Day 384: Italy wins Oscar for Best Foreign Movie

Italy won the Oscar for best Foreign Movie this year with the film ‘The Great Beauty’.

As one of our journalists wrote, it is the perfect prize because this movie is Foreign to most of us in Italy as well, it was a movie clearly made to get a prize, a lot of great images about Rome, by night mainly, mostly things of the past, masterpieces as statues or paintings that lie dormant in houses that are closed to the public and that only the chosen few have access to, even though they are not even interested in them. One point highly driven home was the ‘exclusivity of this world’.

All the characters and images were crafted to impress, I found them not really interesting but fakely interesting, people who felt cheated out of life and its promises and pretended all was well and dandy while cruising from one party to another, from alcohol to drugs and sex, living the lives that are only fulfilling in our implanted imaginations but, was clearly shown, were not, the main point I was left with was this hollowness that no one could fill and maybe the only honest person in the movie is the son of a very rich family who can’t cope with all the delusions and deceptions and one day takes his life. This is when the main character explains how a funeral is in fact an audition and what are the proper moves to make at a funeral to be noted.

Some of our Regime newspapers (did you know we no longer have a democracy? Our last 3 Prime Ministers were put there by a series of unthinkable events all with the blessing of our unlawful President, elected twice even though our constitution forbids it) talked about this movie as a movie that finally didn’t talk about the sad side of life or tried to give a social message – who wants to be bothered by these-, no, this movie was light, depicting our excellence and everything we are great and recognized for.

I wondered what the Academy saw in this movie that we failed to see, the movie run on prime TV thanks to Berlusconi the Producer, one of his many hats, a few people I know switched off after 20 minutes, obviously the movie was not meant to be a crowd pleaser but an intellectual Elite pleaser, to me we looked like a bunch of image obsessed retards with exceptionally empty lives, this was even more evident when told through the lives of thoseĀ  filled with money thatĀ  didn’t manage to buy the elusive happiness they believed would be in their reach and kept chasing it without success.

It is true, lately our movies are all about migrants and the cultural cross problems we face or about austerity and how hard it is to live today for all, either in the form of comedy or tragedy but like at the time of neo realism, when movie makers had started to use the means of the movie to tell the truth about what was going on, movie makers are discouraged firstly and then told clearly that no one wants to see ‘that Italy‘, we have to instead paint our beauty to lure foreigners here and sell them a lifestyle we ourselves don’t live – but have heard about or watched in those propaganda movies.

Ironically one could have found relief to see that even the rich don’t have it good, instead I felt a sadness seeing what we have become, it is not the money we have that defines us, this was very clear in this movie, it is what we are, what we have worked to become, what we have stood up to embrace, what we have done and not done to change this world and make it work for all.

There is no Great Beauty in this world, the message was there, it was clear, every character was someone else except for The Saint and how was she depicted? As someone who embraced Poverty, she lived poverty and that is what made her special, so the message is if you want to be Good stay Poor – and you will be able to talk to birds and know their baptism name (?), but that is not a solution to what we live, tonight on the News they talked about Eddy, who killed himself because he could not face having to watch his wife as she kneeled down begging the Labour Police to not close their Pizza shop within 24 hours, because they could not come up with 2000 euro to pay a fine. Eddy didn’t see The Great Beauty in poverty, he saw the fear, the worry and then the shame of watching his wife on her knees begging and then he thought he just had enough and checked out. How many more people do we want to sacrifice to this system that we created and that doesn’t support the lives of those who could not make an ‘Image‘ big enough for themselves to be counted?

There would be a way to right the wrong we have done so far, it would be to stop all deception about Money, yes it doesn’t buy you happiness, maybe the secret message of this movie was this, don’t envy the rich, they are as fucked as you, and this is possibly true, but they are fucked with food in their plates and a roof over their heads and many choices about their healthcare and the education of their children, so if the movie was about dismissing wealth as the source of happiness we can agree, but we can’t dismiss Poverty equally as the source of Misery – and for that Misery we can do something, we can give to every living being enough to live, recognize their right to Life and once all of us will be fed, housed and clothed we’ll have time to look at our minds and right what’s wrong up there, because safe and sound minds would not have created a world such as this or excuses called Beauty to justify the Ugly we don’t want to look at and correct once and for all.

A living income guaranteed can sort out those wrongs and give a dignified living to All, get informed, get involved, see The Great Beauty of this solution and stand for Life as All, as One.

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