Day 409: How to Change this Bloody, Bloody World


The judge is hearing evidence in a civil case against Demmink brought by a foundation which wants to collect evidence against the former justice ministry chief who retired last year. Demmink has been dogged by child abuse claims for years. – See more at:


This world is divided in blue blooded and red blooded human beings – or so it seems.

Many of us don’t seem to realize that we are born slaves unless we belong to specific bloodlines. There is much news about abuses going on on the side of these bloodlines that go unpunishes because they have been clever – and patient- enough to place themselvs and their progeny in all the important positions in our society, from government to judiciary to finance, only Slave positions were left once they were done.

It is no wonder that Laws are passed in a palace called Congress, here a few meanings of this word:

1. A formal assembly of representatives, as of various nations, to discuss problems.
2. The national legislative body of a nation, especially a republic.
3. Congress

a. The national legislative body of the United States, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
b. The two-year session of this legislature between elections of the House of Representatives.

a. The act of coming together or meeting.
b. A single meeting, as of a political party or other group.
5. Sexual intercourse.

I would like to focus on the last one, because Congress is the place where the ‘blue blooded’, the weaver of this Matrix get together to fuck all of us into oblivion, of course we have to believe that they are blue blooded, they make movies about Princes and Princesses, outfits for little girls, cartoons and books to imprint their right to be more and have more than other based on their ‘blueness’.

Sometimes they make movies to tell it to us like it is, like The Matrix, because they believe we are too dumb to get it anyway and they can get away with murder – because as a matter of fact, so far, they could.

Here is an extract about The Matrix from the Matrix Sponsored Wikipedia

The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).

The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, derive from the 1999 film The Matrix. In the movie, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Matrix, therefore living the “illusion of ignorance”, while the red pill would lead to his escape from the Matrix and into the real world, therefore living the “truth of reality”.

So, we are told, they are pop culture symbols, meaning they have become so popular that we no longer see we are in a cult, living a collective hallucination while locked into a Magick Circle of Warlocks with Tiger Blood and Priestesses (?) who enjoy anything, from starving countries, to manufacturing Wars just for the heck of it – You have to find some passtimes when you are loaded with -stolen- imaginary money and plagued by weird religious beliefs about Planetary Cults and the need for human sacrifices to hang on to the loot. Talk about Mind Control.

I would just like to say that many of these Elite families were born into these beliefs, including the one that they have to enslave the whole world, without realizing they are too enslaved to their role of Masters of the Universe and of High Priests and priestesses of Imaginary Gods that once have been concocted, remain as a Creation to deal with. We share the same destiny so far, locked into the two sides of an imaginary energy based polarity, we were born into the blue pill beliefs of some having more value than others, so as blame goes we should cast it aside because we share the same role-play responsibility for having let things go this far while we were entertained by our own self interests, false idols, movies and sport.

Meanwhile a toxic web of power and division has been carefully crafted to make sure we would never come together and unite for a world that could work for all and while we lose ourselves into our menial wars of family, relationships, race, gender, sexuality, religion, soccer teams, some live like Kings and are allowed to commit the greatest atrocity under our doped watch.

I have been watching a Dutch documentary on a case of Pedophilia, torture and snuff movies that involves the previous Justice Ministry Chief Demmink who has retired last year, the infamous Rodolex investigation into these terrible crimes started in 1997, a hell of a cover up that lasted amost 2 decades AND  he is not in jail yet but probably off to some pedoparadise to cultivate his main ‘occult’ hobby.

On another note I want to ask, who ISN’T a child abuser at the moment in this World?
We allow famine, rape, sex trafficking, sex tourism, we keep countries in abject poverty to make sure that those that are on top can get their hands on anything they want through our fear of survival and we do nothing about it just because we refuse to take our heads out of our asses and look at what this world has become and realize our responsibility of being here together sharing the same damned planet.

To have masters we need slaves, yes we can say that we were born slaves and that we are manipulated, coerced in our minds to cower, to cover our eyes to not face the horrors of this world but the Elite could say the same, they have been raised for power and control, coached to find our weaknesses and exploit them to make sure we will glorify what they have been taught to glorify, Blood, specifically Their Blood.

The Blood that flows at the bottom of the pyramid is not worth the same. The commoners blood is spilled at the drop of a hat, we say that no lives should be lost in wars but we find always new reasons to fight, meanwhile, We, the pyramid-holders, go to jail and bear the consequences of the choices and actions of those on top without realizing that in truth we bear the consequences of our inability and unwillingness to stand together to create a different world where abuse doesn’t exist for anyone, Elite included.

