Day 420: Secret Ballots – Sacred Bullets


Our new government, led by the boyish Mr. Renzi, is trying(or pretending to try) to change our system.
At this stage of our deceptive world it’s hard to say what are the true intentions of those moving in Politics even though it would be easy to assume that if they REALLY had plans to subvert the order of things, they would not be there at all – see the lesson of the Movement 5 Star and how quickly they were pushed into the corners of Parliament – The Opposition.

If History can show us anything is that we have not had any significant change in this world through any of the Means we have tried, violence, wars, revolutions, any -ism or any Movement either, there is some hidden force that seems to keep everything just as it always was by changing the scenary, by taking us on imaginary trips through imaginary backdrop changes while we look in from the outside onto a system that we collectively created and now runs without any consideration for human life or life in general in all its expressions – we have given up considering the living beings on this planet favoring money, profit and power and in the process we have abdicated our responsibility to amend the nature of this world to those that are hired and appointed to not change anything at all.

The nature of this world is Evil, it’s unfortunately undebatable and clearly exposed for all those that are willing and have eyes to see.

In theory, changes to the system should take place within the sacred walls of our Institutions, given what they have churned out so far we could call them our Mental Institutions where the people inside have gone mental and have lost touch with reality while they spend days amending useless commas on Laws that  always benefit the same chosen ones.

The process of voting and Law making within a system of abuse hijacked by a few for the benefit of themselves and their peers is nothing more than an exercise in futility and we have to look at all the systemic processes of our world and see where we will have to amend and what, when we will sit again in positions of Authority as in being the Authors of the lives that we are now just living as cameos of other screenwriters, who write both the programs that entertain us and our very lives.

There is no one to blame here, we have happily given up our duty to Author as in Authorize this world to be the way it is because we shy away from the responsibility of it all and yet our Power lies in the very thing we try to escape, Responsibility as in direct, aware participation, why are we not willing to actively participate in the creation of this world?
Are we aware that participation happens even when one doesn’t stand for anything, when one is not willing to stand for change, when one stays silent – all those are forms of participation too, they are the passive ones and not the aware ones.

When it comes to the voting process, we really need to take a look at the process of secret ballots and what that means within a democracy to allow our representatives to hold secret ballots and why this practice exists in the first place.

Recently I have surprised myself at how many times I can reconcile and interchange the word ‘secret’ with the word ‘sacred’ and how those that use both try to keep them firmly separate in our minds, in case we questioned the sacred all the way up to the secret and then it would be way harder to hold such a tight grip on our minds and on the ‘make beliefs’ we have been fed since birth.

Let’s take the ‘secret ballot’ system, which is sacred as well because it’s protected by our constitution, a note that should make us question even the constitutions that we have turned into our society bibles and we fight to protect for reasons unknown even to ourselves.

To understand the secret ballot system, we must understand human nature, our minds, how we functions and what is ‘the big secret’ out there that we are not willing to give up? That would be our minds, where we believe we have a right to do what we want and be who we want to be – all the hype about the ‘right to privacy’ is an outflow of our ‘IDea’ that what we do in private is sacred, because it’s secret basically and we want the right to keep it that way.

We want to not be accountable to ourselves or anyone else and to not face the consequences of our actions, in fact we want to dismiss the silly idea that our thoughts, words and deeds have consequences and when we can’t, we make up stories, excuses, lies to justify what we do and make it look better than what it is – we designed the secret ballot system in our minds first and now here it is, voila, onto the big screen that this world offers for us to question ourselves and the validity of our inner/outer creations.

This is why we don’t even notice the problem with a secret ballot system and what that entails within a government, it’s the eerie familiarity of it that makes it go unnoticed.

Within a secret ballot system, when the time comes to cast a vote, the vote is given ANONYMOUSLY. Why do we need to have secret ballots when voting Laws and amendments and specifically when doing so on behalf of a party who is, in theory, the representative of the People?

