This World is Not What You Think It Is


During this time in Quarantine, as I read almost everything that comes my way, as I read my friends posts and watched the evolution of the perception of what this moment in time is for all of us and how its affecting the lives of everyone differently, I have many things I would Like to write about and share and I will list them so I can come back to this post and expand each one of them into a separate blog.

For sure we need to talk about Viruses, about the measures taken, the Illusion of Connection, the illusion of Democracy, Mind Control and how it really works and how its not done the way most people think (forget MK Ultra for example), but as I rolled the topic in my mind to see where I should start with, the point that seems to be the most important is this World Layout, what is the World, how is it organized and how comes that so many apparently different countries, different cultures are bowing seamlessly to a shared epidemic misconception and the same draconian measures.

Many people believe that we live in a world with boundaries known as Borders, run by Govern-Ments and controlled by Customs.

It does seem like that because we were taught that there are different Countries, where people have different Cultures, different religions, languages, morality, food preferences, different races, different education levels.

In truth there is One World only, those shocked by the idea of a New World Order maybe have not considered that such a New World Order implies that there has always been just One World that was divided not according to what we were taught, but according to Ownership, it’s been mentioned that there are 13 families ruling this world, I can’t say that for sure but I can say that there is a bunch of people who believe they own the world and we, the peasants, are their dominion.

This is not a new story, before the 13 families theory, we had the ‘Legends’ about the Gods and demigods from Greece, from Rome, from the Northern countries of Europe, from India, from Egypt, from Sumeria, from South America, from Africa.

Monotheism was the attempt of one of these Gods to take it all for him/herself, this is why in the Catholic religion the second commandment says ‘Thou shalt have no other Gods before me’, the first commandment said ‘”I am the Lord, thy God” – wasn’t that good enough?

In Italian the second commandment says ‘you shall have no other Gods apart from me’, obviously that implies that there were other Gods available for worship, so we can see from the Bible the attempt of the wanting to prevail on Creation of one God above the others.

It would be pretty logical following this idea that gods and demigods, aka the creators of existence, however you imagine them to be, terrestrial or otherwise, had their favourites, these were not the Bestest among the Best, the Wisest among the Wise but probably the lowest in morality, probably the most willing to serve them and run the concentration camps on their behalf regardless to the damage of all of the rest of the living beings trapped in this Prison or Lunatic Asylum.

Now fast forward to today and why according to some the Elite have this amazing obsession with their DNA and why they keep interbreeding among themselves and you will see clearly how we are stuck into the Game of some scoundrels that have fostered in their lineage the idea of superiority and the right to rule over and above all.

Not only, as they kept pushing to clean their image historically, to wash away all of the terrible crimes humanity had to go through just to survive, while they organized wars, terrorism and pandemics using humanity just as pawns in an endless demented chess game, they rewrote history, gave themselves Noble names, Titles, everything they could think about to assess and confirm their indisputable right to rule over Humanity at large, they changed and manipulated History to make sure they would come out not as the Usurpers but as the Deserving Ones, the Chosen Ones.

Consider as well that, although there is really no superior DNA and we know because if there was they would have thrown it in our faces to finally claim their undeniable Right to Rule, it is true that they have amazing historical advantages over us and that through the favour of some of these ”gods/demigods/creators” they gained access to the secrets about manipulating energy and the holographic field to benefit themselves and their offsprings. This is the big secret of the Templars, there was nothing mystical about them, it’s the story of secrets laws governing the planet to which you and I don’t have access.

If you are interested in the History of Evil, I suggest the website One Evil that has been taken down but its available through the Wayback Machine Here 
Please note that this is not for the faint of Heart because the amount of Evil that has gone on on this planet will make you cry and be angry and outraged and none of these emotions will take us out of where we are, so only go and investigate if you are a Master of Yourself for the reasons that I will explain as we go on.

Through the same system, The Wayback Machine, you can explore as well the sites One Heaven and Ucadia, this is the awesome work of Frank O’Connel who worked for ages on this system and how to correct it and he was so successful in how he connected all dots that they took down all his sites and he has disappeared. For the Love of Truth, I tried several times to correct the Information about him and Ucadia on Wiki but I found out that a bot comes and changes them within 2 or 3 hours after I correct them. Just so you know that everything you have access to currently on the web is because The System wants you to access it, not because you are an Enlightened researcher that found the hidden secrets of the world.

