Supporting Capitalism: the Freedom Excuse

I want to elaborate on the topic of Capitalism because it has become obvious to me that we need a change of direction as a world, as a society and as people and we cannot discount to take a look at the current system of interests that is managing this world to assess where we are, why and what need to change.

Usually the debate against Capitalism is framed into Capitalism vs Communism (or Socialism loosely associated with Capitalism), to make sure that Capitalism always wins because of “the nature of Man’ being unable to contemplate the good that would come to them from a different system that would not be Capitalistic thus based on Capital, but based on doing what is Best for All.

So, let’s first look at the word Capitalism, first if you Google this word, you will notice that on the first 3 pages of Google, there are ONLY positive explanation about what Capitalism is, this is strange in this world where we seem to be divided about everything, to always hold an opinion that causes a debate, even the colour of women’s hair, blondes seem to have more fun for some but some disagree.

So how come that Capitalism, which is a system that fosters, creates and then protects inequalities through a Law written ad hoc, is not challenged so openly as women’s hair colour, a fact much more irrelevant and extensively less damaging than this economic system but instead praised for it’s efficiency (could it be that the Capitalists that own the Internet want you to have a certain “image’ about Capitalism in your Mind that then they can play with ?)  and for allowing people to be ‘Free’ ?

Lately I’m coming to just hate this word, FREE, FREEDOM, I resent the way I see it abused and twarted into all possible connotations to just deliver a specific desired result, through the use of this simple word, we can CON-vince anyone that whatever it is we are debating , it’s what is best for them, because they could lose their FREEDOM if they did not accept things the way they are.

I would like to say that unless we have become blind, deaf and insane, there is nothing Free about Capitalism, there is no Freedom in Capitalism, because the Freedom that Capitalism offers is just something you have to BUY, so it’s not a free freedom is it?

When you have to buy something, or in this case buy into something, you are not free, and if you have to buy your freedom to exist, where is your freedom if not only in the slogans of those that own your freedom at the moment and sell it to you through your labour.

To write this piece I have read several papers written on Capitalism by their supporters, if we could stop and breathe and read them out aloud we would be astonished at how little sense they make, still we bought into the system of Capital, where guess what, you and me are the Capital that makes it all run and work smoothlessly, we are by birth the property of someone, have you ever tried to renounce your citizenship ? I have, it’s not possible,  it’s illegal unless you are given citizenship by someone else first, unless someone else owns you you cannot break free, you must belong to someone, we are slaves by birth.

Now, the point I want to debate about Capitalism and why is not really working even though they keep telling us that it is, is simple, just go and read what is happening in the world, this is the Freedom we have bought through our labour, because within Capitalism this is the accepted currency, our Labour that generates Money, you have to earn your right to live, but we know about this, our parents who were born slaves too, told us exactly the same, we don’t have a right to Life, we must buy our right to live, to exists.

So, how do we buy our ‘freedom to exist’ ? Well the Capitalistic system says that through your labour within a engine that is created to produce money, you must find your slot, fit in and help this senseless production that has to be pushed into insanity through tools like ‘planned obsolency’ of goods, meaning goods that have a planned shelf life, so when your car, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, printer, computer or any other goods break, know they have been designed to break after a certain period of time.

In theory this should be criminal in itself, let me spell it in another way, we are buying faulty goods designed to be faulty so they will break and we will be forced to buy new ones.

Why would this be ? Because Capitalism needs to create needs to perpetuate itself into existance, we buy the planned obsolency of the capitalistic system in full awareness that things will just have a certain life span, we have given up the idea that we can fix things and make them last because subconsciously we accept that we must help this system to exist in fear we will not have jobs that are created through this very cycle of abuse, when you manufacture faulty goods you are acting against the interest of your fellow human beings, so you are a criminal, when you buy into the system you are a criminal for supporting it, we are all criminals at the moment, acting against the interest of what is Best for All, because we forgot that what is Best for All, is best for us too.

If everyone had enough, we would stop the violence, the wars, the abuse, the corruption, the ridicolous education system that we have at the moment, we would stop believing in God hoping for his obvious non existant benevolence, we would stop rape, we would stop abusing each other, plotting and scheming in our secret minds to always have an advantage over others, due to our extensive fears of survival within a system that is not supporting us or others, where the only hope to survive we have is to be dishonest, or this is what we have come to accept and believe.

What are the freedoms that Capitalism can guarantee, let’s expose them one by one:

Freedom to own private property

this is a benefit ONLY to those who actually have private properties, who own something, 1.4 billion people worldwide currently live in “extreme poverty,” defined by the World Bank as surviving on US$1.50 a day (adjusted for inflation from the 2005 rate of US$1.25), how does Capitalism benefit them ? To own something you need Money, without Money you are nothing within this system, you are pushed outside of it until you are left with nothing and have to resort to crime to survive, so Money is the only guarantee that one can actually own anything, inclusing his/her very life.