Why don’t We The People have a right to know if the politicians we supported and sent to the Parliament on our behalf are voting according to the program of the party to which they belong and whose program we supported, so we can amend our vote at the next election if they are not? Well, the answer is in the question.

Our Politicians want the right to tell us that they are in agreement with the party program and as such with us and then, at will, sacredly, secretly, vote something else.

So when we have our voting sessions we still marvel at the results in comparison to the projections where it was assumed that we would be able to predict precisely the outcome of a voting session based on the party members and their alliances.

Instead, we are always floored with ‘surprises’ as people called ‘friendly snipers’ shoot down a voting session in allegiance to something bigger than the program they belong to and even bigger than the parliament and the sacred oath to uphold the will of the people.

It is quite preposterous to think we can change unless we start looking at the system out there in earnest while we do the same with ourselves.

If we are out to win every single time and to benefit and profit just for ourselves, keeping sacred/secret all our little ‘quirks’ and desires and what we want to do in the privacy of our minds/homes, how could we create anything that is more than who we are? We can’t.

So, for those that support secret ballots as a fair political system to please consider – what is it that we are unwilling to give up, which sacred/secrets are we holding on to that we don’t want to look at to consider if they exist within the principle of ‘do no harm’ and ‘give as you would like to receive’ – who are we shooting down every day with our friendly fire and why can’t we consider stopping that, stopping ourselves to reconsider the need to amend this world as ourselves so we may create a world that works for all?

We have a proposal to create such a world, it’s based on the Principle of ‘giving to all what I would like for myself’ and therefore it starts with giving an unconditional right to Life, it’s unconditional because one doesn’t need anything to get it bar the fact of needing it, there are no skin color issues, no gender issues, no religious or nationality issues, the Principle is that anyone born in this world has a Right to a Dignified Life and this transcends any teaching that says otherwise called Economics, Judicial, Philosophy, Darwinian Idiotic theories on some having higher genes and as such higher rights and whatever other crappy name and label we came up with to disguise the secret desire we hold to make some of us less so that some others could be more, have more, live out more fantasies in better homes, eating better food, drinking purer water, going to the last unspoilt places on earth on holiday – while some are left hungry, naked, homeless, sick.

We don’t support secrets either because -go figure- this is how we have screwed with each other so far – think secret societies, blackmail, porn, kiddy porn, sex slavery, trade agreements, the mechanics of money printing, religions and their origins, every single activity under the sun that we came up with that is harmful in one way or another is secret, if not sacred or both.

So, why not consider coming CLEAN on all aspects of our existence before we die, do our best to make amendments for what we have participated in and start working to create solutions that can change this world from the within to the without.

Giving a Life to All with no strings attached would be a good start. Join us.



Day 411: Italy and Our Manufactured Paper-Mache Leaders


This boy is Matteo Renzi, our Prime Minister, he is our third unelected leader in a row, he is filling a seat, an image, a role, he is role-playing the idea of democracy and a democratic state and embodies change, he is our own Obama scam, where ‘CHANGE’, the master password to activate us to vote, has been repeated long enough to fulfil the plans and prophecy of those that rushed him into this position, least the people would go ahead and get themselves a self-elected movement like the 5 Star movement for Real Change.
We pretend to change it all to make sure nothing changes at all.

No one complained, many barely even noticed, we have become so removed from the governance of ourselves and of our own country at this stage that we’ll take anyone, anytime, any way they give it to us.

Matteo Renzi  is full of good intentions – and some crap-, he came up on top by 40% of votes at the latest European elections by promising the Italians Change and 80 euro extra at the end of the month – that’s change isn’t it, 80 euro…-, a pizza for a family of 4, with dessert, times are bad here, 80 euros? We’ll take it, you have my vote, man.