We can say without fear of being proved wrong that ANY information you have access to, any information you are currently fed, is part of a Plan, this system doesn’t care what you side for or with, it cares that you are passionate about it, so there is something for everyone, if you are a greener, they got you covered, if you are an alternative thinker, yeap, got you, religious, check, atheist, check, pro vax, no vax, liberal, democratic, anarchic, stupid, vain, sport involved, pro migrants, against migrants, racist, against racism, anything you can think about, the system has got you by the balls, there can be no Free Thinkers because the Thinking Kingdom is controlled, you can just navigate it, pretty much like the Internet, but real, original thoughts will always make you feel BAD and you probably won’t have anyone close enough to share them with, Real thought is usually uncontemplated and has no support in the system because this is a Control system, Thought is promoted through different avenues, School, Media, Ads, Religious or Political figures, their only role is to capture your Mind, to seed Thoughts and control them to elicit Reactions and before one can contemplate any Consideration that is remotely original there is a lot of work to do to disentangle from the web of the system.

This Matrix was created and runs on energy, which energy, whose energy one would ask? Our energy, Your energy, the people’s energy, they harness the energy of the people through rituals as simple as a Sport event, a Political Rally, the Sunday Mass, I want to remind that in Italian Mass=Messa, means Harvest. Through sacred geometry and knowledge that goes back to Egypt, they aMass (there you go again) the energy they collect through your Reactive Participation, which in the physical takes the shape of Money, and use it to live in Earthly Heaven, while the faulty, the damaged goods which is Us, are confined to an unlivable world for the most , total Hell for others.

Are humans really so despicable and horrible? Some are, some more than others, some less than others. Clearly as products of this world and the worlds that preceded this, as the sum of the abuses that have been going on through lifetimes over and over, torture, famine, pain, suffering, violence, war, what kind of humans did we hope to produce in this environment?

These people, the ones we have to watch documentaries and movies about, those that tell us in every way shape and form about their greatness, their philanthropy and their abject devotion to the Human Cause, behind the scenes con-spired through deceit, violence, blackmail, torture, poisoning and whatever they could think about, to stay in power. Just take the Medici family in Italy, they have the strangest family tree, absolutely detailed as you can see here


although as you can notice, they appeared from nowhere, suddenly, around the 13th century, out of the blue comes an amazing mathematician that starts (or we should say Restarted) the Debt system, also practiced by the Sumers, the Babylonians and the Phoenicians later on and created an amazing Empire.

What I am trying to say is that these people never died, not in the sense we expect people to die at least, this is Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence


and this is the Federal Reserve Building in New York

Federal Reserve Bank

and there are 12 Federal Buildings in the US, you can check them all out and you will notice amazing resemblances with the Medici Palace in Florence, you will notice as well how they tried to take these pictures all from odd angles to not make it so obvious although no one can say they are hidden, everything is and has always been in plain sight.


This is the Coat of Arms of the Bourbon family that ruled over Naples and Sicily officially until the Unification of Italy in the 19th Century

You know what’s the sheep hanging from the bottom of it? That’s Us. The sheeple.

Through their Coat of Arms they will tell us their affiliations and inbreeding, this is the Legenda for the Borbone family


  1. Farnese
  2. Asburgo
  3. Borgogna (antica)
  4. Castiglia e León
  5. Aragona
  6. AragonaRegno di Sicilia (Svevi-Aragonesi)
  7. Medici
  8. Portogallo
  9. Austria
  10. BorboneAngiò (moderno)
  11. Borgogna (moderna)
  12. Austria
  13. Borgogna (antica)
  14. Farnese
  15. Borgogna (antica)
  16. Fiandre
  17. Tirolo
  18. Brabante
  19. Angiò (antico)
  20. Regno di Gerusalemme
  21. Granada
  22. Ordine dello Spirito Santo
  23. Real Ordine di San Gennaro
  24. Reale e Distinto Ordine Spagnolo di Carlo III
  25. Real Ordine di San Ferdinando e del merito
  26. Sacro Militare Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio
  27. Ordine del Toson d’Oro


