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As I said previously and probably too concisely in a Facebook post, I have developed a sense of repulsion for all the messages were Humanity is bashed and blamed for everything wrong on this planet.

I would like to say that, while surely we could do better and infact we must do better than precorona’s times, many things that are blamed on humanity are completely off track – and there is a perverse purpose to this blame-game.

Take pollution, how many posts we see where its the Human blamed for tons of plastic in the sea, plastic that has by now reached the width of an entire island without considering the following:

many humans have never even see the sea, that’s right, the level of poverty in the world should tell us that at least 3 billion humans who live under 2 dollars a day are not polluting the seas with empty coke cans or plastic cups that they could fill with NOTHING since most don’t even have access to clean water.

I worked for a shipowner who was jailed for 1 week and was out  on a 1 million dollar bail, his ships used to go to a specific point in the ocean, at about 3 days away from the Italian coastal lines, in a specific spot that were designated and marked on maritime maps for legal discharge, by those that manage the world seas, and its not Us.

Let me repeat this, it’s been over 50 years probably that through supernational Associations, Committees and Counsels that work under Total Immunity, agreements have been made to pollute the High Seas Legally. Clearly his ships didn’t carry potato or apple peels, they carried chemical waste, the narrative was that if we dropped chemical waste in the middle of a large ocean current, we could spread them around minimizing the damage, flawless reasoning.

My boss though thought that if he didn’t send the ships so far, he would save bunker (petrol) money and increase his profits, so he would go just behind some amazing beautiful island that we have in the South called Eolie and discharge there and then keep the ships hidden for the time they would have taken to make the ”proper journey”.

He was caught just because a sailor got sick and the ship had to return empty to the harbour and when the inspection came on board and found the tanks empty, they took the Captain away immediately on criminal charges.

The Captain committed suicide because no one would give him another job after knowing he had falsified the sacred Captain’s log, my boss sent his then secretary to jail in his place for a month because he had made her CFO of the company for 2 pennies without disclosing the risks and never compensated her properly for the life wasted in his place when she was set free. Did he have any remourse? Nope, he just thought his life was more precious than his secretary’s or his Captain’s and that he had a right to everything while the others had a right to nothing.

Was the money he was condemned to pay used to clean up the pollution? No
It was pocketed by the Courts tat have Trust funds that float on the foreign stock markets

Now lets take the example of cruise ships, people who go on a cruise assume that they are paying for waste disposal as well, and they are -but the cruise ship companies saw that if they threw all the rubbish into the sea they could increase their profit by a hefty sum. Did they ask the passengers if they were happy to pay less and dump the waste into the sea? NO

Did they share the financial benefit of dumping the waste into the sea with someone? yes, probably with corrupted coast guards.

Cruise ships and commercial ships are the great polluters of the sea, not the humans. I don’t remember once going to the sea and throwing a plastic cup into it, so we have taken away 3 billion humans for poverty, we can take away another 3.7 billions because they just didn’t have a chance to pollute or they were educated to not polluting in general.

Lets take another example, air pollution, its the cars they said, it’s too many humans breathing, it’s the C02, thats pretty deep, it means that our very life which is breath in oxygen breathe out C02 is the polluter – not that the Co2 is in fact the food of the trees in a perfectly designed balance of give and take, the example of proper living is there, in the breath.

To keep the narrative going we had stop days where cars would not go around, did the air clear immediately? NO

Now we have the coronavirus, people stopped going out (not breathing I hope), cars stopped, in my region Lombardy where we have the heavy industries and are almost as polluted as China, did the air clear during the first two weeks when we and the cars stopped? NO

It started to clear immediately when they closed down the factories, I wrote a piece in the past about one of our factories in the south of Italy, where people were dying of cancer but they would not close it because there would be a loss of 10000 jobs and what would we do with these people?

So basically here there is a pattern, not only someone is fucking us left and right without vaseline but they managed to blame it on us.

You want the jobs, you want to live – then some have to die of cancer – its your fault.

