Day 388: Current System is not Educating, Just Indoctrinating

I have watched with great interest a video by Federico Pistono called ‘Learning is for Life’, He is 25 and has the goal to reach 1 billion people through his Educational company, Esplori.

Federico Pistono is a social entrepreneur, author, scientific educator, lecturer, and aspiring filmmaker. He has written on science, technology, Internet communities, artificial intelligence, and climate change. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Verona, and completed the online course at Stanford on Machine Learning. In 2012 he graduated from Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Park, Silicon Valley, a special program whose aim is to solve humanity’s grand challenges by leveraging exponentially growing technologies. He speaks regularly at TEDx events, schools, companies, and symposia around the world.

Federico is not your average Italian boy, he could have been if he had believed that he was stupid and followed his teachers advise that he should quit school but he didn’t. It’s hard to resist the charme of the dinosaurs that came before us – not-, they tell us they know more about life, they say that they have experience and we should listen to them, yeah right, look at the world that they created, chapeau.

Young people out there may learn through trial and err and make many mistakes, but if they depart from the dinos of this world, maybe they won’t grow up as paranoid as them, as empty, as embittered.

A crucial role within this is played by mentors, Federico explained how people who believed in him and his potential granted him a chance to have a life that was not the one that was scripted for him as one born from a poor family and destined to fail.

Frankly he is an oddity within our education system, I know because kids nowadays study just to make their marks and ‘pass’, we, who hold the information, have failed to raise people who have both critical thinking abilities and enough curiosity to understand how everything works, because we taught them that THAT was not the purpose of learning.

This happened last week:

When a young British beautician realised relations between Russia and Ukraine were at crisis point, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter.

Without pausing to check her facts, or her spelling, Gemma Worrall, 20, wrote: ‘If barraco barner is our president, why is he getting involved with Russia, scary.’

Within hours, Miss Worrall, from Blackpool, was trending in countries around the world as her message was retweeted thousands of times.

Is this funny, really?

As teachers and mentors we failed, it is us who have lost the ability to extend our -useful- knowledge to others, we share the crap instead, we don’t bother to make sure to take the time to prevent the dumbing down of the young ones growing up in this system that is exactly designed to do that.

We are taught meaningless dates about wars, genocides, tragedies, all things that leave very little space to include solutions but are meant to put on our shoulders the guilt and the shame for the kind of humanity we have become – fucking useful, we need instead to see solutions, if you are a failed mentor and realize you have nothing to give to the young ones that is of value, then keep your crap to yourself and deal with it – and move out-of-the-way of those that are inspired and inspiring to make a change and believe that a change is possible -against all odds.

We shouldn’t have kids banned from class because they dare to challenge the authority of the teacher, a teacher is only as good as their teaching, a mentor only as good as their mentoring, a dino is only as good as – no a dino is a mistake in creation, that’s why we got rid of them – and did not miss them one bit either.

Today in the news a boy has been excluded from lessons for leading 100 boys in protests over concerns about the standard of the teaching in his school.

The key for us to get out from where we are will be Education, it will have to be given with compassion and humbly, especially by those who have walked the planet longer, having been here longer and having the world still in this state is not a monument to our effectiveness or something to be proud of, so we better hear the message of Federico, understand how we affect other people’s lives, the responsibility of our words and then thread with care on the minds of those who are still searching to get out of the maze, we can open up avenues or load up another truckload of crap into their minds, if we really care about our future we’ll do whatever it takes to realign ourselves to a supportive communication understanding that words are nails and even when we take them back, or try to, they have left a mark.

Let’s mark the children and youth of this world with the assurance that together we can make it, that we stand by them and not against them, that we give up looking down at them with contempt to feel good about ourselves, because we are responsible for the state of this world and if it shall change, we shall be the one telling the young ones how we can do it and not ever, that they are dumb fuckers that are hopeless and will never amount to anything, no matter how hard they try.

If you can, if you have it in you, mentor someone with an open heart, choose supportive words, show them that many of the things we learned are flawed, help them to break free from their accepted limitations, one of them is the idea that we have to work ‘to make a living’, Federico got that through the help of masterful, inspiring mentors, someone managed to align him to what would be best for all and let him know that Life is price-less and should not have a price-tag, we can extend this message to others, standing together for Life as One Life, One World that works for All.

Check out a living income guaranteed, Life can be supported or destroyed, it’s our choice, make your own for a different world, where we can honour each other and the Life of every living being.

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