An expert is politics was commenting that we, Italy, are part of a big experiment to see how long it takes to turn the most productive and eclectic country in the world into a rat hole, because if this system can successfully do it to Italy, where 70% of all the world’s art lies in disregard, the rest of the world will be a piece of cake. I don’t know about that and cannot comment, if I did I would have to wonder if there is a war going on that we have not taken notice of, if we are under siege and soon we’ll be under water with a straw from which we can try to breathe, we are being stripped of the democratic rights we never had, basic necessities, forced to look at unimaginable levels of corruption, consistently scared by violence and atrocious acts reported in the news or shown in movies, we have to acknowledge that we have no justice or hope for it, no human rights of any kind (our water utilities went up quietly for sale last week-end, even though we had a public referendum against it a few years back underlining for those that didn’t get it that we don’t count at all) and we have to face the fact that our imaginary ‘Public Debt‘ is more important than the lives of real flesh and bone people.
This system is spelling out outright that we are worthless, soon to be useless and we finally believe it.

My mum last week told me that she lives in a constant state of fear for the future  and she used to be a brave woman, imagine the state of the rest of the country.

Matteo Renzi was preparing to run for elections at the end of the mandate of his friend Enrico Letta, there was no rush because Letta was from his same party, the Democrats, PD,  plus Renzi had always said that he would never, never- ever, sit in office within an unelected government.

He had said as well that he would never negotiate a deal with Berlusconi, mainly because Berlusconi who is still the Leader of the third political party in Italy is a criminal at ‘house arrests’, not a big deal because at his age he was told he would not do the 4 years he has been condemned to, but just 9 months of service going once a week to help the elders, leaving him plenty of time to run his party, have meetings, plan strategies and go on TV shows as part of his human rights claim (?). What is life without the ability to appear on a TV show to speak about his dog Dudu and his girlfriend who is 50 years younger than him – simply unimaginable.

Needless to say Renzi had a change of heart and drafted the new election law with Berlusconi, only Berlusconi had an interest in being in the limelight as a key player of our political play field, plus he wanted to make sure he would draft an Election Law ad hoc, to suit himself, because this is the way we do politics in Italy and have been doing since we have become a make-believe republic and way before that.

Then he said he would never steal Enrico Letta’s place, the hashtag #enricostaycool is now infamous in Italy as a result, if someone tells you to stay cool – you have to worry – a lot.
Three days later there was a coup inside the PD party, they had their own Primary elections, Renzi won and took office the next day, unelected, within an unelected party; watching Letta slide against the walls on his way out of Parliament after shaking hands with Renzi while refusing to look at him in the eyes was not something that spelled out ‘integrity’ was now taking office, nor honesty, nor transparency and wait, not even legality.

The point Renzi is not seeing is that those that rushed him to power and made sure to make him do things he himself is not happy to live with, that told him to go ahead, that he won’t fail given  he is so energetic, so well organized, so charismatic, boosting his ego until it burst at the seams without telling him to watch out, to not be so boastful or he will burn himself, they instead milked this side of him so as to prepare his fall, delighting in how this young boy will hang himself with the rope they gave him to play with, sparing the puppet masters from having to come up with the ‘how to get rid of him’ in the future when people will see through the lies and demand ‘REAL CHANGE’ again and the puppet master will dutifully manufacture another paper-mache leader for us to keep up the illusion of democracy and we’ll take him because this is the nature of what we have become, numb, apathetic, disinterested and allow me to say this, just plain stupid.

It would be logical, rational, to see a pattern in our ruling governments if we could open up our eyes for once, there is no left or right, there is instead a war going on for the control of this system that starts with our own minds to levels never seen before, we have no one to blame for this but ourselves, abdication of responsibility creates leaders, if we cannot lead ourselves we must be led, if we show disinterest, if we take the hook of enter-tainment vs participation in this world we can’t connect the dots, we cannot see patterns because the show that is going on is a magick show, and it’s tailored made for us, it’s based on our vices, desires, fears, it’s based on who we are and what we have become, beings that are not able to come together yet and decide that this world must change for all, that life must be given and not earned, suffered, struggled for, we have given up our right to Life as we gave up on standing up for the lives of all, equally.

