Day 420: Secret Ballots – Sacred Bullets


Our new government, led by the boyish Mr. Renzi, is trying(or pretending to try) to change our system.
At this stage of our deceptive world it’s hard to say what are the true intentions of those moving in Politics even though it would be easy to assume that if they REALLY had plans to subvert the order of things, they would not be there at all – see the lesson of the Movement 5 Star and how quickly they were pushed into the corners of Parliament – The Opposition.

If History can show us anything is that we have not had any significant change in this world through any of the Means we have tried, violence, wars, revolutions, any -ism or any Movement either, there is some hidden force that seems to keep everything just as it always was by changing the scenary, by taking us on imaginary trips through imaginary backdrop changes while we look in from the outside onto a system that we collectively created and now runs without any consideration for human life or life in general in all its expressions – we have given up considering the living beings on this planet favoring money, profit and power and in the process we have abdicated our responsibility to amend the nature of this world to those that are hired and appointed to not change anything at all.

The nature of this world is Evil, it’s unfortunately undebatable and clearly exposed for all those that are willing and have eyes to see.

In theory, changes to the system should take place within the sacred walls of our Institutions, given what they have churned out so far we could call them our Mental Institutions where the people inside have gone mental and have lost touch with reality while they spend days amending useless commas on Laws that  always benefit the same chosen ones.

The process of voting and Law making within a system of abuse hijacked by a few for the benefit of themselves and their peers is nothing more than an exercise in futility and we have to look at all the systemic processes of our world and see where we will have to amend and what, when we will sit again in positions of Authority as in being the Authors of the lives that we are now just living as cameos of other screenwriters, who write both the programs that entertain us and our very lives.

There is no one to blame here, we have happily given up our duty to Author as in Authorize this world to be the way it is because we shy away from the responsibility of it all and yet our Power lies in the very thing we try to escape, Responsibility as in direct, aware participation, why are we not willing to actively participate in the creation of this world?
Are we aware that participation happens even when one doesn’t stand for anything, when one is not willing to stand for change, when one stays silent – all those are forms of participation too, they are the passive ones and not the aware ones.

When it comes to the voting process, we really need to take a look at the process of secret ballots and what that means within a democracy to allow our representatives to hold secret ballots and why this practice exists in the first place.

Recently I have surprised myself at how many times I can reconcile and interchange the word ‘secret’ with the word ‘sacred’ and how those that use both try to keep them firmly separate in our minds, in case we questioned the sacred all the way up to the secret and then it would be way harder to hold such a tight grip on our minds and on the ‘make beliefs’ we have been fed since birth.

Let’s take the ‘secret ballot’ system, which is sacred as well because it’s protected by our constitution, a note that should make us question even the constitutions that we have turned into our society bibles and we fight to protect for reasons unknown even to ourselves.

To understand the secret ballot system, we must understand human nature, our minds, how we functions and what is ‘the big secret’ out there that we are not willing to give up? That would be our minds, where we believe we have a right to do what we want and be who we want to be – all the hype about the ‘right to privacy’ is an outflow of our ‘IDea’ that what we do in private is sacred, because it’s secret basically and we want the right to keep it that way.

We want to not be accountable to ourselves or anyone else and to not face the consequences of our actions, in fact we want to dismiss the silly idea that our thoughts, words and deeds have consequences and when we can’t, we make up stories, excuses, lies to justify what we do and make it look better than what it is – we designed the secret ballot system in our minds first and now here it is, voila, onto the big screen that this world offers for us to question ourselves and the validity of our inner/outer creations.

This is why we don’t even notice the problem with a secret ballot system and what that entails within a government, it’s the eerie familiarity of it that makes it go unnoticed.

Within a secret ballot system, when the time comes to cast a vote, the vote is given ANONYMOUSLY. Why do we need to have secret ballots when voting Laws and amendments and specifically when doing so on behalf of a party who is, in theory, the representative of the People?

Why don’t We The People have a right to know if the politicians we supported and sent to the Parliament on our behalf are voting according to the program of the party to which they belong and whose program we supported, so we can amend our vote at the next election if they are not? Well, the answer is in the question.

Our Politicians want the right to tell us that they are in agreement with the party program and as such with us and then, at will, sacredly, secretly, vote something else.

So when we have our voting sessions we still marvel at the results in comparison to the projections where it was assumed that we would be able to predict precisely the outcome of a voting session based on the party members and their alliances.

Instead, we are always floored with ‘surprises’ as people called ‘friendly snipers’ shoot down a voting session in allegiance to something bigger than the program they belong to and even bigger than the parliament and the sacred oath to uphold the will of the people.

It is quite preposterous to think we can change unless we start looking at the system out there in earnest while we do the same with ourselves.

If we are out to win every single time and to benefit and profit just for ourselves, keeping sacred/secret all our little ‘quirks’ and desires and what we want to do in the privacy of our minds/homes, how could we create anything that is more than who we are? We can’t.

So, for those that support secret ballots as a fair political system to please consider – what is it that we are unwilling to give up, which sacred/secrets are we holding on to that we don’t want to look at to consider if they exist within the principle of ‘do no harm’ and ‘give as you would like to receive’ – who are we shooting down every day with our friendly fire and why can’t we consider stopping that, stopping ourselves to reconsider the need to amend this world as ourselves so we may create a world that works for all?

We have a proposal to create such a world, it’s based on the Principle of ‘giving to all what I would like for myself’ and therefore it starts with giving an unconditional right to Life, it’s unconditional because one doesn’t need anything to get it bar the fact of needing it, there are no skin color issues, no gender issues, no religious or nationality issues, the Principle is that anyone born in this world has a Right to a Dignified Life and this transcends any teaching that says otherwise called Economics, Judicial, Philosophy, Darwinian Idiotic theories on some having higher genes and as such higher rights and whatever other crappy name and label we came up with to disguise the secret desire we hold to make some of us less so that some others could be more, have more, live out more fantasies in better homes, eating better food, drinking purer water, going to the last unspoilt places on earth on holiday – while some are left hungry, naked, homeless, sick.

We don’t support secrets either because -go figure- this is how we have screwed with each other so far – think secret societies, blackmail, porn, kiddy porn, sex slavery, trade agreements, the mechanics of money printing, religions and their origins, every single activity under the sun that we came up with that is harmful in one way or another is secret, if not sacred or both.

So, why not consider coming CLEAN on all aspects of our existence before we die, do our best to make amendments for what we have participated in and start working to create solutions that can change this world from the within to the without.

Giving a Life to All with no strings attached would be a good start. Join us.