n.1 Farnese, our Italian Government still meets inside Palazzo Farnese called the FARNESINA, .2 Asburgo, now called Hapsburg, rulers of Austria, .3 Borgogna, rulers of parts of France, .4 nd .5 Castiglia, Leon and Aragon, rulers of Spain, 7 Medici rulers of the Monetary system together with the Torlonia family and a few others called Papal families, they own the Vatican, have private armies called Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, own the Military Industrial complex of Washington, own the fake Judiciary system, the Tribunals, the Courts (they are called Courts because they are the Courts of these Monarchs, entertainment systems, nothing lawful happens there, it’s a role playing where people who enter are already guilty as charged), the European tribunal is called the Curia, written CVRIA in Roman Characters, they own the prison system, they own our names and we have them as Equity titles, not as Full Ownership, that’s why nobody has the original Certificate of Birth.

These people own this world, I want to be very specific in this post because I hope to not have to read other things about how we can change it all just trough an internal work, that work is paramount, the nature of humans has to change for the system to change, but not because many believe the humans are so shitty and horrible that we can’t build a better world until they change, no, because the humans don’t realize the nature of this world, how they are up against one another BY DESIGN, how they are made to think of themselves as viruses, beasts, cancers of this world, all in the projected games of the Elite, you don’t have to heal from your shitty nature, although by the accumulation of so many horrible life cycles many have to do that too, but mainly we have to heal from our powerlessness, from our belief that we are indeed inferior, that we don’t deserve anything, that everything that happens in this world is our fucking fault, that we don’t deserve to be here and can be deleted from the planet with one stroke of hand by the current Magicians.

The only Magick that exists in this world is the one that has us trapped exactly in the place that someone else designed for us and that we accepted and allowed to become our current reality. So the acceptance and allowance we are trying to stop is not about everything we do that is wrong, bad, despicable, NO, it’s about the believes that this is who and what we are, that we are too sick, too fucked up, too useless to matter, too impotent to stand up and speak against this system and say NO MORE.

So you see, everything has been forever under our eyes, nothing is really hidden, we just lacked the courage and the will to see that we are slaves by design and not by chance, we always were and everything that exists at the moment is just plain Slavery and sometimes Slavery with a sugar coating.

Take our jobs, since I came back to Italy I couldn’t’ find a job, I can support myself with the rent of an apartment my family owns, nevertheless I was never happy about this because I wanted to work. Our Constitution says ‘Italy is a Republic founded on Work. Art 4 of our Constitution says

”The Republic recognizes the right of all citizens to work and promotes those
conditions which render this right effective.
Every citizen has the duty, according to personal potential and individual
choice, to perform an activity or a function that contributes to the material or
spiritual progress of society”

So how does someone make you WANT to do something without questioning it? It makes it a RIGHT – or a RITE.

In itself there is no problem with working, the problem is in having to work FOR A LIVING, meaning, if I don’t work, if I can’t get access to the money system which is a privately owned system that we have to access  through work, then I have to starve, I can’t have a roof over my head, cant send my children to school or clothe them, can’t have access to proper medical care when the public care system doesn’t provide it.

Basically, art 4 of our Constitution doesn’t say we have a RIGHT, that’s not a fucking RIGHT, it’s a WRONG, the right articles would have said,

”Welcome to PlanEt Earth, we are glad that you are Here. Please find your Life Allowance at this account that we set up for you to cover your Life Needs.

We have many lovely and engaging activities planned here for everyone to join in according to their Interests and Preferences, you are in no way under any obligation to do so but we’d love to have you join us wen you have found your passion and interests in this Life you are about to embark upon.

We got you covered. Have fun.”

See the difference?

No one should have to pay to be able to barely survive, no one needs to either.

We have tons of amazing technology that can do most human jobs and doesn’t require our intervention, meanwhile we have tons of jobs that are not done that would be useful when not necessary to clean up this planet and set it on the course where most of us would benefit from.

I have hundreds of friends around the world who would gladly take up these positions as Guardians, Stewards and Hostesses of this Planet.

Unfortunately for the time being we are stuck into a Slave/Master paradigm, run by psycopaths whose genes should be resequenced because too much trauma and interbreeding has gone on only to support outlandish superiority claims and look what we got.

