Day 425: Israel Launches Air Strikes In Syria – What??



I don’t want to open the Israeli debate, it’s tiring, self-evident and beyond arguing.

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank is indefensible, and the existence of Israel itself is a blip in the Matrix demanding that its existence be legitimized while the apartheid and the ethnic cleansing goes on. It is a case of psychopathic/schizophrenic behavior at its best.

I highly recommend the documentary ‘Jaffa’ – on the birth of Israel, an amazing portrait of exploitation and deceit and of how the lives of people of all creeds, who used to be able to live and work together, have been torn apart by some who were more interested in grabbing land and rights for themselves than in common, civil, community living that worked for all. It shows as well the extent of the Propaganda that has been employed since its fictional creation, to support its existence and make Palestinians look like dangerous, virulent terrorists.

There is something surprising at our ability to forget the unspeakable crimes that have gone on in this world in favour of story lines that are purposefully weaved together to replace history with TheirStory, as illegitimate occupations Forgotten Tibet comes to mind or, oh yes, Israel, an occupied territory with ‘State’ recognition, attempting to delete in the process Palestine and the Palestinians off the map or dying – literally- trying

In the news on Monday it was reported that Israel attacked Syria.

Retaliation – as they defined it- is inexcusable and even more so making up stories as excuses to retaliate without opening up a dialogue or simply asking ‘hei guys what happened, did you shoot one of ‘ours’, and if so why?’, that would be the sane thing to do, instead we go on making up reasons to be right and righteous to make sense of our self-created, self- perpetrated sheer terror and all the acts that arise from it.

All those that design and pass Laws and create Behavioral/Mathematical/Economical Models should be subjected to them, if a law says a minimum wage of 9 dollars an hour is fair, the law makers must also live on it, if a war is fair, the warmongering ones must fight it themselves, if it’s fine to let half of the population starve and go homeless as a result of inconsiderate, fantasy based economics policies, those economists should move to the countries that are at the receiving end of their ‘think tanks’ and see how they manage and if they don’t like it – regroup to rethink this world.

Here is an extract of the news from Common Dreams

Sunday’s attack on an Israeli vehicle occurred in the area of Tel Hazeka and left a teenager dead. “It was not immediately clear whether Syrian troops or one of the many rebel groups battling the government carried out Sunday’s deadly attack in the Golan,” the Guardian reports. Yet, Israeli officials said they held the Bashar al-Assad regime responsible.

It also was not immediately clear how many people died in Israel’s multiple air strikes.

Israel has occupied the Golan Heights since the 1967 war, and Israel’s claim to the territory is not recognized internationally.

Sunday’s attacks may signal increased Israeli involvement in what has become a proxy war, with U.S. allies on the side of armed opponents to Assad.

The raids come as Israel launches a massive military offensive in the West Bank, launched after three Israeli teenagers from the Gush Etzion settlement went missing, that has left five people dead of gunshot wounds and over 400 Palestinians arrested.

Where are the reasons for such an attack? Where are the roots of such overkill if not in the terrible fear that their worse nightmares may be coming through, that they may be attacked and receive what they have given, the demand to pack up and leave to return the land to those that were there before a fictional state was made up and force-squeezed onto the world maps?

Wars are fought by people who have to make a living because we live in a world where our living, our survival is not guaranteed, we have accepted and allowed ourselves to condone the reasoning behind crimes against humanity, poverty and horrifying living conditions in the name of profit and money and this is the result it brought to us all.

We have a proposal that will put an end to all wars, it is a Principle to live by, it’s to give a Living, a Life to everyone, for free, so no one can threaten to take someone’s life if they do not agree to take the lives of others and when those keen on taking lives for a living, for an ideology, a ‘God’, an imaginary purpose, will be the only ones left to carry out the task, wars will end for good.
You can be sure of that.

Before collecting the usual comments that pop up every time one questions the common sense of some I want to add that I am in no way antisemitic, nor scared of the label either, a label that has been used to stop all questioning on the acceptable practices of a minority of members of a group that in no way represents people of good will who share the same belief system, Israel’s case is not a matter of opinion,¬† a spade is a spade, Israel is the product of a forceful, undemocratic and abusive occupation and this could be why they seek the approval and the deletion of the memory of the abused from the abused -as they seek it for themselves.

A lot of forgiveness is required to settle the Israeli story and end the violence for good, we need a for-giving world vs a for-getting world, and while we get on to the for-giving part we could start by ending any and all violence, that would be a sign of wanting peace for real, not demanding absurd recognitions that cannot be lawfully given (see link below the picture for further explanation).

A long-term solution to end all wars will come as we say ENOUGH, Israel has taught us something, if we are waiting for them or the USA to say ENOUGH we have a fat chance to see these problems solved, we have to get together, especially now on the brink of potential escalating world conflicts and say NO, not in my name, not in the name of all the people who don’t even know what is going on because they live, by our very design, below the poverty line and they are 1/3 of the planet who, once more, would be forced to submit to the nutty decisions of those that have completely lost the plot.

Instead we can take a stand together to say we want a different world, we want a world where everyone is supported into Life and not into Death and a Life starts with a Guaranteed Living Income for All, an agreement on a Granted Life without strings attached must be reached to get out of the claws of those that worship Death instead. The Lives of Many, Life itself is threatened every time we see a war at the horizon and we don’t want to live to regret the time when we did not stand up to stop it, when we could.

Support Life not Death, with a Living Income Guaranteed.

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