Day 367: A Criminal World and its Money Buffer

When we live comfortably within the Money Buffer that this world provides, we may have the luxury to not realize that this is a Criminal World. We are stuck together in a nightmarish existence of survival and fear, we are just at different degrees of ‘nightmares’, which are determined by the amount of Money we have access to on a daily basis.

I am not saying this world is Criminal in judgement, just matter-of-factly, it is indisputable that a world that doesn’t provide for all, deliberately, is Criminal, a world where Life is on sale, where those that can’t access the World systems are left on the side to starve and die while we insist that this system should be kept in place because ‘is the only one we have’ is Criminal (and so dumb) in its very nature.

The fact that Crime exists on a small and on a huge scale should concern us, not in fear, but as a prompting to question the validity of a system that doesn’t leave any choice to some, but to commit ‘crimes’, to be able to sustain themselves.

I grew up in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, yet, due to my privileged money position, thanks to the hard work of my mother who was born within a range of choices that made that possible, I didn’t have to resort to crime to live, to be able to eat or bring home food for my family.

In my neighborhood there were drug dealers, arm dealers and generally violent, vicious people -you can’t have a soft heart in a criminal environment-. I enjoyed mixing with them for the thrill of living next to outlaws, next to the tough ones that allowed me to hang around and listen to their street vernacular, it was a fascinating departure from the comfortable life of proper education, grammar and sentence construction that I lived at home.

Life is sweeter when you have the choice of crossing the line but some are not born with this choice, some are born in poverty, without access to an education and the games are decided early in life, our words, the richness of our vocabulary will show quite early where we will end up, the people in my neighborhood were thugs born into a life of crime and they had no particular motivation to make a different choice because they understood that, ultimately, what counted was the ability to enter the Money system one way or another and lacking ‘another’ way to even consider, they would settle for what they knew, for what was handed down to them by their family, a Criminal Future.

Many times as we attempt to expose the nature of this world, some naively insist that ‘if you work hard, pay your dues, behave well and treat others decently -you can have a good life’.

There is a mixture of different brainwashing in those affirmations, some are religious, some are cultural, we are now attempting to live out this ideologies and are crashing to the ground as we discover that behaving ‘well’ can’t apply to this system at all times and that paying your dues when your dues are being funneled to the top to feed just a few is not viable and that working hard in a world of unemployment is a delusion and therefore we are starting our inevitable descent into Reality and the layers of this world from which we have been exempted so far,  thanks to the Money God, the Buffer of this existence through which we can claim that all is well and that it’s all about insisting, keep seeking a job, don’t give up hope, tomorrow is another day.

And yet this ‘Rossella O’Hara- Gone with the Wind‘ attitude has not, ever, given provable – beyond reasonable doubt, measurable results.

As Money becomes scarce within a system where it is designed to flow to just the top, the ones at the bottom may have to start reconsidering crime, not as a choice, but as the only available option left to them. Crime is NOT a choice in a criminal world, but it may become the ultimate solution for those that have NO CHOICE left, because CHOICES are bought with Money and those that kept up the denial because they could afford it, won’t be able to afford it anymore and so we are in for a rise in criminal behavior, we should have seen coming but we couldn’t, because we were trapped in ‘beliefs’ about the nature of this world vs the truth of it.
We were trapped into the idea that ‘the criminals’ were committing crimes because they chose an easy life vs going to work, we kept up these stories even in the face of the fact that living on the side of what is considered ‘legal’ is NOT an easy life by any standard, we’ll have time now to reconsider this idea in real life and see what are we made of, how many lines we are willing to push further to make a living and how easy it is to justify what we do and call it ‘business’ or ‘economics’ without a care for the consequence of our deeds on others.

Those of us who have not yet committed ‘crimes’ to live, were able to do so because we lived above the Poverty-Crime Line, there is no merit at all, we just lucked out.

I wish that we could wake up to the reality of Money, those that have none are very awake, they know that Money is the mean through which this existence moves, they know because they are paralyzed physically and mentally, without money there is no movement, there is no access to opportunities to enter the world systems, there is no chance for an education or to cultivate a land that is ‘owned’ by those who have the money, without money there is pain, sickness, worry, there is the denial of a dignified Life, there is the denial of the choice of morality, there is the denial of the buffer that allows those with Money to take a distance from the horrifying things we have done and keep doing in the name of Profit -and Money.

So, for today I wish to share this specific point, let’s get honest about Money, if we can all see that Money is what we live for, what we have based our relationships on, what has allowed us to distance ourselves from lives we don’t wish to live and have the guts to stand in judgement of, because in truth we do get it that Money is The Key out to what would otherwise be a life without choices and opportunities, then we have a chance to redefine this existence, to decide that the Divinity we seek is not out there, it’s in our choices and there is no choice more Divine than the one to give Life – to All, because no one is worth less than another and until we use the Mean we have used to enslave each other to claim the Equality of the Worth of Each Life, we can’t even claim to be Alive.