Regarding air pollution, the 2 greatest polluters are air commercial air traffic and even worse Military air Traffic, anyone knew that? Probably not

Our Constitution, art 11, says that we as a country Repudiate the idea of War – Repudiate is a pretty strong verb. Did we give it up? No, we joined Nato and now we Have Peace Missions with them, let me be clear, while they go and attack a country, we go along the same flag to bring peace.

During one of these Peace Missions over 30 of our young Carabinieri, a special Army corp, died during a bombing. The mayor of my village has dedicated a square to them – this is how deep our Cognitive Dissonance is. These militaries were not Heroes of a Peace Corp, they were Invaders in a foreign country under Nato Flag.

What I think many people fail to understand is that We The People lack the understanding of what surrounds us, of what is really going on and then we lack the financial capacity currently to be both the cause of all these consequences or the change required to fix the world
It takes a lot of money to do a lot of damage – or to do a lot of good.

Why did we advocate Equal Money is exactly for this, unless we redistribute the riches, the money, the blood that makes this living organism run currently, we are in no position to bring about real physical change.

So please, when you are tempted to have a go at Humanity who is literally enslaved in a system of abuse, stop and think, who are you siding with – the system narrative or the opportunity to help everyone realize this fuckery so we can change it.

And a note to our Italian Politicians, stop this Coronavirus infodemic, we have the same number of deaths as 2018 and 2019, you are labeling people that fall off a balcony and are run over by a car Coronavirus deaths and are giving deaths war bulletins every evening on the news with a small print at the end saying, these are ALL the deaths, as in saying you didn’t have the time to separate the Corona virus deaths from the others. Take my mother, she just realized this yesterday, when you divide all the deaths by regions and then by Cities and their province, you come to 30 people, that sounds a bit different then over 1600 that she understood die in her province in one day.

Meanwhile on this fake treat you are damaging people’s health through confinement, omission of support for the ones without family and without money, you are coming up with amazing gimmicks for people to get their hands on this miserable 600 euro a month you have decided to grant them to allow them to survive and you have the guts to still keep up the blame game

Let me wear my fortune teller scarf for whats to come, Mr. President Conte, you told the Italians that we may be easing the lock-down because ”Italians don’t do very well in captivity…” (while all the others apparently enjoy it and rejoice in it), you told us as well to Not go out for Easter, knowing perfectly well that some will go out to reunite with their old and lonely parents and relatives.

Then you will play the ‘the curve has gone up’, using the Coronavirus like the BCE uses the Spread (a globalist neoliberal economic invention) to blackmail and blame everyone for the Public Debt and you will say ”I wanted to let you out, but because you have been irresponsible (little children) and bad, now I am forced to extend the lock-down for another 14 days – when everyone knows already that you won’t ease it before the 4th of May.

So, to all those in power that are keeping up not only the abuse but the blame narrative I want to say that there comes a time when the line is crossed.

And that day, the speeches that our dear Pope makes to imprint us with the fear of what happens to those that resist, that fight back, that say ‘that’s enough’ by suggesting that we spend this week looking at the Crucifix, well knowing that the multidimensional nature of the Cross will send us the clear message that either you tow the line or look what could happen to you, it comes a day when these Fear Inducing messages won’t be enough, the grip has loosened, we are waking up to the truth of this world and how we have been and keep being fucked by a bunch of people that believe to have more right to Life than we do.

What do I see with this Coronavirus? The Desperation of a Class on its way out.

Was it a good plan? Nope, it was a very stupid plan, it was a ‘crossing the line’ plan but desperation does strange things to people. We should know well.

This war against an invisible enemy is Real, although there is only one Invisible enemy here and it’s not the Corona, that Crown has become never so visible as today.

Our invisible enemy is our fear to stand up, the Coronavirus can help us by taking away everything we cherished that made these, predominantly, shitty lives bearable, the freedom to go for a walk, the freedom to breathe, the freedom to hug a friend, to hold hands, to give someone a caress, to dry a tear, all gone, they say – what they didn’t see coming is that without anything to lose, there won’t be anything to Fear.

And let me steal that beautiful from Q, we won’t know if that story is real or not until the end, but what JFK Junior engraved on his boat could be the line that unites us All – WWG1WGA – Where We Go One We Go All. Amen.

Rise up Humanity. It’s Time.