Freedom of trade

Again, this benefit only applies to those who are trading, if you live on 1.5 USD a day, the only thing you can trade is your body. So to take advantage of the Freedom to trade you need Money

Freedom of speech

Yes, we have the freedom to say we don’t want Capitalism, that we hate having to do jobs that are demeaning and useless and that exist only to feed this system, freedom of speech doesn’t mean someone will hear, because as we have understood by now, within this system, Money talks, Money hears, so again you have the freedom of doing something useless and inconsequential: talking and complaining about the system that doesn’t change and keeps creating huge rifts between the have and have nots


Free healthcare. Health is not free unless you have Money, there is no way for anyone to access the best medical care unless they bought an insurance that gives them cover from the risks of living in a Capitalistic system or in some countries where Capitalism is rampant infact you have no access to the Health system at all, Money dictates if you live or die, you have the freedom to die.

Social Good

There goes another freedom, you have the freedom to do good, meaning, having accepted this system of inequalities for what it is, having given up any hope that it may change or any care that it should, you can do some good, you can do charitable work and help the poor, the ones poorer than you , which gives you a chance to feel richer than the poorer so to feel better/luckier about your status within society having not been born at the lowest rings of the ladder plus, Capitalism states, they get a chance to do good for the society, any job is good for the society, so Capitalism says, because it contributes to the Welfare of all. So if this is so, how come only some seem to benefit within this system and not everybody, where is the social good in this ?


This is the biggest lie of all, Capitalism says that everyone has the same chance to make it if they work hard, which was later translated in the American dream. I am ashamed to say that I have bought into this lie myself because I did not want to face this system of blatant inequalities which I have even justified through religious/spiritual beliefs of some deserving more than others or just having ‘a different life experience’ to try it out, just for fun. Now that I’m healing my demented mind I wonder, what fun is there for people born in a third world country with not enough to eat or to get by day by day.  So Capitalism says we have the freedom of equality, meaning we all have the same chances to ‘make it big’. This is an obvious lie, I don’t have other words to define this if not a malicious lie covered up and justified through the stories that Hollywood tells us of the some who actually did make it. Many did not, infact most did not, it’s just that we rather not talk about them or we are criticized for complaining or for being negative, my own mother has issues with me at the moment because I am not displaying the ‘gratefulness ‘ I should display for my life of luck, because I don’t thank God for what I have because I am too disgusted at the moment by myself and what I have not done until now to stand up and say Til Here No Further.
If you are born poor, have no education and no money your chances of making it are based on the compromises you will accept to make to secure your position into this world, you have the freedom to sell out for money, we enjoy such equality within the Capitalistic system, each one of us can sell out, this is truly Equality !

The Freedom to accept out Human Nature as flawed

This is another Freedom that Capitalism offers, we all accept that being what we are, being sinners, accepting that nobody is perfect and as such we too are not, we are just flawed pawns of this system of inequality, with no responsibility because this is what we are at the end, greedy, fearful powerless creatures that must go with our nature, our Human Nature that cannot be changed, that will force us, against our will, to always take advantage of one another. The freedom to not abuse as well is given by Money, and it’s not even sure, only when you have enough you can afford the luxury to not abuse others, but when is Enough Enough ? Rotschild replied to this question ‘just a little bit more’, his family owns a declared 500 billions dollars in assets, guess that’s hard to match, so probably within who we accept and believe that we are, enough is never enough.

The freedom to grow, to have viable alternatives and to enjoy Democracy

Without Money there is no freedom to growth or viable alternatives and democracy is designed by those who have Money, so Democracy it’s a Mafia system of favours and protection, it’s not real, we never had real Democracy, Money buys people’s votes, so who ends up in power is always the ones with money who end up deciding which ‘viable alternatives’ we should have that support the system, meaning what we buy eat and drink, what we should wear  impulsed by Fashion and Trends, when we need to start smoking or drinking or taking drugs, when we must be vaccinated or poisoned through water so as to be kept dumb, Freedom is just the carrot that keeps this system moving, the Belief in a Freedom we never had and will never have until we all join into Equality and what is Best for All.

Ultimately Capitalism guarantees our Freedom to pursue our Happiness

When was the last time you were happy ? Not counting when shopping, drinking, smoking weed, taking drugs or watching TV, Really ? I watched an Italian movie the other day and one friend said to the other ‘remember when we were young and happy? ” and the other replied ‘NO, I don’t remember ever having been truly happy’ and they laughed about it and said,” this is why young people complain today but in 20 years they will look back and believe that once, in their past, they too did feel happy when in reality happiness is the tomorrow that never comes or the past that never was 🙂 “. Happiness is just another word like Freedom, it’s loaded with images that someone has put there for us to dream about, it’s filled with our desires to have it, to experience it, to be able to buy that happiness that is for Sale with the Goods that we believe we need to make that dream of Happy come true.

Happiness is like Hope and like Freedom, empty words that fill our imaginary world and change nothing, that leave us wanting the experience, while Here there is Life that goes disregarded in our pursuit of the imaginary dream.

We have accepted and allowed this system of inequalities into being, we can correct this through our common application to birth a New World Here, that is Best for All, best for you and me Too, because without considering the Whole as One, we decay and loose our ability to Live and be One and Equal with everything that exists Here in every moment of Breath.

We are faulty flawed Human beings only if we accept and believe we are, to be the Change we want to see in the world we must be the Change, Change ourselves to be the building blocks of a New Earth where Life is dignified and Freedom and Happiness are not empty words and  ideals to pursue but who we are as the Living Word.

Change yourself to change the world.


Investigate an alternative system for Equality that will benefit All Equally