rewrite our public spending and prioritize our shopping lists  for example putting food for all BEFORE our demented need to fund the purchase of nuclear weapons or other destructive toys that we don’t seem to get enough of, and this alone will damage some, such as those that are making money through faceless corporations in those kind of businesses, hence the idea that the rich will not lose anything if we implement a basic income grant, whose funding must come from somewhere, is just another example of disconnection from reality that needs a reality check, because the rich won’t be convinced to give up millions in profit by being given 1500 or 2000 euro a month (hello??), but they may see the possibility of their businesses thriving even more when everyone will have more money to spend and invest in this economic model which is now to the benefit of just some and even be willing to extend the cash to all since they own the system and we can’t go shopping on another planet for now, so what they will gain from is in the future if they are willing to give back something now to allow this economic model to flow again, until we come up with another one that works for all, for real.

So, if you support a Basic Income Grant, please, read the blogs we are writing where we offer practical solutions to make this a reality, clear your mind, breathe, see the common sense about how B.I.G should start, which means by benefiting those that don’t have enough to live first and foremost and from there walk the steps required in your mind to close the gap between an ideology and a real proposal, so as to not turn big in another Occupy Wall Street, from where we will just be kicked out with no regret without leaving a mark of any kind, instead Occupy Your Mind with Common Sense, see why we should walk those steps the way we propose, participate, bring to the table other proposals if you see a point in a way that is clearer and more doable or let this go, it’s possible that you are not BIG enough for B.I.G., maybe you have not yet self realized the point of Response-Ability we have in and as members of this world, maybe you are kid-ding yourself and others, maybe you are having a temper tantrum about the idea that you may not come in first along with those that have bigger needs than yours, such as the need to have a Life, and that may be possible because we have 1 billion people who are starving and close to 3 billion living below the poverty line. Are you one of those? If so you will be attended to unconditionally as soon as BIG will be implemented, if you are one of those that own a home, already make a living, although not as good as you would like it, then you may have to wait in line because BIG will be the reverse line from the ones this system has sold to us so far, serving those on a ‘need bases’ first and then those on a ‘want basis’ second, is this something you can handle?

If not then there are other games to play out there that won’t damage this proposal in the eyes of those that have a firmer grip on reality than the BIG Dreamers who have lost contact with it and with the solutions that could come out of it if we walked together a path of making a dignified life for All a priority and something real within our lifetime.

Once we implement BIG and understand the power we hold, nothing will stop us from creating a world that works for all and make it so solid that it may never revert back to this monstruosity we created so far and that we fight to keep going for future generations to ‘enjoy’.

Join us, B.I.G. is Here, how BIG are you?