A living income guaranteed for All can change the nature of this world, we could fix it inside-out but we are too lost to see that what is manifesting outside is existing inside all of us, then let’s do it the other way around, let’s fix it outside-in, we can change the environment that contributes to creating who we are and have become and watch this world step up to what it could have always been, a place of support where we can live in peace where each one can exist to Experience and Express Life in this physical world.

Life is Given to All for Free – let’s stick to this example of how things were supposed to be.

A living income guaranteed for All – because Life is all we have – for Real.


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Day 355: What is the Holo-Cost up to date?

Two days ago I wrote an article about the Holocaust and the point that so much has been written about it, so many movies, books, stories, millions have been spent to sustain that part of our History that one SHOULD wonder why THIS particular event in History received and still receives so much attention, in fact more attention than ANY other Crime against Humanity ever did.

On purpose I did not write out the points that make interesting questioning of this event bar for the one that Laws have been passed in Europe against Holocaust Denial, which to me is both weird and interesting because so far I am not aware of anything else that I cannot deny, I can deny the existence of God even, my own, the existence of those that read my blogs, I can deny the existence of my mother and if the whim takes me I can deny the existence of World War II and the best place I can land for myself is a space in the loony-bin but there is no way anyone would even think to put me in jail or persecute me to shut me up.

So, for this reason alone, I like to question the History of the Holocaust, simply because I dislike being told a story, a his-story that I cannot research and that I am forbidden from denying, call me eccentric for that and that is fine by me.

Today I want to talk AGAIN about the Holocaust, first because it stirs up so much commotion in people who were not even born at the time that it makes the topic interesting for me, and because I received so many comments of people saying I need an education, which translate in their education, I need the System education that says it DID happen.

This time I want to be more specific because people are not prone to do their investigative work, so I will lay it all out here to see if some can connect the dots, in the specific I want to write about the Cost of the Holocaust, because some wise people in my life told me to ‘always follow the Money’ to get to the truth of a Matter and there is plenty of Money to follow on this trail to the Truth, those who are sincerely questioning the ‘apparently undeniable truths of this world’ may find that there is more than meets the eye, there is more to any story than what we are told and, as a consequence, there must be way more to understand than what we like to delude ourselves into believing we have all sorted out and clear in our minds – it’s so not like that, our Minds are the first battleground that we need to clear out to stop useless wars with each other based on Idea-ologies, because really, it’s such a bad idea to keep walking this path it should scare the bejesus out of anyone.

In my past research over this topic, what I found was that a lot of ‘revisionists’, or people who were sincerely concerned about the topic of the Holocaust, just because it’s a thorn in both our history and minds and meant to be kept there indefinitely, harming both parties, the Jews who grow up with both a Victim and an Entitlement construct, no matter if they were even born at the time of war – and the others, the war losers, who carry within this immense shame for things they heard from others, they read from ‘official sources’ and carry as a personal stigma for what is meant to be perceived as ‘the worse genocide that ever happened’, when the truth is there were FAR WORSE genocides, think the American Indians and all the ones we saw fit to wipe out during our Colonial High Times, which were led by the now considered First World countries, who became First world just because of that, proving that the First positions in this world, the Pole Positions, are just a measure of our Evil and unwillingness to stop in the face of the horrors that we were (and are) capable of inflicting on each other, using MONEY as the Excuse to WHY we are allowed to do what we do, because we could, and now ,because we can.

So, for those who are poor at history here is a sum of the world genocides up to date, reading through this should make us weep, just like Lilu did in the Fifth Element when learning Human History and considering if we were worth saving, which we are probably NOT, but as we know Hollywood movies prefer Happy Endings, unlike the ones we design for ourselves in our demented search for the Ultimate ‘Unquestionable’ Power.

Going through that list should also show how insignificant in Human History the Jewish Holocaust really is, it is no wonder then that blowing up the figure of those that died was of paramount importance to guarantee a place in History of any relevance to THAT particular event, which everyone will concede makes us soft about all Jews, including the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers of this world, it creates the perfect buffer so that when ANYONE in the world would try to stand up from the Money abuse, they can be called antisemitic and tried for ethnic discrimination, which is in fact a HUGE mistake we keep making, idiotic in fact. To single out a group just because of their religious views is like putting Al Capone in jail for tax evasion, instead of seeing through all the crap and putting people in jail for what they are doing through and with the Monetary System, with the economic system, with leaving 1/3 of the population to live below poverty line because they have the power=money to do so, and honestly giving a flying f**k about what they believe in, be it a flying prophet or a virgin mother or the parting of the red sea, just goes to show how limited we are in seeing the full picture that sits in front of our eyes, the flagrant abuse that is going on due to the power we have invested in Money and then vicariously live through it, forgetting that Money without LIFE is useless, unless of course we plan to go to Mars – and we are, because we live as a testimony not only to our unending blinding stupidity but to our resolve to never take responsibility for ourselves and this world and so we hope that, when we’ll have consumed this world, we’ll move to the next one and the next one and who knows, maybe this is how we have always lived, consuming one planet after another, which is why we are left now with real second-hand choices because Mars is no match to Planet Earth (anyone seen the pictures?) so what will we be doing there, visiting friends in their pods, distilling wine using our hydrogen engines and fruit juices we’ll stock up before leaving planet earth? What the fuck is our plan B really?