We have a proposal, it is to give a Life to each and every person on the planet, for free, a Living Income Guaranteed, because the moment we put a price on Life we de-valued it, we stripped Life of dignity and integrity and as we give or do not, so we live, this is why We must change ourselves and not rely on the show that goes on around us to bring about the Change we need.

We propose a principled living, we propose to return Value to Life for all living beings, we can’t go on with not considering all pieces of the equation, we are all the pieces, time to come together in one piece/peace to create a world that works for all. Join us – in principle.


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Day 385: Who are our Governments representing?

government solutions- living income guaranteed- BIG- basic income

In theory our governments are made of people, who have been appointed by us, to bring into being what We The People, who are supposed to participate in the drafting and the decision-making process in matters that influence our lives, like public policies -on public resources just to name one- or on how to manage the system as a whole in a way that works for all, have come to an agreement about.

It would be way too simplistic to state that our Governments are now representing only greedy corporations, even though there is truth in this statement, the terrible truth is how much they represent Us, as in a representation of who we are and what we have become.

The only difference between ourselves and our governments is that they have way more access than we do to make decisions that benefit only themselves and way more impact on the consequences of such choices, we are witnessing the EGOcentric truth of ourselves on a blown up screen we call The Government.

So, when we take to the streets and demand ‘their change’, it would be like shouting to a movie screen to change the plot, without understanding that the course has been set in motion, edited and now it’s just shown to us as the end result of years of accumulated consequences in EGOcentric policy making, while we were missing in action.

So, how can we, how do we change this Representation of ourselves, how do we change the image in the big mirror that this world is, what steps can we take that will ensure a change from the bottom to the top?

In my opinion we can take the example of the much criticized 5 Star movement in Italy, these are ordinary citizens who have put their own lives on hold because they realized that a systemic change was required and humbly -and sometimes boldly- they did not take to the streets, they organized, drafted policies for education, public spending, renewable energies, for a basic income grant, looking at the system and where changes were required and writing solutions to be voted in Parliament.

When they entered Parliament in quite an important representation in numbers, they decided to not ally with anyone, to not trust anyone on sealed law packages that would have to be voted on trust, meaning without opening the parcel and looking inside, instead to vote on a law by law case, looking at every single facet of what policy making implied and how they would have to become educated in the ways of the system to make a change.

So far they have managed 2 -apparent- important changes, the ousting of Berlusconi from Parliament after the third degree of judgement that found him guilty with no more possibility of appeal and the opening of a fund for small and medium enterprises using the party financing money they refused to take.

Why do I call these 2 changes just apparently important?

Well, because, as I said, they are very unripe in the ways of the system, they vowed to uphold a morality standard that the system is foreign to and as a result they have been unable to make real changes, they have just skimmed the surface and what they have done that resonated like a great success, which was finally kicking Berlusconi out of Parliament, was just a point where in truth they have been strumentalized by the system who wanted Berlusconi out in the first place for reasons that have nothing to do with upholding the Law and gave them the badge of honour for this perceived victory, a little treat and a clever device for those who were really behind the scenes that wouldn’t have to explain why a man who has been doing illegal stuff for over 20 years was made to pay so publicly for -by comparison to his previous endeavours such a small misdemeanor.

I want to be clear that I voted for the 5 Star movement simply because the other choices were too appaling to even consider and who wouldn’t want to be on the train for Change, but in watching them trying to hold on to the purity of their intent one has to wonder why we don’t accept this system as it is and move within it with ease vs moving within it puking our way through every single process that is required to be walked for real change.

Is the Movement 5 Star, the righteous vegan choice in politics? The way how we hope to feel good because ‘we are not like the other scoundrels – look at us- the immaculate conception, we will never get our hands dirty with the rest of them, we are above them, beyond them’.

The problem is we can’t be above the system, pretend to be, believe to be and change it, it’s impossible, we can’t even be beyond the system as we profess because the system is here and is not going away anytime soon unless we, The People, redirect each aspect of it to a solution.