If everyone had enough to live, much of the abuses in the world would end, parents could take care of their children and not have to abandon them as easy prey of those who are obviously not well and are at the top mismanaging the world, children could have an education and understand the world we live in, they would have tools to learn to care for themselves because the tools are now accessible only through money and those that are owning the system are currently owning us and our minds through media, education, entertainment and work to impair our ability to see that a different world is possible if we come together. So, really whose responsibility is it for Change, the 1% or the 99%?

Can we wait for others to change before We do?

We have a proposal, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, it will give everyone dignity through access to a Life worth Living and will close the doors to most of the abuses that are going on now, if the Elite is 1%, how much further should we allow ourselves to be mind manipulated into believing what is sold to us everyday – the delusion of a world that cannot do anything better than it is doing now, which given the state of the current affairs is obviously a magically held in place insane belief.

Stand for Life, we can’t think about retaliation against those that did what we allowed them to do and what they have believed they were here to do, we have to think solutions, it’s up to us to stop the abuses by cultivating a sovereign mind to overcome the fear, our divisions and stand together as the solution, as the change we want to see in the world and when we will get back democracy – or more precisely, when we will access democracy for the first time, united,  we can vote out those that insist that abusing Life is the only choice we have, and support them to break free from this demonic spell.

emmink brought by a foundation which wants to collect evidence against the former justice ministry – See more at:

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2012: How I gave up Matrix Energetics to Stand up for Life

I was living on a tropical Island when I started to understand that the Matrix is Real, meaning we are living inside a system of information, the equivalent of a video game but Real.

I was coming from the teachings of Law of Attraction, another belief system I boarded on my trip to nothingness, so I still had a tail of teachings to get rid of about the overwhelming benevolence of the Universe.

I say those teachings are worth nothing and we should rid ourselves of all of them for the simple reason that they don’t work as a solution for All Humanity and even though I have deluded myself into believing that the Universe was benevolent and we came to this planet by choice and we wanted to experience everything and this is why everything was available, it’s hard for me now to believe that I bought into such crap, when I knew with absolute certainty I did not want to be born in Africa and starve, or be raped as a kid, or be born into violence, abuse or poverty, just for the fun of it.

So when I realized I was living inside a systematic reality, due to the observed  systematic behaviour of myself (and others)  that I was unable to change no matter what I tried, short of jumping on one foot and wearing a black cape at the same time, I looked for information on the web about who knew the Matrix was real.

The first people who seemed to have got it, of course, were computer geeks, as a computer geek you cannot but notice the systematic nature of reality, including asking yourself questions about the famous Fibonacci sequence/spyral, because if the Fibonacci sequence is at the base of everything and the universe is worked out on Mathematics, this reality is repeating itself and must be manufactured by someone for some reasons and we have just stepped onto the stage where we are all playing a part.

This was written by Shakespeare as well, in one sentence, Life is but a stage, but then the next question must be, who has written the play and why ?

The second people I found with truckloads of information on the Matrix up to the minutest detail was Desteni, but I got scared and decided I did not want to believe what they were saying, so I moved on looking for a Truth I liked and I could live and exist with.

This is how I found Matrix Energetics.

Matrix Energetics is a consciousness system, they advertise it this way, I was more or less aware by then that consciousness was the Creator of this reality and so were they, plus they offered to me the ability to hang on to my delusions about the benevolence of this Universe/Creator and I decided to sign up for their course in Miami.

A friend came with me, she too was going through some stuff on the tropical island where we both had ended up following a dream that we believed was our dream, just to find out one day that even the dream I had to live on a tropical island smoking pot all day, was not MY dream, I found a video by J.Jesus from the Desteni group that asked “do you dream about living on a tropical island smoking pot all day ?”, that created quite a crack inside me, but by that time I was already following Desteni closer and I had started to apply the tools they were teaching, fuck I didn’t even own a dream, talk about the illusion of possessions 🙂

Anyway, back to Matrix Energetics, we made it to Miami about 3 years ago, Matrix Energetics came out of ME, meaning literally ME/Dr. Bartlett, the “creator” of the system, another preprogrammed guy who had the ability to zap himself through astral planes and thought he could teach others what he was preprogrammed to do, which he could not, but he was (and I guess still is) extra clever and devised the perfect explanation.

