Day 434: Sderot and The Fun of Watching People Die

On the news today I read this

Israel-Gaza conflict: ‘Sderot cinema’ image shows Israelis with popcorn and chairs ‘cheering as missiles strike Palestinian targets’

I am not sure how to comment this if not asking that we take a hard look at ourselves and start wondering if there is something seriously evil about ourselves that we need to address and change.

Watching people die for real, and enjoying it, for some may not be too different to watching movies, we have become blurred in our understanding of what reality is, the proof is that we don’t even have clear recollection of our lives, that we tend to distort even our own memories and facts and turn them always to our advantage.

Drone killing is another example of overlapping reality with fantasy, how many times have those boy soldiers ‘drone killed’ during video games and felt nothing about it if not the elation of a winning moment?

So, how do we become surprised when we take our fantasy lives, our fantasy habits of rejoicing about deaths in the virtual world and then find some do that in the real physical world? We should not, we are grooming people for this kind of world and this kind of entertainment from birth.

One thing that could help us to change the course we are on is to face reality head on, for example, the people sitting on those couches on Sderot Hill should come face to face with the mothers who have lost their children in Gaza, or had them burnt and maimed as a result of those ‘fun fireworks’ some watch from afar.

It is our remoteness from reality that is killing Life around us, our landing will not be a comfortable one, what will Israeli mothers feel when faced with the sorrow of another mother, what will those that had fun at the expense of others face when looking at real suffering in the face?

My guess is that the awakening would be brutal, it will be brutal, but such awakening is what we really need, to stop doing what we are doing and Change.

This is the appeal of a Norwegian doctor, Dr. Mads Gilbert, working in the Gaza district

Don’t send bandages. Don’t send syringes. Don’t send medical teams. The most important medical thing you can do now is to force Israel to stop the bombing, and it is to lift the siege of Gaza.
Then the Palestinians will manage well themselves.

Sure, common sense would tell us that if the cause of death and wounds and civilian casualties is the bombing – ending the bombing would be the first thing to do. But here we are, we have to be told by a doctor what the common sensical solution would be or we would do all the other things he listed, we would send syringes, bandages, medical teams – because we accept wars as something beyond our ability to stop, we have accepted our warrysome behavior as normal, unavoidable, something we have to deal with and not STOP. Does this make sense, are We making sense at all?

We have a proposal to help sort ourselves out, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, what it will guarantee for all will be choice, the choice to participate in a war or not, just to name one, if everyone was guaranteed a living, I wonder, how many would sign up to kill other people in wars that are deemed necessary by those that have lost it completely, and sit in the button room looking for any excuse to press a button and start the war machine – whatever their reason/reasoning (hardly to see how to apply this word in this context by the way..) may be.

Consider this, maybe stopping wars is a choice we have not yet considered because we grew up believing that this is how countries solve their differences, or because this is how we solve our differences, by declaring war on each other, or because we need to make a living and we go and join the army, but the truth is we have never made different choices, like decide we will never again have a war and we’ll instead work to find solutions to our immoral/amoral killing of each other and learn to find ways to reconcile that are not bloody for anyone, that seek peace and harmony and the best for all parties involved.

Nor we have ever had a Living Income Guaranteed, we never had Our Living Guaranteed, our Lives are for sale and if we don’t change that point, we should not be surprised that we sit on couches enjoying watching people die, because we are living Death and not Life, and our hideous perception of Life as worthless needs to change to allow us to  make different choices, including the one to not enjoying watching other die in the name of some Ideal/Belief System/God or just, simply, for the heck of it.

Support a Living Income Guaranteed, to make sure everyone has the choice to a Dignified Life, let’s make wanting a Life Guaranteed for All our collective mission, to give to Others’ Lives the same worth and value we want for ourselves, because we can never have what we are not willing to give to others -with open arms.


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