But let’s come back to the Holocaust for a moment.

Here is the documentary of David Cole, a young Jewish holocaust denier, posing as a believer, asking some hard questions to the senior curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. After making this video, a “hit” was put out on Cole, and a reward for information on his whereabouts was issued by Irv Rubin (who years later, was arrested by the FBI for planning to kill a Lebanese-American Congressman.) Fearing assassination, Cole went into hiding. He never surfaced again publicly.

He was someone who was not satisfied with the Holocaust story even though he benefited from it as part of the group of the ‘chosen/violated ones’, it’s titled

David Cole in Auschwitz

it’s a great, well researched documentary, his conclusions are very interesting, the Soviet union of the time was the one who released the first  figures about the Holocaust damages, many won’t remember the hatred and the War Propaganda of the time and the bad blood running between Hitler and Stalin and go figure, Propaganda is always written by the winners of a conflict, so they can trumpet their one side of the story for history to comply. What he affirms is that Stalin saw fit to expose Hitler as an evil dictator (the pot calling the kettle black) and made sure to pass to history his own Propaganda about Hitler’s regime.

So, the original lie came out of a petty arguments between dictators, this doesn’t mean that those that saw the opportunity to benefit from it didn’t jump in with a passion and held on to it for dear life, changing history books, filling in the gory details, like Germans making soap out of the bodies of Jews or the daily mass killings, finding witnesses who by their own survival should be proof to the contrary of a genocide but are not, they are the LIVING proof that everyone in the camps was exterminated bar them, what a struck of luck – and yet we don’t seem to have the ability to even question history in common sense, to wonder ‘WHY did the Heavens not darken’ as did the Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer, he said

Anti-Semitism did not play a decisive or even significant role in the growth of the Nazi movement and electorate. The appeals of Nazism were many and complex. People rallied to a syncretic creed of ultra-nationalism, Social Darwinism, anti-Marxism, anti-bolshevism, and anti-Semitism, as well as to a party program calling for the revision of Versailles, the repeal of reparations, the curb of industrial capitalism, and the establishment of a völkisch welfare state.

Mayer’s purpose in writing Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?  was, in his words, to put an end to a “cult of remembrance” that, in his view, had “become overly sectarian” with too much focus on Jewish suffering and on the Jewish dead. Mayer has often accused Israel of exploiting the memory of the Holocaust to further its foreign policy objectives.

In his opinion, Hitler’s war was first and foremost against the Soviets, not the Jews. According to Mayer, the original German plan was to defeat the Soviet Union, and then to deport all the Soviet Jews to a reservation behind the Urals

In regards to the functionalist-intentionalist divide that once pervaded Holocaust historiography, Mayer’s work can be seen as a bridge between the two schools. Mayer argues that there was no master plan for genocide, and that the Holocaust cannot be explained solely in regards to Hitler’s world view.

So, again, I wish to highlight not just that the Holocaust did not happen as it was told but WHY we held on to this story and WHY we are still holding on without realizing we are being played by the Pied Piper, we are brainwashed, we are unable to question this world and this reality, maybe in fear that the truth of ourselves is far more horrific than the Holocaust could ever be and that the Holocaust stands as one of our last  Fail Safe, the point that we are not willing to cross and investigate, because THAT would make us question the whole world, this whole existence and godforbid we should not feel guilty when another Holocaust movie comes out, to keep reminding us that the Jews are the victims entitled to Israel and entitled to do to the Palestinians what they edit out of every event in which THEY are on stage for having been victimized, because then we would have to question the whole world systems, the whole education system, the whole monetary system, every single system of existence and check how to fix the misalignment, we would be naked without the Holocaust reminding us that we are GOOD because we suffer for that One Event and tell anyone who questions it to ‘shut their mouth’ and we get to feel righteous and informed and siding with what is Just and Proper, we are duly Holocaust-horrified, we are system compliant to the T.

Back to numbers and how the Holo-Cost has kept Germany on its knees (and failed -imagine that), first by dividing the country because they were too dangerous for their own good, remember the Berlin Wall? Then when we saw they had arisen again, we took down the wall to put on the back of their economic drive a broken half state they had to care for and rebuild (my grandmother could see through this), and they did, but are they off the hook of WWII yet? Nooo, and no one is willing to let them go, talk about an unforgiving world and you have to bear in mind the Holocaust as the most un-for-giving even in History, it’s for-giving only to Israel and here is how:

They have extracted as blackmail $12 billion dollars from the German people as “reparations” to Israel and as “compensation” to individual Jewish claimants. The insanity of such claims can only be appreciated when we considered that many German taxpayers today, who were not even born when the alleged crimes were supposedly committed, are paying “reparations” to a state (Israel) that didn’t even exist at that time. Furthermore the list of Jewish claimants, now, over 35 years later has reached a staggering 3,375,000 when there were less than 200,000 Jews in Germany after 1939.

The number of registered claimants against the West German government has tripled in the last ten years. 

