I have been listening to the Desteni Sex Educational MP3, I can only say WOW, I never found so many precise, detailed and on the spot (no pun intended) info on sex in my life, nothing has ever come close to this which should be mandatory education in school, since it ties in with everything including our creation of which, unfortunately, we still know very little, if we exclude each one personal speculations and explanations based on hear-say at best of how we came about and why.

I was raised a Catholic, boy oh boy do they mess us up with sex and their views and ideas about it, one puzzling thing was why God designed sex as a forbidden pleasure, like having a kid sitting in front of the soccer field while a game of his peers is going on and forbidding them to play, not cool. Was God insane ? A sadist ? A power hungry bipolar lunatic ? What if God had nothing to do with what the Church said ? What if forbidding sex was just a way to build up desire ? What if it was all part of the plan to fuck with us and then once we took it on we just kept the fucking with ourselves going ? What is sex and why if God didn’t like us doing it he didn’t come up with another way for procreation, like planting seeds in the garden and have a child grow from the ground up just to be picked when ready to be dressed up and sent to kindergarden ? Why was sexuality hidden between our legs as something to cover up and be ashamed of ? Why nobody spoke openly about sex and why all the sex related words were unspeakable ? Why sex words were enough to arouse people, was it because they were kept secret ? Why was sex the big secret of existence ? Why we couldn’t wait to grow up to have sex as a way to affirm our adulthood ?

When I was growing up and for some years I had so many questions about sex starting to why I would perceive myself moving into a particular personality just before and while having sex. At one point I gave up trying to understand, there didn’t seem to be any answer to my questions.

The questions I wondered about that no one could answer (until this series by Desteni) were:

  • Why are we attracted by someone in particular and by the way, why all these people have common points, where is my taste for sex partners coming from ?
  • Why is there a moment during sex when I feel that it’s penetration time, like it can’t wait any longer ?
  • Why is the orgasm called ‘the small death” in French and why do we feel like we pass out and our heart is stopping in some specific moments during sex ?
  • Why do we want more and more sex once we start ?
  • Why do we meet people we just want to have sex with and nothing else and if we don’t want to have anything to do with them, why have sex at all, why can’t we stop ourselves from having sex sometime with people we don’t really like and we already plan to dump just afterward ?
  • Why some days or in particular moments we feel we want/need to have sex for no apparent reason ?
  • Why with some sexual partners as soon as the sex is over we want to get rid of them ?
  • Why is there a moment in sex when you want the whole body of your partner inside of you even though after orgasm you want some of them out of your sight ?
  • What is the orgasm and why we experience it if the sexual system was just a reproductive organ ?
  • Why is it difficult to experience orgasm at the same time with the partner (unless the woman fakes it ♥ :)) ?
  • Why is there a feeling of physical exhaustion after sex ?
  • Why was porn created, was there a particular reason for the design of porn ?
  • If we are just energy/light and information in a quantic soup, how is sex even possible, what is the Real design of sex and why it was designed within a holographic reality – if this reality is in fact holographic in nature – ?

These and many more answers in this un-missable series by Desteni, fasten your seat belt, Kansas is going bye bye 🙂

Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation-design of the Human-Race
Individual Interview’s Description:

What is Sex – Part One
Did you know that Sex was a deliberate system-creation of and as consciousness dependent on the physical human body to function and exist?

What is Sex – Part Two
Did you know that sexual stimulation from forms, colours and energies evolved with the evolution of consciousness through and as the human?

What is Sex – Part Three
Find out how and why we access quantum-time within and during Sex and what happens in the moment of Orgasm.

What is Sex – Part Four
Find-out how we change, alter and form the human physical body through the Mind and the role that Sex played in the functioning of ourselves, humanity, the heavens and existence as a whole.

What is Sex? – Part Five
Do you know what happened to the Energy of the Orgasm one experience(d) during Sex and where that Energy was directed to within self and the world and why?

What is Sex? – Part Six
Find out how the Unified Consciousness Field – interacted with the Mind and Sex to develop human-(d)evolution.

there are other 4 parts to get the whole story, check them out at Eqafe