So, the point I want to make is that it is all good and dandy to write down ‘the perfect system’ and then try to jump there from where we are, but it’s proving to be impossible, because each one of us is The System and when we jump beyond it, we are taking one piece away from in front of the mirror to move beyond it and then we ask the mirror to  change saying ‘look, I have moved beyond, now show me a different picture, a different representation’, and what will be shown to us is then the whole Representation Minus ourselves, obvious no?

This is exactly what is happening to the Movement 5 Star, we are so beyond that we are no longer in the picture, and I beg to know, how do we change it from outside of it, how do we support a sustainable money less economy without addressing the money point like Zeigeist proposes, do we take out our magic Venus Wands and make that one point disappear? That is impossible, we can’t HarryPotter our way through this system, using our nymbus 2000 broom to zigzag from one thing we don’t like to another and as we touch them within our reasoning have them disappear, if that worked we would have solved most of our problems because we have for some time had alternative think tanks to work out solutions to the problems we face but no matter how great ‘thinking’ we have done about solutions, unless we take this ‘thinking’ into the tank that this physical reality is and act on it, nothing will ever change.

All of us standing in front of the mirror will have to first realign privately our own policy making and priorities into solutions that work for all, we have to remove our fear of our own systems, we have to look inside to see how we privately handle money, knowledge, relationships with others, where are our own personal points of abuse and correct ourselves, make new policies to abide to that can be reflected by the collective mirror as solutions.

At the next elections I will still vote for the Movement 5 Star, we have no other choice here in Italy at the moment because trust cannot be given to the ones who have a proven track record of being untrustworthy, but at the same time I am correcting myself because I want to see this correction in the Movement of a Group that I belong to, where we realize that we can be the change and then we can show to others who are involved in policy making, without calling them names or having speeches in Parliament only meant to project the blame and shame on them for where we are, recognizing that we could have never been where we are without our own equal participation or lack of it and as such, taking the time to explain, to share, why doing things differently would be better, best in fact, because only when we recognize the right to a life, the right to a living, will we have our right to life and living recognized, honoured and supported and we can walk there together, beyond our previous mis-under-standings we can stand together for a different future and then the governing of ourselves, the governing of our Minds, our own Government will shine through, there needn’t be violence to change the man in the mirror, we just need the willingness to change and then walk the steps of change, the man in the mirror will be happy to comply, the power was never in the mirror but in ourselves and it’s time to bring it back to each one of us, so we can change ourselves and the world with us.

Consider one of the first step required will be to recognize the Value of Life for all, we have drafted a program, it’s called A Living Income Guaranteed, because Life can be given to All by our determination to do so, it just requires to admit that we have tied Life to Money and that we designed a system that doesn’t provide access to Life through Money to All and correct that point – immediately, so stand up as the change, as one who decides to give to all and make life for-giving and not for-getting to include everyone in the equation without leaving anyone behind.

Join the Change, be the change as part of the Living Income Guaranteed Movement, spread the word, participate, make this project your own for yourself and the World as One.

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Day 365: Berlusconi – Child of a Lesser God

Three days ago Berlusconi has been kicked out from Senate, with immediate effect, due to the final sentence of guilt over his tax evasion trials.

We call his outing ‘decadence’, it’s very appropriate for the fall of Nero, it is just ironic that they would choose this time and this sentence -among the many he had- to toss him out like dirty laundry.

It’s reminiscent of the Al Capone sentence, they finally framed him for a crime he did commit, but come on, he has committed so many that he now, understandably, feels diminished to be succesfully asked to leave for this very minor misdemeanor.

In Italy we have a certified tax evasion of 250 billions euro, we even know where the money is, I know this because if we didn’t know we wouldn’t know HOW MUCH has been hidden out in the world’s fiscal paradises, we must know as well who the money belongs to, not that we really want to know, they are all friends of friends, they are the Lords of the Manor, the imaginary blue blooded people that still hold titles they can use only among themselves, because we have deposed the king after the second world war, so the game was over, we thought, but some games are hard to die.