The Six Million lie has been a powerful propaganda tool that enabled the Jews to steal Palestine from the Arabs in 1948 and set up the bandit state of Israel. Thanks to the Six Million lie the Jews had the support and blessing of the befuddled world.

Germany pays for Holocaust survivors

Did the ‘restitution policy’ end with Germany? Nope, here is how to benefit from a tragedy forever

Putting a Price on the Holocaust

Here you can find a very good account of how the events unfolded, of course if you are not biased against an Islamic Scholar, just because of HIS religious views? But that is not possible since what we are still screaming and shouting about is specifically the isolation of a group for THEIR religious views and which could explain WHY we are asked to HATE the Muslims – just because they KNOW the Truth and have not been blinded by this System to the point of NOT being able to question and put Historical Facts in Proper Order.

The “Holocaust” –  is a Typical Zionist Myth

By Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi
(Ph.D. International Relations)

an extract from his great article

Dr. Butz also indicated that the total number of inmates in the entire German concentration camp system, Jews and non-Jews (since there were no camps specifically for Jews alone), was about 224,000 in 1943 and 524,000 in 1944. [9] Moreover, Dr; Butz pointed out that Heinrich Himmler, the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany (who supposedly “committed suicide” by “poisoning himself” on May 23, 1945, while in British captivity), had explained a few weeks before the end of World War II in an interview with a representative of the World Jewish Congress that:

“In order to put a stop to the [typhus] epidemics, we were forced to burn the bodies of incalculable numbers of [dead] people who had been destroyed by disease. We were therefore forced to build crematoria, and on this account they are knotting a noose for us.”

The best estimate of the total number of Jews who died or were killed (not “gassed” or “incinerated”) in and out of the German terrible concentration camps lost their lives either from Nazi brutalities, starvation, diseases, war-related causes, or other reasons, ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 (and not 6 millions). It should be indicated here that during World War II about 74 million people died, the overwhelming majority of whom were non-Jews, including the atomically bombed/incinerated civilians of the entire two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There is no way that unless we question EVERYTHING in and of this world, we can open our eyes to understand the problems at hand and as such, we are in no position to even for a moment believe we are making informed decisions, we are in fact TOLD which decisions to make and our reasoning LIES on a sea of inaccurate historical records – to put it mildly, so when you consider the Syrian point, get it right, you know fuckall at best, at worse you know what some want you to know unless you open your mind to see through the deception of this world, get to terms with the nature of it, overcome the fear and the repulsion and then pull your socks up and stand up, because none of this is going away until we say so and stand to change the world to a place of dignity where we can trust each other and build an honorable world by letting go this mockery of an existence we created, sustained, supported and even were stupid enough to die for.

There is One Life, that’s what we have in common, we share One Planet, we share the responsibility to clean it up, and that will have to involve our History because our His-Story is becoming our future in a loop, and I am not in support in any way of  Another Jolly Little War to revive the demented economic system we created and fill up the pockets of the owners of the war machine and nor should you, revisionist, holocaust believer or stupid stubborn dumbass.

A new world is possible if we let go the old one and trust this, there is nothing worth saving about the old one but lies, deceit and greed, instead we can stand for a dignified Life for All and stop our separation in the name of Life as Life, by giving to all what we would like for ourselves, the Right to Life, supporting each other to Live, making Life our Inalienable, Indisputable Capital that we can share and cherish, to thrive on, forevermore.

Join us, War or Life is Your Choice but you may have to wake up and overcome your Fear to make the Right Decision. Worth it.

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No more commuting in an Equal Money System

The reason why we have long hours commuting today is because of our need to work to produce and survive within the Capitalistic System, at the moment we have no choice but to get a job no matter how far it is from our home.

In some countries people are used to a commuting time of 4 hours daily, like in Japan, many of the First World Countries have made work into a right, we have the right to work because the system spells it out clearly for us since birth, we can bend to the system or die, without Money today people die, so they have –apparently- given to us the right to earn the money we need to live.

We have never questioned this system simply because we were born into it, if I discuss Equal Money with some, one objection is ‘you have to work for your money!’ because this is our accepted reality, commuting shows us the length (literally) to which we are willing to go to to work, if you commute for 4 hours a day and time is money, who is paying for that commute?

You pay, you invest your time/money in support of this system, we accept that not only we have to work, we have to invest and be willing to do almost anything to secure that job, that lifeline of survival that will keep us alive, many are even grateful that they could secure a job, because even though you can’t survive without money/job, we have to fight to get a job, compete with others to shine the best, to make it clear to our prospect employers that we are willing to go far for it, literally, we’ll even commute for hours to get there.

Not only but commuting makes no practical sense to an organized society, 1 million people commute into London every day, we can safely assume that this should be a conservative number to apply to each big city in the world, long traffic queues on highways everyday for several hours, extensive irresponsible pollution results from commuting, transportation means packed to the brim, in Japan people in white gloves help push commuters into the underground trains every morning, how did we come to design such a system if not in our obedient service of Capitalism?

In an Equal Money System since everybody will be provided for Life, because Life is the Value at the core of the EMS, there will be no lengths to go to secure a job to secure a livelihood.