I don’t support any Human Bashing, I don’t support the idea that we are responsible for every single shit that is here in the sense of BLAME, because I believe that the same compassion we extend to mistreated animals that we rescue on the streets and make videos about, the same level of compassion we give to dogs that will bite our hand off due to all the abuse they went through before they give in and allow themselves to be rescued, should at the very least be extended to Humans, all of them, the good, the bad and the worse.

We are the result of the wrong kind of social engineering, we could go back eons of time to see the origin of the whole problem, looking for culprits, but the point is those are no more (some still are it seems..), we are no more, whats left is this unspeakable mess that we need to deal with Here Now, there’s nothing left we have power over.

So, where do we start?

For me Forgiveness was an awesome starting point, I started forgiving myself for where I was at, for being here, for participating in this mess, for taking on the Roles that Keep this engine going, because you need Slaves to have Masters, you need Idiots to have Geniuses, good people to have bad people, so we have to start to walk out of the Characters we are playing to exit the Matrix with detailed dedication.

How do I apply this during this Fake Pandemia times?

I make sure I don’t react to whats happening, not with an emotional charge, I try to not feed this creation through Character playing or with my energy under any name, Rage, Anger, Despair, Blame, when I fall into it I stop and forgive myself or let it go through an act of will and stop.

This doesn’t mean then do fucking nothing, I don’t buy into this, I followed the Positive thinking group, the Secret and the likes for many years, all those that taught that you have to do nothing and just have a vision of what you want and it will manifest, I tested it to the core and found it doesn’t work.

This world requires action, at the beginning was the VERB, the VERB is the part of the Sentence that expresses an Action, you can have a wonderful idea, an awesome plan but if you don’t ACT on it, it will remain a Thought in your Mind.

So what I did was to sit down and write, not just a Blog, no, I wrote to the Government, to all of their offices starting from the Chamber President who is writing these unconstitutional decrees down to the Army chief, the head of the Region, the lot and I told them I removed my consent to the trampling over of our constitutional rights, I told them I will not abide by this lockdown because there are proofs that this virus is not what you say, that the deaths were due to the wrong protocol we applied at the beginning, I am aware that once you found out you could lock us all down you took the awesome opportunity to have us out of the way to carry out the things you know we don’t want you to carry out under our watch, you cut our trees, installed the 5G even though we sent a parliamentary enquiry about possible damages and you didn’t reply.

So, since I am aware and conscious, I am informing you, dear government, that I will not give you any more money, not even 1 euro in taxes, first because I am in no position to and the tax system should have been a contribution from the Haves to the Have Nots and second because I won’t deprive myself of things I need, like food for me and my dogs for whom I am responsible, utilities bills I have to pay to the other institutional pirates etc, to give you money that you can send to your criminal associates that run the Corporate World Monetary System and the fable of Public Debt, designed to enslave and impoverish all of humanity.

I keep a copy of my Will sent by registered letter in the car in the place of the required auto-certification and can give it to whoever stops me, this will educate them as well about what is going on and why they are no longer serving the people but a bunch of presumed legitimate criminals running the show.

No one stopped me so far, I kept going out whenever I needed, I wear the mask only in supermarkets not to be a law abiding citizen but because they wouldn’t let me in otherwise and I understand that many are scared to death of this fake virus and I live trying to not create situation where people have to react to me – remember the Matrix?

As we cut off the blood supply to Governments, we cut off the energy supply to the Matrix, don’t react, now you run the Show inside of you, no one has the power to make you feel one way or another but You.

So my advice is, become your friend, become compassionate, everyone is potentially fucked up, even more so all of the Elite and their offspring whom,  for the wanting of a life of luxury and comfort sold out everyone else.

Lets be our own Truth and Reconciliation Tribunals, we start inside, in the inner circles of ourselves and then we can expand and include layers of this world, layers that are remote from our consciousness, no one needs to keep up the self bashing as a way to equalize at the lowest points of existence, communism tried to do that and ended up with everyone Poor.

Lets bring everyone up instead, as we enlarge our circles of influence we welcome everyone in to build a different world together, and when the last circle, the Elite, will be ready, we’ll tell them

”We knew you were coming, welcome to the New World Order, where everyone and every living being is Equally Valued and For-Given. We are glad you are finally Here”