Our Politics is a disgrace, even the European Parliament takes exception at how we run this country, the only thing we could agree about with Mr. Berlusconi, is that our Justice system sucks.

Even in this last facetious attempt at justice we could easily spot the problem, justice is just a way to manage the system for those that own it, the problem is that we have a country where no one is really in charge and no one is accountable, we have a Political Corporation that rewards it’s Fat Cats Members, no matter which side they play on, with millions of Euros, while those at the bottom starve and can’t make it to the end of the month.

And yet, all that is Legal, it is legal to pay those in parliament 15.000 euros a month for not attending their duties and it is legal to grant golden pensions to those who only have one legislation under their belt, which in Italy may as well mean 6 months of work, for a life pension scheme that can reach 30.000 euro per month and can be doubled for those that served both in the Chamber and in the Senate.

So Mr. Berlusconi outrage is comprehensible, if he were more like Al Capone he would cry to please charge him for the major crimes he has really committed, tax fraud in a country where 250 billions have evaded taxes is like accusing someone to steal candies when everyone is doing it – what’s wrong with it- it’s a bit like when Prof. Aurity denounced the Bank of Italy for crimes against humanity and he was told that, he was ‘in theory’ right, but the fact that this had become customary practice made it impossible to proceed with prosecution. Get that? If they fucked you once and you said nothing about it, the legal assumption is that you enjoyed it and you lose your right to complain further down the line.

So, really, what is wrong with tax evasion in Italy when everyone is doing it, hasn’t Mr. Berlusconi got a point there?

In truth Berlusconi is paying for his insubordination to the IMF and the Central Banks, for the time when he stood up to not implement further austerity a few years ago because it was not politically justifiable or viable for him, mind you, he never had the interest of the country or of the people at heart, it was a personal popularity concern he had with the IMF and the Central Banking system, which led to him being asked to resign for the underage prostitution case and was then replaced by a technical government, one technically entitled to implement all of the IMF and Central Banking system suggestions and look where it took us, we now have a lower public debt (meaning we owe the banks less in interest on the usury we have grown accustomed to) and an impoverished nation with starving children.

Mr. Berlusconi made the mistake to underestimate the powers that are running the show, he believed he had amassed enough money to be safe from harm, instead, when push came to shove, his men left him for an ‘higher call’, they said the interest of the country was paramount and had to come before his personal interests (which translates in ‘we are all set here and we don’t need you anymore, thankyouverymuch’) plus they knew he had made enemies too powerful to stand by him without going down together and so they let him sink alone, with just a few die hard followers who could not be recycled anywhere if they left his tail.

What did he leave behind? A clean politics fit to bring back employment in Italy and some semblance of a solution?

No, those left behind are still cut out of the same cloth, they are those that want to impose austerity on a country on its knees, those that  have sold out our industries, privatized our utilities and are now in the process of selling off what belongs to all, transforming the real bricks and mortar into imaginary numbers to satisfy a make belief spreadsheet, the SPREAD was never about numbers, was about how willing we were to bend down and let Politics do its numbers while shifting every conceivable wealth from the bottom to the top.

Meanwhile we have become the resigned ones, they must be doing all this on purpose, some days I imagine our politicians having meetings in which they roll on the floor laughing for what they come up with, they work hard to make us disillusioned and disgusted by Politics – and yet, if we give in THAT specific power, that is when we have lost it all, we have lost our Mind if we give up.

What is going on is our responsibility, we are here just like everyone else, we are equally responsible to those empowered to screw us, because We empowered them, yesterday I saw a mother on TV who is now in the Senate with the 5 Star Movement, saying just this, that she doesn’t take the Guilt Trip offered by Berlusconi who wrote in his letter to the M5Star ‘ if you now go ahead and vote to cast me out you are in fact killing Democracy and this will be a Shame you will have to Live with’ and she said ‘NO, we will vote you out because we are in a Democracy and I would have felt ashamed if I had not participated to change the way things are, if I didn’t stand up to come and tell you all that it’s Enough, that would be shameful, but I left my job to stand here and make sure I don’t leave to my children this world as it is, because it sucks and we allowed it to get this far and it’s up to us all to correct it now.’