Livelihood is not a place, like Sherwood or Hollywood, livelihood today means a place of existence, talking about securing a livelihood in an EMS would not make any sense, you won’t need to place yourself into existence, meaning fitting the system, because the system will be designed around you, for you as Life, in support of all your needs, and everyone will have enough and plenty.

Commuting as a word that indicates having to go to lengths to get to your working place will no longer exist, in its place Community will exist, we will be “communiting”, we will no longer live in separation of each other worried about how to get to the end of the month, instead Life will be community based, each community will provide services for the community itself, work will be required only for 4 years of each Life in an EMS to make the system work in support of everybody, the rest of the time whatever services will be provided by the community will be on a voluntary base, once we take out of the equation the survival issue, we’ll be surprised at how much we all will WANT to contribute to the functioning of such supportive system and to sustain and support each Life One and Equal to us.

Imagine no more commuting, imagine a Community instead that supports Life where you will love your neighbour like yourself, where oneness is there instead of competition, where all Lives are cared for and supported Equally.

It’s not a dream, it’s real, we have to review our ideas of what is really Worth. When Life becomes the only Worth, everything else will revolve and be designed around and for the support of it. Life as Worth for Life Equal and One.

Choose Life!




There will be No More Nuclear Submarines within an Equal Money System

The first nuclear submarine the USS Nautilus was launched by the United States in 1954, it could remain underwater for up to four months without resurfacing.

Since then of course other countries felt the need to match the USA fleet as a mean of protecting themselves from future potential attacks.

As of today six countries deploy some form of nuclear-powered strategic submarines: the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, People’s Republic of China, and India. Several other countries, including Argentina and Brazil, have ongoing projects in different phases to build nuclear-powered submarines. (Wikipedia source )

Leaving alone for a moment the absurdity of defined third world countries like India and China where famine, misery and slavery conditions are the daily realities of the lower ladders of society that die in the millions every year, feeding the whim to join in the nuclear submarine race and other countries who have not yet solved their daily problems in terms of assuring a dignified violence free life to all of their citizens, like Brazil, rushing to join in, let’s look at what the real purpose of a nuclear submarine could be.

The submarine concept is very similar to how humanity is living at the moment, submerged,  in total denial of their illusory reality, never being able to stand by their words and finding all sorts of justification why it is OK to do so, in the micro level we call them white lies or personalities, in the macro level we call them diplomacy and strategy, both in the micro and macro the purpose of such behaviours is to hide while we plot and scheme on possible ways to have an advantage when launching the attack on one another, so we may ‘WIN”, micro Egos as personalities or Macro Egos as countries.

My grandmother explained to me that diplomacy is the art of calling someone an idiot and have them be happy about it, which must mean that we hint what we really think, we mask what we really think, we manipulate what we really think and what we really think goes unspoken to allow us to use other words to convey “something”  that will bring to us the highest possible result within this competition that existence has become, always working to get the upper hand in dishonesty and self interest.

In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to gain strategic advantage or to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge, one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or polite manner. (Wikipedia definition ).

Diplomacy is another thing that will disappear under a New Monetary System, because we will give up the need to gain strategic advantages on others once we will all come to the realization of Oneness and Equality and we won’t need tact to pretend the delivery of good news the promise of long lasting alliances while we plan otherwise, we will be self honest, self responsible people and so the value  of having in between recognised liars called Diplomats who are granted special immunity for their uncanny ability to deliver the best lies with the highest rate of credibility will no longer be there.

In the same way nuclear submarines represent the desire to hide someone’s true intention, if we didn’t want to deceive, in our delusional state of need for such action we would openly send warships to make our intentions clear to and declared to one another, but we don’t, because we tell ‘the others’ that they are our friends, our allies, so we cannot openly spy and threaten them, we have to sub-merge, and peep out of a key hole to check what are  they really up to. This is how we justify what we do, we tell ourselves that we don’t trust and spy on others because we don’t believe their honest highlighted intentions, but in reality it is because we are aware of our own dis- honest intention that we cannot trust another to stand by what they say, what they have agreed upon, since we don’t stand by our words -and we know it-, why should they ?

In an Equal Money System, the whole system will be rewritten to support Life and to have Life as the Only value that All of Us will agree to respect and support unconditionally.

In such a new mind frame it is obvious that all armaments and weaponry will be dismantled, as they are not supporting Life, we will instead find a good use to all that metal which will give the planet a break from the raping of the resources we commit everyday in the name of protecting ourselves from our imaginary fears, we won’t need weapons to harm each other, because the harming and abuse of each other will stop with an Equal Money System, and where it should not stop naturally measures will be taken to ensure that all finally get the point, there is no freedom without Equality and Oneness, all freedom outside of Equality is imaginary and so it’s about time we let go of our imagined freedoms and fears to embrace a principle that will stand for what is best for All.