I feel stupid now that I have to put it in writing because I believed it at the time and I can’t see how could I believe this, no I can see, I just explained it a few lines above, I wanted to believe it because the only alternative left for me was the plain no-sugar-coating truth of Desteni and I was not ready for it, so this is what he came up with, he said that no matter what happens after a session of Matrix Energetics, either one can see or have results, it doesn’t matter, we must just KNOW that a shift has occurred.

When I look at this sentence today I can translate it with a further explanatory note that fits the story better, if you can believe that no matter if you can see, experience or have a shift a shift has in fact taken place, than ‘anything goes’ and so please let me tell you about my purple polka dot squirrel that needs a kidney replacement for which I will indicate the ciphered bank account at the bottom of the page and you can proceed to deposit at your earliest convenience.

Because let’s be clear, Matrix Energetics is bloody expensive, you can check online the cost and I can say it almost rivals the Catholic teachings, selling the illusion of Heaven vs the Hell on Earth, because the rich will have to go through the Eye of the Needle while the poor, the starved, the battered, the raped can board the Heaven Express and take their eternal revenge on the ones that had fun here; Matrix Energetics teaches about an invisible wave, the wave of creation, that one can focus energy into an outcome and then collapse the wave using the two pointing technique, meaning uniting index and medium finger in a sort of imaginary wand, all properly invisible, just like Heaven.

Matrix Energetics sells air with a flair, because they are funny, I really enjoyed myself in Miami and then in San Francisco and then Seattle, pity they don’t have a full refund policy for the ones that wake up, just poorer, having Wizard status, but no Wizard powers and no way to get the money back.

As well I want to say that I’m sure they mean well, but they still ‘mean’, yeah ? And if Dr. Bartlett will put a hand on his conscience in Self Honesty, he, together with the Matrix Energetics believers and practitioners will have to ask themselves a few questions

  • why is he and his girlfriend Melissa looking sucked dry, like raisins, at such a young age ? Could it be their extensive participation in consciousness is sucking the Life out of them ? (Desteni explains this is how we die that’s why all the ones that die of ‘old age’ look like raisins or Demons, de-manned, less than man, sucked dry by consciousness that has we have accepted and allowed to replace Life)
  • why are they asking people to believe that a shift happens somewhere in the matrix when there is NO physical evidence of it ? And if a shift happens in a Universe with such evident abuse, who says it’s good for everyone, who says we are not just pulling the good side of the stick for ourselves leaving someone with the bad end of the stick ? And if they beLIEve this, could they please make the deposit for my purple Polka Dot squirrel as a testimony that we have Equality at least between each one of ours ‘anything goes’ fairy tales ?
  • why are they not considering the state of the physical reality where half of the world struggles and 1.2 billion people will die in 2012 of starvation and how can they reconcile their self-serving teachings with being ‘good people’ who want the best for Humanity?
  • why do they charge so much when they say they are teaching a tool to uplift Humanity but they must mean the rich ones only because the poor ones cannot pay between 150 to 300 dollars per session ? So are they meaning a tool to uplift Rich Humanity ? And why is there the need to Up-Lift in such a benevolent Universe ?
  • why do they use the term ‘wizard’ which is a manipulatory way to play on people’s desires for personal power and is encouraging Ego and specialness which is the reason why we cannot come together to do What is Best for All and sort out the planet for everybody ?

So, I was supposed to apply as a Certified Practitioner, I had bought myself that right and the certification was just a matter of time because for those that did not hear clearly, it doesn’t matter if a ‘shift’ happened, somewhere within the Matrix, a shift did happen, so I was just asked to write down a list of my experienced or imaginary shifts equivalent to a certain amounts of sessions (I think 60 or 30, I no longer have the manuals since I left them behind when I returned to reality) and I could get my certification.

I could charge up to 300 dollars per session, we have been through a ‘commercial training’ with a lady doctor who was charging that and was having a lot of success.

But Desteni was there in the back of my mind, Desteni had become my back chat :), rattling my chances for self dishonesty to the core and I did not go, could not go through with it. This is how I did not become a Matrix Energetics practitioner.

In summary, Matrix Energetics sells beliefs, they believe that if you believe and make someone believe (even though you can tell a client their belief is NOT required), someone will get better, and I have to agree, it’s the Matrix Energetics practitioners that get better, every day they practice they get richer, and isn’t this what is all about after all?