If you believe Life is a Human Right, if you are tired of being entertained by Court Jesters who keep up the magic tricks  pretending to change things while they keep reshuffling powers and wealth among themselves (except when one gets thrown out in the street like Berlusconi – but we’ll survive that), stand up, consider our proposal, spread the word, become part of the decision, because We Are The ones That Decide if we take another dish from the Monopoly Kitchen or if we set up our own, a kitchen that will feed all equally, a system that consider all its parts not in terms of profit but in terms of needs it’s possible, it’s doable, we just have to say so.

Living income guaranteed for All is Here, say ENOUGH and stand for it as part of the Change you want to see in this World.

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Day 358: Berlusconi, I go down -I take MY Government with Me


In August of this year Berlusconi was -finally- convicted to a 4 years jail sentence.

I have written before about him so I won’t go into lengthy explanations of why a conviction in a lifetime of bribery, conniving, mafia associations, tax evasion and sex with underage girls while in office was just long overdue, what I want to write about is His current all reaching indignation.

And who would not be indignant after a lifetime of getting away with murder only to land a jail sentence at 76 for a ‘minor crime’ by comparison to his lifelong law breaking, law trampling, law deriding at the cost of 2 million euros in legal fees that he had no trouble forking out.

Instead of being grateful that he got away with murder for so long, instead of giving a break to attacking the judicial system, to calling all magistrates ‘communist with a personal agenda’, and all the legal proceedings against him as a ‘personal attack’ confusing and convincing  the sheeple that believe that he is a poor persecuted billionaire, he is on a full on mission to have the government fall.

While he was on trial, his party, the Liberty Party (yes, because he got an American education on how to sell words and dreams to the poor and needy) threatened to resign en mass if he had been convicted.

Unfortunately there are no Laws to prevent that, and being his party an active part of the governing coalition that would mean the breakdown of the current government and anticipated elections, not that he cared of disrupting the functioning of our system while preaching that the system should work for the people, he obviously meant His people, his Lawyers, His Toy Boys and Toy Girls that he has put into the Parliament one by one making sure to always have a hand both on the legislative system and on the vetoing system, in case anyone tried to pass obscene Laws such as the one that would like to no longer see convicted criminals sitting in Parliament or the Law to cut the obscene public financing of political parties in a time where the government is calling everyone to make sacrifices to endure this bottomless, unrequired austerity.

That was fun. Then he was convicted and they did not resign because they feared the Italians would take over the Parliament to slap them in the face one by one, they feared for their safety as we were THAT close to the French revolution solution.

And now we are at it again, since the conviction has become effective -no don’t worry,  jail will never be an option for Berlusconi, he has the choice, -like everyone else I assume in the full sense of ‘The Law is Equal for everybody’-  to either go to jail, or stay at house arrests or do social work. This is why our jails are full to the brim, everyone else has chosen JAIL for themselves, in these times it seems a wise choice, you get 3 meals, a roof over your head, free dental and medical and a sort of camaraderie that is hard to match, you may even find a boyfriend or a few in jail,  who could in all honesty resist such treats? Just about Berlusconi it seems.

He said he won’t be kicked out of Parliament like a criminal, although until now I was under the impression that someone convicted of a crime, actually, convicted of a few crimes all the way into the 2 tier legal system we have in Italy, WAS a criminal, instead he said that Italians should thank him for everything he did for us.

And who can argue with him, let’s see, what did he do for us, let’s look at it through the eyes of the Court:

• Last October, a court found Berlusconi guilty of tax fraud and false accounting, sentencing him to four years in jail and a five-year ban from politics. Berlusconi’s lawyers appealed, and the Supreme Court heard the case in July.