Since there will be no secrets within an EMS because secrets are a source of abuse, there will be no need to hide in the sea for 4 months without resurfacing to check each other secrets out, and there will be no desire to attack others or fears that we have to protect and to therefore build up weapons for the days our imaginary threats will finally sur-face and strike us. Furthermore, the thermal damage caused by the nuclear reactors might not be worth their use, they leave a wake of heated water that might harm extensively the underwater Life, so as we said, since the driving principle will be what is Best for All we will have to assess at a later stage their use and sustainability, if submarines shall still exists, they might be used for scientific purposes to assess the damages we have done to the sea and work out solutions. Their routes would be public knowledge and their missions too. One sure thing is there will no longer be nuclear armed submarines, how we will power them we will work it out together within the principle of what is Best for All.

Once everyone will be guaranteed a dignified Life we will have the time to rediscover Our Real Human Nature and see, would we participate in war games if we were free from fears, secrets, desires and if we all had access to the resources of the Earth Equally, just because we are born on this planet and so the planet is yours, mine, ours as much as everyone’s else, (and this includes All Life Expressions ) ? We are the product of our environment and of our acceptances and allowances of this state of things being unchangeable, we didn’t come out too well from this environment, we need to change the environment and ourselves to support Life before we can come to the ultimate conclusion about our nature.

Can we stop our internal wars, judgements, polarities of good and bad, so we may see what is Here and that Here no one is more than another or has more rights than another? Can we embrace the principle of Oneness and Equality and stand for what is Best for All ?

Join us while we rewrite the Future you too will be a part of, because within an Equal Money System, No one is Excluded, this is what Oneness stands for and therefore it stands for you too, join us so you will be + 1 standing for Change, Equal and One.




There will be no More Psychics within an Equal Money System

The world of polarity as it is today, where for some to have some must have not,  it’s like living inside a Russian roulette game, you never know when your luck will turn, you may lose your money and therefore, your house, your family, your health and ultimately your Life, because at the moment, everything is based on Money, even what you define as ‘relationships’ and you and I are not in charge yet of our own future within this Money System, we go along with it, we accept it and allow it but we don’t make the decisions, we are subjects of it, run by it.

So we resort to licensed soothsayers, people that we pay to tell us it’s all going to be all right, so for a little while we can put our Fear of the Future, our Fear of losing what we love and have put our value in, our Fear of being penniless and forced to compromise ourselves even further than we normally do just about everyday to survive, aside and take a breath.

So Psychics today are an outflow of our Fear of Existence, an interesting fact is that only some, yet again, those with money, will have access to some soothsaying, the very ones that should have to fear the least because their position within the system is quite assured, are the ones who fear the most, because the more you have the more you may lose, the Greater the Fear.

The Poor ones instead have to live with the Fear, this is what this system wants, the only thing we get for Free in truckloads are Fears, we are administered our daily dose of fear through television, Movies, and the Money System itself, the ultimate weapon that decides how we move, what kind of freedom we have, who lives and who dies.

The Money System hangs over us like the ultimate threat, the tide could change according to those who decide how the tide should move and we would be deleted.

I was recently reading an Italian book about Sicily one hundred years ago where the Noble Man of the village was counting the people and he stated that only 390 lived there at which affirmation the foreign guest replied ‘ my lord, you must be mistaken there are at least 9000 people in this village’ to which the prince replied ‘There are only 390 that count’, because the rest were poor, and so they didn’t count, the poors don’t count.

Within an Equal Money System there would be no Poors, everyone would have Equal Access to the primary Life Resource as it is designed today, the Money (until we can all collectively get over this illusion), therefore everyone would count.

Furthermore because our futures will be taken into account by a system that supports Life we won’t have to fear anything anymore, because the system will be designed in service of Life, and Money will just be a commodity to which we will all have agreed to give the value it should have always had, the value to support Life, in its every expression.

Our Futures will no longer be uncertain, and there will be no longer fears dished out to keep people paralyzed within a system of inequality because we will design this system from our own fearlessness of standing up to it, One and Equal to it, to make the necessary changes in support of Life and so fear will no longer be a part of the manifested outflow of who we are, Fear will be out of the picture and where there should still be Fears we will address them as psychological disorders not in need of soothsaying but in need of correction.

Because Fears are not Real and we will no longer let what is not Real run the lives and destinies of Humanity.

So, psychics for the purpose of soothing Fears and telling Futures will no longer have a place within a New Equal Money System, and they will have to correct themselves and find a way to express who they are as Life, for-giving what they have done for the love of Money and the desire to be Special and More than others like all of us are in the process of doing, so that they may become valuable members of a society of Equals.

Because the Value of each will be in the Equality we give to each other, in recognizing that we All as Life are Equals and have the same rights to a dignified Life as everyone Else.

We will Stop all justifications about why some deserve something more than others and we will all deal with the shame of having ever believed that through self forgiveness.

No more psychics in an Equal Money System, because the Future is certain and within Equality there will be no more abuses.

It’s like a dream isn’t it ? But it’s not, it’s real, it’s Here, join us, the Future is Here, we hope to see you Here soon too.

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The Volcanoes in Italy and why are we building on high risk areas ?


Yesterday I watched a documentary on Nat Geo regarding Mount Vesuvio made by foreign volcanologists.

It seemed to me that they knew far more about what is going on with the Volcano situation in Italy than their Italian counterparts, to check what they were saying I went onto the Civil Protection website, only to discover that the Maps highlighting the ‘high risks’ area are no longer there.