Give up your fake beliefs, get Real, join Desteni, it’s free, you’ll find the help you need to become Self Honest, to develop Self Trust, to learn how to become a responsible Human Being that cares for the World and for everyone Equally. We are coming together from all over the world to redesign a world system that will benefit All Equally, that will give access to the primary resource of Life on the planet at the moment, Money, because look at yourselves and have a reality check, are you practicing Matrix Energetics for free ? I rest my case !

Give up Self Interest for What is Best for All, you will lose only what is NOT real, you will give up nothing for everything, because when you stand as Life for Life you are working to become One and Equal to everything that exists, then you will no longer want to limit yourself to be just a mere wizard. The Magic is in and as Life. Stand up for Life !


Equal Money

support the Equal Life Foundation at a fraction of what you pay for Matrix Energetics and get yourself an education that will land you back onto the Planet at


2012: Why did I decide to walk with Desteni

I have asked this question to myself several times, especially at the beginning of this process, mainly because I perceived process to be a chore, something that would have taken everything from me in terms of commitment and application, something that, coming from a Catholic, background, I first associated with atonement, penance self-flagellation style and I resisted it with a passion (passion=suffering :)).

The first reason that brought me to Desteni was FEAR, I had developed an utter Fear for this reality realizing that nothing was what it seemed and that the awakening was not at all what it was cracked up to be, the awakening was just waking up to the utter abuse and destruction that was going on in this world, starting from myself.

My first post on the Desteni Forum said “do you people realize how much Fear you are spreading with your message ??”, and I meant it in CAPITAL LETTERS, because this is what I felt when I found them, I had woken up in a reality that was far from Love and Light, I had tried to slide back into my positive thinking stance unsuccessfully and then Desteni, after hearing their message at first I even went to a Shaman, to try to take their message out from me, like a curse, I had been cursed into self responsibility and now the curse – and not my refusal to stand up -was eating up my Life.

In one clear sentence, I moved into Desteni with much resistance, NOT to the message but to the task, I hated the idea of having to become Self responsible, first because I was not even close to believing I could EVER be a Self Responsible being, second because so much of me was invested (and so much money was spent) in support of utter bullshit that made me feel good that I perceived Desteni would be my undoing, in terms of stability, I perceived that while I had always walked the thin line of crazy, if I did join them that would be it, I would turn into a total nutter.

The first reply I got from one of the people on the Forum was ‘ we are NOT spreading Fears, Humanity has been living in fear forever, we are merely pointing this out’, don’t shoot the messenger…

But I knew different, when I would listen to Bernard’s vlogs, his voice scared the shit out of me (only later I saw he literally scared MY fear/shit OUT OF ME), it’s interesting to look back now because I kept going back for more, some of his messages I couldn’t even understand, it was like I lacked a common sense vocabulary to HEAR what he was really saying never mind understanding the purpose of why he was saying what he said in such a passionate way.

I brought my polarity mindset all the way into Desteni, I would listen to Bernard and get scared shitless and utterly terrified and then I would listen to Sunette Spies and find some balance again, it was like the bad cop good cop game, one gave  it to me typhoon style, the other helped me pick up the pieces after the devastation I perceived in the post-Bernard moments, at the time Sunette was almost always expanding on the brief shocking vlogs of Bernard and I found I wanted both, the shock and the leniency of the aftershock.

I pushed myself to go through the material, I had already realized I was a system and many of my studies were in that direction, in fact a specific direction, why a system can’t change, what is the driving force behind all of this existence, because I could actually see myself switching personalities and being driven into action, words, thoughts by them, I was a car at full speed with no one at the driving seat.

Not to talk about Equal Money, in fact at the beginning Equal Money was my biggest bugaboo, I didnt’ understand it, I didn’t see how it could be possible, I just received it as a mere wish to put on my wish list of unattainable things.

One day I read on the Forum ‘you cannot understand Equal Money without Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty’, this too took me a while to place into a contest I could first understand and then experience.