• In December, another court found Berlusconi and his younger brother, Paolo Berlusconi, guilty in a wiretap case connected to the family newspaper Il Giornale. The court sentenced the elder brother to a year behind bars. The verdict is under appeal.

• In February, Berlusconi’s political comeback fell short, as polls produced a near three-way tie, sparking a two-month political crisis resolved only after Berlusconi’s coalition agreed to take on a junior role in the government of Enrico Letta.

• In June, a court convicted the 76-year-old Berlusconi to seven years in prison and a lifetime ban from politics on charges of abuse of power and paying an under-age girl, erotic dancer Karima el-Mahroug, then 17, for sex. The verdict is under appeal.

• Italy’s Supreme Court in July upheld the lower court’s guilty verdict in the false accounting and tax evasion trial, though the jail term was reduced to a year of house arrest. The politics ban was sent back to the lower court to be reconsidered.

Those are just his last one year Court proceedings, he is by his own admission ‘the most tried man in the history of the world’, unsuccessfully obviously because he is still pulling strings and asking to be treated specially, when the only special treatment he should get is the sum of all the years in jail he has been convicted for to be done consecutively, as to rid this country from this media friendly blood sucking parasite.

But his greed has now moved to realms way beyond money, reportedly confined to a 27-bedroom villa for the term of his house arrest, and with his political influence on the wane, Berlusconi can at least console himself that he is $1.5 billion richer than he was when the series of events started but he no longer needs money, Everyone Else’s Austerity made him richer by 26% in one year, popping him closer to join the league of the 100, the 100 richest men in the world according to Forbes, his greed is now for power beyond that of a Roman Emperor, he claims his right to rule, not from house arrests, from the seats of the Parliament where he has too many employees to let go, from the core of what should be our democratic system from which he is not willing to go, not even kicked out, not even jailed in sentences a few times over, he is there to stay and if he goes, he will take the whole government down with him.

A few days ago he broadcasted a video message to the nation -overlooking the fact that the only people who do such things are Aliens and dictators, to claim his innocence, to blame the judiciary leftist system that are trying to put in place a socialist system within Italy (a fact no one has noticed but him, since we have in the last 20 years lost all social buffers, any form o welfare and our labor market resembles more and more a slavery system where we either take it or walk) and to let us know that he has not slept for 55 days and precisely  since the day he has been convicted -for real, for once- to have stolen close to 400 million euros in taxes from the people he is asking  the support of.

Is there a line he will draw for himself where shame will stop him?

No, Money deletes all shame and a lot of money can shift the shame on others, on those that as a result of his cheating the tax system for decades (and be caught just once) have to go without being able to make it to the end of the month, they have to endure the shame of going to the meal services of the churches while he is at another of his petty games in a time of economical uncertainty for Italy that is so grave that we have the current premier, Mr. Letta, on a financial mission to the States begging for help, begging that someone else finds the will to buy out some more of what we have now for sale in a country with no justice and where the fiscal weight is close to the Swedish one with no benefits but to keep in power those that are strangling the people out of their rights, so we sell out, the whole lot, palaces, infrastructures and soon we will put up what is the most sought after card on the Monopoly board, Utilities, gas, electricity and water (never mind we had a referendum and voted NO to the privatization of water), we are out to privatize the common good for the benefit of the few who have enough Monopoly money to get their hands on them and then who knows, the sky is the limit, about 60 million assholes populate this country, so bend over Italians, the fun is just begun.

If you want a system change, it has to start with a Life for everyone, not a miserable one, not an austerity-based-life while some buy the country out but a guaranteed Life through a living income guaranteed for All, to give each other the assurance that Life won’t be on sale anymore, your life, the life of your family, the life of the children to come, because there are buyers out there for them and there isn’t a morality to stop anyone from squeezing the life out of all so they get to have a bigger life for themselves, it will have to be all of us standing and saying no more -and it’s about time.

Stand up for a Life for All, if you don’t bend over, because soon your ass will be the only thing left to sell.

Change is possible, we have to see that we are part of the problem to become part of the Solution for All. Join us.

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