This should be an information available to the public, so what is the reason why we have taken down those maps ?

One could be what the foreign volcanologists were saying, we keep building on the slopes, meaning the very high risk areas within 4 km from the mouth of the Volcano. They went on explaining that apartments there are on sale for 30000 euros which is an unknown property price anywhere else in Italy, so how is it possible to have such cheap properties ?

Simple, you buy yourself a discount for accepting the risk of being involved in a fatality due to lack of Money. If you cannot get a house and you have a family you will agree to the unacceptable.

These areas have not been given building rights, so how do we circumvent this in Italy ?

Well, first we take down the Maps highlighting where you should NOT live from the Civil Protection site, then we tip the local Mafia about a profitable business, and make them do the paperwork, for future liability,  most constructions business are well known Mafia businesses in Italy because there is a lot of Money in constructions.

It has been calculated that our Illegal activities, meaning Mafia & CO. have a GDP twice the official GDP of Italy, so who are we kidding when we talk about who is in Power ? Because at the moment Power is where the Money is, and this should not be understood as we have a Government and we have the Mafia, NO, we have the Government doing Official businesses and then we have the Government doing ‘Unofficial Businesses’ through the ‘Mafia’ with Foreign Bank Accounts in countries that protect anonymity.

So the People that we have chosen to Govern Us have not chosen to do the interests of the People, but to follow the Money Trail, wherever it leads, no matter how many lives it will cost.

To prove this the documentary people went and asked the Authority why they built AN HOSPITAL in the High Risk Area, this is a question we can easily answer, SUPER HIGH PROFITS.

Because the land in High risk areas is worth nothing having no construction rights, but then it goes through the hands of the Government, picks up value by being granted permits and it’s sold back to the Citizens within the Balance Sheet at market prices having been given particular exemption because they said ‘they are building with the highest antiseismic  technology. Which would be like saying that they built a Tornado resistant building in a Tsunami area, absolutely useless.

For those who don’t have familiarity with our Volcanic History we have Pompei and Hercolan to visit, they were buried in 79 ac, most people died instantly due to the lava and magma eruption that covered everything, the effect of such sudden event is still visible, as it has been preserved almost intact under the ashes, you can see people frozen in mid run, mothers with kids, their skulls exploded due to the heat, it must not have been a pleasant death.

People just did not have the time to evacuate, they didn’t even have the technology to assist them as we do today. But as funny as it may sound it might not make any difference, today we have the technology, we can measure the earth adjustments and slightest movements and predict the future ones based on mathematical calculations, we have visible signs of eruptions picking up, we know it’s coming, the messages are pretty clear.

So, what do we do now ?

First we look for a future culprit, someone to blame, this is why they brough to trial the seismologist that failed for l’Acquila, to set a precedent, so that when the Vesuvio will erupt, because it’s not an IF, it’s just a WHEN, they will know who to blame and they will walk once again with the money in their pocket and no responsibility.

It doesn’t matter that scientists have drawn maps for the past 20 years highlighting that those areas should be evacuated and never ever should buildings be constructed on the high risk zone, those maps are gone from the public view, because science at the moment is the servant of Money, and so science will have to bend back and forward until it meets the Truth that the Money demands.

When we think we have evolved, can someone tell me WHAT we have evolved into ?

Money grabbing heartless assholes ?

In China the last time they poisoned powdered milk for infants with melamine for profits, the judges asked one simple question, did you give it to your children too ? They said NO, and they were sentenced to death.

I am not advocating the Death penalty by any means, I’m just asking why don’t we ask the same questions, why don’t we ask them if they have built a house for their children in the High risk areas, because it’s a pretty clear question to establish if the harm was deliberate in the name of profit and there is no excuse for our deliberate actions, the minimum is we should be put in a position where we can no longer harm, and not be kept in government positions like it happens here, what’s wrong with us ?

We need to take a look at what we have become due to greed and lack of responsibility, out of perceiving ourselves separate from everything and everyone else, if we know these things are happening in Italy and in the world on a regular basis, why do we keep condoning them, why do we make heroes out of 1 man telling the Truth, like Roberto Saviano, is it because none of us is ?

Is it because none of us is willing to really look at what we are accepting and allowing and for which we are all responsible that we praise 1 truthful man as a hero, so that we can excuse ourselves because we were just not born heroic, we are fearful little pawns and we accept that there is nothing we can do to change the system, even speaking up endangers us, not only with those that actively commit these crimes, but with everyone, we are looked at as weirdos that want to be ‘negative’ and rain on someone else’s parade.

Here is the news, there is NO PARADE going on except in our heads, we live in a world of abuses that we sanction with our cowardice accepting that we are only human and the system is too big to be taken on.

But this system is US, it’s everything that we have accumulated over time in acceptances and allowances and as we have created it we can say ENOUGH, and look for a solution to restore some dignity to ourselves and to our lives.

Investigate a  new paradime for a New World, this reality is not working for everyone, in fact is only working for a tiny minority that apparently have all the power.