Given my background brainwashing I carried huge resistance for the ‘Self Forgiveness ‘ approach, I read everything offered about it, I tried to clear the Self Forgiveness tool through self forgiveness, but the lists of Self Forgiveness on the Forum looked disturbing, like self-flagellation in action, exposing all of yourself for a life review for which you took the blame, for which you declared how faulty and disgusting you  had been. I joined in, I had my own list to share, it felt humbling and even humiliating at times, I was nowhere close to ‘feeling good’ through process even though by then I had understood that feelings and emotions were polarity expressions of the Mind, I still longed to feel good because ‘feeling good’ had been my driving quest for over 20 years, this was a bit of a hard habit to kick but the freer I become from feelings and emotions the more stable I perceive myself, no longer on the swing from feeling bad to feeling good, what a bloody relief !

It took me a while to understand Self Forgiveness in itself, in general I can say it took me a while to understand the process because it’s only recently that I got it as a point I have actually walked into through self directing myself to just STOP for real, and that’s when I got it and saw some changes because it was never about the blame and about self-flagellation, nope, that was what I was doing before process, it was about standing up and stopping it all, Self Forgiveness  was the delete/reset button of the system, for-giving me back to me from the separation I had allowed and accepted as me, because it was such separation that made me sick and self abusive, because separation implies you don’t want to take back ALL of you into you and correct it, because you still hold extensive judgements about Yourself that you have not yet forgiven, integration and wholeness  cannot happen in self judgement, self forgiveness was the self judgement/others judgement removal tool, it was to clean the slate for real, so I could rewrite on a blank slate who I want to be, what I want to support, what do I stand for.

As well self forgiveness gave me a tool to stop abusing myself and others, a tool that I am still using because as a system much in me is still automated in the process of being corrected, at the beginning of this process I made a few miss-takes, I had just switched polarity, I went from an absolute positive thinker to a lousy negative wreck, looking at myself like if I were the scum of the earth until I realized, I have not yet left the building, the Matrix, it’s about getting out of this construct as me, the Mind, because within the Mind I exist ONLY in polarity, there is no chance for me to wrestle my mind to the ground, I have to embrace me, not what I thought about me, not what I believed about me, but embrace me the thinker, the emotional reactor, embrace the separation until it dissolves and I can equalize myself inside with the outside.

Just recently process has become easier for me, I finally got it, it’s the very opposite of self-flagellation, it’s about stopping the self-flagellation by for-giving myself and from there start to walk self honestly no longer in self-interest but with a leading principle, to consider all existence, One and Equal to myself. I can say looking back that this was what self honesty and self forgiveness did for me, they made me realize how much hate I had for myself, for the way I lived and the words I spoke and my interactions with others, only when I saw it exposed clearly I could begin to stop.

It’s about stop believing that I am more because I feel less or feeling less and then desiring to be more, when I breathe and I am Equal to everything and everyone else, the struggles fall, the mind tantrums stop and I catch a break, and it’s in these breaks that I caught because of what Desteni taught me that I have started to Breathe again. Literally.

The reason why I stuck with them is because even when I was a demented addict I could not discount their message, it’s so simple, give what you would like to receive, embrace all Life as You and you will be All Life, One and Equal, what’s there to NOT SUPPORT in the Message of Equality?

Ultimately I stuck with Desteni because nothing else made sense, if the message doesn’t include Oneness and Equality it  cannot be real, if we are One we must be Equal, if we are Equal we must be One, all the other teachings are just lip service to the religion of self in self-interest and in separation from everything that exists.

So for those drawn to Desteni that fear like I did about what you will lose, what you will have to give up, the answer is NOTHING, NO THING you will give up was ever real, NO THING you will give up was ever useful and best for all, in fact those were the very things that kept us enslaved, separation is a bitch, it’s through separation that we got where we are today, if we had remembered our Oneness and Equality we would have never done to each other what we did.

Some parts of us are struggling and suffering, it doesn’t need to be this way, we can give ourselves back to ourselves to become the whole that is One and Equal to Life, the suffering must stop inside each one of us, the wars, the conflicts, the blame, the hatred, when we begin to realign to what is best for all we stop all delusions of separations and we HEAL and the world Heals one and Equal to us.

Equal Money is just the next common sense step, it was born out of looking for a way to uplift the One and Equal with one strategic common sense move, giving Equal Access to Money, the Living God that grants access to all resources, to everyone Equally, it would be the fastest easiest way to accomplish this because the infrastructures are already in place, it’s the source/value of the Money system that must change, when Money Equals Life and Life becomes the Capital that invests in the planet that’s when real change can happen, profit won’t be based in self-interest anymore, profit will be what each of us will receive for our investment in Life One and Equal, we will all live in abundance and we will be proud of the world we will have built and will leave behind.