But where is the power of the majority, where is our resolve to really make a change if we can’t find it within ourselves to stand up and become actively involved in a solution, how can we expect the whole to change ?

We have one solution, a new monetary system that will end all abuses, we have looked at all facets of our system and how we can change it all to create a system that supports Life.

Investigate a New Monetary System, step out of your limitations to see what it could be possible if you stood up and decided that Til Here No Further and became involved as the Solution to the Current Situation.

YES, being dissolved in acid or beaten to death or shot for standing up has happened in the past here in Italy, it still does, but this is exactly the point, how long can we toleratae this and let our fears of the system stop us from speaking up and doing what would be Best for All, they keep playing these records for us on TV, keep reminding us what happens to those that stand up, have special TV shows where the relatives of the heroic victim speaks of the late departed, but I have one question in my head lately, are we Living anyway ?

Because if we are not even Living how can we Fear Death ? Is this a Life we are engaged in or is it a mockery of what Life should be and what it could be if we stood up for a solution  that could Benefit All and could be what is Best for All ?

Equal Money System, it will give Life back to Ourselves,  the Walking Deads, to everyone equally and will create a world of Equals, no more corruption, no more leadership, no more greed, no more violence, no more Fears, no more injustices and No One Left Behind.

It’s possible, it’s HERE, join us.


Blessings on the Way, the Holy Notice said



A few days ago there was a notice up at the caretaker’s office titled

‘Holy Notice’.

Then a priest rang the bell one evening for the ‘Holy Blessings’, I just said No thank you and closed the door again.

At first I had not connected these 2 events, because who would come up with the adjective Holy for a notice on the Board, come on…., but they did, the Holy People, A Holy Notice it was.

What made it Holy ? The Holy Priest, the Holy Intention, the Holy Church, the Holy Money they are after when knocking on doors at dinner time on a dark, windy, cold dump evening to fan the guilt trip of the beLIEvers so they will give more ? The Holy Asking and receving, is this what God had in mind when he said ‘Ask and you shall receive’, was it a code message for his Elves about how to get the dough and from whom ? Why isn’t God providing for them directly, Any decent Employer pays the wages, why are the People paying the Church wages ? Buying a space in Heaven ? Getting cozy with San Peter ? Sant’Ambrogio patron saint of Milan, San Gennaro patron saint of Naples, Sant’Antonio patron Saint of Padoa, who are we sucking up to this year, going to the big guns directly Mother Mary, Jesus or the Holy Spirit ?

The Church is gearing up for Christmas, they need the Money so they can set up the ludicrous Holy Nativity so they can re-in-force yet again the unbelievable story of the Manger and Baby Jesus, to remind us of our sinner status, that we’ll never make it because that is what we are and we need them to help us to get children to put baby Jesus in the Manger the night of the 24th, after the midnight mass. That night children can stay up late, it’s for a Holy cause, who could otherwise put the Holy plastic baby jesus in the Manger if not the innocent fingers of childrens ? The dirty sinful adults ?

We can’t but agree with the devious logic ?

Off to the Holy Mass, the Mass that makes us Holy too, just for the night of Christmas, when everyone is supposed to be good (while we accept to suck the rest of the year because we are only Humans), Mass, MASS,  an interesting word in electricity, Mass is the result of the movement of Electrons, without Electrons moving there is no Mass to electricity, so even if the Church claims to be the Light, electricity itself, without us moving about they would have NO MASS, NO WEIGHT, they would just be NO THING.

“Electricity its self has no mass. It is the movement of electrons which create electricity and only these electrons have mass’

Mass has weight, this is why a full battery weights more than an empty one, so, we, the people give our weight = Mass to the Church which in itself has no Weight =Mass so that they can become Holy. We make them Holy !!

Holy Shit !

In Italy we give 8 /000 on the tax return to the Catholic Church UNLESS differently specified, this could be one place through which we get the funding to start the BIG program, the Basic Income Grant, because I am sure Jesus would not mind to skip the Nativity bullshit this year and have money wasted throughout Italy to buy the fake people to populate the plastic nativity all the way down the fake hill with the fake moss leading  to the fake Holy Cabin where the Fake mother Mary and the Fake Saint  Joseph fakely live with the fake Donkey and Ass to fake blow the fake air on the Fake Made in China Baby Jesus.

Jesus would be happy if this Christmas we came up with a solution to give Real Dignity to people that are not miniature people made of plastic populating a fake nativity set, they are Real People, just like Us, Equal to Us in every way, except for the life they have to live due to our neglect and greed.

Let’s stop making Holy what is not, let’s make Life Holy for everyone, how can Christmas be a Holy Day when many are suffering and starving while we go to celebrate the birth of a Man that said ‘Love your neighbour like yourself’ ?

Isn’t the irony of Christ-mass just striking ?

A Basic Income Grant it’s a start to make Jesus message real, we can stop being Fakes and get Real and start to give value to Life, educate yourself about BIG and an Equal Money System, these are solutions that Jesus would have liked, save the nativity money, save your 8/000 this year and give to fund an Equal Money System and a solution that will bring Heaven to Earth for Everyone.

Join us.