Don’t leave Money to your children and your loved Ones, leave them a Better World, that is Real Love in Action that considers the Best for All in Equality and Oneness.

Support the practical solution that will bring all the pieces back together, Stand up for Life One and Equal.


Equal Money



I have been listening to the Desteni Sex Educational MP3, I can only say WOW, I never found so many precise, detailed and on the spot (no pun intended) info on sex in my life, nothing has ever come close to this which should be mandatory education in school, since it ties in with everything including our creation of which, unfortunately, we still know very little, if we exclude each one personal speculations and explanations based on hear-say at best of how we came about and why.

I was raised a Catholic, boy oh boy do they mess us up with sex and their views and ideas about it, one puzzling thing was why God designed sex as a forbidden pleasure, like having a kid sitting in front of the soccer field while a game of his peers is going on and forbidding them to play, not cool. Was God insane ? A sadist ? A power hungry bipolar lunatic ? What if God had nothing to do with what the Church said ? What if forbidding sex was just a way to build up desire ? What if it was all part of the plan to fuck with us and then once we took it on we just kept the fucking with ourselves going ? What is sex and why if God didn’t like us doing it he didn’t come up with another way for procreation, like planting seeds in the garden and have a child grow from the ground up just to be picked when ready to be dressed up and sent to kindergarden ? Why was sexuality hidden between our legs as something to cover up and be ashamed of ? Why nobody spoke openly about sex and why all the sex related words were unspeakable ? Why sex words were enough to arouse people, was it because they were kept secret ? Why was sex the big secret of existence ? Why we couldn’t wait to grow up to have sex as a way to affirm our adulthood ?

When I was growing up and for some years I had so many questions about sex starting to why I would perceive myself moving into a particular personality just before and while having sex. At one point I gave up trying to understand, there didn’t seem to be any answer to my questions.

The questions I wondered about that no one could answer (until this series by Desteni) were:

  • Why are we attracted by someone in particular and by the way, why all these people have common points, where is my taste for sex partners coming from ?
  • Why is there a moment during sex when I feel that it’s penetration time, like it can’t wait any longer ?
  • Why is the orgasm called ‘the small death” in French and why do we feel like we pass out and our heart is stopping in some specific moments during sex ?
  • Why do we want more and more sex once we start ?
  • Why do we meet people we just want to have sex with and nothing else and if we don’t want to have anything to do with them, why have sex at all, why can’t we stop ourselves from having sex sometime with people we don’t really like and we already plan to dump just afterward ?
  • Why some days or in particular moments we feel we want/need to have sex for no apparent reason ?
  • Why with some sexual partners as soon as the sex is over we want to get rid of them ?
  • Why is there a moment in sex when you want the whole body of your partner inside of you even though after orgasm you want some of them out of your sight ?
  • What is the orgasm and why we experience it if the sexual system was just a reproductive organ ?
  • Why is it difficult to experience orgasm at the same time with the partner (unless the woman fakes it ♥ :)) ?
  • Why is there a feeling of physical exhaustion after sex ?
  • Why was porn created, was there a particular reason for the design of porn ?
  • If we are just energy/light and information in a quantic soup, how is sex even possible, what is the Real design of sex and why it was designed within a holographic reality – if this reality is in fact holographic in nature – ?

These and many more answers in this un-missable series by Desteni, fasten your seat belt, Kansas is going bye bye 🙂

Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation-design of the Human-Race
Individual Interview’s Description:

What is Sex – Part One
Did you know that Sex was a deliberate system-creation of and as consciousness dependent on the physical human body to function and exist?

What is Sex – Part Two
Did you know that sexual stimulation from forms, colours and energies evolved with the evolution of consciousness through and as the human?

What is Sex – Part Three
Find out how and why we access quantum-time within and during Sex and what happens in the moment of Orgasm.

What is Sex – Part Four
Find-out how we change, alter and form the human physical body through the Mind and the role that Sex played in the functioning of ourselves, humanity, the heavens and existence as a whole.

What is Sex? – Part Five
Do you know what happened to the Energy of the Orgasm one experience(d) during Sex and where that Energy was directed to within self and the world and why?

What is Sex? – Part Six
Find out how the Unified Consciousness Field – interacted with the Mind and Sex to develop human-(d)evolution.

there are other 4 parts to get the whole story, check them out at Eqafe